Fun Tip: Dictate Notes with Siri on iPhone 4S


Fun Tip: Dictate Notes with Siri on iPhone 4S

Posted by on 08 Nov 2011

Posted by on 08 Nov 2011

Siri, the iPhone 4S digital assistant, does so many useful things; it helps you find the nearest pizza joint, reminds you to buy bread and even quotes 2001: A Space Odyssey. Did you know that you can also use Siri to dictate notes into your Evernote account? It’s true, and best of all, you probably already have it configured.

The set up is very straightforward. First, make Evernote a contact in your address book with your incoming Evernote email address. You can add the email by going into Evernote > Settings > Evernote email address.

Launch Siri and say “Send email to Evernote.” Next, dictate your email and send it off. The message will show up in your default notebook. Even cooler, you can say “Send email to Evernote. Make apple pie for family reunion,” and Siri will send that note into your account.

It’s the hands-free way to create notes. Perfect for when you’re driving, jogging or just not in the typing mood.


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  • Paul

    “Send to Evernote” sends a text message, not an email. You have to say “Email Evernote” or “Send an email to Evernote”. And then it will ask for a subject.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks. I updated the post.

  • Renee

    This is great! Had to dig around to figure out what my Evernote email address was, though. Here’s how to find out:

  • Jeffrey

    I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this issue, but Siri doesn’t understand “Evernote” as a contact name. It thinks I’m trying to create some sort of “note” in the notes app

    • Katybeth

      I have the same issue.

      • Jo

        You should just say ‘send email to ever’ and it works.

      • John Pearce

        I have a contact with a corporate name of “Evernote Upload” and Siri recognizes it without difficulty. (iPhone 5)

  • Leo

    Same feature for Android phones?

  • Sam

    You can also do this in Android using voice search. From the home screen, hold the search button till it switches to voice search, and say “send email to evernote” followed by the message.

    • Canyon R

      Yes, I’ve been doing this on android for a while now. And the improved dictation engine in Android 4.0 should make it even better.

  • Stepheb

    This is a nice workflow. I’m using it for my to-do tasks in Highrise now, which has email drop-boxes for tasks due today, tomorrow, this week, next week, etc. Thanks!

  • Greg Thoennes

    Siri does not understand Evernote. If one says “send to Evernote” the result is a new note that says Send To. If one says Email to Evernote, Siri says, “to whom shall I send it?”. If one repeats “Evernote” to that question, Siri repeats the question.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      I have used this capability, as have several coworkers, so I can vouch that it does work.

      • Katybeth

        Maybe you can vouch that is does work..but it isn’t working on my I-phone..perhaps it how I enter Evernote into my contacts?

      • Jesse Hollington

        You need to enter Evernote into your contacts in the First name or last name field. Siri doesn’t use company names, so if you’re entered Evernote as a “company” record, Siri will ignore it.

      • John Pearce

        Evernote in the company name is working on the iPhone 5

    • AussieConcetta

      Just starting to use Evernote and also found the same problem that it If one says Email to Evernote, Siri says, “to whom shall I send it?”
      My solution was to make my evernote contact with a capital E and N
      eg. EverNote and it worked and I was able to send emails.
      Now to explore other features!

  • Bojan

    Now you made me regret not getting an iPhone 4s 🙁

    • Richard Collier

      You can do this on android too with the built in voice actions (see comment from Sam above) or the Android assistance such as Vlingo or SpeakToIt.

  • Andy

    I’m not sure how they are getting this to work. On day one I tried to do this with Siri and It just creates a new note that says, “send email to ever.” I have Evernote as a contact and my EN email address is correct.

    I’ve tried “Send to Evernote” and “Send Email to Evernote” and when I try “Email Evernote” I get, “I don’t know what you mean by ‘Email ever note.\'”

    Someone care to enlighten me?

  • Andy

    Oh wait… There is a new response.

    I tell Siri to “Send Email to Evernote.”

    and the new response is, “To whom shall I send it?” It then previews and email with a subject of “Ever note.”

    Still not what was advertised. 🙁

  • Jeff

    I gave my Evernote contact the nickname of Elephant and Siri seems to handle that. Otherwise she kept making a note with the word ‘Ever’ as the text. “send an email to elephant” works every time.

  • Gail

    Arggh. I really want Siri now!!!

  • Kevin Buran

    I have found that it helps if you go to contacts and enter “Ever” as the first name of the contact you are adding and “Note” as the last of that same contact. Then you can command Siri to, “email Note”. Siri recognizes that fairly easily. You can then dictate you subject and message. Magic.

    • Stuart

      This is the only way I could get it to work as well. “Send email to Ever” works fine. Good enough for me… it is free after all.

  • David

    The Speaktoit app on Android will put notes straight into Evernote. No need for email or texts.

  • Hudson

    This worked great for me on my first attempt. Thanks for the tip!

  • David

    ‘Elephant’, ‘Note’, or any other name that Siri consistently recognizes seems to be the best approach. This may or may not actually make a difference, but at least in my brief testing, it helps to say “send email to Evernote…”, and also make sure to accent or put emphasis on the ‘Ever’.

  • Paul Blackler

    this all sounds good but how do I get Siri?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It’s comes with the iPhone 4S.

  • J. Michael Hite

    No matter how I enter Evernote as a name, it creates an email but always responds “to whom shall I send it?” Epic fail for me

  • Quinn

    Good idea but like everyone is saying in the Comments above- it doesn’t work. Siri doesn’t recognize Evenote as a contact. It does work with Apple’s text message app but you cannot assign it to a specific notebook like the Evernote Team claims:

    Congrats! You’ve just emailed a note to your Evernote account. Did you know that you can send it to
    to a specific notebook and assign tags to it? Here’s how:

    1. Select a destination notebook for your email by adding @[notebook name] to the end of the subject line.
    2. Add tags to your note by typing #[tag name] at the end of the subject line. This feature works with existing tags in your account.
    3. To designate a destination notebook and add tags, be sure to list the notebook name before the tags.

    An example subject:
    Fwd: Recipe for Bouillabaisse @Recipes #soup #fish #french

    Happy emailing and organizing in Evernote!


    – The Evernote team

  • Sterling

    Has anyone been able to get Siri to do the “@” sign?

    • JT

      Siri language – “at sign” = @

  • Bob Rockhill

    I can’t get it to work either. I have a friend named Eva and it insists on sending it to her. It will put ever note into a subject line, but won’t address it to Evernote, even though I have it as a contact.

  • Jeremy

    Siri recognizes it for me. But for those who are having trouble – just give evernote a random name. As long as the email address is correct for your account it doesn’t matter what you call it. Call it Bob, Fred, Pizza, Captain America, or Turd Ferguson. It doesn’t matter.

  • johannes drakenberg

    Works perfectly on the first try, I think those who get’s error are sadly just doing it wrong somewhere.
    All though it sucks that i have to set a subject for each mail, any voice work arounds for that anyone?

    Great feature evernote team, you rock!

  • iCSSA

    Loving what you guys are doing.

  • jholly

    I used a different approach.

    Go to YOUR contact. Add a ‘related person.’ Select your Evernote contact. Set the relationship to ‘assistant.’

    Now you can say ‘Email my assistant.’

    • Kirby Krieger

      Brilliant! Thanks.

      Fwiw, I recommend setting up “My Spouse”, “My son”, “My Mother”, as well.

  • JT

    The tip is working for me. One work around for those that it is not working for.

    You can dictate a note with Siri and then manually email that note to your evernote email. It is an extra step but works well.

  • Juan J. Arrieta

    The instructions worked fine for me. Obviously, I had to create an Evernote account first and install the app, but once I did that and I followed the instructions here, it worked. Siri recognized me saying “Email Note” (I had created the contact as Ever for first name and Note for last name) and sent what I had dictated into the system. The online system as well as the PC and the IPhone app showed the new note within a matter of seconds. Thanks for the great tip!

  • Phil Bowman

    My Evernote contact in Gmail is ‘Send to Evernote’ (I have similar ones for RTM, Instapaper, etc).

    I’ve found the most successful tip above is “Send to Evernote is my assistant”. I did try “is my Evernote” but that didn’t work.

    Hint – if you’re using Gmail to manage your contacts, you also need iCloud contacts turned on (Settings / iCloud), if only to have an entry for you that will store the relationships. Gmail only handles Spouse, Assistant and Manager. Ended up with my mother listed as my assistant…

  • Stacey

    The trick with using “at sign” or “pound sign” is to say it as one word, pause, name of notebook or tag. So:
    atsign home
    If you say it too slowly it won’t make the character. Takes some practice.

  • paul ashby

    Anyone know if its possible to make a check mark for to do lists with Siri??

  • Benton

    I think I have a solution. Enter “Evernote” as a nickname field. Don’t enter anything for the first last or company name. Then say “send email to evernote”. It worked for me!

  • Roger Burnell

    Great – these tips are working for us. Thanks to ALL!
    Did you know you can “SAY” punctuation marks? We are practicing. No success with “!”(“Punctuation Mark”) thus far!!

    • Kirby Krieger

      ! = “exclamation mark”.

      You can also say “endash” and “emdash”. They look especially good in the default Notes typeface.

  • Dan Polimeni

    Siri is great for me to do things like say “Play house music” and it will search through my play list and play music. Or if I want I could play a music podcast that’s downloaded in my iPhone.

  • Brent Billock

    For those who have tried making Evernote a person, using first and last names instead of the business field and other suggestions above without success, there is one more avenue to try.

    On your phone, edit the Evernote contact, select “Add Field” and select “Phonetic First Name.” Then tap the microphone on your keyboard and dictate “Evernote,” the way you’d like to say it. This helps Siri to connect the sound of your voice saying “evernote” to the contact named Evernote.

    My favorite workflow is to say “Email Evernote about A Great New Idea.” So Siri composes the Email with “A Great New Idea” in the subject field. This is what Evernote will interpret as the name of the note. Then she’ll ask me “what should it say?” And I’ll dictate the text for the description field.

  • Reasons2AvoidAndroid

    Siri understands “with subject’ & “and body”

    So if you say in one sentence to Siri “Send an email to Evernote with Subject abc and body xxx” you will create a note with the title ‘abc’ and the main note field containing ‘xxx’.

    If you say “Tell Evernote 123” then your note will be sent as an email using the messages app.

    In Evernote this creates a note with the title ‘Mailed in note’ and the main note field containing ‘123’.

  • Reasons2AvoidAndroid

    Siri understands “with subject’ & “and body”

    So if you say in one sentence to Siri “Send an email to Evernote with Subject abc and body xxx” you will create a note with the title ‘abc’ and the main note field containing ‘xxx’.

    If you say “Tell Evernote 123” then your note will be sent as an email using the messages app.

    In Evernote this creates a note with the title ‘Mailed in note’ and the main note field containing ‘123’.

  • James Murphy

    This was the only way I got it to work… thank you!

  • James Murphy

    This was the only way I got it to work… thank you!