Evernote for iOS Update: Improved Sharing and Better Text Editing


Evernote for iOS Update: Improved Sharing and Better Text Editing

Posted by on 23 Nov 2011

Posted by on 23 Nov 2011

We have some very nice iOS updates for you today (version 4.1.6), including improvements to text editing, new sharing capabilities and lots of fixes and enhancements. Let’s take a look.

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Share…or don’t

Evernote for iOS lets you easily share individual notes with friends and colleagues over Twitter, Facebook and email. As great as sharing notes is, sometimes you want take a shared note and make it private again. Now, Evernote for iOS lets you do that. To stop sharing a note, tap on the Share icon at the bottom of the note and select Stop Sharing. This shared note will no longer be accessible to anyone but you.

You can now revoke sharing of any individual notes shared from any version of Evernote. You will not be able to stop sharing notes that were shared prior to this update.

Much better editing on iPad

We’ve made significant improvements to our note editor in iOS 5 on iPad. You can now edit anything. No more simplifying notes. No more appending. Just go in and edit whatever you like. Add an image to a note, and it appears right inline. We’re also now allow indenting, multi-level lists and the app does a much better job of preserving styles.

We’ve also made a number of improvements to the iPhone text editor. iPhone does not yet have the full editing capabilities of the iPad. We’re working on it.

And much more

This update also includes lots of bug fixes and stability improvements. We have a lot more in store. Stay tuned.

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  • Nikolai May Yde

    This is great – especially the part about no more simplifying, I had REALLY been looking forward to that. But now the rich text editor doesn’t pop up at the top of the window when I select text on my iPad anymore. Sometimes I have to close the note and try again, and this is very frustrating.

  • Chris Gonzales

    Looking forward to the iPhone text-editing capabilities!

  • Carmen Perez

    Have you guys considered adding the ability to write with a stylus such as Penultimate allows it? I would LOVE it if Evernote ever got this feature! Truly holds me back from having it as my sole note app on my iPad! I’d like Evernote to be the ONE solution for everything!

    Thank You for all the existing awesome features!



  • Christine

    Thanks again for your continued updates and innovations that make Evernote even better and better for users. Love the ability to edit on the iPad.

  • Alexander

    I actually don’t understand why you still don’t get the formatting right. For example: If I write “This is just a test.” in Evernote Windows and I copy&paste this sentence throughout the note, my iOS device always gets the formatting wrong. The actually typed sentence is in the right standard font, all the copied sentences are in like Times New Roman. As soon as I save this note on my iOS device (even if I just added a space or something), it suddently looks right.

    I’ve sent in this problem a few weeks ago. Lots of updates happened, nothing changed. It’s too bad that you don’t get the core function of Evernote ­– the note taking itself – working. Evernote is full of great features and obviously the best app out there. But unfortunately the core function in particular works better in almost any other app.

    I’d suggest a feature freeze; instead work 24/7 on the bugs – there are lots of it.

  • Geert

    Sounds promising, but rich text editor is gone…

  • Jack Jaechul Koh

    I’m sorry. I can’t find the button – sharing on my iphone (iOS 5). Where can I share my note?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Go to a note, and tap the share button along the bottom of the note. If you don’t see it, then you might be using an older version of Evernote.

  • Ben

    Rtf editing is not working for me on my ipad2. The rtf file displays nonsense characters in the editor.

  • Curbed

    When will security-features be implemented for all on iOS? People grab my iPad to use and all my Evernote dirt is there for the taking 🙁

  • Val

    When there will be “notebooks tree” like in the Windows version of the app?

    • Jeff

      I agree with Val here; I had the opportunity to use Evernote on an android tablet and as a firm iOS user (iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, etc) I was surprised at how amazing the tree-view was on a mobile device. The android version of Evernote is easily my absolute favorite incarnation on any platform and it needs to be shared across all of the mobile platforms.

      Quite honestly I am not now and have never been a fan of the iPad views available in Evernote. I won’t go without it, and every device I own gets Evernote installed. I firmly believe in the product and in the company so yes, I do have a paid account. The amount of development and updates that you continually provide proves that you do care and listen to your customers; I am a very satisfied customer and think that this single addition would be a boon to the Evernote experience on iOS. It would be very beneficial to have a unified experience accross all versions of Evernote. This can be most easily accomplished by providing the same ‘tree-view’ that is present on the desktop versions as well as the Android version.

      Thank you for a fantastic product and I look forward to hearing about the coming of tree-view to iOS very soon!

  • Geert

    Any help concerning the lost rich text editor?

  • kpsskazan.blogspot.com

    ooh very good,many thanks…

  • hertelden-kartalizma.blogspot.com

    I’d like Evernote to be the ONE solution for everything!

    Thank You for all the existing awesome features!

    many thanks…

  • Marcus

    I still get the message to add text to keep formatting on IOS. The format is very simple, just coloured text.. I could still be improved.

  • Isaac Murchie

    On an iPad 2, this update makes EverNote almost unusable. Typing causes the app to pause, and about half the time when the text eventually arrives onscreen, the letters are doubled “tthhiiss iiss aa sseenntteennccee”. This didn’t happen until this update, and doesn’t happen in any other apps. Now to figure out how to roll it back.

  • Babs

    Love STACKS ! Creating the stack shouldn’t be a Sherlock Holmes hunt!
    Why not just add a simple “Create New Stack” to the file menu?
    Evernote is wonderful because it has a logical, simPle flow to its use.Please keep it that way. You 97 more years so keep the quality and enthusiasm!

  • Arthur abogadil

    This is great we just got our ipad and planning on upgrading to ios 5, this is a good news.

  • Larry

    Like others noted, the text editing has actually disappeared – the exact opposite of what the update is said to provide.

  • Jason

    Rich text editing is completely gone on my iPad as well. 1st gen running ios5. Please update on ETA for fix

  • Anand Betanabhotla

    I use Evernote for a lot of my writing projects and sync’ing between multiplle systems. However, the feature I have been waiting is the ability to edit RTF documents on my iPad. Is it going to be made available at all? I wonder if the chaps at Evernote would like to comment on this one? I am sure many of us are just waiting for that feature and an answer to this one.