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Evernote, Your One-Stop Tool for Surviving the Holidays: Gift Giving (Part One)

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 09 Dec 2011

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 09 Dec 2011

The winter holidays are just around the corner. There are gifts to buy (often for picky people!), budgets to manage, parties to plan, and cards to send. We’re showing you how to survive the holidays, with a lot of help from Evernote.

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*You can save it straight to your Evernote account, for easy reference. [Learn how to attach a file to your note]

How to use Evernote for holiday gift giving

If you’re like my mother-in-law, you implore everyone in the family to send you their gift ideas before the holidays. Lists come in different forms — from emails to handwritten notes — and they’re always a pain to manage. Use Evernote to get ahead with your holiday shopping:

  • Forward gift lists from your email to your Evernote account by emailing them to your Evernote email address (found in your Preferences).
  • Use Evernote to snap a photo or scan in paper lists. Add titles and tags to make searching easier. You can also search inside of images and PDFs so if you’re at the store and see something you recall seeing on a gift list, just type in the item name into your search box.
  • Create a checklist associated with gifts you plan to purchase. When you’re at the store and want to cross something off your list, just pull it up in Evernote on your mobile device. [Learn how to create a checklist in Evernote]
  • Doing some comparison shopping? Use Evernote to keep track of great deals by clipping products from the web using the Evernote Web Clipper and snap photos of items (and price tags) in store. Search through your research from any computer or device to finalize your decisions.

Evernote for finding the perfect gift, any time of year

Figuring out what to get for people that seem to never have a list can be kind of stressful. Take advantage of the moments when friends and family hint at things they’d like to receive.

  • When you’re at lunch with your mom and she mentions that she really wishes she had a nice wool sweater, jot down a discreet note in Evernote on your smartphone.
  • Out shopping with a friend and notice her eying a certain dress? Snap a photo of it using the snapshot feature in Evernote on your phone.
  • Whenever you’re browsing the web and come across something that you think your dad, brother, or uncle may appreciate it, clip it using the Evernote Web clipper. Tag it with a memorable tag like ‘gift ideas: dad’ or jot down a few notes to go along with the clip. Search through your clips anytime, anywhere. [Learn how to use the Evernote Web Clipper]

No one says you can’t do a little shopping for yourself. Take note of gift ideas for yourself and link all of them (using Note Links) into a single note titled ‘Holiday Wish List.’ [Learn how to use Note Links]

Create gift lists and find holiday gift deals by using Evernote with ShopAdvisor

ShopAdvisor recently launched a gift list feature that helps you find products, shows reviews and alerts you when the price of something you’ve been eyeing meets your budget. The app’s new Evernote integration allows you to create your gift list in Evernote and lets ShopAdvisor ‘watch’ this list for you. You can also save watched items to Evernote using ShopAdvisor on your iPhone or Android — a great way to comparison shop. A personal shopping assistant sure can take the stress off holiday gift-buying! To start using ShopAdvisor with Evernote, you’ll want to link your account by first going here.

Don’t Forget: Evernote for the holidays Twitter Party

Come chat with Carley, our new Parenting Ambassador, about ways to stay sane during the holidays and focus on family. Learn more here. For more holiday talk, head to our Evernote for the Holidays forum discussion.

Read how other Evernote users use Evernote for planning the holidays, and share your ideas!

Next up: we’ll be talking about ways to manage your budget during the holiday season, followed by planning the perfect holiday party.


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  • Marco

    I usually do my shopping at this awesome site , and with this Evernote idea….well my shopping will be great this year.

    Happy Evernote user!

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Great ideas! Especially like the Holiday Guide.
    My biggest take away: take photos of stuff while you’re at the shops! Then scour the webs for the best price!

  • Mohsens

    Great idea, i will use it