Evernote for Android Update: The Account Status Bar

Evernote for Android Update: The Account Status Bar

Posted by on 13 Oct 2011

Posted by on 13 Oct 2011

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

Every so often, we have an update that doesn’t sound big, but actually makes life easier for our users. Today’s Android update (3.2.2) falls into that camp.

The new Account Status bar and button
We’ve added an account status bar to the bottom of the home screen on Android phones, and an equivalent button to the Android tablet interface.

On the phone, the bar shows your sync status and lets you manually start a sync. Swiping the bar shows your monthly usage and how many days you have left until we give you a fresh 60MB (Free) or 1GB (Premium) of memory. On your tablet, tap on the pie chart icon to see this information. If you’re about to hit your monthly new note max, you can now quickly upgrade to Premium and supersize your allowance without leaving the application, right from the status bar.

More to come
There are also lots of bug fixes and improvements that make the app more stable and responsive. More updates are on the way!


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  • Paul Wilson (@ppmw)

    I find the android app excellent, the wifi updating works well, offline notebooks keep sync’d and I especially like the widget with quick buttons for new voicenotes and little thumbnails of recently opened notes. I found the widget by accident (looking for a different widget to add to my homescreen)- why is this hidden, its a gem and makes using evernote on android quick and easy.

    • Mike Teague (@pickmiketeague)

      where did you find the widget? I can’t seem to find it on my HTC Thunderbolt.

      • John Mostanov

        Wow, Paul! Thanks for mentioning that, mate! I’m an avid Evernoter, and didn’t even know about the 4×2 widget!

        The recently created notes display is great!

        Mike, check out the “Evernote 4×2” widget…

  • Reid

    “More updates are on the way!” Ink notes?

    Thanks for this release, too. I find more and more ways to use the phone and tablet versions all the time.

    • xavier.delplanque

      If you are looking for ink notes, you may want to try the “Skitch” feature from a new note:

  • Ruth

    Please don’t forget about us Blackberry users! We need a few updates. Some things are still cludgy. Just sayin’.

    • xavier.delplanque

      Still working on Blackberry. The new update should be available very very soon.

  • janice

    Thanks Paul for the widget tip makes evernote evev better. Is there a calendar out there i can usu on my android tablet that will work with evernote?

  • ib33x

    Why is new update unavailable in Croatian market? Before this everything was OK.

    • xavier.delplanque

      Thanks for reporting the issue, we are investigating.

  • PEI Paul

    Really pleased with this app …makes it easy to copy pictures of items as visual reminders, exact product match, pricing, or ideas for future purchases.
    Now, if I could only remember birthdays, or get motivated to shop for Christmas.

  • kaim

    Is 3.22 really released? My installed 3.21 does not find an update, nor do any of the Android portals like App Market

  • josh

    Love it! May be small, but very welcome addition to evernote. I’m always checking status of account. This makes it easy.

  • neal

    Neat. Not so neat is the fact that tapping subscription in my language environment (czech) shows me screen with russian cyrillic. It is quite scary, as it may be considered as some kind of scam.

  • Ara

    I have the Blackberry blues. With the recent outage and the lack of applications I think it’s time to switch. My two year contract is up so I think I qualify for a rebate on a new phone. Any suggestions for a smartphone on the Sprint network?

  • Yoel

    Hi , last night I open a free account with evernote on my cell on Android market . But I can’t have both my laptop(windows) and my cell evernote in one account. How can I blend both in one account? or, Do I have to open a new account with my windows laptop? Thanks

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You should be able to log into the same account on all devices. When you do so, all the notes in the account sync. Make sure that you are using the correct username and password. If that doesn’t work, then please contact our support team:

      • Yoel

        Thanks Andrew

  • Paolo Marani

    I like evernote, but it lack at least on android tablet version of a FUNDAMENTAL feature, the UNDO !!! (for typing)
    It is almost useless, in an android table, if this feture is missing, because too much easy delete the content accidentally, and android have no native ctrl+Z support for text typing.
    Please add an Undo-Redo button that apply on keystrokes, this will become evernote a top killer application.

  • Vitor L

    I can’t update to the latest version on my HTC Tattoo. Is it no longer compatible?