HTC Tablets and Evernote


HTC Tablets and Evernote

Posted by on 02 Sep 2011

Posted by on 02 Sep 2011

We’re big fans of our partners. They’re helping to bring the Evernote lifestyle to more people, in more ways than we could ever imagine. Every so often, a partner comes along that does something completely new and unexpected. That type of innovative thinking is usually associated with startups and single developers, which is why it’s so cool when a company like HTC comes along and wows us with their Evernote integration.

What HTC created

For all of their Android devices, HTC developed Sense, an interface for Android to optimize the user experience on HTC devices. HTC saw an opportunity to provide an innovative note taking experience on their tablet devices, so they built Evernote right into it.

Notes on the HTC Flyer and HTC Jetstream

The 7″ HTC Flyer and the new 10″ HTC Jetstream are designed for both manual and digital pen input. HTC created a notes app which looks like a spiral bound notebook and ties directly into Evernote. Tap on the page and tap out your thoughts. Grab your digital pen and sketch something. Take a photo with the tablet camera and annotate it. Record audio and attach it to a note. When you’re done, everything is sent right into your Evernote account. You can even link notes to calendar events!

Time stamped audio
The HTC notes app allows you to record audio as you take notes (typed or handwritten). The app automatically connects your content to the audio recording, allowing you to easily jump to the moments in the audio associated with the notes you took.

Annotate anything
What makes HTC tablets so powerful is the way that they integrate the notes app with so many aspects of the interface. Say you’re browsing the web and want save something you like. Take your digital pen and draw a circle around an object, then save it into the Notes app. You can do the same thing on any screen of the devices.

The complete Evernote experience
The Notes app is a complete Evernote client, meaning that you can create, browse and search through your entire Evernote account. You can create new notebooks, move notes between notebooks and more.

All of this got ZDNet to call the HTC Flyer, “the magic Evernote tablet.” We couldn’t agree more.

The Evernote API

HTC was able to do all this thanks to the open, free Evernote API. You can also create amazing Evernote-integrated apps and products. Take a look at our developer site for more information.


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  • Tablet in a Minute

    This sounds like really neat integration. Evernote integration is always a good thing.

    • dave

      you can never have enough evernote integration

  • Ryan Roskelley

    I’d love to see the hand writing functionality added to iOS devices. Please! 😉

    • Scott

      I agree. Importing notes is nice, but not the same!

      • Shelly

        Considering getting a HTC Flyer then! 😉
        I’ve ditched my iPad for the HTC ever since I got it! The pen is MAGICAL.

      • darasovci

        … But is the application for Apple iPhone?

  • Amir Masoud

    I like it. It seems great!

  • Shelly

    I have a HTC Flyer and one of the apps I use MOST often is Notes! I refer to/type/scribble stuff, and access it from my iMac when I’m home. Vice versa. It’s a cool way to show images without needing to load it up from apps like Dropbox as well.

    Now… if only Skitch could work as seamlessly with the HTC Scribe technology as well!

  • Aaron

    This is an absolutely FANTASTIC app, and it shows some real innovation over at HTC. That being said, this reflects pretty poorly on Evernote’s own ability to innovate in its own first party apps.

    It’s taken them years to get something as rudimentary as rich text editing into some of the mobile versions of Evernote, and there seems to be absolutely no effort to expand the ways in which I can create Evernote notes beyond rich text editing. There are countless other apps that blow Evernote away in terms of the free-form-ness of the notes you can take, and now HTC’s made a full blown Evernote client with superb editing that includes mixed mode between text entry and scribbling (even with scribbled annotation of the text) and they did it within the constraints of Evernote’s API.

    I think it’s time for Evernote to kick it up a notch. I’m really happy for the features Evernote’s been adding, but it’s pretty anemic. You can only depend on third parties so much to enhance your core experience.

  • greg

    What is a digital pen? Is it more than a (non-digital) stylus?

    • Dmitri Pisarenko

      Yes, it’s battery-powered and it seems that the tablet can distinguish whether you touch it with a finger, or with the pen.

      The pen has 2 buttons – one is used for highlighting text in the Reader application, and the other one for erasing hand-written text/drawings.

  • Marty

    I don’t see the check-box feature in the HTC version. I really like that

  • Marko

    Is this available at Lenovo 1838 tablet? Hopefully as Lenovo fits better on my needs ( and also the corporation policy) Personally I really like HTC products though.

  • sasa

    nice post

  • Nick

    Will the Flyer Notes App get updated to include the text formatting options (Bold, underline, etc) of the Evernote App? It’s a pain having to switch between them when updating notes.

    Also how about supporting the Notes stuff in Evernote so I don’t end up with duplicates or just images when editing on multiple devices.


    PS – Evernote is brill, just wished the integration went a bit deeper.

  • Sumocat

    I hate to be “that guy” but you mention Sense when the HTC technology with Evernote integration is actually Scribe. This is the difference between a touch tablet and an Evernote machine.

  • Brian

    I’d love to get the time stamped audio sync inn the iOS Evernote apps. That isn’t something I’ve missed is it?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That feature isn’t available in Evernote at this time. In this case, it was something that HTC built themselves.

  • Arthur

    I like this, it very nice tablet.

  • titi

    I like it. It seems great!

  • Dmitri Pisarenko


    I bought HTC Flyer Wi-Fi (P512), but the Notes application keeps crashing, if I put my notes into a synchronized notebook.

    It is more stable, if I use local (not synchronized) notebooks only.

    The cause of the crashes are OutOfMemoryErrors during synchronization with Evernote. Details can be found at

    It would be great, if HTC fixed that problem.

    Best regards


    • Payam @ HTC

      Hi Dmitri,

      This issue has been addressed in the Honeycomb update for the Flyer which will be rolled out via FOTA.



  • Jorj X McKie

    The HTC Flyer & its stylus are some nice hardware. Unfortunately, the HTC Note app is lousy for drawing and that’s all there is, and I’m worried that sales are too low for them to cater to the artistic crowd like that company named after a fruit did. The Note app also bogs down horribly as it disables the stylus while ‘auto saving’. This really blows if taking notes for class or meeting. Unless HTC gets with the program re stylus, I’d recommend the Lenovo stylus tab. Seems to work great with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

  • Jorj X McKie

    Drawing a circle around web content with stylus does not work as described. It *will* trigger a screen shot that you can mark-up and save. Significantly different thing…

  • brad morrison

    Would like ability to append or select a differnet note. Often times I am reading a kindle book and I want to capture a note. When I click screen capture it creates a new note in evrrnote every time with no ability to append the existing note. By the time I finish a book or lengthy article, I have 70 new notes in evernote, when i just want one note with multiple pages. Does this make sense?

  • david

    Will time-stamped audio become part of Evernote?

  • Chris

    Agree with Brad. We need to append to notes. Screenshots seem to create new notes.

    Also see to discard notes accidently by touching the screen. After spending 10min annotating a screen dump – I lost it.

    Everytime you save – it creates a new note. Would be good to just save!

    Web editor and Windows editor is very basic.

    This app has a long way to go to be useful in the professional world. Hope we get there.

  • Adam Smith

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE will you fix the save feature for Evernote on HTC View 4G!!! I purchased this notebook to replace purchasing many paper notebooks for school, and in that Evernote is excellent. But the exponentially increasing save time for writing in the notebook is making this a poor investment! I’ve considered selling this to get an iPad, but there is an easier fix: update the software! Please do not lose customers over this!! The save time when working in notebooks does not make this a worthwhile investment. 3 minutes to save? During which I can not manipulate the program? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?