Evernote for Android Now with Skitch Integration, Offline Search, Slideshow View, and More!

Posted by on 06 Sep 2011

Posted by on 06 Sep 2011

Today’s Evernote for Android update (3.2) gets a bunch of really cool new features and capabilities, including tighter integration with Skitch, offline note search, a new way to view your images, and much more.

Draw and Annotate with Skitch

This update is the first version of Evernote to showcase our recent Skitch acquisition. When you create a note or edit an existing one, you’ll see Skitch’s heart logo in the toolbar. If you have Skitch installed (you really should if you don’t), then you’ll be taken into Skitch. In Skitch, you can draw and doodle, then send your sketch into Evernote by tapping the elephant icon in the top right.

Annotating an existing image
If you’d like to annotate a snapshot or image contained in an existing note, edit the note and tap on the image attachment. In the popup, tap on Annotate with Skitch. This will work for just about any note that contains images, with the exception of web clips. Once you’ve marked up your image in Skitch, tap on the Evernote icon and the image will be sent back into the original note. It couldn’t be simpler.

Search when you’re offline

You can now search within your Evernote account when you don’t have a network connection. In the past, you were able to access certain notes offline, but searching for notes wasn’t possible. Now, Premium users can take entire notebooks offline and search within them. Free users can search within notes that they viewed or created on their Android device. One additional benefit that our Premium users will see is the ability to search within their PDFs while offline. Please be aware that this will require downloading and storing more content to your device or SD card.

Slideshow View for images

We’ve made viewing images in Evernote a really wonderful experience. Open a note, then tap on an image, photo or something you marked up in Skitch. This will open our new dedicated image viewing mode: Slideshow View. The image will take up the whole screen on a black background. Swipe left and right to view all the other images in that note. If your note contains an image and nothing else, then it will automatically open in Slideshow View.

When in Slideshow View, you can edit the note title by simply tapping on it. You can go between Slideshow View and the standard note view by tapping on the Slideshow icon in the top left corner.

Shared Notebook improvements

Whenever someone invites you to access a Shared Notebook, you’ll receive an email with a link. If you view the email on your Android device and tap the link, the Shared Notebook will open up right inside of Evernote on Android. No need to wait to get back to your desktop; everything you need is right at your fingertips.

More great stuff

We’ve also made a number of enhancements to existing functionality:

    • Move notes between notebooks: Tap and hold a note in the note list, then choose Move to notebook from the popup.
    • Redesigned tagging: When adding a tag, you’ll see a redesigned, more useable tagging interface.

  • Save files to SD card: Tap on any note containing files or images, then tap the Menu and choose Save attachments.

More to come!

We have lots of great things in the works for both Evernote and Skitch. For our iOS users, we are working on bringing Skitch to iOS. Stay tuned.


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  • Moritz U.

    This integration is so awesome. Finally there’s a simple way to edit a picture from an Evernote note and save it back.

    Small Suggestion: Support cropping of images in Stitch. This would make it perfect.

  • Gregg

    Thanks for the Skitch integration for Android. Just tried it and it works flawlessly and is quite intuitive.

  • Bill DeWitt

    It’s almost midnight EST and “Today’s Evernote for Android update (3.2)” still doesn’t seem to be available.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Hopefully you”ll have it in the morning. The latest version is definitely up.

  • webOS

    Where is the webOS love?

  • Mike

    Will Skitch ever be App2SD compatible? My phone memory is full. 🙁

    I love the idea of integration with Evernote!

    • Philip Constantinou

      The latest version of Skitch will allow you to move to the SDCard.

      • Mike

        Woo hoo!

  • Stig

    Great! I noticed a bug using the latest version of Evernote on my HTC Desire though. When I try to open a post with only a photo inside Evernote opens the photo with the photo viewer but it shuts down after a second and goes back to evernote main index.

    • Hemant Garg

      Pls send us logs
      Evernote development team

  • Helene

    What am I doing wrong? Have edited and saved an existing note using Skitch but can’t see the skitch comment.

  • Steve

    Love the integration! I would love to see some note taking optimization in Skitch with features like palm detection and auto advance for handwriting.

  • Helene

    OK, finally updated but does not update the note that I was editing, nor does it point to that note.

  • Ragnar

    Loving the skitch integration (will there be a windows app in the future?)

    but for me the best addition in this update is the “save attachment to SD” feature. THAT just made syncing from phone to pc and back just SO much better!

  • Helene

    Ignore previous comments. I was trying to edit a web clipping. This doesnt’t work for web clippings. SO,,,, it is virtually useless. Need to be able to update ALL notes, not just ones I created. Come on Evernote you can do better than this.

    • xavier.delplanque

      Thanks for the comment, this is still work on-going.

  • razorous

    This and Samsungs Galaxy Note. Win!

  • Stig

    Thank you again Evernote. Not sure if the new tag interface is working correctly though. Norwegian letters like Ø,Å and Æ seems not to be searchable. I can`t find my tags using those letters.



    • Hemant Garg

      Thanks for the feedback. We will look into this.

  • Mark e.

    Time for me to quit bitchen about the lack of off line search and get excited about EN again! Thanx for the off line search and skitch!

  • Olmo | Green and Energy

    wow, waiting for the ipad integration! Thank you so much.

  • Stig

    I`m using Evernote on both my android devices like HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy Tab (the first one). They keyboard used to pop up automatically when I tried to tag a particular note before. After the latest version I have to click the keyboard button before it pops up and then I can write what tag I want to use. So only the list of the most recent tags used pops up when I click the tag button. Making notes on the go and tagging afterwards should be as easy as possible and I loved the way it was handled before.

    Thank you again.

  • Pru Kerr

    Wow! Fantastic updates! Skitch looks like an excellent addition and offline searching if wonderful!
    Keep up the good work, every update is like a little gift.

  • Donald Cline M.D.

    All of my notes have “vanished” what happened? Can I get them back?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Donald, first, make sure you’re using the same Evernote account. Login to your account and look in ‘All Notes’ or in the Trash. If you’re still unable to see your notes, please file a support ticket:

    • xavier.delplanque

      We are currently working on this issue.
      You may want to try our latest beta version available here:

  • kristina

    I see a real benefit for students with learning needs and the general education student. I would like to learn more so I can share this resource with others.

  • Julie

    I’ve captured a web page from my browser and I want to use Skitch to annotate it. I want to put a circle around a few key points and a bit of text on it. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if Skitch can’t do this. It seems a very basic thing that I’m trying to do, just scribble a few notes on the web page I’ve captured.

    I captured the web page from my Windows desktop and I’m using Evernote with Skitch on an Asus Transformer Android tablet. I tried to follow the instructions above for annotating an existing image, but that didn’t work, and I guess the saved web page isn’t really an image.

    How can I scribble my notes on web pages I’ve saved in Evernote?

    It’s simple, but doesn’t seem to be possible. Is there a way?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      At the moment you can only annote images. So, for this example, you will need to take a screenshot of the webpage. When you do, you’ll be able to annotate it in Skitch.

  • Andish

    The Skith integration is sweet, but I’m wondering if you’ll add inking capabilities on the android platform like on windows. I’ve recently acquired a tablet and I’d love using evernote for taking handwritten notes.

    I’ve read around on the internet and I’ve seen that many users find this feature missing.

  • alexis

    does skitch work with HTC Flyer’s Pen?????? it would be great if it did

  • Steve

    plus one for htc flyer pen. First of evernote and OneNote to offer full pen support on android wins my undying support… You are already a step ahead with the android app 🙂

  • Magnus

    Thanks for the update, plus one for the HTC Flyer pen support requests. Any idea if that is something you will work on or if it is of (too) low priority?

  • abramo

    Still is not possible to zoom and pan without a multitouch screen. Can you add the needed commands to the toolbar?

  • S_talker

    Plus one for the HTC Flyer pen support! Ideal application, but without pen support it’s unusable for me on my Flyer 🙁 I’m ready to pay up to $15 just for this feature.

  • Nick

    Is there a way to annotate/edit multiple images in one note in Skitch?