Evernote for Windows Phone Update: Note Pinning, Templates, New Language Support, and More


Evernote for Windows Phone Update: Note Pinning, Templates, New Language Support, and More

Posted by on 30 Nov 2011

Posted by on 30 Nov 2011

Our Windows Phone version keeps getting better. Today, we released version 2.1, which is packed with a number of features and improvements. Let’s take a look at what’s new and also explore some of the things you can do with Evernote on Mango devices.

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Pin anything to the home screen

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 now lets you pin the things you need right to your home screen, letting you quickly access features, notes and notebooks. Here’s how it works.

New notes
Go to Evernote Settings > General > Pin to Start Page. Here you can choose to pin specific new note options, such as a new text note, snapshot note and new audio note. Tapping these options from the home screen will launch into the note.

Jump to specific notes, notebooks, tags, and searches
If you have notes and notebooks that your access frequently, you can now pin those to your home screen, too. To pin a notebook or tag, swipe to the relevant screen, then tap the Pin button at the bottom of the screen. On the home screen the tile will include a number showing how many notes are related to the notebook or tag.

To pin a note, open the note and tap the dots in the menu and choose Pin this Note.

Template notes

If you find yourself frequently creating the same type of note, then we have some good news. Rather than putting in identical information every time, Evernote now lets you create a template. Template notes can take a number of different forms. You can create simple text-only templates, or you can make templates that simplify a complex workflow. For example, you can make a template that launches the camera and then attaches the snapshot to a note that contains some pre-filled text—great for capturing business cards and making expense reports.

How to make a template
To create a template, make a new note, then tap on the three dots in the menu. Choose “Pin as Template.” You will then be asked to identify the type of template that you wish to create. The resulting template will be pinned to your home screen.

Improved text editing

This update adds major improvements to the application’s text editing capabilities. Now, the experience of editing a plain text note is the same as creating the note. If your note contains rich content, then the experience hasn’t changed—just tap into the specific regions of the note that you wish to edit.

New language support

This update also adds support for a number of languages, including Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, and Polish.

And more…

We’ve also added a number of additional capabilities:

  • Background sync: The app will complete a sync when the device is on a WIFI connection, even if the phone is locked.
  • Search integration: Evernote is integrated with the Windows Phone search. If you swipe across on a search result, you will see notes in Evernote related to that search.
  • More social: You can now share a note to Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live.

Stay tuned, we have lots more on the way.


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  • ed

    Great news. Hoping the sync is more stable and eliminates the “something is wrong with your database” errors.

    On the integrated search, how does that work? I have mango and did a Bing search but no evenonte notes showed up, and there wasn’t an EN section to swipe to.

  • Gabriel Perez

    Good to know improvements to sync were made, this is a very important aspect of the program and what matters most for me, having my notes synchronized from my phone. Evernote is transforming the way we communicate across platforms and also with customers and co-workers. Thanks very much.

    Can templates point to a specific notebook?


  • Steven Banks

    Thank you for the update, it’s appreciated.

    The one thing I would like to see is the app informing you of updates when you go to Marketplace (just like every other app does) and it would be nice if these app updates could be installed over existing app version and not require an “uninstall” (old version) and “install” (newer version).

    • Gabriel Perez

      Hi Steven,

      I have Evernote installed on my WP7 since first version and I never had to uninstall the app to get or apply the updates. It takes time to your phone to perform an inventory of installed apps to inform you about updates. You can apply the update manually by searching the app in the marketplace and tap “update”. Well, I have Mango update installed in my phone, I don’t know if it performs differently at your side. I did update my Evernote manually when I got the news from twitter, just can’t wait for the notification.


  • Damian

    Hi Ed,

    The search integration works with searches that are related to locations.

    For example if you search for “restaurant paris” on the phone, and then select a restaurant, you can then pan across to the “applications” pivot you’ll be able to search for notes within Evernote that were created near the restaurant’s location.


    • Gabriel Perez

      That’s cool…

    • JD

      So it only works for geographic locations??

      • Damian

        Yes, although if you have other ideas (within the constraints of what is currently possible on Windows Phone) we’d love to hear them.


  • Damian

    Hi Gabriel,

    >Can templates point to a specific notebook?

    Yes templates can point to a specific notebook.

    In the template you can define the notebook, tag(s), and default content. You can also define the action to take when the template is clicked (such as taking a photo to be appended to the new note).


    • Gabriel Perez

      Thanks for the reply, I have set a template and it worked perfect. Templates save a lot of time because editing the note to be on specific notebook takes a while to scrolling through the notebook’s list on the phone. With templates I can preset a project notebook pinned to start screen and a template to add notes to that specific project when I’m on the field, I set the template’s title as “Field Note”.

  • JD

    I’d love to be able to have a Contact template. Then when I meet people, I can capture their information and maybe even a picture. I never like to put new people in my Contacts as they’ll get lost. This would be a great repository for new people.

    • Damian

      You could create a “Contacts” template right now with prefefined content, tagged with a “Contacts” tag (for example), and have it automatically take a snapshot when you click on the template.

  • Jennifer

    Will the iPad/MAC version have the ability to create templates soon ?

  • Roberto

    Gracias Team Evernote, por seguir con las actuliazaciones de la app, me gusta mucho mas esta version de WP7 que la de android.

    Saludos!! desde Cancun,Mexico.

  • David Tobey

    Evernote templates are long overdue. When might this be available on the other platforms, especially the desktop version?

    • xavier.delplanque

      You can see this release as a pilot. Depending on the success of the feature, we may consider implementing it on the other platforms.

  • jg

    When does WP7 Evernote get “shared notebooks”?

  • Stefanie

    I am looking forward to using the templates. I am studying for a professional exam an I want to use this and my livescribe pen to get organized and keep notes on my studying

  • Phil_Sh

    Dear Sirs,
    it it possible to use another language besides English? I’m interested to use Russian. I’ve got a WP7 smartphone with English interface but Russian regional settings and I would like to use Evernote in Russian. If it is possible, how can I switch the interface from English to Russian?

  • Bernie Goldbach

    Have you ever considered pushing Microsoft or Nokia for “mobilize with Evernote” to appear when reading a blog item or a newsfeed with a Windows Phone?