Skitch for Android Gets Cropping and Smoother Lines


Skitch for Android Gets Cropping and Smoother Lines

Posted by on 27 Sep 2011

Posted by on 27 Sep 2011

Skitch, our app that lets you draw attention to things you love keeps getting better. Today, we’ve updated Skitch for Android in two great ways.


Let’s say you have an image in Evernote that needs some adjusting. Tap on it, then open it in Skitch. Now, you can crop the image to be whatever size you like. You can do this with images you don’t have saved in Evernote. Open Skitch and snap a photo or choose an existing one, then crop to your heart’s content.

Smoother lines

Using your finger to draw something quickly is one of the many things that makes Skitch so much fun. With this update, we’ve made lines much smoother, so they follow your movements more accurately and look way better.

More to come

There’s a lot more on the way from team Skitch. Stay tuned for more platforms and more cool features.

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  • K. Price

    Good for Android users..also I guess for those with Macs.

    When can the rest of us use this app/program? =)

    • Deverill

      I think the proper answer, based on past podcasts, is “soon”.

      I saw a video interview with some Skitch people from August saying IOS is first and then Windows. Of course, everything is subject to change.

      I am not affiliated with Evernote or Skitch so consider the source. 🙂

  • Michael C. Neel

    Rotate? Rotate, rotate.


    Malkovich… Rotate.

  • Skunk

    Just installed it tonight. I only have one gripe so far. I press the share button and “messages” (MMS) is not an option. Other than that I love it.