Evernote Peek Gets Virtual Cover, Now Available For All iPads


Evernote Peek Gets Virtual Cover, Now Available For All iPads

Posted by on 02 Nov 2011

Posted by on 02 Nov 2011

Studying is rarely fun. It’s necessary, it’s important, but normally not what you want to be doing. Studying with Evernote Peek is an exception. Our addictive learning app, designed for the iPad 2 Smart Cover, blends digital and analog to create a studying experience that’s both new and familiar at the same time. Today, we introduce the new Evernote Peek, now available for all iPads. No Smart Cover required!

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The Evernote Peek Virtual Cover

Peek was inspired by the iPad 2 Smart Cover, but not everyone has a Smart Cover, nor an iPad 2. Knowing this led us to develop a swipeable Virtual Cover that maintains the dynamics of a Smart Cover, but could be used with any iPad. Now, when you launch Peek, you’ll be able to swipe down a tab and select a Virtual Cover of your choice—it’s available in 10 colors.

From there, it’s just like using a real Smart Cover. Choose your study materials, close the cover, peek to see the clue, open the cover more to see the answer. Shut the cover and repeat. All this is done by simply swiping the screen. You may need to enable the Virtual Cover in the application settings.

Of course, Peek is still best experienced with an iPad 2 and a real Apple Smart Cover, but the Virtual Cover provides a nice alternative.

Get studying

Whether you’re prepping for finals or planning a foreign getaway, Peek will help you get ready. Select a notebook from your Evernote account or choose from some of the great content that we provide you. We include some fun trivia, language exercises, and even decorating tips from Martha Stewart.

Creating new study materials is easy. All you need to do is make a notebook in Evernote. The titles of the notes will become the clues and the body of the notes will become the answers. To fit into the Peek interface, the titles shouldn’t exceed one sentence and the body should stay under three sentences. That’s all. When you sync Evernote and sync Peek, the notebooks will appear ready for studying.

New materials from VisitEurope.com

The newest additions to Evernote Peek are five notebooks from VisitEurope. Learn about Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. Ever wonder what “Minho” is, or where to find a pub tram? Now you can find out. They’ve even incorporated some audio clues.

Let us know what you think of the new virtual cover.

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  • Chris Gonzales

    This is really clever. Great idea, guys!

    • toi33

      hi guys thancs for comment my ved

  • pdw

    What a concept! Gonna download it now. Will it work on iPhones too?

    • xavier.delplanque

      Thanks, we don’t have plan on iPhone for the moment but thanks for suggesting.

  • Christell

    Super! Merci les gars!

  • Andreas Johansson

    …and by ‘gravlaks’, I’m guessing your mean ‘gravlax’, a Swedish dish, served around the holidays… Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravlax

    • Atle Røijen

      Everything does not come from Sweden… Gravlaks is quite right, and refers to the Norwegian or Danish way of spelling the name of the dish.

      • Dan (@dgp1)

        Oh snap! Sweden, are you gonna take that from Norway??

      • Annemarie Krarup

        In danish it’s “gravad laks” 😉

      • boorish american

        in America, it’s called bait. 🙂

  • Mitch

    Great, great app. Thanks guys for a commitment to doing the right thing and providing a useful daily living tool and not requiring megabucs to use. Thank you.

  • lexi

    how do you update your notebooks on evernote peek? I put more online but it wont sync to my ipad wirelessly –confused.

  • jimmy.zhao

    Hi Guys, thanks for your commitments and I am using it to record valued things every day.

  • Christine

    Is this going to be available for Android tablets as well?

  • Rhys Morgan

    This is an amazing idea. Would be great if you could provide/partner with someone to provide real world study materials for KS1 – A level standard etc and languages.

    I would use it all the time and it would be great for the kids….

    Well done

  • Ivo

    sounds great! still…it would be so nice if you would give android the same attention you do apple…

    • Dan (@dgp1)

      It would be nice if Android handset manufacturers gave you the same attention Apple gives 😛

      If the Android platform doesn’t meet your needs, why not kick it to the curb? Try out Windows Mobile or iOS with an open mind.

  • David Lee

    NEED this for Kindle Fire!

  • Morgan

    Think it would be great to have and iPhone version – a lot of younger students only have phones or iPod touches and this would be great for them.

  • Justin

    I would like to have an update where larger pictures can be included, I have many classes that have charts and diagrams that I have to remember it would be nice to include this features.

  • Gert

    If I close the cover it gives me my log-in screen every time? HOw do I make it work?

  • farihah

    you should defiantly make a iPhone version because not many people carry their iPad everywhere or even have one! its so much fun to use

  • Sam

    Are you going to update peek so that it works? I would love to use this