Skitch for Android Passes 3 Million Downloads, Gets Image Rotation

Skitch for Android Passes 3 Million Downloads, Gets Image Rotation

Posted by on 12 Dec 2011

Posted by on 12 Dec 2011

Three and a half months ago, Phil (our CEO) was on stage at our Trunk Conference announcing the launch of Skitch for Android, our app that helps people get their point across with fewer words using shapes and annotations. We’re excited to announce that in that short time, Skitch has been downloaded an astounding 3,000,000 times. That’s a download every 1.5 seconds!

If you’re one of these Skitch users, tell us your story in the comments. We would love to hear how you’re using Skitch and how you’re using Skitch together with Evernote.

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New feature: Object rotation

Last week we updated Skitch for Android, adding a really useful feature: object rotation. Now, you can rotate arrows, text and shapes by simply tapping on the object, pressing with two fingers and rotating. You can also rotate multiple objects at once, by tapping on them individually to select them, then doing the two finger rotate.

If you’re not using Skitch yet, get it now from the Android Market. We have lots more great stuff in the works, including new features and new platforms (iOS is coming soon). Stay tuned.


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  • Mark Johannsen

    Not to sound too much like an Android user, but . . . we want our iOS version! Why does Android get everything first?

    • Me

      Android gets everything first? Of the last 4 blog posts, 2 are new iOS apps.

      It’s actually getting pretty annoying the way that on this blog as soon a feature/app gets released, the other party (iOS/Android) appears outright begging for the feature, subtly begging for the feature or just complaining that their OS gets everything second.

      • Mark Johannsen

        Actually, I agree with you and I suppose sarcastic tone of my post didn’t come across. I know they are working on an iOS version of Skitch and it will come when it’s ready. I’m sure a Hello version is coming for Android as well but there were dozens and dozens of posts repeatedly asking for an Android version and castigating Evernote for not having one immediately.

  • Jonathan Gardner

    That is awesome news. Looking forward to the iOS version.

  • Ann Price

    Android doesn’t get everything first…just the apps most people want. 🙂

  • Simon Baynes

    The ability to actually rotate the underlying image would be much more useful.

  • Sarah Rosenberg

    I’ve been using skitch for taking notes in my econ class. It’s has exactly the tools I need to draw graphs quickly and clearly: lines, arrows, colors, and text.

  • hamed

    Im Iran

  • Shlomo

    I just downloaded skitch yesterday along with Evernote. I sent my wife a surprise sketch that said I Love You!! but I drew it and she loved it…looking forward to finding new ways to use it.

  • Svein

    One single feature would elevate the Android app above all else for me – making screenshots. I have no intention of rooting my device and I am trying to find a way to make screenshots and annotate them. Skitch is the closest one and is awsome in most ways. But I can not find a way to do the screenshots. What am I missing?

    • Ken

      On Android 2.3 above devices, holding home + slight press on power button should get your screenshot. it works on my sgs2