Our New App, Evernote Hello, Will Help You Remember People

Our New App, Evernote Hello, Will Help You Remember People

Posted by on 07 Dec 2011

Posted by on 07 Dec 2011

Remembering people is hard. It’s hard because the tools we use are at odds with how our brains actually work. We’re wired to tell stories. In order to recall the who, we also need the when, where and why. We need more than address books full of alphabetical lists. We need context. That’s why today, we’re launching our new application that’s going to make it easier than ever to remember people.

Say ‘Hi’ to Evernote Hello, available for free for iPhone.

Remember people

Evernote Hello is based around the three fundamental ways that our brains actually remember people:

  • Faces: What do you look like?
  • Time: When did we meet?
  • Context: Why did we meet and who else was there?

That’s all there is to it. Whether you’re at a big conference, catching up with people at a coffee shop or joining a meeting in your office conference room, these concepts hold true. Here’s how it comes together.

Adding someone to Hello

When you meet someone new, launch Evernote Hello, tap on the big plus button and hand over your phone. They’ll quickly create a profile and then hand the phone back. Now, you’ll have their name, photo and whatever contact information they wish to share. If you’d prefer not to hand your phone over, just enter this information yourself, but then again, watching someone take pictures of themselves is pretty fun.

If the person enters their email address, then Evernote Hello will automatically send them an email containing your information. This way, the people you meet benefit from you using the app.

The photo
Taking the photo is the coolest part of the process. Tapping the button turns on the front-facing camera and instructs the user to lift the phone to eye level (or higher). Once there, the camera automatically snaps four quick photos. The app uses the photos to lightly animate the individual’s face in the Mosaic (more on that soon).

As soon as you add an individual to Evernote Hello, the app automatically creates an Encounter with this person. An Encounter consists of the person’s profile, the location of your meeting and any additional information you’d like to add that will make the event more meaningful for you later. The app lets you attach photos and notes to your encounters.

It will even scan your calendar to anticipate who you might be at the meeting with to make it easier to add them to the app. If you want, you can export a profile to your address book by tapping on the chevron near the person’s name, then tap on the address book icon.

The next time you meet the person, you can add an additional Encounter by tapping on the option at the top of this screen. You can even add new photos of the person, if you’d like. Now you’ll have a running history of every time you’ve met, along with a bunch of useful information to jog your memory.

Related notes from Evernote
This is where things get really interesting. Evernote Hello will automatically display notes made in Evernote or Evernote Food around the same time as your encounter. Say you met someone at a conference (Evernote Hello) and had lunch with them (Evernote Food), all the while taking notes on your laptop (Evernote). The app will show you everything when you view this person in Evernote Hello—even more context.

The Mosaic

Our brains have evolved to think about faces, so we built a face-centric interface called the Mosaic. All of the people that you’ve met are displayed in a chronological, vertically swipeable view. Tap on a face to reveal your encounters with that person.

All synchronized with Evernote

All of your Evernote Hello entries are synchronized with Evernote so that you can view them from any device or computer. This means that you can search for people inside of Evernote. When you’re trying to find a particular note that you created during a meeting with someone, you can search for them and then look for notes created around the same time. More context!

For the time being, the notes created by Evernote Hello are read-only inside of Evernote. If you want to make changes, view the encounters and people from Evernote Hello.


Here are few nice things hidden away in the Settings area that you should be aware of. To view Settings, swipe down on the Mosaic screen.

  • Go to Settings to make changes to your own profile
  • Tap on the gear in your profile to create a custom greeting that appears when you hand over your phone
  • Link Evernote Hello to your calendars and it will build more information into your encounters
  • You can also choose whether or not the app will automatically send an email to the person, sharing your contact information with them

Memory and shared experiences

The Evernote Hello approach is focused on visuals and narrative. For example, if you’re trying to remember the name of someone you met at a big company meeting, tap on the face of anyone else you met at the same time. That will show you the encounter along with all the other people that you met together. By exploring these shared experiences, you’re able to find the people you want and strengthen your own memory.


We’re really excited about this new app. It’s focused on solving a problem that we deal with every single day. We hope you like it.


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  • Nik

    Ditto here – When is an Android app going to be released?

  • Oliver Schaub

    This looks interesting… Is there a plan to release this on Android as well?

  • Alon

    I’ll never use this and it seems ridiculous, but I do like the “add new encounter” button.

    I’d like to have a notebook type in Evernote that lets you do that. The notebook becomes an app and has a giant “new encounter” button and they’re all focused on their date and one picture. I could use that for so many more things than just… faces.

    I don’t see the point of this app.

    • Zellenswager

      By the time you’re my age, you’ll see the brilliant point of this app! LOVE IT!

      There are countless people I have encountered over the years, and I’ve often rued that I’ve not written down somewhere where and how I met them, and other important details they told me about. When I re-meet people later, I like to ask them how their family members are, etc., because as humans, we connect through relationships, and the older we get, the more important those connections are. If I can’t remember details about things they’ve told me in the past (which I can’t!!), then it would be amazing to re-fresh my memory, so that our relationship can continue in a more meaningful way than merely, “How’s the weather!”

      Now, I just need Evernote to make this app for BLACKBERRY!!!! Please! 🙂

  • colbard

    Looks good, but disappointing that it’s iPhone only, I use Android. I would be hopeful that these apps are also in development for Android but the product announcement makes no reference to same?

  • Frank McPherson

    These apps are a wonderful way to extend Evernote. I would love an app for securely storing web site passwords. Of course I hope these apps are also released for Android.

  • Frederik

    I don’t have an android phone.
    But i’ll ask it for the android lovers.
    When will there be an android version of this marvelous app ?

  • Caroline

    This looks pretty neat! Is there any way to add a static image of someone from the camera roll? Thanks.

  • Dawn

    When are you going to make that available to Android phones?

  • Stefan

    And the obvious question is… …when will you release this for Android?

  • Todd Larner

    Hopefully we have an Android version in development. I Love my Evernote and hate to see great functionality like this come out and not be on my device!

  • Bjorn B.

    This looks great; however, when will this app and the “Evernote Food” app be available for Android phones?

  • Dave

    Looks great, but I agree with everyone else – we want this on Android.

  • Brennan

    Here’s the real q: How will we stop all the duck lips people are going to make when taking their own pic with someone else’s smartphone?

  • Jason Garbutt

    Windows Phone version please!

  • Catherine

    I love Evernote, and I really enjoy the apps you are creating! Evernote Food is so unique, and I can see it working well in my life. I haven’t checked it out yet, although I just installed it on my phone. Is it possible to take a recipe from another app (like SimplyRecipes website or Big Oven app), alter it a little, then save it to my Evernote Food account? If not, that would be excellent. If you are interested, I also have some comments I would like to share that would be enhancements to the PC desktop version of Evernote to make it more user-friendly.

  • Paige

    Looks cool! so when will this and EverNote Food be available for droid?

  • kansir

    How to delete entry?
    The camera take 4 picture but i can’t choose to use which one?

  • Barbara

    Love this. I meet so many people at community events that their names/business all run together. This is perfect! Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Youkichi


  • Steve

    I’d feel a little awkward with a person I just met broaching the question mind if I take a snapshot of you so I don’t forget your name. I’d feel awkward taking a photo furtively. This is awesome for people amenable to getting their photo taken. I’ll definitely download and try it to see how it goes. To me, this is the “Andy Warhol” app.

  • Rick Lobrecht

    This looks pretty cool. I have a lot of trouble remembering people’s names, so maybe if I use this, it will help me to remember.

    A couple of suggestions:
    -For my profile pic, I’d like to choose an image from the camera roll, instead of taking a crappy one with my phone
    -I’d like to have two profiles, depending on the context where I’m meeting someone (social or business)
    -I’d like to specify what notebook it creates notes in (I haven’t tried Food yet, but I assume this applies there, too)
    -I’d like to be able to add tags to the person or encounter – using a separate list of tags than the full list from your account
    -I’d like to add a note link to the contact that you create from within the app

    I’m sure I will come up with more as I play with it.

    Thanks for extending our usage of Evernote.


  • Craig

    I got quite excited about this ‘cos I use Awesome Note to help me remember people, names and places, but then I saw the whole ‘hand the phone over thing’ take a photo thing and decided it was not for me! It is rather cheesy and dare I say…pervy??

  • Rune

    Android please

  • Karsten

    Is it connected with my phone contacts? If not, what is this app for. In the future if I am looking for a contact I might have met before I am searching in Evernote and in contacts? That is ridiculous? What is, if someone is calling me (he got my adress because Hello send an automated mail). Is the picture displayed? Is Evernote opening and showing me details from our last meeting. I will give it a trial anyway.

  • BePri

    I could see where Evernote Hello could be a valuable tool for Alzheimer’s patients and those with brain injuries.

  • brandon

    Evernote Hello. Is PERFECT! and is something that i will adopt……as soon as it is released for Android.

    I guess Evernote has to throw a little love to iOS every now and again.

  • McShamus

    I don’t get these apps. Effortlessly trying to build all kinds of functions into Evernote and suddenly launch 2 extra apps to put stuff in Evernote. Why not build this into the existing app? One running app on your device instead of three.

  • John F

    I would use this often, adding pictures from my digital camera like Evernote food allows, (from the camera roll). I’d find it very useful. But you didn’t make it available to those of use with just iPad 1. I hope you’ll update it and make it more useful to everyone. I know it’s not as easy as some one who has an iPhone or iPad 2, but we don’t all have them.

  • Bencyclopedia

    I’m not sure how I feel about handing my expensive device to every person I meet to handle and “tilt.”

  • Steven

    I would find this very handy if you could lift the information from a business card using the camera and then be able to export it to outlook when back at my desk.

    As it stands I would have very limited use and I don’t see to many people wanting their photo taken if you have just met them.

  • Pat

    Another Android fan here, and a bigger Android question: Will Android every get a cool new idea first?

    • Deborah K

      You got Skitch first, I still can’t get it on my iPod Touch or my PC laptop.

  • junior

    For my profile picture, I would like the option to add a photo from my library.

  • Seth Long

    I can’t seem to select an existing photo for my own profile – it only wants me to take a new one.

  • milesclarence

    this is why NFC needs to catch on everywhere. I don’t see this app catching on yet, but with NFC you could premake your info card and bump it onto the next person’s phone. from there, they’d be able to add specific details of the event (details such as time and place would be automatically added when the transfer occurs).

    This way you’re not handing over your phone for a few moments to a stranger and having them struggle to find a picture that they’re comfortable with.

    This time next year after some hardware updates, this will be brilliant. For now, it seems as if evernote is just trying to establish a community for it and have people using it as a way to prepare.

  • Brinewk

    Can this import my existing contacts (with existing pictures and contact info) from my contacts? I would hate to have to recreate them all in hello….

  • Russell

    I know I will never use this or evernote food. I see what you are trying to achieve, but you wont be able to do a food or faces app as good as some startup focused on building that. Why arent you focusing work on improving the core product? These seem like a lack of focus and trying to extend evernote in ways that arent it’s core strength.

  • User

    Taking the photo is really cool, but not asking for a confirmation at the end is not!! Also, no way to delete the picture, that’s not nice privacy!

    Please tell me how I can delete the foto (no, not replace, delete)

  • Bob O

    This is fantastic. I could have used it this morning when I saw someone I met a few months ago, but forgot his name. It is also a great to scroll through the pictures to remind you to follow up with that person.

    I’m a android user, so will be looking forward to when the android app comes.

  • Kate O'Neill, [meta]marketer marketing optimization agency

    I love this because it seems like, after the initial phase passes where it seems awkward to do this with people you’re just meeting (I mean, at first you might as well wear a big “I’m a nerd” t-shirt), it will be such a natural way to retrieve memories about how and when you met people. For example, I attend and speak at a lot of conferences, and I meet LOTS of people there. Inevitably I collect a lot of business cards, and I do have some workarounds in both Evernote and my address book to “tag” people with the event where I met them, or some sort of context like that. But this seems like it could go a long way toward making that a good deal more useful.

    After all, it doesn’t seem any more awkward than Bump or Poken, and I’ve seen people struggle to use those at conferences. I think this could easily eclipse them.

    Thanks for the new fun product, Evernote!

  • Jim Gorski

    Am I the only person who feels weird handing a stranger (okay – new possible friend) my $500+ phone? You know – the one with all my information on it?

  • JBenson2

    The biggest weakness in the program is the step that involves: handing over your phone to another person.

    “They’ll quickly create a profile and then hand the phone back.”

    I doubt that will happen in the real world. Either the person will refuse, or spend too much time hunting and pecking in the data. And if you are at a trade show and get distracted, hmmmm… now where did I put that bloody phone?

  • Wesley Choate

    Why is it when a free app comes out everyone cries when it is not on Android? Face it..currently the iPhone is where a lot of the great apps start at. There is one form factor to worry about, not a fragmented base of os levels and phones. Just enjoy what you have and appreciate the free cost of it.

  • Ralph

    Why are you releasing to IPHONE prior to Android? I believe there are more Android users out there and we are the early adopters, no?
    Nothing against IPHONES….

  • Eric S.

    I completely understand the market forces that compel the new apps to be released for iPhone first, but I just hate feeling like a 2nd class cyber citizen. I hope Android releases follow soon. thx.

  • Rachel B.

    After poking around in this app just a little, I like it more. I’m glad there’s the option for you to take a photo, because I’m not sure how often I’ll be handing my phone over. Since I’ll be moving soon and hopefully meeting a lot of new people, this’ll be handy to grab a quick snapshot of someone, their name, and the context so that when we run into each other again I’m not struggling to remember their name.

  • Taylor

    +1 for Android support

  • Barbara

    This looks extremely useful…but of course not all of us have iPhones!!!! How about a version for Android?

  • Jake Gonzales

    What an AWESOME idea. I’m TERRIBLE with faces, much less names and contexts. The best I can ever hope for is “gosh, you look familiar.”

    I can’t wait to try this app out with my friends. I do hope that there will be an iPad version soon though. Many of my clients are not so great at the little keyboard on the iPhone, but would be able to easy enter info on their iPad keyboard 🙂

  • John

    Android outsells iOS by 5 to 1 and yet again iPhone gets a release and nothing for Android!

  • John

    +1 Android

  • Carl Spackler

    Looks ok, but kinda creepy I think

  • Carl Spackler

    Ok, I know this sounds like Evernote itself, but a killer app would be a nice personal diary app. The generalist Evernote app is just that, too general, to jot quick thoughts into. I like Day One, for example, but I want to keep that daily journal in my Evernote without futzing around to select the notebook, etc.

    Now that would be super coolio!

    • Markus

      I’ll second that. And I’ll join the crowd that wants all your apps for Android 😉

      • Sterling Zumbrunn

        I love this idea – I’m also a fan of Day One, but I would rather have the journal entires show up as Evernote notes.

      • Tim Pennington

        Why you mean is an Evernote version of Momento. That would be a killer app!

      • Bufera Carruthers

        Yes! Momento-esque Evernote app, please!

      • Victor Segell

        This is like Momento for Evernote. Exept that it doesn’t fetch tweets, FB-statuses or checkins.

  • Brad H

    I love the idea and just set it up. I don’t see any mention at all of this syncing with my iPhone address book. I assume it will add the contact, but how do you use this for people who are already in your address book?

  • David

    Read the comments Evernote, there are more Android users than iPhone users now. I’m one of the hordes who want this for Android!

    • KeithG

      I have just joined Evernotes and I’m very impressed with the functionality but would also request that you accellerate the Android apps. suggested by David.

      The personal diary app. suggestion by Carl Spackler would add a whole new focus and I would predict that you would have an exponential growth in new users.

      • Matthew C. Evans

        I’ll put in my vote for Android application parity here.

        The diary feature sort of sounds like the program called Path. I thought the idea was interesting, but it is only available on a mobile phone which defeats the purpose. Now if I could do similar things with Evernote and be able to sync across all my devices, that would definitely be a bonus.

      • dave

        count me in for android as well!
        and Carl spacklers suggestion also.
        i was trying to make a diary app for android a few months ago for the developer competition but im only starting out so im fairly hopeless at the moment, and i would much rather if ye just went and made one before i get it done as it would probably be a whole lot better.

        i keep a diary in evernote at the moment, using the templates feature. i have the whole month done out in a blank note with each day separated by horizontal rules, and each week separated out more so its easy to see. then i just copy that note each month to my journal folder, put in the dates beside the days, and fill it in everyday then.
        it does the job for now anyway

      • Hugh

        Android, please

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

          It’s coming!

  • Joshua

    Great idea for an app, but it would be dramatically more useful if it had the option to add the person to the iPhone contacts app. (It’s possible to do this, as other apps have this feature.)

    • Travis

      um.. isnt this adding to the contacts app? “If you want, you can export a profile to your address book by tapping on the chevron near the person’s name, then tap on the address book icon”

    • Roel

      Yes you can!
      Press the picture of the person you met.
      pres besides the name the small arrow pointing down

      Then you see the adressbook icon with a +.
      This adds it to your adressbook!

    • Nikolai May Yde

      This is quite possible, with a single tap from the encounters screen 🙂

      • Joshua

        Great. Thanks for all the replies!

  • Mark Goodson

    Hmmm… an interesting idea, but…
    1. It’s a bit creepy. I’d rather just give someone my name/ID and they can hook up with me via LInkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook.
    2. Why iPhone only? There are tons more Android users out there now.
    I’m a dead keen Evernote user. All praise. But this is a weird idea.

  • Mike Hoogendyk


  • Mark Goodson

    I think Springpad is neutral on the Android/iPhone thing. Obviously Evernote prefers iPhone and eventually apps/features trickle down to Android.

    • Sterling Zumbrunn

      I don’t really think that’s a fair commnet. Evernote is pretty much as agnostic as software companies come. Yes, they have delivered a couple of bonus apps for iOS, but if you look at their development, it’s often Android that gets key features to the main mobile app first, and then they trickle over to the iPhone app. Examples: notebook sharing, PIN code, plus lots of support for Android features that iOS doesn’t have like Widgets.

      That said, this app seems a little half-baked. The Food app will definitely fill a niche, but not sure how this one will work out in practice.

      I do like the trend of bulding apps on top of the service though – strong concept.

  • Sally

    Been doing this in Evernote without a separate app….on my ANDROID phone!

  • kmf

    Would love an Android version of this app!

  • Marie

    i was all kinds of excited when i saw this app and the food app….until i realized they were for iphone only. android please.

  • Mark Johannsen

    Thanks for giving us the iPhone first! I appreciate it.

  • K. Price

    Oh, quit WHINING, people!

    Thanks Evernote!

    As someone with a form of face-blindness, I’m *horribly* unpredictable at recalling names, places, facts of people I meet. This will make it much easier for me, and all others with memory issues (autism, tbi) who have similar issues.

  • Charlie

    Fantastic work, Evernote Team! I look forward to an android release. (: Please remember to create a tablet version!

  • Brandon

    +1 android

  • Jeffree

    Can’t believe this isnt available for Android yet.

    +1 X INFINITY FOR ANDROID PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhonda Rice

    Not creepy at all in my opinion. I had this experience at a recent networking event where several of us were trying to exchange information. A face with a name and details is perfect. I received contact info at the meetup that I later had to remember, who was who, with what company, etc, and I then sent LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook requests to connect further (as we had discussed). This app is a good start in that direction. Nice. A next step for me would be similar to a feature I get in Xobni, where once a contact is identified or added, it shows me any existing social network associations where we can connect.

  • Hugh Guiney

    I love Evernote but I don’t see this catching on. First of all, it presumes that everyone you’ll want to meet and remember has an iPhone 4+. Even ignoring the non-smartphone/non-Android users, some may have the 3GS still, with no front-facing camera, which is virtually impossible to use in photographing oneself without the help of a mirror.

    While an app to help you remember people is a good idea, the whole “hand them your phone” part doesn’t work. I’d be uneasy just handing my phone to everyone I met. What if they drop it? Snoop around? Noo thanks… Not to mention that people who are even mildly germaphobic would be uncomfortable having others handling their phone and putting it up to their face.

    It also presumes the other person won’t find the request creepy in any way, which is a complete 180 from established social norms. I have a hard enough time getting people to divulge their last names so I can differentiate all the Johns and Janes. So what if the other person refuses to hand their phone to you? Even if they take yours, you just stand there with nothing to do, waiting for them to finish. Nervous energy for both parties and just makes you look silly.

    Then there’s also the fact that it gives you away: remembering people isn’t special if they know you’re cheating. “So nice to meet you. Can you make a profile on my phone so I can remember who the heck you are?” You just lost points with that person right off the bat. When you see them again and greet them, they’ll just think: “He only knows my name because he looked it up in his phone”.

    This seems like the kind of product that ONLY extroverted Apple geeks would ever actually use, which is a tiny segment of the population.

  • Deborah

    I was thinking about doing this type of thing in regular Evernote before this came out! Though I’m still not clear on the advantage of having this as a separate app. It has a mosaic, so? I guess being able to find other people from the same meeting is good. I’ll have to play with it. I would probably agree with the comments about wanting to have a separate profile for business vs. social, and being able to use a picture from the camera roll, and being able to delete or confirm a photo that’s been taken.

    About Android, I’m sure they’re working on it. I want to know when iPhone users and PC users are going to get Skitch! We’ve been waiting a while now! Android already has that!

    • Deborah

      Ok, I downloaded it and tried to make a photo of myself for the profile. Yuck! It’s not like taking a regular photo where you pose and then click when you’re ready. First of all, you can barely see what you look like – it’s in one little square and has a film over it. Then it just starts snapping away, without warning. So you have 4 different pictures, then it just picks one of them, I guess at random. It’s horrible! I’m not sending that to anyone who gives me their email address! Why can’t it take a picture the regular way? Or as said before, also be able to take one from the camera roll?

  • David K

    it’s really cool, but many folks I’ve tried it with today find it creepy and won’t let me add them to my database.


  • Phill Wilson

    Android please

  • David

    Great idea, interface looks very intuitive. However,could you please let us add a photo from the phones camera roll for our own profile snapshot. This seems a really odd omission, as most people will probably have a better photo of themselves already on the camera roll.

  • Frank Neulichedl

    Another Android +1 – but I’m sure Evernote is already working on that. The last thing we can say about them is, that they are tight to a platform. 🙂

    I second also, that we should be able to see the encounters in the normal app … I think if adoption is there it will evolve.

    Great to see that they spend the raised money into product evolution and not only on marketing budgets.

  • jakdawg

    WE ARE ANDROID! We will not go away!

  • Erik Deckers

    Love the idea, but need the Android app.

    Also, consider adding tags about facial features. That way, if I see someone from a distance, I can start searching based on tags — “beard, glasses, brown hair” — and pull up the faces that match. Then I can find the name and context, and not have to ask “what’s your name again?”

  • Steve

    This would come in handy at a conference say where attendees wants to get to network and everyone’s details is already pre-input in everyone’s Hello.

    Sort of a virtual “My Name is…” sticker.

    Also it’s a social lubricant in that you’ll know a person’s name and what he does so that dispenses with the initial meet & greet part of the conversation and you deep dive into something specific right away.

  • ScottDL

    I so dislike when people make apps that are ONLY for iOS or even only for Android!

    • Ann

      Like some cheese with your whine?

  • Dimps

    Sounds like something I was wishing for since 2005.
    Now i’ll just wait for Windows Phone 7 app 🙂

  • Anders Sporring

    When will the andriod come, seems still that y’all thinks that all the worlds got IOS devices….. 🙁

  • James

    Thing about camera roll, it’s out of context. First it would be liberating for people to get over what they look like when they’re not posing. To reinforce my point, maybe Evernote hello should make it easier to update your own picture based on what you are wearing at that particular encounter. It’s about helping other people as well.

    An earlier comment: asking someone to “look me up on Facebook” already comes across as passivity. Rather than thr option to email your info to the other party, I might suggest that Hello function similarly to, where a hashtag leverages signed to different actions, (analogous to folder actions, but for tags) a #just met tag to an encounter automatically posts a private tweet with a mention of the other person and sends that person your contact info. You could also choose at that point to follow each other. Frankly I use these social networks as a means of sharing future events with people.

  • Maski

    We need this on Blackberry!

  • James

    Why can’t Evernote simultaneously release iOS and Android versions?

  • chris ronan

    is there a way to have all of these contacts that we are creating with this application save to a specific notebook in evernote? I noticed you can do that with the evernote food app but not this one?

    • mcheng

      On the road map. Stay tuned.

    • James

      I’d also be curious as to any additional tagging that us early practitioners might be adding to the contact note back once their back in evernote.

      For example, when I am thinking of people or working with them, I start collecting an “agenda” full of items I’d like to share with them. Then I can send them in bulk less frequently instead of frequently poking them with little ideas.

      If I have a task for which they have been assigned, the get a “delegated” tag.

      And if I have some routine follow-through to still address, like exchanging my card or asking them to join google+, etc, I tag them with “networking”

      People who enter my business or personal life more consistently get their own name tag.

      I append a “:” symbol before all agenda items so those tags which pertain to contacts are all nested and easy to retrieve.

      But this new Hello feature might inspire a completely new series of tags: business prospects, artistic collaborators, love interests, pick-up game competitors and league members, who’s to say.

  • rajkumar

    when we can expect android application for hello.

  • Mark

    Android please!

  • Neal Jacob

    Another vote for Android

  • Adam

    please please please create an iPad 2 version of this app, it would be invaluable for employment applications and interviews for my business. I’d so pay for it. Also add the ability to record a conversation with the person.

    • mcheng

      This app already runs on iPad2. Its just not optimized for the larger screen real estate (i.e. you need to use the 2x button at the bottom right).

  • Fred

    Perhaps young people won’t mind, but we older folks (50+) aren’t going to do this. Too invasive.

    My suggestion is that an app be developed for networking meeting organizers that captures a photo along with the business card at the sign-in desk – attendees are used to putting their business card in the punchbowl already. The data is then put in a format such that anyone that attended the event (or whoever) can download it into their contact management database. An xml file that could go into a smartphone contact manager or traditional contact database would be awesome.

    • mcheng

      Hi Fred,

      If you are concerned about handing over your phone, the interface is structured so that you can do all the data entry yourself as well as a button to flip the camera and have you take the person’s picture. However based on the use case you described, I think the app as is should work for you. If you are the organizer of the event, you would just use your iphone (or an ipod purchased by the organization) at the registration table. The attendee would use Evernote Hello to snap a picture and enter their contact info and if you wanted, you could also snap a picture of their business card and save to their profile as well. Evernote Hello does have limited capabilities to save the contact info to the devices phone book which you can then synchronize via itunes to your desktop. You would also have a back up copy of their profile, business card and anything else you wanted to capture with Hello in your Evernote account. Done. 🙂

      • Fred

        Good start, but I don’t want the line to slow down while each person fills in their contact information and takes their own picture.

        I’m sure you go to conferences where the persons working the desk are fumbling with paperwork, handing out badges, collecting business cards, etc. In my perfect world the attendee walks up, you ask if it’s OK to take their picture, they let you, you scan their business card and voila, a complete entry is created and they’re out of there. Extending the concept – workflow-linked processes could validate their info against the registration database and print the badge. Later on, the collected info – including the picture – would be available via a simple download.

        BTW, I realize I’ve gone totally OT… 🙂


  • Adonna

    I agree. I would love to see this app.created for Android as well.
    It would be nice to be able to add someone’s Twitter handle and have it grab their profile pic as well. Great for times when you are such a new acquaintance with someone that perhaps it feels akward to take their pic

  • Paul H

    There is no way to specify a Notebook to put Hello contacts into, they are all dumped into the default.

    There is no way to log out of your Evernote account once linked.

    Why doesn’t Hello also save its contacts to the full Evernote app on the same device? Why does it take a Synchronize for Hello contacts to appear in Evernote?

    There appears to be no way to delete a Contact, short of individually deleting every Encounter and having Evernote prompt you.

    Not everyone will want to hand their iDevice to everyone they meet, so taking a Snapshot should be on the add-new-contact screen, not 3 menus deep once the contact has been created.

    • mcheng

      All of these are on its way along with an Android release. Stay tuned.

  • Mike

    Ok idea, but I don’t quite see this working in the real world. For friends and closer acquaintances maybe. I just don’t see the people I interact with in meetings, e.g. with a new prospect or customer, willingly entering their information into your phone for you, and letting you take a picture of them, or them taking a picture of themselves.

    I smell MBA’s being brought into Evernote and doing the “brand extension” thing that most consumer goods companies do. I.e. Rice Chex, Corn Chex, Wheat Chex, Chocolate Chex, Cinnamon Chex….blah blah blah.

    Please focus more on improving the core application (like checklists that actually work well) and not on “extending the brand”.

  • Kurtois

    No iPad (Original) support? What gives?

    • mcheng

      Hello is based on and encourages taking pictures. The iPad Original as well as older iPods do not have cameras.

  • Kimera

    A couple of things:

    I have trouble remembering names, this would be cool if I could use this app as a sort of “flash card” system to help me remember people. Would be even better if I could tag people, so if I was going into a certain situation I could remember people from that group (think HS reunion).

    Also, why not connect this with Facebook? Instant contacts, instant pictures. It would be nice to be selective on who you put in, but FB connectivity would help fill out the app quicker.

  • Deborah

    Evernote Hello.

    Have you said Hello to Android?

  • Antoine RJ Wright

    Dang… nice. Makes sense for how we use mobile, and takes advantage of some of the best settings during meeting moments.

    Shame I use a Nokia (Symbian) device; I could see this as a highlight app (for both the platform and Qt, the platform’s best programming langage). If possible for it to come to this platform (I know, I know), that would be great and you’d certainly get an evangelist of it from me.

  • jbledsoejr

    Evernote Hello for ANDROID please! this app sounds great…very useful…just waiting for the Android version

  • Kuru Kanagalingam

    Love to see the Android version soon just like all other android users out there.

  • kma

    Please have a additional option for selecting avatar photo through camera roll. Front facing camera quality is bad. Who wants a wall full of blurry and faded avatars?

    “Evernote Hello
    Helps your remember people you meet..” message at the bottom seem redundant.

    What is the point of entering my own contact on my own phone? There is no wireless sending anyway.

    Please have a option to sort the wall contacts. Only favouorite user will be display in bigger block in the grid?

  • CK

    I’m a teacher, and I face at least 1 new class of average 40 students every year. This may be a good way to get to know my students, and I’m sure they aren’t that tech-phobic or shy.

  • Nuchchana

    I Love

  • Sanch

    It should be more simple. As is, it will make its users seem like an overbearing, early-adoptor geeks forcing their arcane toy on people who are just trying to have a meeting or a good time.

    Why make the other person do the data entry? We already put other people’s info into our phones as they read it aloud to us. That isn’t broken. Why add a weird new extra step where we have to explain Evernote and this app to a stranger (let alone hand over our phones)?

    As for photos, let us use a photo from the camera roll. Over the course of our meeting, we’ll have an opportunity to take photos, then later we can add the faces to the names, without making it our new acquaintance’s job and, again, without us having to awkwardly explain Evernote and Hello to them.

    The fact that, by default, it automatically sends emails to my new acquaintance should be changed. It will make users look pushy, obnoxious, and spammy.

    It’s an interesting idea, but as executed here it unnecessarily forces a few awkward conditions on an initial meeting; I’d rather spend those moments making a good impression, not selling Evernote to a stranger who likely could not care less.

    • Lori


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback, Sanch. We’ve addressed a number of these items in our latest update.

      You now have the choice of three input options: adding a person yourself, pulling their info from your address book, or asking them add themselves. We’ve also made reciprocal emailing a clearer option in the app settings and at the bottom of each new contact.

  • Michael

    We really need the ability to sync to contacts in address book!

  • Carlos Abreu

    +1 on an Android version

    • Daviyd

      Yes, ditto for Android version…

      • Ashish Bijalwan

        Waiting for the android version.

      • kmf

        +1 for Android

    • Jim Wreyford

      +1 on the Android too.

      • Maggard

        Android Version +1

    • Chris Hanson

      (+1 * 2) ^ 2 on an Android version

      • +Al Elliott


    • Ben Burnham

      Add me to the Evernote Hello for Android wish club. Seems like an awesome app.

      • A T


    • Meda

      Another vote for android version. Really want to try this, but I’m not switching platforms to do it.

      • Jess

        +1 on the Android version and before SXSW Interactive, please.

    • Android

      +1 ANDROID!

    • Alex

      + ( ( Androoooooid!! ) ) … (ICS)

      • thameera

        Need an android version badly.

    • Abhijat

      Big please for the android version

    • Juan C. Vara

      +1. This feature would be the last drop to convince me to switch to premium.

      • Max

        +1 Android

      • Clemens Rettich

        Android version please! Head to head with Smartr!

    • Jennifer

      Android vote for me as well. I have an ipod touch, but only having these this available on one platform is ridiculous. The WHOLE point of evernote is to access your stuff from everywhere (which I Love). Please stop this one platform bias.

    • Diego

      +1 for Android

  • Victor Segell

    Yes, the idea is great but the way it’s been implemented is not very intuitive. As Sanch is saying the whole app is not about personal memory but about having to explain the whole idea of the app, Evernote and maybe even how to use an iPhone to the other person. Granted it allows you to enter people from meetings you’ve been to makes that process simpler. But actually having to ask a client/co-worker to smile for a picture is intruding on their personal space. Besides, not having the option to place People and encounters in another notebook other than the “inbox-notebook” seems clunky as well.

  • James

    I have to sway with the critics on this one. Gave it a concerted, very open minded trial, and it’s removed from my phone.

    Because the done or actualization of a new contact is not clear, it results in additional unintended encounters as I assure everythings been saved. The fact that my own profile is a snap shot seems arbitrary, why then shouldn’t the app merely import the other party’s twitter profile image or something?

    And I never thought about it, but I’d rather have twitter semi privately post our encounter than have a 3rd party app that has made no promises to me in terms of discretion send an email under false pretenses. Who’s to say then that my contact won’t now receive Evernote newsletters and reminders at the whim of evernote?

    Not to mention, stealing a photo of someone is just as awkward as having them fill everything in themselves. Maybe a good personal practice would be to take a picture of a distinguishing accessory of their wardrobe? “Red scarf” I’ll remember. And then take a new image if you bump into them again?

  • Robert

    The app works as advertised, but I enter the information myself and for work, take photos of business cards. The problem I have is that it uses my default notebook, but I have a separate notebook for contacts.

    Can an option be created in Hello so that I can select which notebook I want it to use?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Mica Meerbach

        Has this been implemented? I would also like to have Hello additions saved to a separate notebook, but I haven’t seen a way to set this up.

  • melisav33

    Is there a way to be able to call a party and record conversation. Place let me know asap…thank you

  • The Evernoted Man

    Kinda seems creeperish/stalkerish to me. I would find it really awkward if someone asked me, “Can you fill out all your personal info on my phone so I can remember you? Thanks!”

  • +Al Elliott

    Android version…please. 😉

  • Amp Harrell

    Yes, I agree. Android version, or you miss 40%+ of the smartphone market.

  • Charles Hudson

    Overall, I like the direction of where you’re heading with Hello. The one thing I find frustrating, though, is that the product seems to be built in such a way as to assume that all of my contact information acquisition / entry is done in real-time (as in when I’m meeting the person for the first time or at the coffee / meeting) as opposed to later. For example, if I’m at a conference or event, I’m more likely to just grab a business card and enter the info later rather than do it in the moment. The challenge I have with the “Encounters” feature is that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way for me to decouple data entry (especially the geotagging part) from data collection. Decoupling those two steps would be a huge help.

  • Andrew Mair

    Please get us an Android version!!!

  • Andrew Mair

    Android PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • D

    I’d really like an Android app! Consider how many people use Android these days.

  • Duane

    I’m shocked that this didn’t get released on Android at the same time as iOS!! I would definitely use this on Android!

  • Jemmy

    Android? Can we have some?

  • Gary Broughton

    I just moved to Android from iOS today and one of the first apps that I tried to download was Evernote Hello … and it wasn’t there!

    I’m really going to miss it …

    Keep up the great work and get this one ported to Android ASAP!


  • Henk

    I really like to try this, on android

  • Simon

    allow to remove image?

  • Raphael L. M.

    +1 Android version.

  • Max R

    I am so sick of developers focusing on the iphone! iphone is *not* the entire world! It is not *that* hard to develop a phone app that is cross-platform in 2012. Stop being so close minded. And I am not just talking about android, it should really work on any phone that has enough ram to handle picture processing and enough memory to store it. If you create a cool tool that a majority of evernote users can’t use, you are just gonna make more angry customers than happy ones. Look at the big picture. You should of waited to roll this out (beyond alpha and beta) till you AT LEAST had a working version on both iphone and android. Anyway, you hard my two cents, I’ll go crawl back under the rock I came from.


    • Max R

      Please fix my typos. Change till to until near the end of the post. And change hard to “heard” in you hard my two cents. Thank you!

  • Abiman

    Android? Please 🙂

  • Robert Gordon

    This app seems cool, but unless you can edit the contacts more (i.e.: change the photo from one that you have in your album already), I won’t be able to use it, because when you snap a bad picture, and you want to update it for a nice picture you already have, it blocks you.

  • Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz

    Android porfa favor.

  • Glenn

    Android please. I need all the help with this I can get.

  • Iphone Sucks

    We need an Android version!

  • ryan

    android. end of story

  • Alexino

    Android Please… I always need this kind of help remembering people names!

  • Fran Pereyra

    We need it for Android

  • eric

    Android Please, thanks! :DDDDDD

  • Johanna

    Android +1

  • ducovanes

    android +1

  • Tyler

    WP8 version please!