Announcing the Evernote Ambassador Program and Evernote Lifestyle Forum!


Announcing the Evernote Ambassador Program and Evernote Lifestyle Forum!

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 24 Oct 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 24 Oct 2011


If you follow our blog, you know how important user stories are to us. Each one shows a completely new and unexpected side of Evernote, and behind every story are amazing individuals who have figured out ways to simplify and improve their hobbies, work, family lives and interests thanks to Evernote.

Today, we’re turning these stories into conversations. You can now connect directly with experts and fellow users to learn and share your passion for Evernote. Say hello to the Evernote Ambassador Program.

The Evernote Ambassador Program

The Evernote Ambassador Program shines a spotlight on our passionate users, allowing them to highlight their individual areas of expertise and the ways Evernote helps them achieve their goals as a way to help others achieve theirs.

Who is an Evernote Ambassador?
It’s not just someone who loves Evernote. These are folks that we have hand-selected to represent a handful of use cases. You’ll find Ambassadors on our freshly-minted Ambassador Program page, as well as our brand new Evernote Lifestyle Forum, where you’ll be able to connect with like-minded individuals to discuss the things that matter to YOU.

Let’s say you’re a designer who wants to learn more about using Evernote for design. Check in with Jenn Vargas and find the Evernote for Design Forum, where you and other Evernote users can talk about all things related to mockups, wireframes, mood boards, and more. Are you a teacher? Get to know Kevin Buran, our Teacher Ambassador, and facilitate a new discussion topic about Evernote for making lesson plans.

Ambassadors are identified by Ambassador badges, which you’ll spot in the forum, and around the Web.

Become an Ambassador
If you think you have with it takes to be an Evernote Ambassador for [insert your area or expertise here], then fill out our Ambassador Call Form and tell us why you’d like to be a part of it. Learn more about what we’re looking for in an Ambassador.

In the meantime, please welcome our very first Ambassador group, and be sure to check out our Lifestyle Forum.

Kevin Buran: Teaching Ambassador
Michael Hyatt: Blogging and Public Speaking Ambassador
Jenni Lathrop: Craft Ambassador
Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd: Outdoor Travel Ambassador
Brandie Kajino: “Get Organized” Ambassador
Joshua Zerkel: Productivity Ambassador
Jamie Rubin: “Go Paperless” Ambassador
Jenn Vargas: Design Ambassador

There’s more! The all new User Forums

In addition to launching the new Evernote Lifestyle forum, we also upgraded our existing user forums. Not only are they friendlier to use and easier on the eyes, but they also allow you to sign in using your Evernote account.


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  • ThatGuyKC

    That is awesome! What a great bunch of Evernote evangelists. Looking forward to them continuing to add value to the Evernote experience for users.

  • Gary S.

    Great idea unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out how to sign into the forum. Even though I was logged into my Evernote account I was denied reply access. Finally just gave up.

  • gbarry

    @Gary S: the new forum uses Single Sign On. You’ll need to hit “Forum Sign In” at the top/right of the page, and enter your Evernote Log In information from there. If you enter your information without going to through that specific link the forum login won’t work. If you’re still having issues you can submit a support ticket and I’ll work on the issue from there. Thanks!

  • Robert Oschler

    My Kingdom for a Note! 🙂

  • Ed

    This is brilliant!

    I saw this through @MichaelHyatt’s tweet,
    read up, and believe this is an excellent implementation
    of the ‘Trust Agent’ concept Brogan & Smith wrote about.

    Well done!

  • K. Price

    I don’t know about myself being an ambassador (though I certainly tout you to anyone who’ll listen, lol), but what about Evernote use with disabilities as a topic? You profiled the Patrick Jones and his TBI awhile back; I use Evernote for similar issues related to autism, TBI, and a nerve disorder; and I’m sure there are other similar users. Sharing tips for Evernote-related disability workarounds would be great!

  • MG

    Wow – Evernote just keeps rolling! I am a very entry-level user, but I really want my high school senior to learn Evernote so she can use it in college. Any recommendations for teens with a “tude”? You know…..teens that don’t really appreciate their parents’ annoying suggestions. A specific ambassador, blog or ?

  • Lissanne Oliver / SORTED!

    Whoo hooo! Great to see some of my esteemed colleagues listed here (Brandi Kajino and Joshua Zerkel). Just last week, Joshua sang Evernote’s praises at a workshop we held together here in Australia – I had to chip in and tell the audience I’m ready to get an Evernote tattoo!

  • Winni

    Is this a paid gig? Or voluntarily?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Winni, the Ambassador Program is completely voluntary. Ambassadors are individuals who are passionate about helping others learn about ways to use Evernote and excited to learn from each other.

      • Karl


        I am learning more and more about the product and was excited, ok maybe not excited but piqued by the Ambassador program as I am learning how to use Evernote on my Ipad. When I click on an ambassador I got connected to another ambassador’s “story” is this what was supposed to happen? It appears that there are several connections to Brandi’s trip organization blog.

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

          Karl, you can click through any of the ambassador profiles (just click on the pictures at the bottom of the ambassador page). When you first hit the page, it’ll automatically show you one of the ambassadors..Hope that helps!



  • Greg Lewis

    Problem with Evernote. Keep getting synchronization error u11. What is up?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Greg, please contact support:

  • Abigail Rogers

    Evernote is so awesome! I wrote a blog post extolling its virtues:

  • Erika

    I love, love, love evernote. I’d love to be an ambassador. Do you have a real estate category?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Erika, please feel free to submit your story on the ambassador page! Thanks.

    • Michael

      I’ve barely scratched the surface of using Evernote… but I would love it if you had a Real Estate Ambassador I could lean on for ideas!

  • John Mayson

    This is a really good idea. Evernote has always communicated very well with its users, but what I find most helpful is the use cases. I follow Michael Hyatt already and he’s outstanding. If the others are anywhere near as good this is going to rock!

    I’ll admit my first thought was “I’d make a great ambassador” but I think I’ll participate in the communities first and reevaluate. Hmmm… sounds like an Evernote tag to me. 😉

  • Sherry Lowry

    Evernote has now become my ALL-TIME fav app in the cloud. However, though I use it regularly as a paid monthly member, I realize I’m probably only really using 5% of the features/options. For example, only in Oct. did i discover there is real value in tapping the “shared” folder option.

    In addition to starting to regularly read the Evernote blog….

    What do the Ambassador’s recommend for a good place to start into a consistent, deeper dive into becoming a truly comprehensive Evernote “consumer?” Time available for me to commit to the endeavor is 30 minutes daily — on top of how I regularly use it now. (The latter is mostly as a filing-cabinet, referencing-back system.)

  • Noah Fleming

    Fantastic move!

  • Venerable Thubten Chöje Nyima

    I’m a Tibetan Buddhist monk, and I thrive with Evernote. It’s one of the best things that ever happened in my digital life. It was intact another monk who turned me onto it when I was then working for Apple and trying to show him the virtue of their now defunct MobleMe cloud service (replaced with their more limited iCloud offering). He said “oh yeah? Take a look at this. It was love at first site.

  • vahid

    Nice job

  • George

    I would be more than happy to become a ‘Student Ambassador’. I am my course representative / peer assisted learning leader.

    I am constantly showing friends/peers around University how much Evernote can increase productivity

  • Bob Bonnett

    I am brand new to Evernote. I like what I have seen so far. I am interested in blogging but ignorant as to the nuts and bolts. Going to the ambassador for help in getting started.

  • Dawn

    Great idea, but all of the links aren’t correct. If you click “Craft Ambassador” you get Outdoors (and so on).

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Dawn, were you clicking on the lead image? When you hit the ambassador page, it loads an ambassador at random…You can click through each ambassador by scrolling below the fold.

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