Search your Tags and Notebooks in the new Evernote for Mac

Search your Tags and Notebooks in the new Evernote for Mac

Posted by on 18 Nov 2011

Posted by on 18 Nov 2011

Think back to when you first started using Evernote. It’s safe to say that your use has expanded. You’ve gone from just a few notes to hundreds (or thousands), from a couple of notebooks and tags to dozens. The nice thing is that we’ve been evolving right alongside you, making it easier to find exactly what you need. Today’s Mac update (Lion only) includes one of these improvements…

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Searching through Notebooks and Tags

Finding the notebook or tag you’re looking for just got faster. Click on Notebooks or Tags in the Favorites Bar. You’ll see a list appear topped with a search bar. As you type into the search bar the list filters down to only the relevant results—much faster than scrolling the left panel. We also redesigned the popup to show you stacks and sharing status of your notebooks.

Familiarize yourself with the Favorites Bar, it’s really useful. For those on Windows, stay tuned, these features are coming soon.

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  • Hong

    How about IOS app?

  • igor

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the update! Really waiting for searching thru several tags and notebooks combined like it’s done in delicious. Isn’t it obvious? 🙂

  • Reader John

    I won’t “upgrade” to Lion even for an Evernote upgrade. Does any of the new stuff really require Lion at the OS level? Would a Snow Leopard version work?

  • freshy

    For what is worth, I was reluctant to install Lion too. Now I can honestly say I’m happy I did. And the Evernote updates are really nifty. Thank you Evernote team for creating this amazing tool. I’ve been using it for over a year but only a couple of months, you know, “really” using it.
    Keep it up!

  • David

    The adoption rate for Lion is hovering at about 16%, so I’m not sure why there’s no love for the majority of Evernote’s Mac user-base. Surely these features could be implemented on Snow Leopard as well?

  • Jason M

    Yeah, really wish they would make this available for Snow Leopard. :-/

  • James

    What about a “not” search? I’d love to be to search for all notes that “are not” tagged with a particular tag. That way, I can scroll through that found set and pick out the ones that should have been tagged that particular tag. Is this type of search possible? If not, it would be an awesome addition in my book.

  • llbean

    How about finally getting a “Tag” column option in List View for the Mac platform? Windows has had it for a long time 🙁

  • Dauda m jaji

    I like it

  • Dauda m jaji

    I ve never use it before but still I coment you doing good job

  • Ying

    would you please put the old “search explanation” bar back ?
    It’s much useful than the new “favoriate” bar

  • ADF

    Liking the new search functions! But if you haven’t noticed, the new version seems to have eliminated the auto-complete for tags. So now I have type out the whole tag name in order to tag a note, rather than just get a few letters going and pick from the list…

  • Sarah

    I’m avoiding Lion for now too (even though work pays for it).

  • Raymond Brigleb

    When I hide the sidebar, then close the window, then re-open it… the sidebar animates away every time. Very annoying, visually. Is this bug new, or has it always been there?

    p.s. @David the adoption rate for Lion is higher than that, from what I’ve heard. But regardless, as a developer, writing for Lion is much easier than past OS versions, which is why Apple is pushing so hard for people to upgrade. And making it so easy and affordable!

  • David

    Raymond, check out the latest Chitika numbers for Lion’s adoption rate. The adoption rate is indeed hovering around 16%. Certainly that number will rise along with hardware upgrades, but there are plenty of reasons consumers don’t want to upgrade to Lion. Developers should be considerate of their user base and make features available for the majority of their users. It goes without saying that the Snow Leopard version will also work in Lion, so why not develop with that in mind?

  • NA

    Still lacking concept mapping, wiki like behavior, and other previously mentioned high quality features.

  • Mario

    It asked for Keychain Access after updating via Auto Update prompt. (non Mac App Store version)
    I went from 3.0.2 to 3.0.4.
    It never asked for Access before.
    This has me slightly concerned.

  • Philippos

    What did you do with the regular search box?! It only shows up in full screen mode.

  • Zam Shabeer Thahir

    Why does evernote keep asking for keychain access……it never used to do this before……I dont want to give it access all the time…….just in case… do I fix this?

  • ChemicalLove

    great stuff but you missed a couple (minor) spellin mistakes near the end lol and my comment from earlier hasn’t shown but hey…..