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Announcing our New Parenting Ambassador! (Plus Guest Post & Twitter Party)

Announcing our New Parenting Ambassador! (Plus Guest Post & Twitter Party)

Posted by Carley Knobloch on 06 Dec 2011

Posted by Carley Knobloch on 06 Dec 2011

Name: Carley Knobloch
Evernote Ambassador: Parenting
Location: Los Angeles

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You might recognize  Carley Knobloch from this blog post. If you attended the Evernote Trunk conference, you may also have heard her speak about the ways that Evernote is an invaluable tool for her as a parent. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Carley is joining our Ambassador Program as the Parenting Ambassador. If you’re a parent, about to become a parent, or just feel like you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities and want to figure out how Evernote can help, follow Carley over on her awesome site, Digitwirl, as well as over in the Parenting section of the Lifestyle forum. 

She’s dropping by today to share her first contributed post, so you can get to know her a little better. Carley will also be hosting a Twitter party next week to talk about ways that parents can get organized with Evernote around the holidays (see details below). Great to have you, Carley.

6 Ways to Keep Life, Work, Family and Home Organized with Evernote

I can usually manage to get my sweater tucked in, wear matching socks and make my bed before I leave the house. I rarely forget to pay bills, and I seldom forget a birthday or to pick my kids up from school (though all of those things have happened…). It’s all the stuff I call “micro data”— the tiny bits of information that come at me all day, every day: What did Josh’s mom say he wanted for his birthday? How long is that wall I wanted to find art for? What part did the plumber tell me to order? My brain is not able to store all this minutia and recall it when the time is right. Everything goes in, but little comes out when I need it. It’s like my garage, come to think of it— a black hole of stuff and things where “in storage” is synonymous with “missing.”

If my brain is the garage, then Evernote is the brand-new addition I built on top of it, wiith limitless shelf space and a kindly librarian at the front desk to help you find whatever you need. As I move micro data into Evernote, I can chip away at the panic and frustration I usually walk around with. Being able to recall more micro data not only makes me more efficient, but also calmer and more collected.

Here are just a few examples of how Evernote has improved my life and saved me tons of time:

  1. Serial Numbers
    I recently had a new lock installed on my backyard gate. When it turned out to be faulty, the customer service people needed the lock’s serial number to troubleshoot it. Turns out, the serial number is only written on the box (long gone) or inside the lock. I had to completely dismantle the lock and re-install it before I could even begin to fix it. Now, whenever I buy anything with a serial number, I take a quick snapshot of it with my smartphone camera and store it in Evernote. Even for items that are more easily accessible, having them all in Evernote means I don’t have to get on all fours and stick my head in the washing machine during a service call. This is especially helpful if I don’t happen to be at home when I need to make that call.
  2. Instruction Manuals
    I used to have a box that was full of instruction manuals, mostly for things I no longer own. This made sense in 1992 when there was no Internet, which is now the ONLY place I go when I run into trouble with my blender or television set. I recently threw out the outdated box and replaced it with a notebook in Evernote. Most of the manuals I needed were already available online as PDFs, and I scanned the ones I couldn’t find in a flash. Now, if my Bluetooth headset is on the fritz, or if I need help resetting my modem, I have all the help I need — no box required.
  3. Vitals
    When it comes to kids, things like weight, height, clothing and shoe sizes are a moving target. It’s tough to remember everyone’s data, because it’s constantly changing. I now have a notebook in Evernote that has all of this information, and more. When I’m out shopping, I can remember that my daughter is a “medium” in Gap tops, but a “small” at Target, and my son wears a size 2 in Addidas, but a 13 ½ in Converse. And when we head to the doctor’s office, I make sure I record their updated weight and height information, so that I can have it at the ready when I need to fill out forms for school or sports teams.
  4. Keepsakes
    The congratulatory email a boss wrote after a job well done. The thank you card my girlfriend wrote me after I helped her through a bad break-up. The recipe for my grandmother’s chicken patties that she wrote by hand, or the birthday card my grandfather painted in watercolors. All these items are special to me, but in spite of my best intentions, I will lose them, or file them away in a box somewhere and never look at them again. Now, they’re all scanned into Evernote, and I’ll always be able to retrieve them when I want to walk down memory lane. Plus, they’re automatically date-stamped, so I can remember the moment in time, as well as the sentiment.
  5. House receipts and documents
    The last time I got my carpets cleaned was two years ago. I loved the company that did the job. The technician was on time, conscientious and was nice to our dog. Plus, they gave us a great deal. Now I can’t remember his name or how much we paid for his services. Had I scanned the receipt into Evernote, I’d be able to search for the word “carpet” and pull it up instantly (Evernote can even search for text inside of images). I’ll have his phone number and negotiate another great deal. I also keep all of my extended warranties in Evernote. As the years go on and things break, it’s a cinch to find the documents and see if I have coverage.
  6. Seasonal storage
    I live in Los Angeles so I don’t have too many bulky sweaters to store away once the winter months subside, but I do like to pack some stuff up so my clothes can have some breathing room in my closet. This year, I documented everything in Evernote, taking quick pictures of clothes that were being boxed up and creating a note for each box. Now, if I do need to pack for a last-minute trip to London (a girl can dream!), I’ll know the precise location of every turtleneck or pair of wellies.

There you have it. Just a few of the ways that Evernote keeps me organized and sane — whether it comes to keeping track of product manuals, keepsakes, or anything related to my kids.

It’s a Twitter Party!

Carley will be hosting a Twitter party on Wednesday, December 14th from 6-7 pm PST (9-10 pm ET) to chat about all things related to staying sane during the holidays. To join:

  1. Create your Twitter account, login via or your Twitter client.
  2. Follow @evernotelife and @digitwirl.
  3. Follow the hashtag #evernotelife (create a new column in your Twitter client to make it easier to follow the chat, or join the chat here:
  4. Ask questions, chat with fellow parents, and discuss ways you could be using Evernote during the holiday season.

Spread the word and let others know you’ll be joining by tweeting:

Join @digitwirl for a Twitter party on 12/14 @ 9 pm EST to chat ways to stay sane during the holidays + win prizes. Follow #evernotelife!


I’m attending the @digitwirl + @evernotelife Twitter party on 12/14 @ 9 pm EST. Join us! #evernotelife

We’ll be moderating the conversation and giving away some great prizes, including Doxie Go scanners!

Join the Parenting discussion.
Join the Evernote for the holidays discussion.

Stay tuned for more holiday coverage on the blog…

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  • Steve

    Some great suggestions in here, and I have to agree on the benefit to adding manuals into Evernote. I’ve freed up a lot so room in my physical filing cabinets by moving things into Evernote.

    Another good thing for parent ideas is to have an “identikit” for your child. This would include a recent photo, height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, etc, etc. In the event your child ever goes missing you don’t want to be scrambling for this info at the last minute.

    You could do the same thing for any family pets (who are also like family members).

    I use Evernote for “issue tracking” when dealing with customer service issues. The same thing can be done for dealing with school / daycare / other issues, whether they’re managing problems at school or keeping copies of school achievements, having everything archived in one place is extremely helpful.

    Evernote can also be used as a reminder service for kids. We have a shared note that I can update from anywhere so I can use it as a reminder for our child to ask the teacher something or remember to look for the lost snowpants / boots / shoes / lunchbox / binder / jacket / etc, etc, etc, etc. 🙂

    Having said all this, however, one thing I’d like to see more of from Evernote is information / postings about their security. People are putting a lot of personal data and information about not only them, but their family members into Evernote. What is Evernote doing to ensure that this information is as secure as possible. Also some best practices around accessing Evernote, especially if people are “just pulling up some quick info” on their phone or tablet using free public wifi.

    • Pamela Swan

      Love your comments and great ideas on here! Reminded me to make a note for my girls who are up at college, the financial aid lady that is always so helpful, their rent due dates, and they figure out all there expenses, but they give me a semester report, so that is something i can store on their note. As well as their liscense plates, addresses of their apartments as they change every year.. hard to remember their address, or then to look it up in my address file! I love my ipad and evernote on there. this is amazing!

  • Carley


    I think you bring up a great point with security— I know that’s a frequent question I get when I’m discussing Evernote or any web app that stores personal information.

    I LOVE your idea about the Identikit— I have a version kicking around that I update when the kids go to the doctor (with new weight and height), but not as thorough as your suggestion.

    • Pamela Swan

      And too on the IdentiKit, you could even have their fingerprints done and snap a photo of those. Also, a recent picture of them too. Even when they are at college and beyond.. in an emergency when you need to provide a picture, or have information on them, that is very easy!

  • freshy

    Great advice Carley! The serial numbers is something I’ll definitely put into practice. Although I don’t have kids, I found many of your Evernote uses quite practical. I’ll for sure follow some of them

  • John

    Carley, I’ve follow your website for a while and always look forward to the things you find. Congrats on teaming up with Evernote. Great suggestions by the way.

    Steve, I’m with you on the identikit for kids/pets. Especially important to update on school field trip days when kids will be out in the real world. A nice photo of what they are wearing that day can be useful should the need arise.

  • Poppy

    For some reason, I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around how to organize this properly. It just seems backward to me, but from all the good things I’ve heard I know it has to be my hang up. Hopefully, I can make it to the Twitter party and pick up some tips! If it works for all of these things, I am going to persevere until I figure it out 🙂

    • Steve

      I don’t know if there is a “proper” way of organizing things in Evernote. If there is, it’s whatever works for you. I know some people use tags, others use stacks which contain notebooks which contain notes.

      Personally, I rarely use tags because search works so well. I also reorganize from time to time as I add new notes and notebooks. My current collection morphs as I combine stacks or notebooks or in some cases, split them apart over time.

      That’s the beauty of the flexibility of Evernote — it will work well regardless of how someone sorts or organizes things.

    • Tracy

      Hi there…I use Evernote like a secret place to hide birthday lists, ideas and any other little pieces of information I can store away. I have been following Carley on digitwirl who showed loads of ways to use Evernote as she has previously explained. I wish I had scanned alot of my child’s art work when he was younger but now when he says I want that for Christmas/birthday I take a photo and put it into my notebook under gifts or stuff i like. Really easy 🙂

    • Sarah

      Poppy-check out the Evernote e-book by Daniel Gold, it’s a great resource for Evernote organization. There is also an Evernote group on LinkedIn that I find helpful.

      • Steve

        The book is $5.00. Be aware everyone. Evernote produces plenty of information for free…

  • Momofbestbaby

    I am so excited about the party, I have lots of questions! @momofbestbaby

  • André Matsushima Teixeira

    This is all great, now how about:
    – Fixing your iPad app, which is in lamentable condition, crashing and creating sync conflicts all the time
    – Restoring the “create PDF” functionality on MacOS Safari, which went AWOL with Safari 5.1 and MacOS X Lion
    Just a suggestion from a premium subscriber left wondering whether he should continue to pay $5 a month despite loving the service overall.

    I understand the freemium model is all about getting more people in, but shouldn’t you guys be starting to think about retaining your premium subscribers as well?

  • Munir Lodin

    I just love Evernote, have been using since it was released.
    I can hardly work on my computer without Evernote.
    I use it almost for everything, that matters in my life.

  • Erica

    I’m really curious about security, too. This would be a great place to store credit ard numbers, passwords, etc. but would it be secure?

  • Dana Wilson

    Sorry to have missed the Twitter party. I will have to look back and see what I can pick up – you had some phenomenal ideas in your post – thanks!

  • Gandalf

    Evernote publishes a great tech blog that may give you some warm fuzzies about how seriously they take your security. Here is the first post that has this statement:

    “Transparency. We think that our users (and partners) have a right to know how Evernote is built so they can continue to make informed decisions about using us for their life’s memories.”

    And an overview of their architecture:

  • Sara

    I am using evernote with delight. It’s useful and handy. I have one problem though: on my iPad1 the application is still unstable (in spite of a recent updated version) – in fact, I can’t use it properly as it closes down before I manage to add a new note or to read the previous ones.
    Please advise.

  • Chap

    I’m with you Steve & Erica, I’ve been reluctant to enter any information until the security concerns are addressed. Evenote can have the best program in the world out there, but if the security isn’t incorporated into the program it is of little use to me …and I’m still not sure my credit cards would ever make it in!

  • Steve

    Great suggestions, but I have no idea how to do each one and that’s what I need. A link to a visual under each suggested idea would be awesome. Just sharing ideas doesn’t help us novices!

    • Pamela Swan

      Steve, did you know there are many free tutorials with videos as well as typed up information on how people use evernote. Youtube is a GREAT place to find quick video’s where if you are a visual learner, you can see how people create, use tags, notebooks, share, and all the great ways to use Evernote! I love it, I use it on my laptop, computer at home, droid phone, ipad2, it is a breeze!

  • Vivi

    Along with kid information on Evernote, I also download the pdfs of my kids’ school directories. It’s been extremely useful when, say, at the Holiday performance I ran into Suzie Q’s parents but couldn’t remember their names- Before I went up to greet them, I opened the directory file, quickly scrolled down, and VOILA!, I found their names 🙂 It also means I don’t have to load whole directories to my contacts list, but still can find parents and teachers information fairly quickly.

  • Manon

    Hello Sara, I also have the same problem with my iPad 1. It does irritated me, when the app suddently close when I still do something and didn’t finish yet.

  • Imran Ali

    Evernote is a great application and really a research companion for researchers. I love it due to its synchronised approach for handling the notes of any type (Text, Audio, Video, Pictures, etc) and easy to use interface as well.

    I consider myself incomplete without Evernote now!
    Simply Love it.


  • T. Sarala Pillai

    I am from India,50+,my children have flown away from home and have aged parents to care for. For the past few years my activities and social life ground to a halt since I had to be physically present at home at all times. At this point my son Arun,presented me with an iPad which radically changed my outlook. I had grown up without computers—-in the sleepy southern tip of Kerala— where I am only starting to understand and experience it’s immense potential.
    My journey brought me to this page… I loved the way Carley made a short work of Herculean tasks—-how innovative– I only hope that I will be within earshot next time there’s a party.
    Evermore is a wonderful tool.. I intent to make it my companion too.

  • Shane Phillips

    I am trying to get my sister to use evernote. I got her a premium account for her birthday last yr but I don’t think she has used it yet. She has a three yr old. Oh well. She says she has no time to use it. She has an iPad,iPod touch(which I gave her) and also a MacBook. Any suggestions so I can get her to use it

  • Bonnie

    Wish I could lock evernote

  • Syl Davis

    Bonnie. Use ‘Execs’ to lock anything, but if you sync it, then you lose the ‘privacy’. Use Passwords Plus by DataViz for credit card or private info. Even FileMaker Pro is good for that. You can choose what you want to sync.

    Evernote is great because it is easily accessible.

    Sarala. Looking after parents is very rewarding, as it is an honor to do so. The ipad should be very helpful in keeping you in touch with your interests.

    Shane. If you live anywhere near an Apple Store, take her for a ‘One on One’ to learn any of the programs.