Remember The Food and Meals You Love With Evernote Food

Remember The Food and Meals You Love With Evernote Food

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 07 Dec 2011

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 07 Dec 2011

Some of our most memorable moments happen around food. We don’t just eat for nutrition; meals are a vehicle for conversations, romance, ideas, family, exploration, and so much more. Let’s give our meals the Evernote treatment they deserve.

Please welcome, Evernote Food, available now for iPhone ».

Evernote Food is all about preserving the experiences, thoughts and memories that accompany food. The app is simple, elegant and a whole lotta fun to use. Plus, it’s free!

Let’s get started

Everything in Evernote Food is contained within Meals. Each Meal consists of a meal title, as many photos as you like, photo captions, venue (choose from a list or add your own), notes, and tags. When you add a bunch of photos to a Meal, the app takes on a “T” shape, with horizontally swipeable photos along the top and meal information displayed vertically.

Related notes
At the bottom of the meal, the app displays any related notes you have in Evernote. These are notes created around the same time. They might be faces of people you met using Evernote Hello or notes you took in Evernote.


Like everything is Evernote, we’re focused on helping you save and relive your memories. Food memories are often social, so we built in Facebook, Twitter and email sharing into the app. When you share the meal, your friends will see all the photos, captions and impressions you had about the experience.

Endless possibilities

Here are a few simple scenarios and how Evernote Food helps you capture them.

The night out
You’re having dinner out with friends. Launch Evernote Food as you walk into the restaurant and snap a photo of the awning. Find the restaurant from the Places screen. Next, take photos of all the dishes, your friends, the wine, and anything else that inspires you. Add captions to each of the photos by tapping on the photo. Type in some general notes and thoughts about the meal.

Family meals
Whether you’re hosting a big family meal or visiting relatives for the holidays, there’s always something to remember. Use Evernote Food to record your cooking process, or take notes of conversations that happen around the table.

Developing a recipe
Developing a delicious recipe takes time. Evernote Food makes the process much easier. Create a new meal and title it with the name of the dish you’re working on. Take photos every step of the way and caption them with measurements and instructions. In the notes section, add more information about the dish along with tips and ideas.

Some of our most thrilling food experiences happen while traveling. Use Evernote Food to remember them all. Title your meals with the location, then snap photos of the sights, everything you eat, and everything else that you want to save for later.

Tracking what you eat
Evernote Food can be used as a simple food tracker. Create a Meal for each day. Take a photo of what you eat and food labels, then type in ingredients and calorie information into the caption, and include totals in the notes section.

All synchronized with Evernote

All of your meals in Evernote Food are synchronized with Evernote so that you can view them from any device or computer. They show up beautifully laid out in Evernote, perfect for viewing across all of your devices.

At this time, notes created in Evernote Food are read-only in Evernote. If you want to make changes, just open the Meal in Evernote Food.

Bon appétit!

We’re very excited about this app, partly because we’re ridiculously food-obsessed here at Evernote, but also because the app is just plain cool. Try it out and let us know what you think.


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  • Nik

    When is an Android app going to be released?

  • Niklas

    Seemingly sweet, but: Argh! When’s the Android version a-comin’?

  • Jonathan Pincas

    This looks really interesting. I already use Evernote extensively for organisation, now I’m wondering how I can use this for my food business The Tapas Lunch Company and our Spanish food website. Perhaps I’ll get customers to create ‘Meal’ notes when they’ve used ingredients bought from us and share them with us an other customers on Facebook.

    • Andrei Thorp

      That’s very cool :)

    • Naomi

      I love this idea! Similarly, I spoke with a chef the other day who wants to use Evernote Food as his cooking portfolio to showcase his work for prospective clients.

  • Caroline

    Can’t wait to give this a whirl too!

  • Michael

    Any chance it will be released for Android phones?

  • Jason Garbutt

    A Windows Phone version would sate my appetite!

    • Paul

      Seconded! WP7 plz.

  • Gabriel

    great App. But it would be much better if I could edit the meals also in the mac App. Sometimes this is faster then typing everything on the iPhone

  • Joshua

    This is really neat! I’m wondering whether you have plans to allow editing of the notes within the other apps at some point and / or editing of the templates (e.g., adding a recipe template would be neat)? Otherwise, I’m torn between the fact that this is slick /elegant and the regular EverNote notes are more robust / flexibile.

  • Shawn

    Android eta?

  • Zack

    Count me as another inquiry into an Android app.

  • John F

    I love that I can use it with iPad 1.!!

    Very useful to me.

    Wish Evernote Hello had that capability.

    Great way to make a food diary.


    If I could have only one app on my iPhone it would be Evernote! I use it so much in just about every area of my life. It will be interesting to see if I love the food app as much.

  • Lorraine

    I use Evernote extensively for recipes and cooking and this would be such an awesome addition to my apps. I wish that the android apps could be developed at the same time the iphone apps are. It’s very annoying to see nothing but iphone apps in a world where most people I see are using android. Just ranting! Evernote is awesome!!!

  • Mark

    apple does not have market share. Android does. Why do companies continue to develop for the less dominant platform before the dominant platform? Seems to me that companies are comfortable enough supporting the lesser dominant platform.

    • Dan

      That’s because iOS is where the money’s at. Android might be “dominant” because of market share but iOS is more “dominant” when it comes to being profitable esp when it comes to businesses who need to make money. I bet iOS users are most of the their premium suscribers too.

      • Peter

        This is a FREE app, so your analysis makes no sense.

  • Andrew

    This looks awesome. Please tell me an Android version is coming really soon.

  • israel

    Hey do not forget android users! Your apps are great let us enjoy them too… please :) I´m your fan!

  • Adam

    It’s become a fairly grievous mistake in my mind not to release apps for both iPhone and Android simultaneously now days. Obviously it’s completely up to the evernote team as to what platforms they want to support–but the logic doesn’t make great sense.

    Comscore says that as of August, 43.7 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers had an Android device. 27.7 percent had an iPhone. Putting development efforts into the platform with the largest user base first and the highest potential impact seems more rational to me.

    Comscore link:

    • Dan

      not if you’re in the business of making money since iOS has over 80% of the profitability in mobile business.

      • Lars Petersson

        Do you have any documentation for that? Or are you just pulling numbers out from somewhere?

  • John

    Android outsells iOS by 5 to 1 so you release it for iPhone first! Not very good is it!

    • SkiddMarx

      There is basically only one active version of iOS to write for, Android has seemingly dozens of active versions – but I would like to see an Android version as well

      • Lars Petersson

        And yet there is just one Evernote for all those versions of Android, so it can’t be that big a problem…

  • Steve

    Considering Android’s larger total market share, maybe next time you can at least release the Android version at the same time as the iOS version, if not earlier? Just saying, iOS is so early-21st-century-ish…

  • Tim

    This is very interesting. I’ve been using the regular Evernote client for years now to record restaurant experiences. The notes I’ve been creating manually have a lot of the same information as the ones created by Food, so this will be a faster means to the same end.


    – let me specify a default tag as well as a default notebook (I’ve been using an @Restaurant tag so they are easy to locate)

    – not sure if you intend users to browse/search meal related notes from this client, but if so maybe provide a way to import my existing notes?

    A typical use case I have all the time is “what did we eat the last time we were here and did we like it”. Right now this is fulfilled with a location search in the regular client. I think at the moment that will remain unchanged, and it will automatically include notes generated in Food. And now all the restaurant names will be spelled correctly. Sweet!

  • Anneke

    If you’re starting from an actual (online) recipe, how would you put that into the app? As a related note, or some way that puts the recipe inside the food app itself?

  • David

    Looks nice, but where’s the Android version. Surely you’re not so out of touch to know the majority of your customers use Android devices as opposed to iOS?

  • Sally

    What? Not for Android???? What’s up with that? 😉

    It would be nice to have an app like this for travel…..for Android, thank you!

  • kmf

    When is the Android version arriving?

  • Mitchell


  • Pim

    I hope an android version is coming very soon.

  • Ragnar

    yeah, 😀

    but i’m happy, i have an ipod touch, so i’ll go get it now…and i’ll go get some sushi as well!!

  • Ken

    Wow this app is amazing! Any chance you could make an “Evernote Fitness”? I have a hard time keeping track of my workouts and rep’s at the gym but an Evernote based one like this would be great to use.

  • Ken

    Can we specify which Notebook these pictures will go to? Right now they all go to my Inbox (default notebook) which I try to clean.

    • Nikolai May Yde

      In the settings, this is easily changeable :)

  • Matt

    The reason developers focus on iOS over Android is because iOS makes them more money.

    While Android has a bigger following, most who use Android only use free apps. Where as iOS users are more likely to pay for an app and make in app purchases. For instance iOS users are more likely to pay to remove ads.

    Developers tend to focus on where the money comes from not what is the best selling OS.

    But there are other reasons iOS gets more love than Android. One is the fragmentation in Android which tends to make it harder to develop apps for and another is the security issues surrounded by Android. If you haven’t noticed Android is the most dangerous mobile OS on the market. You’re more likely to have your data stolen and your device compromised using Android over any other mobile device. And some developers are turned off because of that.

  • DreadIron

    No comment

  • Callum

    Would be awesome to have it on Andriod. In my experience I think Andriod users tend to be more creative (because the platform allows them to be?) and so in terms of quickly finding out innovative ways in which to use new Evernote products it makes sense to release to Andriod early on, although I do agree it is probably easier to develop for a fairly homogenous iOS user group.

  • Chris


    Great idea for an app, and great idea in general having specialized apps that leverage Evernote but provide a more streamlined experience for a specific task.

    One request though –
    Can you please allow for saving of full-resolution photos to the camera roll (if not both to Evernote and the camera roll)? I already am an obsessive food photographer, and if the full res photo is not saved, it means that i would have to do it twice – once for evernote, and once for my photo archive. This is not likely to happen… so I probably will rarely use Evernote food.



  • JLonga

    I think this is a great idea. I already use Evernote as my digital cookbook, and now I can create a food diary of my meals. Then I just use note links to link the recipes to that meal (at least for when I first eat it that week). I think I am going to be really happy about my premium account now.

    • Naomi

      Note links are a great way to associate your recipe notes with the Evernote Food note that documents you cooking and/or enjoying the dish. I love using the app to show each step of cooking a meal, including important tips in the caption area. Keep us posted on how this works for you!

  • John

    Hmm….possibly 200,000 Android users may have been affected out of 10 Billion downloads. Not a very high percentage is it. And the vast majority of those were on rooted/jailbroken phones.
    True there are free apps on Android, more than iOS, but I have spent more money on Android apps than I ever did on iOS.
    The quality of free apps on Android is far superior to the free ones on iOS and the majority of really top apps are available on both platforms, and updated at the same time…something Evernote need to learn.
    If you want to run a successful business you have to cater to all of your potential customers, not just the ones that wear certain clothes, look a certain way or use a certain type of computer or phone.
    The number of developers for Android in now a lot more than it is for iOS because of the very tight closed shop that Apple use. I should know….I have developed for both platforms.
    Instead of releasing updates and new apps piecemeal Evernote should wait until all platforms have been readied and release them all at once.
    There have been a few occasions when Android have got something before iOS so it works both ways.

  • EmilieTx

    Using Evernote Food on my Ipad2 but I don’t take the ipad out to eat… I take my ANDROID PHONE. please bring EN-Food to Android Also for the people (like me) who are using this to keep track of new recipies and the trials of them, please allow linkage (or copy/paste) of it into the Note rather than having to create two seperate notes and link them.

    Otherwise.. (besides the high res photo comment above) great app!

    One last request…
    Bring Scrapbooking to Evernote (basically fix skitch, and add capabilities) .. Then it really would be my ultimate app for everything.

  • NoGluten

    this might with remembering what items work on the GF diet. Some restaurants don’t have dedicated fryers, etc.

    • Naomi

      My friend with celiac disease is also using it to keep track of product labels for gluten free foods that she loves and wants to buy again. She’ll select a grocery store or market from the place suggestions and then snap photos of GF products that they sell. This makes it really easy for her to then search for the products again within Evernote and remember where she bought them.

  • Steve

    You can’t please everyone – even among us iOS users, this app only works on iOS 5.

    I haven’t upgraded to iOS 5, despite its many benefits because of the battery life issues.

  • David

    Love it! As someone who habitually takes photos of food when travelling this will give me a great new way to present it on Facebook.

    One request though. I got the app the day after my last meal out so when I created the meal retrospectively it was created with the wrong date and I can’t see how to change it.


  • Ben

    nice toys. just wish you’d focus more on your core business, the desktop clients. like seriously, every new feature takes you not months but years…

  • Paul H

    If i have Food on my iPhone and iPad neither will see meals entered on the other device, even
    though both are syncing to the same Evernote account and Notepad.

    Food has the same issue as Evernote Hello: not saving to Evernote on the device. Instead you have to
    wait for Food to synchronize, when it feels like it, then synchronize Evernote back from the cloud.

  • Joan

    Great app but, why I can’t edit a recipe created with Evernote Food with Evernote???????

    “This note was created in Evernote Food. To edit this note, open it in the app on your mobile device”

    It’s more easier to edit with the computer app (with a real keyboard!) rather than the mobile app.

  • Naomi

    Hi all, I know the Android version is in demand and I wanted to let you know that we’re working on it.

  • Bufera Carruthers

    I see no reason to limiting the use of this to food. Basically, it’s a way of bundling different note entries. I’m excited to use it in the field!

  • Adrian

    Brilliant on ipod touch Android version very soon please to make it even more useful for me :-)

  • lodyjoz

    Very delicious food, should be very delicious

  • Carlos Abreu

    +1 on an Android version

  • João

    Android? Pretty please? lool

  • Lars Petersson

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the android version, if it appears, will pass by unnoticed since it looks like the app for us android users will be an afterthought…

  • Johan Wärlander

    I wouldn’t take it so seriously. The main Evernote app for Android, for example, has been seriously ahead of the iPhone for a long time, forcing the iPhone version to play catch-up. Now I think those are more comparable; so instead we see a couple of new, interesting apps for the iPhone, and Android will play catch-up.

    My guess? If I were in charge of rolling out these apps, I’d like to see at least an indication of the uptake, before investing the probably quite significant resources it would take to roll out to yet another platform.

    All that being said, I’m an Android user, so.. where are my Evernote Food and Evernote Hello apps?! 😉

  • Danny

    How about a thumbs up or down so we can track whether we liked something. I’m more interested in tracking what I didn’t like than what I do (I can usually remember if I like something).

    • Steven

      Sounds like a good addition or a 1 – 5 star rating. A ‘Liked’ and ‘Disliked’ tagging is working for me at the moment as an interim process.

  • James

    Android. When? Seriously… 2012 better be the Android year. I’m so sick of Apple apps coming out first. They have already predicted that more Android apps will be sold by mid-2012 than Apple based on current trends. Come on developers, show some Android love too.

    • Steven

      Look at it this way, us apple users get the first release of apps with their limitations, bugs, etc. The app then gets expanded, polished and released to Android users as a complete product. Would you prefer to be the guinea pig for new releases? 😉

  • Karthi

    This looks great, I am an Android user. Would love to use this app. But I can understand that it can be hard to cater for all Android users given all the different devices and versions of Android out there. How about focusing on the Google Nexus Phones only :P.

    I think I might switch to an IPhone if it is easier for developers to develop great Apps like this.

    • NIck

      As far as difficulty programming for each android device unless you are making a super complicated app like the netflix one. the only difference is screen sizes other than that most apps work across the board(tablets excluded cause we are talking phones) and really the issue is just that iPhone and Android have different libraries and environments to develop in. There for it really only matters which one they pick first and then the other one is re coding their work to be compatible with the other environment.

  • Scott

    Yes, bring on the Android version!

  • preetee

    I love the idea and would love to use this as a recipe book. I would like to see the ability to import a recipe in here so i can take pictures and make my own notes as well. Also, I would love to see an evernote wine!

  • john p

    This is really useful for collecting recipes from magazines etc and the accompanying photos – also then useful to include how your version turned out…one thing would be useful – the ability to clip the recipe page from iOS safari if its a webbased recipe as the copy functionality to add it to the note appears only to allow one paragraph and not the whole website…

    Really cool…I like this

  • Camillo

    Hey Evernote, I really love your products. Why don´t you guys doesnt think in link somehow with FitBit. It will be great to also add pics with their software. Check it out

  • Mark

    I would really like the ability to edit something once it sinks with Evernote on my laptop. Currently, it seems that all you can do is edit the tags. I would love to be able to add additional notes, or even to import the recipe.

    • Mark

      Or “syncs”

  • Marcus Eng

    It appears the app no longer correctly posts to Facebook. It either hangs endlessly or it provides a “shareit” box but does not post the entry just generic language about the post.

    • Naomi

      Thanks. We are aware of the issue and looking into it.

  • ric

    Hi Evernote! Love your work and this new app. May I suggest a similar one for wine (beer/whisky/…) lovers? I am already using a rather nice iOS app for this, but… NO SYNCING! Do the right thing guys, when you get a chance. Please. Thanx

  • Brad

    I need the Android version!!

  • Charlie

    I have just started using Food and would love to see a structured or app that could be used for beverages, would love to be able to track in a more structured ways the beer or wine I have and have that incorporated into the evernote that is created by food.

  • Carl

    I would love a Android app as well. I hope it comes soon! Android should be just as well established as iOS by now.

    And yes, the idea of a wine app is good.

  • Nic

    Android app pleaaaaaaasssssse.
    Hard to understand why a major player like Evernote is leaving Android users behind on this cool app. I would help if there was an annoucement wether you guys are working on it.

  • Ames

    Looks great! Would love to have this on Android too :)

  • lavender0707

    I understand the coolness of recognizing notes as Recipes automatically, but it is frustrating when a note is indeed a recipe but the program just couldn’t recognize it. WHY IS IT YOU DON”T ALLOW USERS TO MANUALLY MARK ONE NOTE AS A RECIPE?

    Especially since there’s already a toggle to mark a note as “not recipe”, how hard is it to build a toggle to mark a note as ” yes this is a recipe”?