Trunk Spotlight: Shoeboxed Lets You Send In All of Your Documents, Digitizes, and Saves Them to Evernote

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 11 Oct 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 11 Oct 2011

  • App/developer name: Shoeboxed
  • Platform: Web
  • Price: Free, Lite: $9.95/month, Classic: $29.95/month, Business: $49.95/month
  • Type: Document Management

Do you often find yourself surrounded by paperwork? Imagine if you could throw all of it into an envelope and have someone else organize it for you (instead of sitting in front of your scanner for hours). That’s exactly what Shoeboxed does. We’ve been big fans of the service that scans all your business cards and receipts, digitizes them, and sends them to your Evernote account for safekeeping (read our first post about the Evernote/Shoeboxed integration). Recently, the service got even better! Now, Shoeboxed will accept all of your paper clutter —including documents and bills — so you can truly lead a paperless lifestyle.

Get rid of your paper today

If you’re not already a Shoeboxed user, you can sign up for a free 60 day* trial of the service (Shoeboxed has a variety plans and price points to fit your needs, depending on whether you’re a business, individual, light, or heavy user). Next, send Shoeboxed your paper clutter via mail. Shoeboxed will scan, extract and data verify your documents. You’ll be able to see all of your digitized documents in your dashboard when you log into your Shoeboxed account online. From there:

  1. Decide which documents you’d like to send to your Evernote account, where they’ll be archived and searchable.
  2. Select “Archive to Evernote” from the Actions dropdown menu.
  3. Sending to Evernote is easy — just enter your Evernote email address when prompted and everything will get sent straight to your account. Shoeboxed will remember your email so you don’t have to enter it every time.

Organize your clutter

There are lots of great reasons to use Shoeboxed with Evernote, but here are just a few:

  1. Go paperless: Now that you can send any kind of document to Shoeboxed, start cleaning out your closet to make room for more stuff you actually WANT.
  2. Save time: Scanning all of your paper documents and organizing them into a digital storage system takes a lot of time. Shoeboxed does that work for you, and lets you keep your important documents organized.
  3. Create a searchable archive of your documents: When you send your digitized documents to Evernote, you’ll be able to find them and access them anywhere. Need to track down an expense from several months ago, or locate a specific line in a contract? Just do a quick search in Evernote and find what you’re looking for — super fast.

Create your Shoeboxed account today and embark on a paperless lifestyle today!

Special Just for Evernote Users

*Shoeboxed has been gracious enough to offer our users a free 60 day trial of their product until October 19th. You can sign up here. After October 19th, you can still sign up for a 30 day free trial. 


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  • xpo172

    I don’t know why anyone would send document, receipts, bills, etc to a third party. This has privacy issues written all over it.

    • Jake

      Privacy is understandably a serious concern for many people and for that reason Shoeboxed makes security a top priority.

      Shoeboxed uses the same 128-bit SSL encryption currently used by many major banks. Furthermore, our online security and privacy are actively monitored by leading experts such as TrustE and Thawte. In addition, we not only log all visits to our website, but also maintain regular backups of all data, which we store in one of our secure offsite locations. All physical documents are kept under lock and key in a secured facility under 24-hour surveillance.

      For more information on security at Shoeboxed, please visit

      • Cary

        I would suspect the OP is more concerned about the person(s) handling your personal documents, receipts, bills, etc rather than the online security measures employed by

        Nothing like a rogue employee stealing your identity.

  • andreas nygaard

    How can i get it too my Mac……?regards.

    • Jake


      Shoeboxed is a web application and after signing up for our service you can log in at from any computer, including your Mac!

      To take advantage of our 60-day free trial, just for Evernote users, please visit

  • Dmitri Pisarenko


    Is shoeboxed (or any comparable service with Evernote support) available in Europe?



    • Jake

      Hey Dimitri,

      Great question!

      Shoeboxed currently services users in over 100 countries worldwide, including many in Europe. While international users cannot enjoy our prepaid envelopes, Shoeboxed offers a whole host of submission options including e-mail, mobile and via our in-app web uploader. The majority of our international users utilize these submission options to still enjoy all of Shoeboxed’s great benefits.

      Moreover, if you still wish to send us physical documents we will happily scan, OCR and data verify your documents and then send them back to you at no extra charge!

      Shoeboxed currently has an office in Australia and is continually researching further international expansion. If we open a physical office in Europe we’ll be sure to let you know! 🙂


  • Bob Glasheen

    Will Evernote extend this service to 35mm slides?

  • Wendell Moore

    I was told yesterday about Evernote, I started reading about it today, I was hoping that it may help me with my college projects.

    While reading the above paragraph, It mention there is a cost after 30 days trial for using Shoeboxed, (is this correct), as I am unemployed and only a student at college. I don’t understand this software, I have never seen it, or used the Evernote software.

    Can you please give me some guidance to what it can do in helping me with my project, and is there a cost, or can I use evernote as it a free download Software without Shoeboxed.


    Wendell Moore

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Wendell, Shoeboxed is a 3rd party app that you can use with Evernote, but you can absolutely download Evernote – for free – to any of the computers and devices you use. You might want to check out this story, told by student Ryan Kessler, about how he uses Evernote to help him with his school projects:

    • Jake


      Thanks for the question!

      Shoeboxed offers a series of tiered pricing plans depending on what your needs are. However, Shoeboxed also offers a completely free DIY account. You can sign up for and use our DIY account for free for as long as you’d like, and we have many happy customers who do so!

      If you want to try one of our paid plans you can sign up for a 30-day free trial at any time just to see how you like it. There are no obligations and and you can cancel this trial at any time. Our paid plans include extra benefits such as prepaid envelopes, data verification, and a dedicated account manager, among other things.

      For more information on our DIY accounts, please visit

  • Chase

    I am a devoted Evernote user, and a small business owner. On the EV Blog post, it mentions that Shoeboxed will accept documents in addition to the popularly submitted receipts and cards. Can I send in paper files, consisting typically of 8.5 x 11 sheets? Or legal size?

    • Jake


      Thanks for the question!

      We love Evernote as well 🙂

      Shoeboxed happily accepts all of your physical paper clutter. This includes receipts, business cards, bills and other documents (both 8.5″ x 11″ and 8.5″ x 14″ sized paper is absolutely fine). All of these documents go through the exact same scanning, OCR and human verification process and then are organized in your online Shoeboxed account accordingly.

      For more information on what exactly counts as a document, please visit

  • Matt

    Just signed up after reading this blog post. They received my first package last Friday and still dont have anything posted yet. I like the idea of the service but would like to see faster turnaround

    If this is the norm, I’m not sure it is for me

    • Jake


      I sincerely apologize for the delay and would be happy to look into this issue for you in greater detail. Our normal turnaround time for Classic users is 2-3 days upon receiving your envelope.

      If you would please provide me with the e-mail address attached to your Shoeboxed account I will take a closer look right away.

      Please feel free to contact me directly at with your information.

      Warm regards,


  • brad

    It looks like shoeboxed is no longer supported.

    I’ve been trying to get ahold of shoeboxed for 19 days and their answer is always ‘its in dev’. This feature has not worked in weeks and shoeboxed appears to have either given up supporting its customers or given up supporting evernote – hard to tell which.