Did You Know: Skitch for Visually Telling a Story

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Did You Know: Skitch for Visually Telling a Story

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 28 Sep 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 28 Sep 2011

Skitch is our awesome app that helps you draw attention to anything and share it with a colleague or a friend. For those that haven’t tried Skitch yet, we’re going to give you an introduction to using it on your Mac and Android device. We’ll also give you some ideas and tips for getting more out of Skitch and Evernote, together.

Get Skitch now! Available for free for Android and Mac »

A simpler way to get your point across

We fell in love with Skitch because it’s the easiest way to communicate everything from a simple action to a complex idea using quick annotations, screenshots and basic shapes. The best part is that using Skitch is really fun and in the process you’re getting your point across with fewer words, emails and meetings.

Skitch on your Mac

Draw Attention: Say you’re working on a new website with your team. Your designer sent you a mockup and you have some comments and suggestions. With Skitch, you can circle the part that needs to be changed and point an arrow to the area where you’d like the element moved. Add some instructional text before dragging the file into an email or into a shared notebook in Evernote. No need for a bunch of back and forth, figuring out how to save your file or hold painful conference calls where you’re all staring at four different screenshots and trying to figure out what’s going on where. Same applies for that mailbox you’re building.

Teach someone something: Explaining a new concept to someone takes a lot longer than just showing them. In the past, there was the issue of figuring out how to actually demonstrate it, how to save it, send it, and then wait for the other person to go through the same steps. With Skitch, you can walk someone through a process — a home repair, table arrangement at a wedding, or a knitting join — in the most direct way possible. For example, to show someone how to arrange a table setting, take a photo of it and annotate with text (“fork goes on the left, knife on the right'”). Keep your tutorials handy by also saving them into your Evernote account.

Key Features, at a Glance

  • Screenshot anything: Click the Snap button to capture a shot of a document, a webpage, something that inspires you, or just about anything else.
  • Drag files into other apps: Hold down the Drag Me tab and pull the file into Evernote, email, a presentation, document, your desktop, a folder in Finder, or any ‘Choose your file’ window that pops up.
  • Save files in different formats: Select your preferred file format from a pull-down menu next to the Drag Me tab.
  • Resize an image: Find the edge of the image and pull it inward or outward. Or, click on ‘Resize’ in the lower left-hand corner and enter in your preferred dimensions.
  • Share: There are a few ways to share your creations. You can drag the annotated image into email or shared Evernote notebooks. Or, you can sign into Skitch with your Evernote ID and share via the Skitch site.

Skitch on your Android phone and tablet

Remember something you like: See a piece of furniture you like and want to remember the type of wood it’s made of? Snap a photo of it with Skitch on Android and type or use your finger to write on the image. Save it to your Evernote account by tapping the elephant icon in the app. You’ll never have that, ‘What is this?’ moment again.

Eliminate words and get things done faster: Skitch lets you make a statement without using words. Snap a photo of an empty dog bowl and send it to your dog sitter to remind him to feed the dog. Need to mark something up on the go? Quickly annotate an existing image in your Evernote account using Skitch (just tap twice on the image in Evernote to open it in Skitch).

Key features, at a glance

  • Annotate images on the go: Snap a new image by tapping the camera icon once you launch Skitch, or choose an existing image to edit by tapping the photo image on the home screen or in Evernote. From there, you can resize images by pinching in and out.
  • Add Context: Tap on menu items like the pencil, arrow, finger and text icons. Select your color by tapping the color circle in the lower left-hand corner of the app. You can also draw a fresh sketch on a clean white canvas.
  • Crop: The latest update to Skitch for Android lets you quickly crop an image you have saved in Evernote by tapping on it, opening it in Skitch and cropping away.

This is only a starting point. Play around with Skitch and you’ll discover many exciting ways to use it. And stay tuned, Skitch is coming to more platforms and devices soon. Get Skitch now! Available for free for Android and Mac »

Have you been using Skitch and Evernote together? We want to hear how. Tell us in the comments!


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  • Lisa

    When will we get Skitch for iPhone/iPad?

    • jim isaac

      When will the WIN7 version be on the street?

  • Steve

    I use Evernote all the time, and skitch is working it’s way into my routine. I use it mostly for handwritten notes. The one thing I could see making the EN/Skitch combination better would be a note taking mode for Skitch. I currently use Skitch on my phone, but if the tablet version had palm detection and a section for auto advance input I could justify buying a tablet almost just for Evernote and Skitch. Keep up the good work!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback.

    • Joe

      Agreed – I continue to switch between evernote and onenote for my note taking. Onenote’s mobile interface is awful and completely missing for the mac platform, but is incredibly useful for handwritten note taking, inking diagrams, and integration with other office apps for easy importing. Evernote has a fantastic cross-platform strategy and even better web interface, but integration with other products and lack of a good note taking interface leaves something to be desired.

      I’m planning to buy a couple new tablets in the spring for myself and family – currently i’m leaning towards win8/onenote for the feature sets, but if note taking for android (and ios) became better, i’d consider a mobile tablet as well.

  • Dwight Wicox

    Will you make Skitch available for iPhone and PC? If so, when?

  • Dann Fierro

    Skitch for iOS, please! 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re working on it.

      • Robert


  • Eldo

    Looking forward for PC and iOS version. Any time lines?

  • Eric S. Mueller

    I agree. Please get around to Skitch for iOS, PC, or even just the web client, for those of us who don’t own a Mac. Or Android.

  • Marcos

    Skitch for Nook Color, please !

  • Markus

    I recently had to leave a car into airport car park when I left to US and my wife was returning home from elsewhere. I parked the car and walked into the shuttle bus stop. When reaching the stop, I snapped a photo on my phone towards the car.

    I did not yet have Skitch on my Android phone so when at the airport, I marked the photoon my Mac with an arrow the place where the car was and also pointed that the bus stop was just next to me. Then I uploaded the photo into our shared Evernote folder.

    My wife had simply no issues to find the car when she arrived into the same shuttle bus stop the next day!

    I’m just waiting to be able to do all that on my Android device the next time!

    Thanks for the great Apps!

  • Heather

    Hopefully the iPad integration will come before November 🙂 I’m an admin assistant and am currently training our sales team on iPads for an upcoming late November trade show. Right now we have Penultimate for taking quick business card photos and adding handwritten notations (a must for walking a tradeshow floor). We use Evernote for everything else and can’t wait to bring it all together once the Skitch/Evernote combo is iPad ready. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Phil Allamong

    Will be great to have a version for the PC and/or cloud version. Can’t wait. Any idea when? Thanks for such great apps. I agree with someone else who said that the only apps you need to justify a smart phone or tablet are EN & Skitch.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      I don’t have a date, but it’s planned.

  • Jonathan Benya

    I love the possibilities for skitch! How long until I can see this on my iPad?

  • Penny

    I’ve been a long-time user of Skitch and would love to import my clippings from Skitch into Endnote. Is there an easy way of doing this? 🙂

  • Mike Provance

    Simply. Awesome.

  • Diane

    Skitch is amazing. So easy and does so much. I don’t need complicated graphic applications any more. Skitch does eyeeything I need. I cannot believe it was included in Evernote ( which is also brilliant BTW)

  • Solera2000

    Are there plans to release a Windows version? Thanks,

  • Chris W.

    Skitch – it is my number one tool together with Evernote. I had been looking for a tool to annotate screenshots in evernote … and suddenly Skitch appears 🙂

    Fast and reliable!!

    and Yes – please … for Ipads too 🙂

  • Anton Engen

    Love Evernote! It turned my iPad from a toy, and into a tool. I have just fallen in love with Skitch! Only trouble is, I only have it on my phone. Can’t wait to get it on my iPad and PC. This is the strongest worktool since Windows. More work is done in the administration of our fish food stores, without having meetings all the time. Easier to get it right first time with pictures and drawings

  • tommy

    Can’t wait for Skitch to come to iOS. Seems strange to release for Mac, but the only mobile version is for Android.

  • Heatherly

    Sounds like a streamlined way to do what I have always done using Powerpoint…

  • Larry

    When will you have Skitch for BlackBerry?

  • Ze

    When will we get Skitch for Ubuntu … already using it with my Android device

  • Peter Svenonius

    Can’t wait for the iOS version, great with both native iPhone and iPad apps.

  • zuzubird

    I love the fact that Skitch was designed without using a lot of bizarre, idiosyncratic menu names for its features–anyone familiar with common computer functions can figure it out without resorting to the help files, or worse yet, the dreaded user forums. Plus, it does a lot of great things without being absolutely sick with features, so that layers of menus and hours of struggling are necessary. I guess you call it lightweight. Slick and functional.

  • zuzubird

    I just “skitched” the Key Features at a Glance. Excellent.

  • Donna

    no iPad Skitch? c’mon guys what are you thinking? get on the case!

  • Mark

    This is awesome, can’t wait for iOS version then I;m going to drive my friends and family REALLY nuts about how awesome Evernote is.

  • Slobodan

    Skitch is great app, but i find the platform timeline a bit odd…

    I have yet to meet a Mac user with an Android phone, and WinPC users with iPhone are just about as rare as the white rhinos, don’t you think?
    (Just my $0.02, though)

  • Ciarán

    I’m a barrister by trade and receive papers for review by e-mail or through a fax-to-email service. It would be great if I could make notes on these .pdf documents in Skitch rather than having to print them to scribble down my thoughts.

  • Jody

    “Crop: The latest update to Skitch for Android lets you quickly crop an image you have saved in Evernote by tapping on it, opening it in Skitch and cropping away.”

    I can not figure out how to get this to work. I should be able to edit a note that has a picture, open the picture with Skitch. That is where it does not work. I can not open the picture with Skitch.

    I have a Mytouch 4G by HTC.

    Thank you

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Make sure that you’re using the latest version of both Evernote and Skitch.

  • Steve

    Useless to me w/out an iPad app.

  • Hugo

    When the iPhone version?

  • Jim

    Great app! I’m a long-time Evernote user. I’ve got to try Skitch too, however, I would need it on the PC platform since that is what I use for most of my work. I’ll try it on the Android tablet in the meantime.

    • English

      Same here. I’m PC for work and home. Android for phone – and hopefully an Android tablet once anyone makes one worth buying.

  • Nick Coleman

    It would be awesome if Skitch/Evernote worked with the HTC View’s built in sketching abilities… I already use the HTC/Evernote system in exactly the same manner as Skitch, but using the stylus is sooo much more intuitive.

    It would be great if Skitch recognized the stylus as an input device.

  • james

    Skitch is by far the best (non-designer) tool for quick comments & indications for documents w/images; I use it a few times a day to provide feedback to my designers & send comments to clients.

    Thank you & keep up the great work.

    PS As soon as it’s available for iOS, I’ll be downloading it for my iPad.

  • Emily

    Make Skitch better for taking notes on PDFs! I was talking to a bunch of students, and everyone is looking around for a program that allows you to easily annotate multiple page PDF files without having print them out. Some programs do exist but they all have a ways to go with formatting. Being able to incorporate this with Evernote would make life so much easier. 🙂

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That’s great feedback. Thanks!

    • Johanna

      I agree! I’ve been looking for a way to do this for years!

      • Luc

        Have a look at Onenote on windows
        This kind of functionality is missing on Macs

        Hope evernote + Skitch can fill the gap

    • Anders

      That would really be great !

    • Michael Jones

      Agree, adding notes to pdfs within evernote would be an absolutely killer feature

      • Adalbert Pakura

        Full Ack. Editing PDFs and directly save them into Evernote would be amazing! This is the one feature i can’t wait to see on my ipad! Using Goodreader now but it sucks, that i can’t send the edited file back to evernote…this would be for sure a killer feature for every Student with a Tablet of any kind!

  • Lisa Doan

    I have been using notepad with Evernote to do essentially what you’re talking about here, on my Mac, IPad and IPhone. How do you see Skitch differing from Notepad? And would this be considered a trade-off to Notepad or an additional tool? Thanks for your input. P.s. I LOVE Evernote and tell everyone who will listen about it!

  • kiyoshi

    Thanks! Skitch is great!!!

  • Laura

    Cannot locate app on app store

  • Cindi

    Finally…something good that’s available for android and not for I whatevers…get sick of everything always being for Apple products. I think my android phone and tablet are way better products !

    • Maria

      Yeah…I am looking to buy a whole new system, and have allot of people wanting me to go MAC: phone, pad + desktop. I’m just not
      feeling “the LOVE” from Apple products… My gut is telling me to stay PC & larger screen android, although I LOATH some things about WINDOWS. EVERNOTE on android seems more creative.

  • Dico Krommenhoek

    Where can I find Skitch? I live in the netherlands, and this Appstore doesn’t show it.



    • Marlon

      Hi Dico,

      You can find in the Mac App Store. There is no iPhone app yet.
      If you have an Android phone you can also find it in the Android Market.

      With kind regards, Met vriendelijke groet,
      The Netherlands.

  • Linda

    Sounds like a great app, but until it’s available for iPhone and iPad, can’t try it out…. Sorry Android people, tried an Android, love my iPhone

  • Tim

    I really want to use this, but…

    I’m an iPad toting PC user :-/

    If the success of Evernote (and other products) has taught us anything, is that ubiquity is the key to success.

  • 김자광


  • Maria L. Damico

    I am an artist, taking notes with ability to SKETCH would be
    KILLER! When do you see this happening in the future, and what stylus do you all use now ? I Love my Evernote, some like to tease me – how much I “Evernote” my life & work…

  • Martin

    “…image you have saved in Evernote by tapping on it, opening it in Skitch and cropping away” and then how to safe it back into the EverNote note? I am wrestling with this. Either the soft or me must be lacking intuition. Is there a step-by-step tutorial? TNX!

  • Morten Louw Nielsen


    Thanks for this great initiative!

    Is it in your roadmap to store as Skitch – not as a rendered picture?
    In order to modify existing drawings.

    Kind Regards,

  • Tom Franks

    It’s great to see two favorite applications joining forces. Looking forward to the financial reach of EN to speed up Skitch development. I frequently revise screen grabs over many iterations. I want to be able to overwrite existing images if I choose. The iterative renaming is an impediment when I work this way.

  • Laura L

    I am employed as a freelance sign language interpreter and work with numerous deaf clients each month. Each client and situation has its own vocabulary and jargon. I love using Evernote and Skitch to record new signs. I can take a picture of a client and then write on the picture of the sign using Skitch so I can remember which way the hands move to produce the sign.

  • Erwin Salazar

    Evernote has become part of my daily routine. I am sure Skitch will follow suit on my various devices. Please show Linux -Ubuntu-some love. Thanks

  • Roberta

    I found Skitch very confusing and didn’t like always doing a screenshot :(. It wouldn’t save correctly. I am on a Macbook Pro now with Snow Leopard. Any ideas to help change my mind?

  • Spencer

    Great Potential with Skitch & Evernote! More beginners video tutorials would be of great benefit. Step by step. e.g. When to first use Skitch then save to Evernote vs. when to create a note first & then bring it into Skitch.

  • Kim

    What about for iPhone???

  • Jeff C.

    Any efforts toward completely integrating the two applications? Since Evernote already supports so many platforms, why not just add Skitch’s features into the next release of Evernote?

    Also, a Ubuntu version would be nice!


    • Andrew Sinkov

      We have two goals for Skitch: bring it to more platforms, integrate it with Evernote in exciting ways. We’re working on both.

    • Marcel

      Hello Jeff,

      I agree, Skitch fully integrated with Evernote would great (better).

      Kind regards,

  • J Barrus

    I’d love to use Skitch, but I object to the terms of use. If I upload a photo, you have the irrevocable right to use it in any way you want including permission to sublicense it to others (“a perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, royalty-free, irrevocable, sublicenseable, worldwide license”). With Flickr, they require only limited rights and you once you remove an image, Yahoo!s rights go away.

    Any chance you will make the terms of use more palatable in the future?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re reviewing the Skitch terms. They were historically used by the Skitch business and we expect to be making changes to bring them more in line with the Evernote service terms of use. Many businesses have felt that the license grant provisions that you quoted are legally necessary in order to enable the busibess to provide the service, particularly if they have to technically copy and transmit user content. We believe that the license rights can be more limited.

  • Steve

    Why isn’t this available on my ipod???? I have two iPods, an iPad one and two, wth? Don’t send me email regarding your super product if I can’t use it on all my platforms. I love Evernote but don’t advertise if you haven’t finished development!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Steve, we’re working on getting Skitch on all platforms.

  • Steve

    Is skitch available for iPod or iPad? If so, I’ve not been able to locate it. I love your product, gave you great reviews- from my iPad- and I have skitch on my android phone and tablet.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Skitch is available for Mac and Android at this time. We’re working on an iOS version.

  • Georgia Gibbs

    I have been a Skitch user for some time but had actually deleted it from my desktop because it is a bit cumbersome and the UI is awful. But when I saw you had purchased it I downloaded it again and will give it a fresh look. One feature that could be extremely useful, aside from an overhaul of the UI, would be that Skitch allows multiple file uploads – or maybe it is there and I just don’t see it. One at a time almost makes the Skitch to painful to use. Also, will you be integrating it into Evernote more in the future. It would be great to log into Evernote and be able to view my sketch ‘notebooks’.

  • nick

    What is the finger thing

  • Charles C.

    How do you get a note from Evernote into Skitch using android if it was not created in Skitch. For instance getting a scriipture into Skitch to annotate or use and arrow or highlight to teach a sunday school class.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tap and hold on the image and choose Edit in Skitch.

  • tagross

    I just downloaded Evernote to my NookColor, then on my PC. Does everything work together? All features available on both devices?

  • Rossda

    Skitch shines on a tablet. I do all of the shopping in my family. I can snap the product, highlight the features, note the store and price, etc, then pass it around.

    The screen size. ( 10″) and popup keyboard make everything fast and SIMPLE!

    This what an app should do. Many thanks

  • carl

    What about for Windows and integrate with Evernote? This would be a great tool.

  • Wo King

    How can I save my Skitches to a particular notebook in Evernote? How can I choose which notebook I save my Skitches to?