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Did You Know: Note Links, and How to Use Them

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 21 Oct 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 21 Oct 2011

Note Links are a new-ish feature we introduced that’s been talked about here and there on the blog. Not only are Note Links a powerful way to create an organizational structure that you like, they’re a way to actually associate your notes with a variety of 3rd party services. Let’s talk about how you could be using Note Links.

Creating a Note Link

You can create Note Links on any desktop version of Evernote and access Note Links from Evernote anywhere (including mobile versions). Creating a Note Link is easy: right click on a note and choose the Copy Note Link option, or choose it from the Note Menu. The link will be placed into your clipboard. From there, you can paste the link anywhere — a calendar event, a Post It on your desktop, another note, another application that you use, etc. Note Links are meant for you to access your own notes more quickly. Clicking on the Note Link in any location will pop up the note associated with that link.

Note Links are a super powerful way to bring organization, structure, and connectivity to all of your notes in Evernote.

Create Note Links on Your Desktop, Access them Everywhere

Once you start using Note Links, you probably won’t go back. Here are some great reasons to give them a try:

  1. Create a table of contents for a selection of notes. Whether you’re working on a study guide or planning your wedding, you can use Note Links to get ahead of the game. Create a new note and add Note Links for things like Notes: October, Notes: December, etc. or “Guest List,” “Flowers,” “Vendor Numbers.” Do this for a Shared Notebook to help collaborators see your organization structure at first glance.
  2. Add more context to your calendar.* Have a meeting scheduled and want to remember all of the goals you jotted down in Evernote? Place a Note Link associated with your Goals note straight into the calendar invite by pasting the link into the notes section of your calendar. Pull up your note straight from your calendar by clicking on the link.
  3. Associate notes with a big presentation. Keep the research you’ve saved in Evernote handy right inside a working presentation: drop Note Links into slides or comments for quick reference.
  4. Access your frequently-used notes, fast. Have a handful of notes that you’re always referring to (a piece of code for your blog, instructions for cleaning your pool, or important numbers related to your kids activities), link them all to a ‘Most Used Notes.’ You’ll barely have to search again.
  5. Create a calendar reminder.* Wish your notes could remind you of to-dos? They can. Create a checklist or to-do list in your Evernote account. Paste a Note Link into notes section of your calendar event like ‘To-do’ deadlines and use your calendar with Evernote to stay on top of whatever you have to get done. When you click a Note Link from the Web, or your calendar, it opens Evernote on your desktop (if you have it installed) and highlights the note.
  6. Add Note Links to Shared Notebooks. If you put Note Links into a note and drop that note into a Shared Notebook, the people you’ve shared that notebook with will be able to use them, too. This particular use case is super helpful if you’re working on a project that might require a table of contents, for example, to give added structure to a Shared Notebook.

*If supported by your program, Note Links open Evernote when clicked. In some cases (for example, when using Google Calendar) you may need to add HTML code to make the Note Link clickable. In all cases,  notes you link are only visible to you and will not work if you do not have Evernote installed on your desktop or mobile device.

These are just a few ideas for how you can use Note Links. How are you using Note Links?


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  • Rickles —

    Cool, no make a *nix client and we can use that feature! 🙂

  • Rickles —

    Cool, now make a *nix client and we can use that feature! 🙂

    • Doug Morse —

      Nixnote for *nix is an open-source Evernote client. It does support note links, however it calls them “Quick Links”. For what it’s worth, I use Nixnote all the time and find it to be nearly as full featured as the official Evernote application, and in several ways better.

      • Carl Parrish —

        Thanks for the Reply Doug. I wasn’t aware of Nixnote and have been pinning for it for a few years now. Will be installing it now.

      • Waldir Leoncio —

        I appreciate the effort of Vincent Cheng and whoever else is behind Nixnote, but at least for me it was a far from ideal experience. What’s the official position on a Linux desktop version?

  • Lee Hunter —

    Thanks for this explanation, I was unaware of this feature. However, I do have a few quibbles with the layout of the article (I can’t help it, I’m a technical editor).

    It looks like you may have inadvertently swapped the two images. The lower image illustrates the procedure for creating the link so it would make sense to have it right after the “how to” text. The upper image illustrates a table of contents, so it fits much better with the first bullet.

    Also numbered bullets should only be used when there’s a reason for the numbers (e.g. the list items are sequential or prioritized).

    Otherwise it’s a great post.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Good feedback, Lee. I wanted to illustrate what Note Links actually let you do before diving into the image showing how to actually create them, but you’re right. It would have made sense to do it the other way around 🙂 I have a new way to think about numbered bullet lists! I’m an editor, but not a technical one.

  • Mike Vera —

    This is a great idea. I’ve been using Evernote for years now and it’s positively changed almost every aspect of my life between school, work, personal notes, etc. I’m never turning back.
    I’m a little confused as to how to add a link to your desktop. I copied a note link and tried to post it to my desktop but I can’t paste it. I am using the Evernote app on my Mac.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Mike, here’s how you can do this:

      1. Open Evernote and find the note you want to have linked from your desktop.
      – Right click the note and click “Copy Note Link”
      2. Go to your favorite web browser and bookmark any webpage.
      3. Open Bookmark Manager and locate the bookmark just created. Right click the bookmark. Then:
      – Edit the Name to something that has meaning to you
      – Edit the URL address of the bookmark by pasting in the Note Link address which should still be in your clipboard (because you copied it in step 1)
      4. Click and drag the bookmark from Bookmark Manager to your desktop.
      5. Double click the new link on your desktop. In the dialog window that opens, select “launch with application”

      Now, whenever you need to quickly access this note, just double click the new link on your desktop.

      Hope that helps!

      • Sam —

        At least on Windows, there’s a much simpler way:
        1. Open Evernote and find the note you want to have linked from your desktop.
        – Right click the note and click “Copy Note Link”
        2. Left click on the desktop, choose “New >> Shortcut”
        3. When the dialog box comes up, just paste the link into “location of the item”

      • Alexandra —

        But how do you do this on a Mac? (“Right clicking” is for Windows. We don’t use that on a Mac.)

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

          You can hold down the control key and click on a Mac.

      • Janno Schouwenburg —

        Or just enable right-clicking on the Mac. When using a touchpad you can use the double finger tap.

  • Katybeth —

    Love the tips. I have never used this and I’ll admit I am still struggling to understand but I will try it, practice, and I’m sure find it very useful.

    Thank you.

  • David Salahi —

    I love note links.

  • Joshua —

    Been using this feature for a while and am a huge fan. Thanks!!

    For those who are curious: I am a professor and have notes for each of the class sessions I teach with the plans and also outcomes. I use note-links to reference prior class sessions and other related notes in terms of content, etc. This makes it incredibly easy to bounce back and forth and see what I was thinking in the same class prior semesters, etc., without having to find each individual note.

  • Sam Jensen —

    Is it possible to get Note Links to work with IOS?

  • Bob McGeorge —

    Hi Kasey, You can also create a shortcut on the windows desktop by the following. Right click on the desktop, on the menu select New – shortcut, in the following window paste your link in the space provided. Click next and name your link hit enter and Viola, there it is.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Thanks, Bob!

  • Michele —

    I’m really trying, but can’t see how to do this. I use Evernote on a PC and an iPad. The examples seem mostly to be for Mac users. When I right-click on an open note (or the Evernote desktop), “Copy Note Link” does not appear on the menu, nor can I find it in any of the drop-down menus at the top of the page. Can you help? Thanks!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Michele, on a PC, right-click on the note name in the Snippet/Thumnail/List pane. You should get the Copy Note Link option. Are you using the latest version of Evernote on your PC? If not, try updating.

      • Michele —

        Thanks Kasey. Actually when I go to update my Evernote I’ve been getting the following error message: “Can’t access Evernote update server, error: The server name or address could not be resolved.” This is trying to get Evernote Can you or anyone else there help with this?

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

          Michele, you may want to contact support:

      • Michele —

        Thanks Kasey!

    • Phil —

      On the Evernote for Windows PC client, this is my experience:

      I can right click and copy note link just fine.
      When I paste into a different note within the Evernote application I get the ‘soft link’ (evernote://view/…) which knows to use the Evernote desktop app and not access the Evernote Web Client.

      However, pasting into a different application will paste the external note link (…).

      I would hope that a future version of this functionality would make this a user-configurable choice rather than making this the default functionality for everyone.

      Now that I know this trick I can paste ‘soft links’ in my GTD web app that syncs up on my iOS devices and I can link my todos with my notes in Evernote. GTD nirvana!

  • Tomas Hlustik —

    Great feature! I didn’t know about that but I find it really useful. Thanks!

  • Michelle —


    I’ve been using note links between different notes on my Mac desktop client at home and the Windows client at work.

    However, I have one quibble. When I try placing a note link into Google Tasks in my Google Calendar on either Mac or Windows, it defaults to the full clunky URL rather than the neat and tidy hyperlink. I need to copy and paste this URL into the address bar for it to work. I’ve not tried it from Evernote online yet.

    Is there something I am not doing correctly? Note linking works fine within Evernote. It doesn’t appear to be working smoothly in Google Calendar/Tasks.


    • sai ram —

      try tinyurl or other url shortening services for converting clunky url into neat and tidy hyperlink

  • amos —

    I’ve been using MindNode Pro to make mind maps, and then linking nodes to notes using note links. For instance, I made a mind map to decisions I need to make in order to select components for a custom bike, and each node links back to a note with information about the component. It makes the mind map much more powerful.

    • Greg —

      Amos, I do the same thing with Freeplane, and export the mindmaps, note links and all, into Scrivener.

    • Toni —

      The link feature works with all desktop mind mapping programs that support web links.

      For mobile mind mapping apps, it’s a bit more cumbersome. I typically “copy note link” in desktop version in the desktop and paste it in the note itself. Then, in the mobile version of Evernote, I select and copy the link, which I then paste into the mobile mind mapping app, such as iThoughts.

      Adding a “copy note link” to the mobile version would be a great new feature.

  • pseudografas —

    Google Chrome has an ability to associate custom links with web apps. So for me it would be more useful to have these links associated with Evernote Web.

  • Dave Yuhas —

    Note links are great inside Evernote, but with the exception of the Remember the Milk app, they’re useless outside of Evernote. Perhaps the author of the post could explain how Google calendar sees


    as a clickable link?


    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Dave, it’s a known issue with Google Calendar. It requires some basic HTML to make it work:

      • Dave Yuhas —

        Two things – if you knew about the issue in Gcal why didn’t you put that in your original post? And the issue with note links not working outside of Evernote is not limited to Gcal. Your reply did not address the larger issue.

        The screen shots in the original post show note links being used inside Evernote, not in Gcal or any of the other examples cited. (The Evernote blog post that announced the note links feature in June ( also used only screen shots showing note links inside Evernote.)

        With a few notable exceptions, note links cannot be used outside of Evernote. Evernote tech support knows this, but the Evernote PR department apparently does not.

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

          Dave, Note Links are a very useful feature, but yes, there are limitations to using Note Links when you take them outside of Evernote. There are places where clicking on a Note Link does not bring up the note and in order for Note Links to work outside of Evernote, you do need to have Evernote installed on the device/computer that you are using (as in the example of pasting Note Links into a presentation).

      • Wayne Senville —


        I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to make note links work in Google Calendar, before finding scrolling down to the comments and finding this. I agree with Dave, when there are major limitations like this, it would be helpful to note them in your main blog posting.


  • Jeannie —

    Can’t quite get this to work right, I click on the Copy Note Link 7 create a shortcut on my desktop, but when I open it, it doesn’t open that particular note, it just opens Evernote…what am i doing wrong?

    • Mark —

      I have the same problem. Probably have to reword HTML address.

    • TJ Longacre —

      Same problem here. It would be more useful if the note, itself, opened.

    • TJ Longacre —

      SOLUTION (from a thread in the Evernote Forums):

      Check out the “Open note links from other applications in a new window” option under Tools > Options > Note. My links always result in the note being opened in a separate window.

  • Brandon —

    Note Links are amazing! They will be so helpful for school. I’m so glad I took the time the check them out 🙂 Can’t wait for the next big iOS client update now that iOS 5 is out 🙂 Maybe the ability to create Note Links will be there 😉

  • Ingo —

    Interesting, but why don’t you fix Drag-n-Drop of attachments out of Evernote into other apps? This used to work before 4.x, now I just get a useless en-resource:/// link pasted in.

  • Greg —

    How about exposing note links to the AppleScript dictionary?

    For that matter, a few key features, like note Author and saved searches, would also be awesome. Then users could do all kinds of nifty things with the note links.

  • Greg —

    I love note links, and use them all the time.

    You forgot to mention that the “copy note link” works for multiple notes in a selection, not just for individual notes. So a table of contents for a selection is really, really easy to build.

    One more request: SEARCH LINKS to recreate a selection. This would be a fantastic addition.

  • sai ram —

    Am using evernote since my windows days. Now i am on ubuntu for years together but wouldn’t leave evernote behind. Note links is a great feature. But i think this is only for desktop version. I cannot see it on web evernote. Evernote team should bring desktop features to the web too!

  • Doug —

    I’m going to find this very useful. Thank you. Is it possible, though, to just bring up the note being linked to, instead of the entire Evernote program?

  • Blackjogger —

    Note links is a really good feature!

    Is there a possibility to access notes in Evernote web if you are using a computer on which Evernote Desktop isn’t installed? This would be very useful for example if you would like to open a note link in Google Calendar.

    I know that you can create public links. But this also means that your notes are accessible by everyone knowing the link.

    • Andrew Sinkov —

      Thanks for the suggestion. That isn’t currently possible.

  • tidde —

    Yes great option.
    someone knows good altenative of Gcal where it can with links, also sync and android… looking for ages now.
    Never find something with calendar and evernote, miss it a lot.

  • Mike Vera —

    Thank you!

  • brundlefly —

    Hello everyone.

    It appears there are a lot of happy customers. And I agree that Evernote is a great tool.

    I think SOME of the menus are intuitive. But the full potential of the potentially very powerful feature to link notes has not yet been fully realised. As an ex-software developer any application is only successful if the whole package is fluid, user-friendly, intuitive, aesthetically appealing and accessible. There’s no point having a state-of-the-art Help feature if the application itself is unwieldy and incongruous.

    The “copy link note” feature is useful. But lets take my situation. I’m studying a masters and making huge cross references between many sources. To link each block of notes to each other means copying and pasting the links into EACH and EVERY NOTE of every note. Rather clumsy and very time consuming.

    The linear development that Evernote has taken works fine. Have a central note linking all the notes together. But that means ADDING an extra step unnecessarily by going back to the central link list each time you want to follow another thread. It may be that within the current note I want to place links at specific places in the note text which will logically take me to a deeper thread. This would be extremely convoluted in the current version of Evernote, having to literally copy the link note of the destination note, come back one step and paste it into the relevant place of the originating note. Confused? You shouldnt be.

    To be truly powerful, in this day-and-age, this kind of interface should simply be drag and….drop. Done. I want this note to be linked to this note…drag one onto the other, with some simple coding you can decide the object being dragged will either be the destination note or the originator. you can then simply move the link to where you want it in the text. useful for large notes.

    To have the complete power of a visual interface at your disposal and then present the critical information, i.e. the notes, in such a linear form is rather counter-productive? Isnt choice fundamental to life? So give the user the choice…do you want to see a tree structure, a linear note after note layout, a tabbed form…etc.

    Come on guys. Please dont sit back and think you’ve cracked it. Thats how businesses go bust. You’ve come this far, but there’s some big holes that need filling. If you dont, someone else will.

    • Andrew Sinkov —

      Great stuff and great ideas. Actually, you can already do an aspect of what you’re asking. If you’re in a single note view, meaning that you’ve doubled clicked on a note and it’s in it’s own window, you can drag a note (or multiple) from your note list and drop it into the single note. This works on both Windows and Mac.

      • brundlefly —

        oooh nice…so it does!

        Which is a lovely addition of functionality although in this design its the same as multiple selection copy and paste but having it shows the designers are forward thinkers!

      • brundlefly —

        Yep that works ok. But if I have 20 notes and add a new one that i want to be linked to the other 20, I have to paste the link into each one…!

        This is what I mean by associative linking which would create a natural, organic and intuitive linking system.

        At the code level, you would have a parent note, when working from this note in some way, if you created more notes they would be spawned from the parent and inherit the parents attributes or at least have a direct link to the parent. Subsequent child of child notes could be given the option to multi-link to other child notes and directly to the parent.

  • brundlefly —

    Notes are a progression of thought or simply a reminder, a pointer or a list.

    To capture the market, and its a huge one, you need to cater to all concepts of a note. Studying, shopping, interests, thoughts, writers, designs…

    Make the tables dynamic, not preformed and unmovable. Add image editing so they can be resized and cropped. Embed University portals such as Athens.

    Get out of the box guys before someone throws it away!

  • brundlefly —

    Actually it would make sense to make the note being dragged the destination, that you can highlight a selection of notes and drag onto one to form a complete link.

    You could even scrap the drag and drop and alternatively design a hierarchical system with notes assuming values that place them in the tree. like a family tree. association by relevance or some other value. or drag and drop again!

    But for sure the nodal system would be a huge step forward for lots and lots and lots of people. which equals lots and lots and lots of subscribers.

  • Alok Puri —

    Great idea and I am using it. However, the link is too long and takes up too much space on a mobile (Iphone).
    What I am doing it is pasting it into word as a link and shortening it (text to display) and then pasting it back into Evernote. It works but it would be nice to have a similar feature in Evernote itself.

  • Davey —

    When I bring home a receipt from a credit card purchase, I scan into Evernote and copy the note link. I paste this link into the credit card window (items – description) as I am entering the data into Quickbooks. If I ever have to remember what items were on the receipt, I click the link and the original is right there! Searchable through Evernote’s OCR as well. A little extra work on my part, but instant recall which makes it worth the effort!!

    • The-EnjKat —

      Davey, You might want to look at a product called Shoeboxed, which allows you to take a pic of a receipt and autoload into website for link to QuickBooks. You may need to build a simple filter to massage the data to go directly into QuickBooks, though… I’ve just started looking at that in detail.

  • Neil Hinrichsen —

    I would love to also Links for Tags… This used to be in the “old” 2.1 Evernote, so I know it’s doable.

    When you had Links to Tags then I could put one of these in a mindmap, click on it, and instantly open up Evernote showing all my notes for that Tag.

    This was invaluable for organising my research through mindmaps.

    Please bring this feature back!

  • brundlefly —

    Sorry, it looks like I’m spamming this post but I just thought of a nice way to implement a nodal system and thats by creating links by drawing lines between fixed points, the lines would have to snap to notes to make it easier to link them. you could even use arrows to indicate flow direction or parent-child.

  • Daniel Gold —

    As Kasey & Andrew knows from all of my evangelism, this is perhaps my absolute favorite in Evernote. Here’s at least two great reasons why:

    1) Use Copy Note Links to create what I call, “Master Project Notes” or MPN’s. Create a master note and tag it with your project name. Outline your goals, objective, outcomes, and brainstorm your action items. Then, right click and copy note link. Now, in each of your action items, you can highlight the task and insert the note link as a hyperlink or even paste the note link right next to your action item! Why do this? Because then, you can quickly view additional details behind your task and how it’s related to your project.

    2) Use Copy Note Links to create what I call Master Travel Itineraries (MTI). Why do this? Because now, you can copy note links to relevant notes for each of your appointments throughout the day. For example, let’s say I have a 9am, 11am, and 3pm meetings while I’m traveling to Atlanta. For each meeting, I can paste the note link for the meeting questions & agenda items I have for the 9am, etc. When I click on it, I’ll immediately have access to everything for my 9am. I can use note links within that note as well for PDF contracts saved as a note or any other note. Keep using note links to open up more notes without having to search!

    I have many more examples on how I use note linking for GTD and for my projects, itineraries, etc. Feel free to post any questions you might have – or take a look at my eBook in the Trunk. Thanks!

  • Dan Collins —

    This article was extremely helpful to me as a means of introducing me to an awesome feature that I had not been fully leveraging.

    Unlike some, I didn’t think this was meant to be an all-encompassing, comprehensive handling of the feature. So, I was not put out that every potential use case went unmentioned.

    As a few others have suggested, I’d like to be able to insert the note links in more of a “wiki-style”, i.e. To mention a person’s name or company name and turn that into a typical hyper-link that reference more info on that person or company from within my library of notes.

    Thanks again for the article…


  • Rusty Castleman —

    So, is Evernote meant to be an unstructured repository of random information, or a highly structured heirarchal database? Can it be both at once? What’s the intent?

  • nick —

    All right! I requested this feature years ago (I vaguely recall it was in the initial versions of Evernote, and then dropped). I had absolutely no idea it was now implemented! Hallelujah

  • Chad —

    Great feature addition! I’ve been waiting for this. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  • Lars —

    Can you create todolists and share them?
    Can you put a reminder, date, time on a note?

  • Steve —

    Hi. Glad to learn about this. I am on a mac. I paste in the link to my notes section of Ical calendar entry. Yes, its there as the big long link, but not clickable???????????? What am I missing?

  • Cheryl —

    Would all tip writers put up front in their articles when a tip is only in the paid version of Evernote? I have wasted too much time trying to do something on the free version, to no avail.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Hi Cheryl, Note Links are actually not a Premium feature. They’re available for Free users, too.

      • Allen —

        Kasey, I didn’t see anything in this post about what i think is actually the very best thing about the note links (for android anyway). after copying the note link, you can then paste it into any qr code generator. at least on android devices, using a qr code reader will send the link straight to evernote for android.

        for example:
        i have a zillion crates full of inventory.
        i need to know what’s in each crate.
        i make a note for each crate containing what’s inside.
        i make a note link for each of those notes on the pc version of evernote.
        i copy the link to a qr code generator (i prefer
        i print the qr code on label paper.
        i stick the qr code on the crate.

        and voilà! the easiest inventory system you could imagine.

        i can easily scan the qr code on my android phone, and it opens the note instantly!

        i have confirmed that this works on both android 2.3, and honeycomb 3.2

        i wish i had the ability to put together a tutorial (other than the above) but you guys really should… it’s my favorite feature now… sometimes i even get so lazy, i just spread the inventory out on a table and take a photo and make a note link of that (figuring i will annotate it in skitch when i am less lazy…)

        i even print the qr codes out in green so i can tell at a glance if they are for evernote or not 🙂

  • Brett Jarman —

    Nice. Any chance of creating links to notebooks as well? It would be handy functionality to create some shortcuts to the notebooks I use the most.

  • Mark —

    Great article. I also use note links to keep a running list within a “master” note of Evernote notes and outside URL’s on a particular subject. I then assign a tag called “Link” and make a saved search. So, if I want to see all of my different collections I simply do my tag:Link search.

  • Joe Messina —

    I’m not getting this at all. When I right click on a note, I don’t see Copy Note Link. And I don’t know what is meant by the Note menu, which is where I’m supposed to find another way to reach the Copy Note Link command.

    Linking sounds like a great feature. I just am not seeing how to use it.

  • john —

    It does not work for me I get the following message

    “The note cannot be opened because the note link is invalid”

  • David Horovitz —

    Great feature BUT does not work from Excel cells where I can caregorize and sort.
    But nothwithstanding, Evernote still lacks basic features such as page deletion withina pdf and page rotation. Elementary my dear Watsom.

  • Rich —

    I am missing something here. I copy the Note Link by right clicking on the note and selecting Copy Note Link. No matter where I place the link…within evernote, as a shortcut on the desktop or in another application, the link never works.

    Here is a copy of one of my copied links:

    for example if I lace the link in outlook, when I select the newly created link a dialog box opens showing a link explorer dialog. I am using Vista.

    In Mindmanager the error message is: You do not have permission to access this file. I am logged in as administrator so I do not understand the permissions.

    And when I attempt to make a link on the desktop I receive the following message while creating the link: the file …///view/109769/s2/c4d56b12-0a6d-4909-81b2-da9f19d4ba38/c4d56b12-0a6d-4909-81b2-da9f19d4ba38/ could not be found.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Rich

    • Rich —

      Am I the only one here with this problem? There must be someone who has been able to overcome this seemingly simple problem. The ability to link from other applications sounds great but I am unable to access the link outside of evernote.

      • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

        Rich, Note Links are meant to be used with your Evernote account, to help you tie notes together and find them faster.

      • Rich —

        I see…I thought I read someplace that they were also able to be used outside of Evernote. This would be an outstanding feature if it ever becomes available. Accessing notes from other applications would be so helpful. Thanks, Rich

  • Terry Li —

    It comes finally!

  • Tony Mars —

    Does this make the note available via a public URL or does it now stay private to just you and/or the select people you share it with?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Tony, Note Links are private – you create them to help you better navigate your account. Other people can access Note Links if they are created in a shared notebook (they’ll be available to those folks you’ve shared the notebook with – thus the table of contents example).

      • Rich —

        I left a message a few days ago after attempting to use notes. I am not having success in placing usable links in any application nor on the desktop. Can you offer any suggestions on why links may not work as described in my system? Is there a windows setting, something particular to Vista? The version of evernotes….any idea?

  • Nigel Paine —

    Why not automatically shorten the links from Note Links
    It would make them more elegant, take up less space and make them easier to paste into docs.

  • Nick Jong —

    Thank you! This feature is the one I’ve been waiting for since I discovered Evernote. It’s very likely also the one that will make me a paying customer.

    Add link creation to the iPad app and I’ll be extra happy!

  • Mark Frauenfelder —

    This is a great idea.

    I’m having trouble getting it to work with Wunderlist. I scanned a hand written note and saved it to Evernote. Then I selected Copy Note Link. When I past it into a task in Wunderlist, I get this:


    It doesn’t turn into a clickable link. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Mark, Note Links are in and of themselves not clickable links in any app, unless that program supports URL creation (in which case, it will create a clickable link that will take you to the note in your Evernote account). If the program you paste it into doesn’t *automatically* turn it into a clickable link, you’ll need to do that yourself by coding the html: link to note

      • Sam Sexton —

        Kasey, I was going to make the same comment as Mark. I saw your response and went back to n case I’d missed something – but no, it doesn’t mention having to code the HTML and definitely implies that all you need to do is paste in the link. I clicked on your “link to note” and was told that “You may not access this note link as it belongs to a different user”.

        I would suggest that the use of this facility be clarified, with an example of what needs to be done to get the links to work.

      • Irina I —

        Kasey, could you please explain how to add HTML code to the note link to make it clickable from external applications like Google Calendar or Google Docs. I cannot find an explanation anywhere.


        • Heather —

          When you edit the event in Google Calendar, add HTML tags such as <a href=”evernote://view/362535/s4/9905be3e-279e-4b0c-a9d3-01d1d0eabce9/9905be3e-279e-4b0c-a9d3-01d1d0eabce9/” rel=”nofollow”>Evernote Note</a> in the description.

          If you edit the event description again, you’ll need to add in the code again, as Google strips it each time you edit.

      • Rob —

        As much as I love evernote and note links, having to add code to each entry into Google Calendar and various other programs I use is far too much work and renders the note links feature irrelevant for me. Anyone with more computer experience than me know of a way to automate the generation of the relevant code through a script or something?

  • Dean Holmes —

    I use OmniFocus and Apple Mail in LION to manage most of my tasks from emails. It’s an easy, key command set to do this (would love to see a keyboard shortcut for doing this out of a single or multiple selected notes). I would love to be able to use Evernote to handle all of my tasks.

    Quite frankly, it’s really suited well for tasks. I use a GTD process as well and have this setup in Evernote (@Agendas, @Calls, etc…) in Context Tags. I am looking for a way to use Apple Mail ONLY along with this new feature in Evernote (at least new to me) to have 1 place that I can create notes and link to an Event or Reminder in LION Mail and iCal.

    I am using a Mac on LION. I have tried to add the copy link note url to an iCal Event. Issues are:

    • URL does not hyperlink automatically
    • When I right click the url in the Event, it sometimes opens and sometimes not
    • In multiple select Notes in Evernote, the copy link note url appears to contain all 3 (for example 3 notes I selected) – how to make this create 1 single url?

    Questions (Hoping others have figured this out):

    • How to make the url in iCal Events auto-hyperlink so I can just click to open it
    • How to make 1 url out of multiple notes selected
    • Has anyone tested this to be able to use with reminders in LION?

    Lastly, not totally on topic, but I have had one heck of a time trying to determine an app for the iPhone (using Egret List right now) that is being updated on a consistent basis (These guys have all but abandoned the EgretList app).
    • Does anyone know of an app they use thats better than EgretList?
    • Is Evernote considering a way to do better tasks with due dates???

    Thanks everyone. The real value of this community shines when we all put our heads together. Love it. Keep up the great work. This is an amazing feature.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Hello, Dean. In response to your questions, please see the update in the post regarding pasting Note Links into calendar events – it depends on the program’s capabilities…You may need to add additional HTML code to make Note Links work outside of Evernote. Note Links enable you to link individual notes to one another. Hope this helps!

      • Scott Whittaker —

        As a side note, I have found that note links work great when pasted into the Notes section of an OmniFocus task. You can even drag & drop selected notes from Evernote.

    • Jeff B —

      You should be able to paste the Note Link into the url field when creating the new calendar event. Works for me on OSX 10.6.8

      • Graham H —

        YES….it works when pasted into the URL field of ical NOT the notes. Well done.

  • David Taylor —

    You should emphasize this is only available on the Mac version. I really drove myself nuts trying to find this command on my Windows version.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      David, Note Links are available for Windows:

      Windows: Right click the note, mouse over Copy Note, then choose Notebook…
      Mac: Right click the note, go to the bottom of the notebook list, mouse over Options

      • Dean Holmes —

        Kasey, any chance you will comment on my reply here? Spent a lot of time crafting the comment. Would be helpful for all if you could answer it. Thanks

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

          Sure, Dean.

  • Arvid —

    Would love to see this work in the mobile clients as well

    • Don —

      Absolutely, please support the “evernote://” copy note link creation in the mobile clients like Android. This makes integration with Remember-the-milk quite good as the link can be inserted in an RTM task’s URL field, allowing quick reference to the EN note (without having the make the note public through https:// sharing)… Thanks!

  • Linette Singleton —

    I agree with Arvid. New product features are useless if they’re not developed for multi-platforms. Given the mobility trends (I only use EverNote via my iPad and smartphone), the future of this and other products is being sorely disregarded.

  • Stephen Morris —

    I have tried and tried to get the Copy Note Link functionality to work. I’ve tried using it with Outlook and Salesforce. Either I’m not fully understanding how to use it, I’m using with it programs that don’t work with Evernote or I just don’t know what I’m doing. 🙂

    I would love to have this functionality. It looks awesome. Any help would be great, thanks.

  • Stephen Morris —

    Never mind, I was missing the Coding the HTML part. I got it now.

  • Chris —

    Hi there!

    I LOVE Evernote and can’t see myself living without it! I use it to keep all my reference material for home and work, and love being able to use note links. I use Things, from Cultured Code as my planner, and It works very well with Things. If I drag a note from my note list into the “note” section of my task or project on Things, it will create a shortcut to the note’s location on my Evernote Desktop. Makes it easy and quick with no copy or paste needed. And when I work at home, where I have both desktop apps as well, the links work the same, and get me where I need to be. Just makes my life much easier…which is no surprise, because that’s what Evernote does, lol.

    Man, I love Evernote.

  • Mike —

    I did notice that if I just right-click on the note while it is inside the folder view, and click on Copy Note Link, I get a url that takes me into my whole Evernote console. However, if I click the Share dropdown and select Copy Note URL to Clipboard, now I have a url that will open only that note. Sort of confusing, since using the instructions above actually open my entire Evernote console, not just the individual note.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Mike, copying the note URL to your clipboard actually creates a public URL for that note (this is useful if you want to share a single note with someone and is different from the Note Link feature).

      • Arvid —

        Any news or ideas for Mobile clients?

      • Ron —

        It would be cool if copy Note link were in the tool bar of the note somewhere. Either the share menu – where I could see it being confusing – or its own button.

        First time I tried to use this I wanted to add a link in my TO DO note to a note open in a separate Note Window so I could close it. I had to go find where that note was filed so I could right click on it.

        (Talking Mac version BTW)

  • Vicki —

    Help! What specific html code do I add to Google calendar? And where?

    • Kevin —

      I am also stumped. I see no way to poke URLs like this into Google Calendar, either in events or task items. So close….

      What calendars do support this? Are the compatible with Google’s? I’d really be ecstatic if I could manipulate dated items in the Calendar and see them on all Google-Calendar clients, since I have lots of devices and shared calendars too. Like Jorte on Android, for instacne. If Jorte and Evernote could just get along, what a world

      • simon —

        try Sunrise calendar

  • Nan —

    I didn’t see that the first few questions above have been resolved. My apologies if this duplicates efforts. I found the instructions for including a note link in a calendar item a bit misleading. Just having read the article, I thought I’d try copying a link to an event I’d just scheduled. The instructions say to paste into the ‘note section’ of the calendar item. Indeed, the ‘link’ does not appear as a link. There are two solutions – if you copy to the note section, right click on the apparent link and click ‘open URL’ or simply copy the link into the URL section, then it will actually show up as a link and you can click on it directly.

  • Thomas —

    Hi Kasey

    Just to confirm (or correct me!).. Using the “Copy Note Link” is a private way to link my notes in whatever 3rd party program that supports/works. This link is not public and the note is only accessible by me. If I want to make that same note public and share then the “copy shared Note URL to clipboard” does that. I know it may sound like a no brainer question but want to confirm the “Copy Note Link” is a private link.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey —

      Hi Thomas, you are correct! Copy Note Link does NOT create a public Note Link.

  • Thomas —

    Actually…. after reading the post above I found the answer..

    “If supported by your program, Note Links open Evernote when clicked. In some cases (for example, when using Google Calendar) you may need to add HTML code to make the Note Link clickable. In all cases, notes you link are only visible to you and will not work if you do not have Evernote installed on your desktop or mobile device.”

  • Rummy —

    Very interesting feature. However you should focus this is only available on the Mac version. I really drove myself nuts trying to find this command on my Windows version.

    • Brian Charles —

      It is in the Windows version of EN too. Right-click your note and click on “Copy Note Link”. As noted above, “You can create Note Links on any desktop version of Evernote and access Note Links from Evernote anywhere (including mobile versions).” You create the note link in the desktop versions then you can access across platforms.

  • Heather —

    How bout an answer to Vicki’s question. I would want my Google calendar items to end up in Evernote and vice versa. And what about HTML. For those of us who only drive these machines but don’t get the mechanics, how does one know what HTML code needs to be added?

  • suppachok nattip —

    happy all music work

  • IwoJimaJim —

    I tried to apply this Copy Note Link but failed to see it when I right click on my Windows Evernote item. Came on the Rummy comment that the app is only available on the Mac version. Hope that is not true.
    My objective is to have a link on an Excel worksheet that takes me to my Evernote explanation of some of the intricacies in that worksheet In Excel a right click will open a drop down menu that has a Hyperlink feature but I was unable to browse to the specific evernote to establish the link.

  • Susan —

    So I need to start using an electronic calendar that synchs like Evernote. Was yhinking of google calendar but how do I do HTML code for a link? Any other calendar & desk app you recommend with Evernote?

    • Kevin —

      I am really hoping for some clarity on this too. I’ve done a few simplistic experiments and have found that: (1) google calendar on the web does not connect to links if they are in the description of tasks (I care more about tasks than events — YMMV). I would like to be able to link notes to tasks/events, though (esp for info that the calendar doesn’t support — say, photos). (2) some mobile calendar programs, in my case both Jorte and the Google Calendar App under Android, DO link directly to note shared URLs — but not to note links (instead it tries to see them as phone #’s!). So this means that it *is* possible to just drop an unadorned shared URL into a Google Calendar item on my PC, and then later call up the evernote note from my mobile calendar by just clicking. This is a step in the right direction… but more than a bit fiddly.

  • Lidia McMahon —

    I love the screen view as described in option 1 on the above document – where the pictures are thumbnails in the note and are therefore easily recognisable.
    However I cant seem to achieve the same for my evernote notebook – please help 🙂

    • LarryS —

      Lidia McMahon, I am using Windows XP, so it may be different in other Windows versions or on a Mac. You should be using Evernote desktop if not, it is a free download from the Evernote web site).

      Once Evernote desktop is installed and synced with your Evernote online account: View > Thumbnail View

      Or press Ctrl + F7 on the keyboard.

  • LarryS —

    Lidia McMahon, I am using Windows XP, so it may be different in other Windows versions or on a Mac. You should be using Evernote desktop if not, it is a free download from the Evernote web site).

    Once Evernote desktop is installed and synced with your Evernote online account: View > Thumbnail View

    Or press Ctrl + F7 on the keyboard.

  • Steven —

    I really need this feature on ios client.
    I use evernote on ipad 99% of the time. 1% on the desktop through remote desktop app just to copy note links and to add them to their notes so I could use them on ipad.

  • Alan E —


    • Jason —

      Pretty Please….with sugar 🙂

  • Nick W. —

    I really love this feature and I love Evernote.

    The last part of this linking stuff that would make it perfect for me, coming from a wiki background, would be the ability to highlight text in a note and have the right-click option to create a new linked note with the selected text as the note title.

    That would make it so much easier to create linked lists and to see which of my projects needs to still have a note added for it.

    Currently I make my master list.
    Copy a line.
    Create a new note with the line as the title.
    Copy the link for that note.
    Highlight the line in my master list and past the hyperlinked note in.

    Thanks for looking into this.

    • Jo —

      If you are on Mac, VoodooPad does this. It works superbly. I’m switching some of my use to Evernote because the only mobile functionality VoodooPad has is for reading existing documents.

      If only Evernote 5.0 didn’t keep crashing on my Mac OS 10.6.8!!!!!!!

  • Jerome BG —

    I hope this question hasn’t already been asked, but when I can’t make the note link (evernote://XXX/YYY) clickable – is it possible to take something from that link and find the note in evernote?

    I have tried searching (in evernote) for the first number from the link (XXX above) and then for the second string (YYY from above) – with no luck.

    Until these app specific links are better supported, the ability to use a link’s text to jump to a note seems logical.

  • Max Stanley —

    Friends, I think it’s pretty clear from the number of times this question has been explicitly asked and ignored:

    Despite the content of the above article, Note Links actually doesn’t work from within Google Calendar, and there’s no possible “addition of HTML code” that will make it so.

    Too bad – that’s a popular calendar, sorta.

  • Kid X —

    Add me to the list of thoroughly confused Note-Link people.

    Particularly, I would like to achieve the ends that the “attorney” from the article “How an Attorney and Dad Uses Evernote for Work and Parenting”, seems able to have utilized this feature. This is what whet my appetite for the feature. At the bottom of one paragraph in the article where he was mentioning how he utilizes Note Links, was a link that says, “Learn more about Note Links”… but THIS TOO, is nebulous, and every attempt I’ve made to duplicate what he states he was able to do — I can NOT do.

  • Netjera —

    I really love this feature. I use it to make index pages, and I also use it it to keep track of 3d content. However, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t work properly when inserting the hyperlink into a note that was created from a webpage.

    For example: I clipped a copy of an itemized list of 3d products I’ve purchased from my account on the vendor’s website. This has a list of all the names of the items I’ve bought. Then I use Evernote to clip copies of each of the individual product pages. I then copy the hyperlink for a note made for an individual product page, I go to the itemized list, and I select the text for the product name and say “Hyperlink: Add”. I pasted in the link, and then say okay, but the link is not added. If I go back to the right-click hyperlink menu it will still say “Hyperlink: Add” with no other choices.

    This doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens at least once on every list I’ve made. Sometimes selecting a different portion of the text fixes it. Sometimes selecting something else fixes it. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all for one or more items.

    Just to clarify: The text I’m using doesn’t have a hyperlink already attached to it. It’s just regular text, same as I’d use for making a custom-made index. The only difference, is instead of typing in 1000s of items, I’m using a clipped list and then linking the items.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  • OrkGandalf —

    Is it possible to use the note link to actually open the note in a separate window instead of simply positioning to it in Evernote?
    I’d like to have it open when I click the link like when i double click the note in Evernote.

  • Chris —

    Is it possible to create a link in a text like “click here” instead it always pasting the title of the note?

  • Lisa Dunn —

    Ditto what Ork says above about opening in a new window. If I have a table of contents with a list of hyperlinks to notes, it would be so cool if when I clicked on a link in the table of contents they didn’t disappear in place of the note I linked to. I know I can use the arrows on the top of the page to go back and forth….but would be great if this where an option.

    I just came back to Evernote from Springpad. I was an evernote user about 1 year ago, and could no longer resist the pull to come back. You’ve done a lot of great work in the last year. Love it!

  • MWood —

    I started using the Note Link feature as a way to create a status launch ‘page’ for myself, one note with overview info that linked out to other notes containing details. This worked great until I ran across one fatal flaw – the links break if you move the target note to a different notebook.

    Is there any way to keep this from happening? Going back and updating the links isn’t an option because I don’t keep track of *every* place I link to a note from.

  • petegreg —

    It would be great to see this taken a step further and have the link added to say an Outlook Calendar item automatically if you select ‘Add to Evernote’ from the context menu. Then be able to go to that note from a new context menu item once the note has been created.

  • CSK —

    Note Link with iCal – Mac OS X
    Reminders with Evernote – Mac OS X

    Here are some simple directions to make an Evernote (EN) note link open in iCal:
    in EN select a note, right click, and select “copy note link”

    Add an event to your calendar, or edit an existing event. In the notes section of the iCal event, paste the EN note link, and hit enter/return (you will see an underlined hyperlink)

    Right click the note link that appears in the Notes section of iCal for the event and select “Open URL” and the note in Evernote will appear. Touchpad users can use two finger touch, if you’ve set up your touchpad to do so, to open up the hyperlinked EN note.

    By logical extension and as described above in this blog, one can set up “To do” reminders by developing iCal events in the calendar and linking them to EN notes.

  • WPsmort —

    For anyone looking for a way to create a shortcut on your Mac desktop to a note here are some instructions that worked for me –

    also here –

  • sanderbeckers —

    So the simple original question remains unanswered: how to paste links to notes in different programs?

    I failed to do this in Word (for Mac), in Mail, in Preview… Only in Growly Notes was I able to link to an Evernote note.

    Is it impossible, or is it not straightforward?

  • Carl —

    I’d like to go a little different direction than the comments above. It would be really great if you supported Wiki style-links, and it wouldn’t seem to be extraordinarily difficult, given that the Note Link functionality is already present.

    Instead of having to right-click and then click “Copy Note Link,” how about the following:
    * Type two (or three) brackets, and Evernote pops up a small autofill list of available note names. As I type, the list is narrowed. When I select from the list, the link is created to the note with that name.

    By extension, any note name surrounded by double (or triple) brackets automatically links to that note. It would also be nice if words surrounded by double (or triple) brackets could be clicked to create a new note.

    I understand that the location of the new note could be an issue, and this is less critical than the ability to quickly create Wiki style links between notes.

  • chr —

    Note Links are a nice feature but it stops halfway. Whats really missing is internal linking of notes WIKI style.

    • BradSteffen —

      Note links are incredibly useful but they would be much less disruptive to editing flow if they could be added in-line similar to a Wiki. The problem I have with the right-click on the note list method is that Evernote refocuses away from the note I am editing to the note I just right-clicked. Perhaps a menu option or toolbar button that would pop up a pick list of the Notes in the same note book that can be narrowed by typing? Then click to select from the narrowed, click the Insert button, and I am done without needing to hop between notes and lose my train of thought.

      Thank you.

      – B

      Perhaps a menu command that

  • Sam Miker —

    This is a good post with full of info about Creating a Note Link. It is that I was looking forward to get. A big thank dude for sharing this post article. Keep it up…

    handling a break up

  • Wolfgang —

    Hello I’m from Germany (so excuse my english) and tried to use the Note-Links. But it doesn’t work correct for me.

    If I create note-links on my “Desktop-PC No. 1” with the context-menue and paste it in an other Note (or drag/drop the note), everything works fine, as long as I do this on this Desktop-PC.

    If I click these links on my “Desktop-PC No. 2” only half of the links works correct. The others show me a message “the link points to a lokal note in an other database, which not exists on this computer” (the message is shown in German, so I translate it here).

    On my smartphone “Samsung Galaxy S3” not a single one of these link will work. If I click here on a link, it shows me a message “Error loadig note: Note will not be found” (translated too).

    Does anyone knows these problems and can give me a solution / hint.
    Greetings from Germany

    • Heather —

      Note Links are not currently supported on mobile devices.

      Are you creating Note Links to Local-Only notes on Desktop-PC No 1, or are all of the notes Synchronized?

  • José Ignacio Mora —

    I would like to see a much simpler way to link notes. As in Microsoft Project, where I highlight two or more notes and click a “link” icon and all of these are linked to each other. Also as in Personal Brain, although I realize that is a graphical user interface. But it should be just as easy. The key is that notes need quick, easy links to each other.

    Key words and search are not enough because too many notes show up in the search.

  • Niklas —

    Will there be an internal note linking feature?
    E.g. being able to anchor a certain point in the note?

    • Dave Yuhas —

      It should be clear from the paucity of replies from Evernote that they don’t support this feature. It’s doubly frustrating to ex users of InfoSelect. It had a usable note linking feature. And they never falsely claimed that links worked in other programs.

  • Yayabiko —

    I didn’t see anyone else mention this so I’ll chime in. Paste(ing) the link inside a bulleted list doesn’t work. It renders only the text but not the link. If I unbullet the line, paste, and then rebullet the line, it works fine and the link is now in a nested bullet. Small bug to an otherwise outstanding feature.

    OSX 10.8.2 Evernote Version 5.0.4 (400702)

    • Mari —

      I haven’t had a problem with this. Mine works for a single note being posted to a bullet. The problem I have is if you try to select multiple notes, get the link for all of them and then try to post it into a bullet. I has issues with the formatting and makes it so it doesn’t create a new bullet point when you press enter anymore. Also all of the links that it posts are on the single bullet point.

      OSX 10.7.5 Evernote Desktop Version 5.4.4

  • Janos Hefko —

    when he says calendar in the article, what does he mean?

  • luis_bivar —

    This is a great feature, one I’ve been looking for a while now and didn’t knew it existed! Of course there’re still a few things to fix and it has a long way to improve, but I think it’s a great start for linking to other notes!
    Congrats for developing this awesome product!

  • amuramoto —

    When you create a calendar event in iCal, Google Calendar or other calendar apps, you can paste a Note Link directly into the notes section to easily reference that note when you look at that even on your calendar.

  • nadya calderón —

    I create my bibliography annotations in evernote, then paste the link on a note in my bibliography manager (zotero). Would be super helpful to have an actual bundle for bib-ref programs and evernote!

  • Irene Enriquez —

    Thank you so much for this post. I learned a lot of tricks recently in order to make my Evernote account more organized. I can’t wait to learn more! I might compile all the tricks I find useful and write a post about it. Thank you!

  • Matt —

    Hi i use note link with ithoughts the mind mapping software which works great however sometimes it generates a local link which is ideal cause its instant however sometime it generates an online link which when clicked a browser opens and opens the note through my account online which is obviously slower and won’t work without an internet connection, does anyone know why this is happening?

  • NikNet99 —

    Note that version 5.5.1 of the MAC desktop client doesn’t work like this anymore for linking notes within the app. If you just right-click the note and select “copy note link” you will now get the web address for the note, not a link within the application. I contacted tech support, and said you have to click ALT+right-click the note, which switches the option to “copy classic note link”. They changed the behavior of this feature but didn’t document it anywhere. Not sure why exactly this classic feature now has to be hidden behind an ALT-click when there is already the same feature that copies the web address of a note (right-click > share > copy share URL).

  • Doug Roberts —

    Notes link: I have found a new online note making/blog service called You can write notes into it and publish them directly as a link. It works independently of EN but can be a nice addition.

  • Ric —

    How can I pop from a link back to the original note?

  • Yitch —

    Is it possible to add note links on Android or iOS? I do not see the ability to do so on mobile 🙁

  • Bret —

    do you have to be an Evernote Premium user for note links to work? I’m not a premium user and when I try and get them to work it launches my web browser and takes me to the Evernote login page. I just wanted to associate to other notes within Evernote.

    • Bret —

      I found the answer on another forum… Hold down the ALT key (PC) or Option key (Mac) while copying the note link. That will keep it local to the desktop only and not redirect you to the web version of Evernote.

  • Juan Bermúdez-Rey —

    Thanks! One question: How can I make the linked note pop up *within Evernote*? It keeps sending me to my browser…

    • DaveInJapan —

      Clunky, but seems to work:

  • DaveInJapan —

    I love note links, but I want to heartily echo all the requests for in-app note linking in the iOS app (particularly for iPad).

  • Faye —

    Is there any way to open a note link in a new window, while in Evernote desktop? Often I need to have open both the note that shows the link, as well as the note that’s being linked. Thanks!

  • Dan —

    What a great idea, but it takes you off to the browser and asks for login details, I can’t be doing with that, it’s hardly a short cut! I want the link to go straight to Evernote, already open somewhere on my imac…

  • jopone —

    With due respect butI do not quite understand what´s the big deal here? I am a premium user and simply and quickly create my own direct links.
    Also, following your recommandation to insert the note-link as Calendar link is quite messy. The whole link url is appearing but not clickable or do I use it in the wrong way?

  • Sergei —

    In version (Windows) to copy a “traditional” link (starting with evernote:///view), you need to hold Ctrl key.

  • ドクターエア 3Dバックマッサージャー(ブラック) 3D・・・・・・・・・・・・(BK)〠—

    そこにこんにちは!これはちょっとオフトピックですが、私はいくつかの 必要が確立されたブログからの。それはタフ自分のブログを設定する?私は非常にTECHINCALないが、私はかなりのことを把握することができます速い。私は、​​を考えている私自身が、私はどこにわからないんだけど開始。 アイデアのヒントや提案何かを持っていますか? おかげで