Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook is Here!


Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook is Here!

Posted by on 08 Sep 2011

Posted by on 08 Sep 2011

We’re big fans of tablets. They’re a great way to get more done at school, at work, at home, and on the go. Of course, everywhere that you would use a tablet, you should also be using Evernote, which is why we’re excited to add a new tablet platform to the Evernote family: the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook lets you create, search, view and edit your notes wherever you may be. And, as you’d expect, it’s completely free. Get it today from BlackBerry App World.

The interface

To take advantage of the PlayBook form factor, we focused on a two-column approach: a Snippet-filled note list along the left and the selected note on the right.

When you select a note, you can either view it in the two-column view or take to fullscreen by tapping on the fullscreen button near the note title.

Creating and editing notes

To make a new note, tap on the new note button in the top left of the interface. To edit an existing note, select it, then tap on the Pencil icon.

Add a title and body simply by tapping into those regions. If you want to choose a notebook or add some tags, tap on the relevant icons in the top bar of the note.

Attaching files to notes
Evernote for the BlackBerry PlayBook allows you to take snapshots and record audio clips, plus attach existing photos, audio recordings and files to your notes. To do this, tap on the icons along the top of the note. Whatever you choose will be added as an attachment to your note. You can have multiple images, recordings and files associated with a single note.


Want to find something you saving in your account? Search for it. Tap into the search bar and enter a search. Evernote will then look for that term in the notes body, as well as inside of any images that you have stored in your account.

Sorting your notes

You can also browse through your notes by either notebook or tag by tapping on the selection option near the search bar. Once you’ve selected a specific notebook or tag, you can search within it to get exactly what you’re looking for.

More to come

This is our first release on the PlayBook and we hope you like it. There’s more to come. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • John

    Please please please follow this up with a TouchPad app. I’d venture to guess they have about the same number of users as the Playbook at this point, after the fire sale. It would make my new toy absolutely complete.

    • John W

      John, your best bet there is probably to track TouchDroid’s stellar progress on getting Android running on the TouchPad:


      • John

        I don’t exactly want to jump ship on an otherwise great platform just to get Evernote on my TouchPad. The fact that they’re developing it for a lot of varied tablet OSes with not much market share makes me think a native app is not out of the question.

  • Alex Kinsella

    Hi Evernote Team!

    Alex from RIM here – great to have Evernote on my BlackBerry and PlayBook now!! Downloading as I type!

  • D

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this App for a while. It looks great so far, keep it up!

  • Byron

    I love the fact that you’ve finally brought Evernote to the PlayBook, as I think this is a killer app for a great business-oriented tablet.

    I hope that in the near future you will bring text formatting features to the playbook app. As a lawyer I use my playbook for taking notes and brainstorming. In order to best leverage Evernote for the purpose, being able to use bullets, numbers, indentations, etc… make it far easier to put this information into useable, readable form for future use.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Grant Palin

    Delighted to have this. Evernote is one of the apps I thought would be very suited to the Playbook – the mobile website isn’t great with a touchscreen. I appreciate being able to put a single note into fullscreen mode to reduce the app interface – makes for better reading!

  • Raymond Brigleb

    What do I think? I think you should devote resources to tablet apps for Evernote proportional to marketshare. In other words, I think your attempts to blanket every tablet released is more a symptom of the fact that you have lots of investors, rather than actual justifiable market-based logic.

    That said, the iPad version is great, and the Peek app is too. Cheers!

    • Darren Hedley

      Yes, I would assume they should be strategic. Do we actually know how many resources Evernote has dedicated to developing the app for Playbook? Once they’re on a roll, I think it’s not that expensive. Maybe Evernote is looking at the future of the market rather than just the past. All of the market projections show that there will be a gradual diversification of tablets, Playbook is making a great start and shows a lot of signs of improving in the next few months. Native email, 4G and everything else which critics complained about is around the corner, but I find it works great for me right now. I think it’s good that Evernote is being creative. The alternative is that everyone could just jump on bandwagons and innovation would suffer in the end.

    • Andrew W

      Amen, Raymond! What kind of foolish company would want to increase its market share across platforms? Shame on you Evernote.

      Besides, personal choice is SO overrated. Everyone should buy an iPad and be done with it. I also look forward to going back to the good ol’ days when all cars came in any color you wanted, as long as it was black.

  • Frank Castle

    I just want to thank you for your effort to make the Playbook version of your App. The Playbook is my daily driver for tablet and this App will see a ton of usage due to the capabilities Playbook provides.

    Thank you!!!

  • JainuX

    what about HP TouchPad owners???… :\'(

    • Cobbler

      Yes, there is Evernote for the WebOS. It is one of the apps you can download from the HP app web site.

  • Tablet in a Minute

    This is super exciting news. Will try it out later today.

  • Merrill

    HP TouchPad version please!?

  • The_Wireless_1

    SWEET! Web browser version was working ok, but I am rarely near a WiFi access point lately.

  • Buff

    This is great. Does it do offline notebooks?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      This release does not.

  • Sam Bridegroom

    I like the feel of it. Seems to be a little misbehaved or incomplete in some areas, though. Took forever to save a new note. Edits save much faster for some reason.

    Pretty intuitive interface. Took a minute to figure out how to add tags, was expecting the current tag list to be available for choosing something existing. That doesn’t seem to be there.

    Will support for shared notebooks be added? Being a premium user, that functionality helps me collaborate with others.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Sam, Thanks for the feedback. We’re excited to have a version available for the PlayBook. Updates and new capabilities are coming soon.

      • Jim

        Excellent News! I like updates! 🙂 So grateful for the PB version, thank you!!!!…the only things I would add are off-line capabilities and free form drawing notes.

  • mike

    This gives me hope (hopefully not of the false variety) that we might also see a touchpad version at some point?

  • Andrew Thompson

    Very glad to have this app on my playbook however saving new notes does not work? Editing existing notes is fine.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      I suggest trying again. If it continues to fail, then please contact support: http://support.evernote.com

  • Robb Dunewood

    Been waiting for this since I first got my PlayBook…

  • Ash

    Great to see this on the Playbook, but was very disappointed to see that it wont save new notes for some reason! Tried everything too!! Previous Notes can be edited and saved well, but new ones dont play ball!

    Please could you look into it?

    Also, an offline capability would be a great addition to this.

    Hope to see an update soon to resolve my save issue!!


    • Seth Hitchings

      We’ve had a few people report that they can’t save new notes. We’re looking into it.

  • Tom Carroll

    Thanks for filling this gap. Love my Playbook and having Evernote on there now is great.

  • Darren Hedley

    This is great, complements the Evernote feature on Blackberry phones, adds great functionality to Playbook. Most consumers will only go where app developers have already gone, it’s a vicious circle. So giving a chance to Playbook with apps like Evernote will help create a more even playing field on which tablet manufacturers can battle out over the coming months.
    There should be a way to resize the left window, make the right pane more readable.

  • Zeev

    1,000,000… well maybe not so accurate, but still:

    At least 1000k webOS users waiting for you… and this millennial is not known for its’ slow pace.

    • Zeev

      Evernote for WebOS gets an update

      January 11, 2011 | Posted by Andrew Sinkov in Product updates

  • Allen


    When editing a note’s tags, and attempting to save changes, i’m greeted with a popup showing : ‘Error : RangeError: Error #2006’

    Hope that helps

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Allen, please file a support ticket: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/

  • George

    Great to see this now available for playbook. Please update to allow offline usage. Thank you.

  • shrinkuser

    Add me to the list of folks who can’t save a new note on Playbook no matter how long I wait. My workaround for now was to create a few “blank notes” on my PC version, then they can be edited and saved in a snap on the PB. Was very happy to see the PB version works bridged even if wiFi not available; that makes local saving less critical for BB owners anyway.

  • Racer

    hi yesterday i download evernot for playbook but i cant sign in, please help.

  • Gary Oden

    Fantastic!! A great start and a great app to have on Playbook. keep it coming.

  • Nathan Grant

    Please make ether an alarm clock or message to you devices. What I mean is when you make a new note and you want to remember it alarm should go off on you phone or in message go to you email

  • Earl

    Great to see this. It would be nice to have the screen rotate when holding the Playbook in portrait orientation, especially when adding/editing a new note.
    I also have the “save a new note” problem.
    Thanks for putting the app out.

  • Christian

    Thanks for this version! Will try it tonight 🙂

  • Gary

    Looks like a very polished app. Unfortunately without the ability to edit formated (rich text) notes from other platforms it really limits the uses. I’d really like to use this app for meeting notes but without that ability there are already apps on the platform that save notes in the cloud. Looking forward to the next version!

  • Alika

    Thanks a lot for making this happen! I’m a university student and this had incredibly helped 🙂 What I’d like to see next is the ability to see notes offline, then it’d be PERFECT. Keep up the good job!

  • Richard Mills

    Hmmm, same problem with new note, wished I read comments before spending a day writing to a New Note!

    Relaunched Evernote this evening and whole Playbook has locked up. Help!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Sorry to hear that you’re having problems. Please contact our support team for help: http://support.evernote.com

  • Franco

    Hey Evernote,

    Definitely the most important app I have found to date, and it is perfect for my playbook! I only wish that there was a way to save notes when you are not connected to the net.

  • Gail

    Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!

  • Will

    I’ve been a loyal Evernote Premium owner for a few years, and there’s no better app. I echo many here: where’s the TouchPad version? There are a lot of us out there now, and PondNotes just doesn’t cut it.

  • Amy @ Slice O Matic

    Looking forward to it. I just got the blackberry playbook and have to support RIM cuz they’re Canadian.

  • Jon

    The app looks very nice but not having an offline mode means you cant do what your motto states – use anywhere! To often I am not in wi-fi areas when i need to take a photo and add a note. Please, Please add an offline mode! I have 64GB on my playbook!

  • Tycho Ralphie

    Thought I’d post some proper feedback…

    Absolutely love Evernote, I have a rubbish IT system at work that blocks all file sharing sites, but I have a playbook, a blackberry an iPhone and obviously my home computer. The fact that I can seamlessly go between devices (i.e. take a picture of a business card on my iPhone and upload it) or clip a website on my home computer or even email myself an article makes it a very powerful tool for me at work.

    For me this is a first release for Playbook which means it is going to be a little buggy and lacking in capability to some of the more well supported OS’s but it is a really solid base. For me a really good feature would have to be the offline storage of snippets. I am wifi disconnected at some points which isn’t the end of the world as I can set up a wifi hotspot with my iPhone…but sometimes you just want to quickly remind yourself of the title of a note so you can put in a search somewhere else or just tell someone what the name was. Having the ability to store an offline notebook just full of all your snippets to me would be much more valuable than having very randomly selected favourited notes.

    I would also add that I really would love a hand written note app embedded so that when i’m brainstorming or writing notes by hand in a meeting I can just add it to the mix. Would be a really powerful addition to the toolset for me.

    The ability to have a switchable default view would be nice, as I dislike going straight to a timeline of your notes as a first view. I would much rather view my notebooks first rather than a timeline.

    Having a list of your previous tags come up when your adding tags would be nice as sometimes I completely forget my filing system

    I would like to see a web clipper available as an integrated feature as well but I’m not sure how plausible that is :S

    Anyways…I think you’ve basically hit the nail roughly on the head.

    Well done on supporting a very very good platform…these sorts of applications really do let the playbook come into it’s own!

  • Kevin Mix

    A LOUD Cheers to Evernote!! Thank you for answering our call with the Playbook app. I will now become a premium customer as you’ve completed my computing world by releasing the only missing link! Thanks again!

    Kevin in Michigan-

  • Arjo

    I really like having evernote on my playbook. But please get it to work offline as well. You need a live internet connection now 🙁

  • axel

    hi, as i premium evernote user i would really like to see offline abillity on the playbook. thanks axel

  • ash

    Very happy about this — not as awesome as the android version, but I do look forward to future releases. Keep up the awesome, evernote!

  • pkorlipara

    i love the evernote app for PB on the whole. However like some other users, when I try to edit and save a note, I get an error message ‘RangeError: Error #2006’ . Please can you help sort this problem out?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact our support team, they’ll be able to help you: http://support.evernote.com

  • jl

    Hi, as other users have asked–are there plans to support offline usage? This would be really useful to have…


  • Scott

    Another vote for adding handwriting capability! Pretty, pretty please!

  • Ian

    Just got a playbook for $199, mostly for Evernote functionality in tablet form… keep the updates coming!

    And I’ll repeat the request for offline usage…


  • Kyle M


    Thankful to have best note program on Playbook.
    Looking forward to updates 😉
    Anyway to run it offline?

  • Gerry B

    Got a Playbook for free at a conference. Thought of selling it on eBay, but the fact that Evernote is available for it is definitely making me reconsider!

  • Jat

    can’t use this app on playbook unless connected to wi-fi….what gives?? So you can’t use this app ‘everywhere”

  • Peak

    Please let us know when we can expect an Evernote update that will allow us to read notes when offline! Thank you.

  • Acat

    the app needs an update badly. offline access is a must. funny thing is i tried the android version on the playbook and it was solid but lacked some access to playbook hard ware like the camera.

  • Andre

    as for me, i like it, but the auto-rotation is really an oversight and i hope that will be corrected soon. or a the very least a way of forcing a portrait / landscape orientation.

  • Ken

    Any luck on offline useage for the playbook? i barely use my premium account anymore do to changing to the pb. my life would be so much better if you would fix this

  • Don

    I have evernote on my playbook but it seems like it needs the internet to open up. All my notes are in it if I am near my wifi but once I leave the area,it will not open.

  • Kieran

    Using a playbook and cannot find the file share or how to upload a document file created in word to go to evernote

  • Peter Kuzz

    I can not create a new evernote notebook or tag on my playbook.

    Help please

  • Wopke

    Evernote versions on other platforms allow you to edit existing rich text. This version only allows you to append to existing rich text (just like ye olde iPhone version of Evernote). Please incorporate editing functionality.

  • mark

    Like it but, and it’s a big but, its usefulness is limited as Evernote for the Playbook requires me to be connected to a wi-fi network before I can access anything.

  • Jack

    Is offline connectivity available in the premium service? I can not be on an active WIFI where ever I may be, i.e. external business meeting, commuting, etc.


  • AL

    Attempted to create a new note and do some edits but the keyboard cursor became erratic. Wonder if other users shared my frustration.

  • maarten van velsen

    I am a premium user for a couple of years now and I am always happy to pay for this fantastic product. This playbook release is really to bare bones to make it useful and I ended up sideloading the Android version. I at least need offline use to start with.

  • Roy Davidson

    Entering text and deleting has become a real chore. Is it just me I am having the hardest time getting the keyboard to respond!

  • Mark Zell

    This app should be pulled from App World. Yes it really is that bad. I have NEVER written a negative review on a free app. That being said… the inability to use the keyboard correctly seems like more than just a little oversight. It’s basically a read-only app. I would pay $10 for a functional version. Uninstall and sideload Android version.

  • Michael F

    As Iam looking for handwriting note taking capability often remote from wifi access handwriting capability with file storage capability on my playbook would be very helpful.

  • JMR

    I cannot download Evernote from the App world, it does even appear in searches…
    Trying tout get from the Web site Internet got à “not supported in this profile”….
    I have a playbook 16gb with uptodate OS version.
    Any idea is welcome.

  • Angela

    @JMR: I’ve got the exact same problem.

  • Susanne Vuksic

    Id liek to upgrade to premium but it seems no offlie support for my playbook which is holding me back . Is this planned at all?

  • Adam

    Love Evernote. Would like to see non-wifi ability, the function of portrait landscape and the ability to share like I can on my laptop. Thank you for the app.