Evernote Chrome Extension Gets Improved Article Clipping

Evernote Chrome Extension Gets Improved Article Clipping

Posted by on 13 Sep 2011

Posted by on 13 Sep 2011

We’re always making our web extensions smarter so that you spend less time clipping and more time browsing. Today, we have a very cool update to our Google Chrome Extension, which helps you do just that.

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Customizable Article Clipping

Several months ago, we introduced Article Clip, which lets you click once for Evernote to automatically figure out the area of the webpage that you want to save. If you’re looking at a blog post, an Article Clip is usually the body of the post, but what if you also want to grab the comments? Now, you can easily add that to your clip using only your arrow keys.

Go to a blog post and click on the Chrome Extension without selecting anything. The extension will highlight the area it thinks you want to clip. Now, use the arrow keys to expand or change the selected area. Up and down arrows make the selected area bigger or smaller. Left and right arrows move between sections of the page. Give it a shot. It’s really fun.

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We’ve also added a few Article Selection-related options to the extension. Find them by right clicking on the Evernote icon in the browser toolbar.

More extension updates to come

We’re working on adding functionality to all of our extensions. Safari users stay tuned; your update is coming very soon.


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  • Chris Gonzales

    I’ve been wondering if you guys would allow users to adjust the article clipping area. I might’ve gone with something other than arrow keys (perhaps dragging the borders, much like expanding/shrinking an app window) but any progress is better than none! Thanks guys.

  • Scott Smith

    The article clip disappeared for me a couple updates ago – it is still not there for me in version of the extension. Any idea why that would be? I really liked the article clip when it was there.

  • Dirk

    That’s funny… I just came to your Page to request the Comment-Feature for the Clipper. When did you plan to deploy it for Firefox?
    Regards Dirk

  • InstinctIS

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  • Jim Coleman

    Awesome job! Just tried it. Really cool and helpful!

  • Bill Royko

    Great addition! This makes it so easy to customize the selection before clipping.

  • dennis

    Is there anything existing Google extension users need to do or is auto updated?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It should autoupdate. If it hasn’t updated for you yet, you might try restarting the browser. If it still doesn’t update, then just give it some time. It can take a day for everyone to get the update.

    • Kabi Park

      I just removed the existing extension and re-installed the extension so that all things work! 🙂

  • Dave Yuhas

    Can’t scroll the page while the article clipper is active.

  • OnHD

    Safari? Hello!

  • MrPetkus

    The Chrome extension is outstanding. Great job! However, can you tell me why the Evernote plugin for Chrome clips web pages with far better fidelity than the Firefox plugin? For example, Evernote-Chrome captures the format of a web page near flawlessly while Evernote-Firefox makes a mess of things.
    It is for this primary reason that I’ve switched from Firefox to Chrome even though I prefer Firefox for most everything else.

    Thanks again!

  • PaulDz

    Love to see EverNote and Zotero hook up. It would be a researcher’s dream come true!

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Wow, this is a very cool update. It did catch me off guard a little bit – after clicking the clipper in the toolbar, I tried to click on the arrows in the top left corner… oops. Once I found out to use the arrow keys, it works perfectly!

  • Kristen Madeley

    Great update. But it would be perfect if you could extend the clipping area at both the top and bottom. If you want to include the heading and hit the up arrow that works great. Then if you also want to include the comments and hit the down arrow it just deselects the heading, rather than adding the comments at he bottom.

  • sikis

    Thank you for good

  • Steve K.

    Just to save anyone any unnecessary frustration. Don’t try to click on the buttons that appear when clipping an article. Use the keyboard instead.

    • David

      Thanks for the clarification Steve. Unfortunately I incurred the frustration before I read your post. It would be nice if the blog post were a little clearer on this point.

  • Brian

    The comment at the end about safari users made me excited! Been looking forward to it since Lion

  • web application development

    Very Nice Application,lots of thanks for this!!

  • John Rush

    It does not work on every page; for example, it would be nice to be able to clip only the image from this page – I am not presented with the arrows for resizing. Clipper is working fine for other pages though

  • sareserve

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