Evernote for Android Update: More Sharing Control, New Icons and...an HTC Giveaway!


Evernote for Android Update: More Sharing Control, New Icons and…an HTC Giveaway!

Posted by on 15 Dec 2011

Posted by on 15 Dec 2011

Today, we updated Evernote for Android (3.4). We’ve added a few much-requested features, including better sharing options, an improved interface and more. Here’s what’s new. Be sure to read to the end to learn how to enter our HTC Sensation XL giveaway.

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Note sharing improvements

Evernote for Android makes it easy to share select memories with whomever you like. In this update, we’ve increased the control you have over shared notes and also made sharing options more accessible.

We’ve redesigned the sharing screen completely. Now, when you share a single note, the URL appears at the top of the sharing screen. If at any point you decide to stop sharing, tap on the Disable URL option. Once you deactivate a shared note, the link will stop working for everyone that you shared with.

There are now several ways to access the sharing menu:

  • Tap and hold the note in the note list
  • When viewing a note, tap the Menu button
  • When viewing a note, tap on the down arrow in the note title bar

Notebook type icons

We’re always looking for ways to give you as much information at-a-glace as possible. In this update, we’ve added icons that indicate notebook type. When you view your notebook list, you’ll see whether a notebook has been shared with an individual, the world, or not at all. It’s a great way to quickly know the state of each notebook.

Faster access to editing and options

We’ve added a pencil icon to the note title bar when you’re viewing a note. Tap this icon to edit note content. Tap the arrow next to the edit icon to view a bunch of additional note-related options.

And more…

We’ve also improved our login and registration flows, fixed lots of bugs and made the app just plain better. Stay tuned, we have lots more in store.

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Giveaway time: Win an HTC Sensation XL [CLOSED}

It’s been a while since our last giveaway, and we’re excited to revive the tradition with the excellent HTC Sensation XL!

The HTC Sensation XL is a great Android phone with a 4.7 inch screen, awesome camera and audio from Beats by Dre, including an in-box customized Beats headset. It also comes with the HTC’s own Sense user interface which has Evernote built right into the Notes application. Every note and scribble is automatically sent into your Evernote account. Learn more about Evernote on HTC phones and tablets »

This giveaway is over


  • We will give away four (4) HTC Sensation XL Android phones
  • This is a worldwide giveaway (certain shipping restrictions may apply)
  • One entry per person
  • To be considered, individuals must submit their entry by 9 am PT on Friday December, 23rd
  • Winners will be randomly selected and contacted directly via email or Twitter Direct Message

Good luck!


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  • Federico Guardia

    My girlfriend needs a phone, after hers broke a couple weeks ago. I bet she could really use Evernote for her classes…

  • Mark

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to listen to awesome tunes while I use Evernote to keep track of my every random thought.

  • Steven Dobbelaere

    I would use it daily as a tool for work and personal stuff like music

  • ghost_reiter

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to take pictures, watch YouTube videos and develop great new android applications.

  • Guido Schultz

    By being all day on my way I would like collect all tutorials for cinema I get informed by twitter. Nice, quick and easy I guess.

  • Kwasi Bunsie

    I plan to give this phone as a gift to my brother since I’m one of the unemployed and can not by a thing for anyone this holiday.

  • Dan Stever

    I plan to use my HTC Sensation XL to keep my life / schedule / thoughts in check with Evernote and ROCK out with those headphones. Oh yeah… email and text too. *Pfff… Who needs the “phone” feature.

  • Dan Bjørneboe

    I would use the phone together with Evernote to keep my projects and life priorities in rip top shape

  • Dr Prithwiraj Das

    My Tweet – I use @Evernote every day to take my notes, organize them efficiently and use them effectively! The best for me! #evernotehtc

    Keep up the good work!

  • Stephen Koehn

    I plan on using the HTC Sensation XL to stay productive on the go, in contact with those I love and entertained in between!

    Thanks to Evernote for keeping my thoughts straight!

  • Justin Jones

    I plan to use the HTC Sensation XL to take lots of picture notes of design meeting whiteboards.

  • Daniel

    I would use the phone to play some of my favorite Android games.

  • René Fischer

    Great update, especially the enhanced sharing options. And now I fetch the update.

    Because you are asking for it: I urgently need this HTC Sensation because I’ll bet its much better than my SGS and I don’t wont to buy it by myself 😛

  • Pasquale Innato

    I would use the Sensation XL to record my ideas for music production and taking note about my photos (aperture, iso speed, shutter speed etc)

  • molotovich

    How I plan to use the HTC?

    To record everything I see, and have a nice sound while doing it.

    I tend to do preventive maintenance on equipment, so the good camera allows me to document the state of the things I do maintenance on. Also to record all part numbers and serials I encounter

    • Fernando Carmona (molotovich)

      And my real name is Fernando Carmona, from Mexico

  • Mike Winston

    I use @Evernote every day to write down creative ideas I’m bound to forget #evernotehtc

  • Robert Hicks

    I use Evernote all the time on my phone trying to keep my life organized. I use it for things such as capturing articles, shopping lists, and reminders. I have always wanted a Android device but because of contracts and other hassles have not been able to switch. The HTC Sensation XL is a great phone. If I won this phone it would be used primarily as a note taking device (Evernote), listening to music (Spotify), and communications (regular calls, Skype, Google Voice) along with all of the other tasks a great smart phone can do.

  • Johannes Setiabudi

    I currently use an T-Mobile G2 (HTC G2) and looking forward to upgrade to Sensation XL. I use my phone often to jot down quotes/URL to read later (using Evernote) – and plan to continue doing the same thing with the new Sensation XL.

  • Mike Kirkham

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL in my classroom to show students how they can use their own smartphones to help them learn.

  • Trevor Gerzen

    I’ve had a Droid Incredible for 2 years and it’s totally falling apart so I would use it for EVERYTHING. I need to replace my phone so I would be using it for photos, music, social activity, of course Evernote, texting, calling, internet browsing, I.T. work as I am the I.T. Manager for a private elementary and there has been times where armed with nothing but my phone I have had to log into servers and “fix” them.

  • David Mead

    Looks like I could pretty much replace my work laptop with this phone. Capture ideas, sketches, and wireframes in Evernote, share them them with the team and test on the browser. All the while listening to my favourite music 🙂

  • Adrien Sebbane

    The quick edit option is very welcome.
    I would use a bigger screen to type my notes faster and more efficiently !

    Great application anyway !

  • Louis Klieger

    I hope to use the HTC XL when I’m studying in Ireland this semester!

  • Anders Blomhoff Pedersen

    I would give the HTC Sensation XL to my girlfrein so i could bring her in to the new age, the cloud. Teach her to use evernote so she can get über productive and organized before starting her education in the automn. And hanging out via Google Hangout whenever I’m tired of studiyng, like NOW!

  • Dave

    I use Evernote as a teacher for lots of things – organizing all my lesson plans and lesson resources, research, sharing resources with students and much more.

    Evernote is an indispensable app for me.

  • Jonathan T

    I plan on using the HTC Sensation XL to listen to music while I workout, take notes on Evernote during meetings and not lug around a laptop, and also use it to call my mom on Christmas.

  • Randa Kerbache

    If I win, I would use it with Evernote to save my school notes and save books’ barcodes and titles for later to buy.
    I’d install StudyBlue too to be able to revise for exams more easily 🙂
    I would install an eBook reading app to read my favorite books.
    Mainly, It would be my personal mini-pc 🙂

  • Joshua Gibbs

    I hope to use the HTC XL to stay in touch with Louis Klieger while he is studying in Ireland.

  • Raymond Toombs

    I plan on giving the HTC to my kids so they can enjoy android as much as I do and we can kep family notes on it instead of sending messages back and forth right now.

  • Kathy J

    I take pics with my phone of my gardening efforts or plants I want to buy and save them to Evernote. Evernote gives me a way to journal my gardening progress. Love it!

  • Cory

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL as it is intended: as a phone and music player. That way, I won’t have to carry around two devices as I do now. Plus, that gorgeous screen will make my notes and saved files in Evernote look spectacular.

  • Hannes B

    I would use it to sync all my documents between android and pc. my galaxy s is to slow and cause of the phones bad construction, I can’t take advantage of the features of my premium account!

  • Webster Pratt

    I would use the XL to take my evernotes up to date while in meetings. The larger screen would be a huge help.

  • Robert

    Do you enter by doing both or one or the other?

  • Joshua Hunter

    Give my old phone to my kids so they don’t jump me the minute I get in the door and monopolize it all evening.

  • Michael Bruns

    I plan to use the HTC and the big screen to circumvent my computer limitations at work! IE 5 and a firewall won’t stop me from using Evernote to stay organized!

  • Guilherme Zaleski Dea

    Well, I’m gonna use it to phone (oh, really?), listen music NON-STOP, take pictures…and USE EVERNOTE EVERYWEHRE!!!

  • David Hopkins

    I love my HTC Android phone, and I would give this one to my daughter. She lives in another state, and this would allow us to share pictures, video conference, and Skype when Im not able to be with her. I miss you baby.. dad

  • Nathan Linde

    I would use the HTC XL to keep track of all my notes vs. using my laptop!

  • Safraz Hassen

    I plan to use the HTC Sensation XL to get a change of pace from having used the iPhone the past few years. And of course, I will be using Evernote on it to get the most out of it. 🙂

  • David Halprin

    I am just graduating college and I plan on using the HTC Sensation XL to gain experience with the Android OS and use Evernote in my job search to keep track of my networking.

  • Fredrik

    I used to have a iphone but smashed my glas and now Im stuck with a notsosmartphone and it drives me crazy

  • Jeremy Gray

    I have one year to go before I finish my long awaited degree. This will take an immense amount of research which needs to be complied and easy to access. This is where Evernote comes in! Looking up countless websites, journals, books and other resources are made practically enjoyable when they are so easy to keep organized. After I finish my degree I am off to Taiwan to teach English and get into international business.

  • David Parker

    I plan to use the HTC Sensation XL to stay organized no matter where I’m at.

  • James Robinson

    I hope to use the HTC XL for mobile development testing.

  • Randi Schmechel

    I use Evernote to keep track of creative ideas I find on the web, plus store links to websites or copy articles for college research papers. It’s much easier to retain the information I need! thanks for a great product and a chance to win a new phone.

  • Chris Munoz

    I would love to use the HTC Sensation X for my music and I would download Evermore to use for all of my work notes!

  • Eustáquio Rangel

    I’ll use it to improve the way I use Evernote and organize my life. I need a bigger screen, my Galaxy 5 it’s too small nowadays. 🙂

  • Dan Fulbright

    As a long-time iPhone user, I just want to play with an Android phone!

  • Mark Kaigwa

    How I plan to use the HTC Sensation XL: Simple, it all revolves around putting Africa on the map:

    – Shoot a series of video interviews for afrinnovator.com
    – Record a series of short podcasts on African technology
    – Enjoy one damn good piece of modern engineering excellence

    Simple. 🙂

  • Audra Spicer

    iTunes made a mess on hot ice of my iPhone music last night. Bring on the Android. This girl is ready.

  • Lucas Walther

    I’d use the HTC Sensation XL as a replacement for my old Samsung Galaxy S.

  • Jeanine Black

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL for everything, especially quick photos and notes of ideas for future projects — in Evernote. I’m fairly new to Evernote, and wonder how I ever did without it!

  • Sandy Lane

    I will use this phone for school and keeping in touch with my family.

  • Tomas Tyner

    I use Evernote to sync my world-from iPod to Macs I can access and address it all wherever I am and on any device I’ve at hand. Gr8 product.

  • Peter Hansen

    I use use the HTC Sensation XL to remember more on Evernote as my current phone is a work supplied (locked down) Blackberry that makes me cringe every time I have to do anything other than make calls, send email or bbm messages.

  • Jan Karjalainen

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL to pump up the groove while walking in the city.

  • Martin Merschroth

    I will use the Sensation to keep my life organized.

  • Dave Schopp

    How would I use the HTC Sensation XL? It would allow me to access my notes I use for providing customer support, my recipes, games, archived web sites, etc. while on the run! I wouldn’t have to be chained to my desktop! Yay!

  • Yuri Habrusiev

    I will use HTC Sensation XL to make my life easier (Evernote help me in this :)) because it will be my first Android phone!

  • Joy Torelli

    The HTC Sensation XL and EVERNOTE would be so helpful to become organized at the studio, at home, and on the road. Thank you for making this offer. It will let me be more creative and allow me to complete more projects efficiently!

  • Dave Caira

    When my memory fails me, Evernote always has the answer my brain has forgotten. The HTC Sensation lets me bring my spare brain everywhere with me. Plus, Beats by Dre!

  • Hank Mondaca, A Mobile Marketer

    I use @Evernote every day ¡pǝpunoɹƃ ʇǝǝɟ ʎɯ puɐ ʇɥƃıɐɹʇs pɐǝɥ ʎɯ dǝǝʞ oʇ #evernotehtc AsUCanC, I’m an #htcSensationXL short of being cured!

  • Ales Paulovic

    I need to change my old phone because there is no support for Evernote which i need every day.

  • Amir

    Great looking improvements. Very slick.

  • Tracy Dryden

    I could finally have my own personal smart phone and not have to use my work phone for personal use.

  • Matt Roberts

    I use Evernote with my livecribe for DueDiligence on tech startups every single day. The HTC Sensation XL would be perfect to complete the package of grabbing and creating my notes on the go.

  • Andrew Imbayago

    I plan to be taking a lot of videos with the HTC XL as well as play my music on it. The Beats head gear is Legendary!

  • Sam Ciccarello

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation to flaunt it in the faces of my ungrateful relatives…and then tell them to kiss my backside.

  • Dana Fortier

    I would use the new HTC for my growing virtual project & operations management business. This is – in fact – the phone I’m looking to upgrade to anyway. If I **won** the phone, I could plow the money I would have used purchasing it to maybe attend an industry conference and further build my business and spread the evangalism known as Evernote!!

  • Matson Ho

    I plan to get an android phone and I would like to try HTC’s w/ Beats headset as being a music-holic 🙂

  • Jonas Hallström

    I will use the HTC XL to record my world in Evernote, Every Day.

  • Ken Morrow

    I would give it to my wife who really need a smart phone.

  • Thomas van der Straten

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL to watch lol cat videos on Youtube…or not 🙂

  • Jonas Eklund

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL to show and learn students with special needs how Evernote can help them organize their day and remember all tasks.

  • David Luna

    Plans to use the HTC Sensation XL? Rather, the question would be:

    There is any plan that doesn’t suit to it?

  • Thomas

    I would sell my Nexus One and use the HTC Sensation with evernote instead 🙂

  • Juan Costa

    I use it everyday to remind myself of the important things that I need to do.

    I also use it a lot to save important stuff that comes up to my mind.

  • Chris Paavola

    Oh man, I would love to use the HTC Sensation XL to take clear pictures of creative whiteboard meetings for archiving! (Using Evertnote’s text-finder feature for pics, of course! 😀 )

  • Tom Hinkle

    On Monday I gave my cell phone to my sister so she had one after hers was lost. I’ll use the HTC Sensation to make Evernote mobile for myself once again.

  • dale

    I’d use the HTC Sensation XL to log progress on work sites with Evernote, keep track of personal proJect ideas, and annotate photos of my daughters with Skitch.

  • Michael killion Jaganyi

    I plan to use the HTC to take beautiful photos and quickly type my text for my evernote notes

  • Mike

    my Milestone is almost broken.. really need a new phone.


  • Cherry Fan

    I will use the new HTC phone as a gift to my father, who has been planning on getting a smartphone! 🙂

  • Timo Rosenblatt

    It would help me even more to manage my whole life with Evernote.

  • Jan Ragnvald Torsvik

    I would give the phone to my daughter at secondary school.
    Evernote available for keywords, and schedules etc would be a great help.

  • Marcelino Mayorga

    I will use the HTC as an upgrade for my old phone, to take pictures and write down random design notes and share it colleages. as well as quick reminders.

    Great app, in the past was to tedious to move data around, now its soo easy. thanks!

  • Raf

    My 5230 Symbian phone is getting old in a hurry, it doesn’t even run Evernote.
    Using the HTC Sensation XL I could leave my camera and MP3 player at home and store my notes while on the move.

  • Brandon

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to capture more ideas/thoughts into Evernote!

  • jeff

    Son needs a phone desparately but can’t afford one right now

  • Vaibhav Kanwal

    I have tried using various Project Management Tools for personal use and have also worked through some GTDs but Evernote’s simplicity and affordability (Premium version) triumphs over everything!

    Its useful and easy to work with and take client notes and save varied information that is just accessible anytime.

    Just love it.
    Tweet – https://twitter.com/vaibhavkanwal/status/147407732515938304

  • Heather

    Considering that my Android phone barely works anymore, I really need to win this Sensation XL so that I can actually stay in contact with people again!

  • albert maciel

    HTC Sensation XL….

    I recently started a small pest control company, since then I’ve been using evernote. With the HTC I plan on taking my business into a whole new level of professionalism. I’ll be able to replace my out of date phone and won’t have to drag my laptop around looking for wi-fi anymore!

  • Kazimierz Janeczko

    I will be procrastinating on important t durin things with the new phone in my hand…

  • Justin S

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL every day as my personal digital assistant! The Beats audio would be great for me as I listen to music and audio books every day on walk to and from work. And you can be absolutely sure that Evernote will be one of the first apps I install onto it!

  • Nigel Farro

    I would mainly use the camera on my HTC Sensation XL to capture random moments I come to experience during my daily live in the city. The Beats by Dre headphone will definitely enhance my adventures in the city by letting me enjoy my music with a headphone small enough to fit under my hoody when it’s raining, but powerful enough to deliver a great sound.

  • Mahmood Ali

    i have motorola defy and i see alor of reviews about Sensation XL and it’s awsome plus i want him to kick out my motorola defy..

    Sensation XL have great features like:
    Nice Camera
    Giant Screen
    Beats Audio !!
    1600 mAh Battery

    so..who doesn’t want this phone ??????

  • Mike Turner

    I use Evernote to keep track of work tasks, shared family lists, phone messages, personal projects, recipes, wishlists, whose turn it is to buy coffee (with a work friend), personal thoughts during church sermons, personal thoughts in general (iDiary?), plan vacation, pricing potential purchases…

    and I’m finding more uses all the time!

  • Marco Maas

    I finally would replace my old G1 Android with a state-of-the-art-model. I use Evernote on a daily basis to organise my small company for data-journalism – would die without it – keep up the great work!

  • Mike Turner

    Oh! And I’d use the Sensation XL as an all-in-one replacement for my iPod (Hello Google Music!) and current smartphone. LOVE the form factor! Very good move, HTC.

  • Wendy Inman

    I would love to be able to access my lists when i’m out of the house!!

  • Jonathan Almeida

    I’m going to do away with my battered HTC Desire and use the Sensation to read all my feeds on Evernote. I use ifttt.com to automatically backup my favourite feeds to Evernote. Then, I can read my feeds anywhere!

  • Malcs

    I’d use the phone and Evernote to keep my life together – all in one place, forever!!

  • Bill Smith

    I use Evernote for everything! I recently installed the android app on an HTC Flyer tablet, and I take it everywhere. My associates think I’m an Evernote saleman…I don’t know how anyone gets by without it today. Regarding the use of the HTC Sensation…if I win it, I will give it to my very busy daughter that flies all over the country doing software installation and training. She NEEDS Evernote!

  • Nathan Westfall

    I plan to use the HTC to help android development!

  • Cristobal Bragagnolo

    Im working on a web-startup, and Evernote is essencial for me to get all the information, ideas, desing, examples and presentations in one place on the move!
    Its great, you dont loose anythings, and then its organized and just a click away!
    The HTC will contribute to keep working on it on the move!

    Cheers from Argentina!!

  • Neil Harrington

    I use evernote everyday for sales meeting and notes, I use my tablet with a keyboard, not to lug around a laptop.

    An HTC Sensation would make it even easier to review my notes

  • john scibran

    I can use a new phone more powerful than the one I own. I use Evermore with my direct sales business. I keep order information, and notes from motivational seminars and love accessing it wherever I am. By smartphone, tablet or laptop, whichever is more convenient.,

  • Markus Sturm

    I need the new HTC sensation XL to complete myself again: I feel like an elephant, but I´ve lost my brain – so give me back my brain, give me the HTC with evernote! 🙂

  • Mike DeRousse

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to view and add to my growing list of notes in Evernote.

  • Pasi Mikkonen

    Managering my voluteering work as a scouter and member of national scouting organizations adult training board (Finland).

  • Noland Hoshino

    I use Evernote to keep track of all things social. I started with Evernote a long time ago and didn’t quite fit it into my schedule and didn’t understand the value of keeping snippets in my notebook,…, until recently. I just signed up for Evernote Premium and use it daily. I’m trying to go paperless and Evernote is helping succeed.

    Thanks Elephant!

  • Dimitar Tsonev

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL for my primary phone to keep all my things up and running 🙂 So, please, select me 🙂

  • Onur Turk

    I will use HTC Sensation XL to take notes of my speeches on Evernote App in order not to be like Rick Perry ”uhmmm what’s the last one” on stage when I deliver speech. If I be like Rick Perry and forgot the last part, I will use HTC Sensation XL to record a video to turn this faliure into advantage. 🙂 (I’m refering to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiCRW5zGSG4&feature=relmfu )

  • Patrik Johansson

    I would consider the HTC Sensation XL as an extension of my brain.

  • Kay Helm

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL as a mobile office – with Evernote, of course! And I use Evernote for – well, EVERYTHING!

  • Dammon Burden (@DeltaXain)

    I would use this to take notes faster and more efficiently. Drawing things is often easier!! Also, handing over my phone to let someone draw that ‘ever important’ idea… I would also continue to suggest awesome ideas to Evernote as I get them.

  • Philip Ferris

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to help me keep track of expenses, as well as information, I need to remember in my new job, that I start in January.

  • Dmytro Matvisyk

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to make my life easier and be more organized.

  • Michele Lupo

    Hi guys! I use Evernote to organize myself and plan lots of my appointments. I would use the new awesome HTC Sensation XL to listening my favourite beats. I wanna it!!! I wanna be the first and unique Italian guy to win this gorgeous award! Plase give to me this present..it’s a XMas time!:-) bye bye have a great day!:-)

  • Michele Lupo

    Hi guys! I use Evernote to organize myself and plan lots of my appointments. I would use the new awesome HTC Sensation XL to listening my favourite beats. I wanna it!!! I wanna be the first and unique Italian guy to win this gorgeous award! Plase give to me this present..it’s a XMas time!:-) bye bye have a great day!:-)

  • Michael Pavlakes

    The HTC Sensation XL would be just the ticket to help me keep track of my life that seems to be moving faster every day!

  • Dave Busch

    I keep my life in evernote, productivity, reading, reference and entertainment. Now I write notes on index cards and enter details when I get to a pc. I’d love capture more items in a quicker manner. A phone like this will lead to massive improvement

  • Tyler Neufeld

    I would use the sensation for everything. Big old evernote widget on my homescreen, and every possible method of sharing things thanks to Android OS.

  • Tyler Neufeld

    Wait do I have to tweet and comment both?

  • Felipe Vidal

    I’m done with the information moat because I now use Evernote. It’s the bridge that connects my many devices with the notes I make about my ideas and my vices. An HTC Sensation XL would sure be swell giving me more screen for my notes to be seen.

    Ok…so I will never be a Dr. Seuss but I am a Professional Geek.

    Miami, FL, USA

  • John Coloe

    I’d use the HTC Sensation XL to always be in touch and organized. The 4.7″ screen would be great. Larger than most smartphone screens, but not a tablet either.

  • Andrey Nikanorov

    I will use HTC Sensation XL as an replacement for my Desire Z phone. Thank you so much for the tight integration of Sense and Evernote you guys do. This integration will help me to be more productive in storing and searching information. Hope you will produce integration with more and more devices.

  • David Bell

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation to finally take my Evernote usage mobile.

  • Vladislav Shumkin

    I plan to make a gift out of HTC Sensation XL to my sister, because parents could not afford it.

  • stef spakman

    I wil use it together with evernote to remember my homework. And to make my homework on the go.

  • Qi Luo

    I will use Sensation to take lecture notes instead of 15.4′ 2kg laptop!!!

  • peggy hinds

    I tweeted and I would use the phone for everything! Schedules research, contacts. I am a busy homeschooling mom and need it to help keep me going!

  • Marianna

    I would use the phone to help me share notes with my sons as I’m out and about and not near my computer.

  • Scott Ludwig

    I use @Evernote every day to take notes at work & home!!! #evernotehtc | I would love to do it with a new HTC Sensation XL, which would be a nice upgrade from my HTC G2!

  • Rolando Enriquez

    Will use it as a regular mobile phone, a

    planner, and a music tool.

  • Christian Eberl

    In spring I’m starting my study at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg. In order to keep the vast amount of new knowledge well organized, I plan on using Evernote on this big(!!!) screen. I want to make it my central virtual library, which instantly provides me with the information I’m looking for exactly when I spontaneousely need it. All my documents saved in this litte thing, always ready to hand- goodbye heavy notebooks <333
    I'd also love to organize projects with to-do-lists and share the data I've gathered in group works. And I'm also looking forward to start my own blog on the net about my experiences I will make using these new possibilities Evernote offers me.
    For this, I totally need this gorgeous smart phone!!! Aw, I could so see me being the smartphone freak of the class 😀

  • Damian Zammit

    I plan to use my new HTC Sensation XL to take notes via text, sound, video and images. Recording every bit of my life with evernote, tagging it is a go a long for tracking later. For work I take notes of all my projects and research with evernote. People in the office are using OneNote however they are now starting to see the power of EVERNOTE! Plus it would be a nice upgrade.

  • José González D'Amico (@Jose_GD)

    I plan on using this beautiful phone to test my Android apps. And of course, to be my main phone

  • Richard Hodges

    I would use that awesome piece of kit to share my Notes with my smokin’ hot wife who is 17 weeks pregnant with our first child.

    At the moment, it’s all paper lists which she makes and on supposed to know what’s on them with my super paper-in-her-handbag-reading powers! If she had this phone, she could use Evernote and we could share our lists and be ready for our Ever noted baby.

    … plus she could use it to let me know what needs to be done around the house… bit don’t let sympathy stop you from sending that phenomenal phone my way 🙂

  • Jan Mueller

    I am a medical doctor working in a radiology department. I use evernote everyday for taking notes and to combine my knowledge. As I add many pdf. files to evernote I recently became a premium member. The HTC Sensation XL would be a great possibility to have all my notes accessible everytime and everywhere during my working time. The bigger screen would be perfect for viewing radiology images. My chief resident already became interested in evernote und supports my ideas. I would be happy to introduce this great ressource of taking and sharing notes with evernote in my department.

  • Filip Blank

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to capture ideas and inspirations on the go with Evernote. My Evo4G is getting a little old and I would love the bigger screen, better camera and an amazing sound!

  • Russ Goerend

    The Sensation XL would fit right into my classroom. I use Evernote to document student learning. The way Evernote is built into the phone would be a natural way for me to use those features in my classroom for recording student conversations and taking notes on student work.


  • Jacek Król

    Lots of stuff:
    – music
    – life orchestration
    – navigating (by stars)
    – gaming
    – testing own code?

  • Mike Hutchinson

    I will user the new HTC phone to replace my work phone since I’ll need to give it back when I’m laid off.

  • Justin Jefferson

    This phone would be great for updating my blog and stuff on the go! I could also use it to note things as inspiration for my artwork..

  • Sebastien Leclerc Lavallee

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to develop my own Android applications, ones that sync with Evernote!

  • Steve Kellam

    I plan on using the HTC to try out the great new Evernote Android interface.

  • Stian Thaulow

    I would replace my tired old HTC Legend.

  • Ellen Evers

    I use @Evernote every day to keep track of stuff my brain is too lazy to do .. e.g. which filmroll i put into which (analogue) camera #evernotehtc

  • D

    There’s still a problem with the Android code. When you edit a note from the device, the first line of the note sometimes is completely blank. This needs to be fixed.

  • Randy L.

    I use Evernote on a daily basis. The HTC would make it so much easier.

  • ericka winston

    The new update crashes everyone I try to go to settings in evernote. I have a t-mobile g2

  • Csaba Pálos

    I am using Evernote all the time to keep all my stuff, notes, todos, everything. My Android phone is a test device from my company, and my colleagues need it again and again for testing. I miss Evernote in my pocket in those days – also today.

  • Calvin Yu

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to access my Getting Things Done (GTD) to-do list based on my context. Ideally this will be on a beach with the beats headphones on doing work!

  • Saskia

    I’d use the HTC Sensation XL to replace my old Hero which is in serious danger of giving up the ghost in the near future! That lovely big screen would feel like utter luxury in comparison to my little phone 🙂

  • David Alexander

    I would use the HTC as my new business phone and give my old Android to my daughter, who loves it. And I would use the built in Evernote to organize everything I do.

  • Bruce

    I use Evernote everyday for just keeping track of life in a foreign country. It is so easy to snap a picture of a bus stop sign and get a list of all the stops on the route. As the signs are in a foreign language, having the information totally searchable makes it easy to go back and both learn the language and find my way around!

    I would use the HTC to continue to improve my language skills and to help others by sending them information on travel, restaurants, shopping places, etc. It would be a great tool!

  • janik

    I would use the HTC sensation xl to replace my crappy HTC desire and use evernote to keep track of my ideas, thoughts and tasks on the go wherever I am on the big screen while listening to music with the excellent headset.
    or I give it as a Christmas gift to my mother, who really deserves a new mobile phone.

  • rcobourn

    I think I’d use the HTC Sensation XL as a really special stocking stuffer for my wife. Or maybe not. 🙂

  • Jono

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL to continue to use Evernote to minimise the mundane and MAXIMISE the MEANINGFUL!!

  • Deepu Mukundan

    I am a budding iOS and Android developer and an Evernote Fanboy. I have written some articles on Evernote in my blog [http://ideepu.blogspot.com]and am the local evangelist on all thinks geeky :). I use Evernote every day in my life for recording bits and pieces of info which otherwise never stays with me. Also Evernote is my prime document repository for each and every important document I need to save like certificates, licence and important pictures.

    Recently I started getting interested into mobile development (had been wishing I started it long before). My primary devices are an iPad and iPod touch. Having the HTC Sensation XL would allow me to test my apps for Android in a device instead of the emulator [Yes wifey disapproves of more cool toys ;0]. Also it would make a worthy upgrade as a really good phone from my current flip open legacy cheapo phone :). Meetings, planning, entertainment, development, storage and a lot more in one bundle is always fun.

    Thanks for reading and you guys @Evernote keep up the good work in improving the Evernote application [all platforms]! Really love it.


  • Deb Casey

    I use Evernote every day to keep track of my customers and the advertising for my web sites. I use the integration between Xobni for Outlook and Evernote. Evernote ROCKS !!!! 🙂

  • Andreas Wessel

    I already use Evernote on a daily basis for almost everything – having my notes available on all my devices – no matter what OS they’re running on – is just plain awesome. Having Evernote directly integrated into the notes app of a mobile device would take me another step further – making it even easier to have everything inside the virtual brain of Evernote. Right now it happens occasionally to me that some of the things I would like to remember are stored inside the “regular” notes application. I’m hoping to leave that behind with the HTC.

  • Jon Bauerle

    With the improved camera on the Sensation, I would replace my scanner, and take photos of documents straight into Evernote!

  • Lennart Olsen

    If I won the phone I would likely read a lot on it, and use it as a dictation machine with Evernote just to more easily remember good ideas. The phone would support, and enhance, my workflow when I am not by a computer. It would be great for my studies, work and hobbies.

  • Jude Sturman

    I’m desperate for an Android phone with a larger screen to view my .pdf model plans in Evernote!

  • Cuan Hundermark

    This phone is amazing and I’d use it keep all my notes together, browse the net and generally mess around while looking stylish holding it!

  • Marcos Dias Alves

    I will use it everyday to plan my next vacation.

  • Jayabharath Goluguri

    I would immediately sell it on eBay and will buy a HTC Amaze instead (hey I am being truthful). Amaze it much better for me: Higher Res display, Works on Tmobile 3G/4G and it run evernote even faster with a dual-core processor 🙂

  • Keri Ritenour

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to replace my current phone and access all my Evernote notebooks.

  • Chad Laytham

    I would love the advanced capabilities of the Sensation XL in order to make better use of all of Evernote’s mobile capabilities…I already use it extensively on the desktop, so this would be a nice complement to that.

  • Abhishek Rane

    I’d use the HTC Sensation as my primary phone; HTC’s Sense UI is something I’ve been waiting to try out for a long time. Also, the 8MP camera will make sure that I won’t need to buy a new camera.

  • Songlin Li

    Evernote on Android would be my treasure box to capture daily memory. Remember the Milk would be able to help me organize my projects wherever I am. Runkeeper would help motivate me to live a healthier life. I’d have a far more enjoyable experience with this HTC Sensation XL and increasing apps that are both useful and well-designed on Android Market.

  • leNas vangay

    It will be my slave,tirelessly processing all things Evernote for next semester’s classes as i did with my current- slower phone this semester!

  • John Sampson

    I will use Evernote on the HTC Sensation XL to communicate tasks with others for big projects at the hospital where I work!

  • Kalpik Nigam

    I plan to use HTC Sensation XL as my daily driver, as beats audio rocks!

  • Santiago Folcini

    I use Evernote every day to collect ideas and references for my future home. I am going to build it for my self and I want it to really blend with the town I live in… its in the middle of the mountains!!!

  • Walt DeGrange

    Retire my old warhorse HTC Incredible. I would play taps on my new HTC Sensation XL to memorialize the event. LONG LIVE EVERNOTE!

  • Goh Kim Guan

    I will use HTC Sensation XL to replace my aging HTC Desire. The updated specs and bigger screen will be better used with productivity tools like evernote, dropbox and ezPdf!

  • Jonathan Biddle

    I would love this HTC phone in order to replace my iPod and junk phone combo. It would also be a great help since I’m planning on starting business school next fall.

  • Tiffany Bazzurro

    Evernote, you complete me… Okay, so that’s a little cliche, but true none the less. I use on my Motorola Xoom at work (since I can’t use it on my work PC), on my home computer, and on my Samsung Droid Charge. Evernote literally goes everywhere with me. In the office, it helps me to keep track of meeting notes, remember passwords to all of the different systems I use, jot down ideas on the fly (using Skitch and a tablet/phone pen), keep track of project lists, snap pictures of documents and meeting handouts to add to my notes (I love how Evernote Premium can search images and PDFs for words!), snap pictures of white boards, record audio notes, and save websites. For school, I save homework and classwork, take notes, share a notebook with a classmate, and I even start drafts of my writing assignments in a notebook. When I’m not working or studying, I use Evernote to keep track of shopping lists, save clips from the web about stuff I’m interested in, keep track of info on my computers (and my family’s computers), save registration keys for software, save passwords for websites, take pictures of things for my wishlists, save QR codes from products that I come across, and lots of other things that escape me right now… I have a poor memory, so if it weren’t for Evernote, I’d be at a complete loss, and quite possibly unemployed. It would be great to have a phone with Evernote integration! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Evernote apps for Android and spend lots of time with them, it would just be great to have the notes functionality sync with Evernote. I struggled before Evernote became a part of my life, taking notes in notebooks that I never had with me when I needed to document something, or programs that never synced correctly and lost my notes.

  • Tim De Pauw

    I will use the Sensation XL to enjoy using Evernote on a freakishly large screen, obviously!

  • iPad Story

    Awesome… Any timeframe new update for iOS?

  • Neal Gompa

    I would use it every day to take notes *GASP*! Seriously, the massive screen makes it very suitable for taking notes quickly using the touchscreen while recording audio/video notes.

  • Edward

    Keeping my thoughts straight so I don’t seem crazy!

  • Kruback

    I use it the most for passwords at work. They have to be rotated every few months and Evernote helps me stay on track. I keep other info also but that is a daily use. Thanks!!

  • joey steadman

    This would make a great upgrade for the wife.

  • Tarndeep J

    I use @Evernote every day to plan an organize my life as a college student. It’s hectic with Evernote, and without it, I think I would be lost. Been usin it ever since I started college a year ago! Thanks for the great app! #evernotehtc

    I’m also tweetin via @AgentVeritas! I hope I win!

  • Garvel Newburn

    Evernote is great for cross-platform notes!

  • angie benson

    I would use the sensation as my daily to do list with evermwore, also as the entertainment source for my kids

  • Elliot Lam

    I would definitely married SENSATION XL Since I love HTC’s design very much. And I will definitely protect it from any scratch. Listening to music, Watching videos, taking beautiful sceneries! The Beats function is awesome I think I wont stop listening nice quality of music everyday.

  • Israel Hinojosa

    I plan to use HTC Sensation XL by shooting a music video with it can’t wait.

  • Jay Louise Prieto

    I will use it as a portable media player and maybe as a partner for my DSLR for capturing pre-production videos on the go! Go HTC Sensation XL, Go Green!

  • Vishal Rewari

    I will give HTC sensation to my Parents, won`t keep it for myself.

  • Anne Wijaya

    I would use the Sensation to replace my old Desire, and do all the things I did before in a bigger, better way.

  • Łukasz Przeniosło

    I would like to program android edu-math programs on my pc and tests them on this awesome phone :)!

  • Eduardo Rosas Osorno

    well I’ll use it to start creating my ideas better with evernote, and well, watch videos, images and surf the web in that amazing huge screen!!

  • Andy

    I’d use the Sensation XL for everything. Mostly to share with the world my notes from Evernote.

  • jonathan barcena

    i’m gonna be using the new htc sensation xl to replace my iphone. oh wait, i don’t have an iphone coz i refuse to be a sheep. HA!

  • Steve Lotthammer

    I would use it as my new daily driver. Replace my iPhone entirely and use an awesome Android device instead.

  • WIlly Hu

    I’ll be using the Sensation XL to communicate with my friend, listen to music, and of course, use Evernote

  • alex

    I would use beats audio in the HTC sensation XL, use its beautiful 4.7 inch for movies,videos, note taking. I would call and text using T-Mobile’s service. I would do everything on it! Lol my twitter Is @drzfr3shboialex I wrote it so you can see I tweeted thanks guys 🙂 good luck everyone

  • Dave B.

    I’d put my entire digital music archive so that ill always have the right song for what ever mood i am in while spending my Christmas Vacation hopping from one island to another.

  • Conor m.

    I’m planning to use evernote even more than I do. Lover my htc evo, but time to unleash the power of the sensation!

  • Levi Mills

    I’m a full time student and work 25-30 hours a week. I’d use the Sensation to replace my still wonderful but aging Touch Pro 2. I’m a big Evernote user at the moment, and it’s proven to be a life saver being able to access my class notes on any computer, but I’d love to take that a step further and be able to access them on my phone.

    The phone is also gorgeous, so I’d also spend a good amount of time whispering sweet nothings into it’s mic.

  • Kevin Bautista

    I plan on using the Sensation XL for making notes, being awesome, and listening to music!


    I’ll use it to replace my HTC Wildire S, which I use for almost everything everyday (mailing, social networking, agenda, ebook reading, gaming, music player, …). Not enough space on the wildfire internal storage, as I need a lot of apps, and the sensation xl’s music side is very interesting


    I gonna use HTC sensation XL as my music partner! My life can’t without music as well as my life can’t go on without a HTC sensation XL!

  • Shaun Oleson

    I would manage my IT infrastructure with it. We’re a small nonprofit (laser institute of America), so winning this contest would be awesome!

  • Eric Shen

    I’d use the phone along with Evernote to help me organize school notes I take with my Mac.

  • Ross Tsip

    I would use it for an awesome way to stream music when I’m on the go and for checking evernote when I’m shopping for wine!

  • Teh Qi You

    I will be planning to use this HTC Sensation XL to watch movies, play Android Games with it’s massive 4.7 inch screen, listening to quality music with it’s Beats earphones. And of course, not forgetting to use Evernote to keep me on schedule with my tasks!

  • Sonia Krzeszewska

    I would love to use this phone for music listening and making notes in evernote :)!

  • Roza Gliva

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL for just about everything 🙂

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez

    I’d use Sensation XL to listen to music on my way to school with the amazing Beats, and save notes in Evernote for my cooking project. It is a great resource to save handy notes with relevant information.

  • Mendel bij de Leij

    I will use the the htc sensation XL like a farmer needs his precious goat. I will listen music on it and won’t forget anything by using evernote.

    – Mendel

  • Pāvels

    I will use Sensation XL as upgrade to my HTC Īncredible S and I will continue to use Evernote same, as I did before – for notes!

  • Steve Phillips

    I would use the sensation to further my development team’s progress onto other phones. And use ever note to help keep track of project progress.

  • Jason Esman

    I’d give it to my eldest daughter, it is an awesome phone. She has yet had a phone that could run evernote but the sensation XL would be awesome sauce.

  • Tyler Martin

    I would use my Sensation XL to jam out everyday, enjoying the amazing sound quality of Beats by Dr. Dre.

  • Jeromy Layne

    I would like to switch back to Htc after using Samsung as my daily phone and give my old phone to my girlfriend. The first thing I would try is the beats audio that I have never heard. And because I am a student I really would enjoy a phone with a large screen to view my schedule better.
    And I never won anything :/

  • vishal dharankar

    I am a busy researcher , would use big screen of sensation XL to surf the net and read my interest, evernote is my everyday tool to take notes , from wherever I am, it helps me in keeping my thoughts aligned and note down ideas which helps a lot in my research.big screen of sensation XL with evernote and HTC browser is a perfect set of tools for me.

  • Simon

    I’ll probably get it unlocked to use on T-Mobile USA, then use it to listen to some Rise Against, Jimmy Eat World, LIGHTS, all my favorite artists while on the way to and from school, as well as scheduling my homework plans and tasks that I’ve got to do that day. Oh and probably enjoy the beautiful HTC build quality, that I haven’t had a chance to enjoy for myself yet.

  • Afiudin Kafra

    Of course I will use for my daily activities such as writing note ( on evernote of course ), texting, playing music and video. I am using htc desire bravo for a year. And still running normally. So I believe htc’s quality is awesome

  • Curtis potter

    I would use the phone to finally utilize the massive data plan I pay for every month…oh and use Evernote everywhere I go now! Evernote you rock!

  • Lok Leong

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL to tweet, call people, and watch videos with that gigantic screen. It’ll be an upgrade from my current phone which I’ll pass along to my SO.

  • Daniel K. Artis

    I’m going to use the XL to stay productive in my work life and look like a boss in my nightlife.

  • Ben Elliott

    I’d use the Sensation XL to take loads of great pictures this Christmas, and look at them afterwards on the massive screen 🙂

  • andy dawson

    I would use the awesome HTC Sensation XL for every part of my life and to keep me connected to the whole world

  • Angelos Savva

    I will use the amazing HTC sensation XL to get beaten by DR Dre. ! 🙂

  • Joanne Mariol

    Would definitely use the HTC Sensation XL and Evernote to explore and share limitless creative possibilities.

  • Edgar McGauley

    I plan on using my HTC Sensation XL to replace my digital camera, mp3 player, and notepad. Coupled with Evernote, I will one device, more productivity, and all my notes in one place.

  • Asim Arif

    I’ll use HTC Sensation XL as I’m using my current HTC Phone, I mean I’ll use it for everything, that includes Music, Taking Notes, Watching VDOs, Taking Pictures, Communication (Twitter + Facebook + Google Plus), staying up to date with Latest News, Weather & Scores. & for calling & Messaging 🙂

  • Bill Seashols

    Use Evernote in my daily planning. Will use new HTC phone to improve my life.

  • Benjamin Hsu

    I’m gonna use this device when I move to Taiwan. Need GSM over there.

  • simran Kamboj

    I plan on using the sensation XL for all my multimedia needs, and to keep myself organized. And of course, to make calls and texts to my loved ones. With those amazing headphones and that big screen i am bound to have a great experience with this phone. I may also use it to develop applications for Android. This would be a great phone to use for application development. Plus it will actually last me with it’s durability.

  • Carlo Angelo G. Santico

    I’ll use the XL for work and fun! Yeah!!! Pretty cool “assistant”, HTC Android system. Ü

  • Bert

    Using Evernote, I can manage my random thoughts that arise in my head during the day. It doesn’t matter where I am or which device is in the neighbourhood, Evernote is allways close.

    The sensation fits in this flow perfectly, carrying it with me, I would have Evernote there in my pocket when I need it. And oh true. The camera will be used as snapshot taker and yes twitter will be installed on it as well as Skitch and plenty of other nice apps, syncing with my google calendar and stuff… It won’t be used just for Evernote of course 🙂

  • Siraj Mohammed

    Every once in a while a phone comes out which is a delight to mobile users…..this is dat phone!!!
    This is obvious seeing the number of tweets and comments this article is receiving….that’s HTC Sensation XL!!!
    And considering the Beats audio that’s being given is a heaven-to-earth offer…..i would hate to miss it!! 😀

  • Liam Gallagher

    I use @Evernote every day to …well actually I don’t but I would if I won the HTC 🙂

  • Gaston Rippinger

    I’d use the HTC Sensation for all my daily needs and to collect more and more things to put into Evernote (i already use EN as a HUGE archive of all things “awesome” that i find online and throughout the world).
    A better camera would drastically improve my notes and the fondness of my memories 😉

  • George Leon

    I plan on using the Sensation XL to make sure Evernote keeps me off the couch and out of the dog house by reminding me to try and complete my ever growing “honey do” list.


  • todd greencorn

    I would give my girlfriend the HTC sensation XL to use as a replacement to her HTC desire z. She deserves everything I can give her as she is the best mom to our 2 daughters

  • Jamal Adam

    Having the HTC Sensation XL would make my life in college easier because I will be able to have Evernote with me at all times and therefore be more organized and studious.

  • Levi

    Well, this would really be used as a gift that I can’t afford right now. Because I’m sort of an HTC enthusiast, everyone that I show off to takes my advice when they buy a smartphone. The 1st phone I ever bought for myself was an HTC, although I can’t remember the name of it. It was a qwerty slider and since then its been HTC in my pocket at all times. I wouldn’t go a day without my EVO, and because of that my girlfriend wants a piece of the action.

  • Jaz

    I plan on using my htc sensation to listen to music everywhere I go cause that’s how I roll!

  • Paul Reed

    I’d use my new Sensation XL and Evernote to help organise my new start in life and do it in style with Beats 😉

  • Carlton

    I will use my new sensation to prepare my sermon notes during the week and present them to our church.

  • John Oommen

    Well, the Sensation XL is my dream gadget. I have literaly researched so much about the phone that I know every little thing about it without even owning one. A Sensation XL would compliment every aspect of my life and enhance it beyond belief, be it work play or most importantly the music. As a budding author and poet the device will also function as a greenhouse to a lot of my new ideas and thoughts and also help me share my works better.

  • Jānis Aptaks

    I will use HTC Sensation XL mostly for studies,put all notes and reminders for deadlines, read theories while going to university , so its one big helpful device to do all quicker and easier. Now I use first HTC with Sense, its old but still useful.

  • Oscar Mata

    I will use this marvel for get all my world in my fingertips, to be connected with the world, with reality and virtuality. All done in the same place.

    Good luck to every body

  • TVP

    I need a Sensation XL so I can rock some Beats at the gym, watch a movie and actually see everything on that monster screen, and make fun of my friends and their tiny phones!

  • RJ Giacomelli

    Im gonna use this phone for listening to insane amounts of music, obviously aha

  • Matt Kalist

    I definitely need a new smart phone and this HTC would do the trick, especially with the new Evernote app I would be able to keep up with my work colleagues better. Also I tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/Buddro69/status/147506438468673536

  • sohail kushtiwala

    I would use it as a phone and as an assistant also as a portal to the music world

  • Jenneth Orantia

    I would use it as both my primary computer and multimedia player. The 4.7″ screen will be fantastic for watching movies, web browsing and reading ebooks, while the Beats Audio functionality (paired with my Beats Solo headphones) will work splendidly for giving me that extra ‘sonic boom’ at the gym. 🙂

  • Matthew Steen

    Love the large phone – have a Sensation, would love the upgrade.

  • Blake Lyons

    I plan on using my Sensation XL to retire my old phone and use it to develop apps. Plus the Sensation is my next phone regardless. 🙂

  • Johazcheez

    I would use my HTC Sensation XL to keep rocking throughout my day! Rocking my music and sound collection, rocking my notes for project ideas and rocking my photographic adventures and for everything else there’s my Android tablet.

  • Omar Aguirre

    I will use Htc to rock evernote on the huge display, and keep my life more organize, and with the beats audio, wow, music will rock.

  • Geoffrey Elbo

    I will use the Sensation XL for Evernote, Google Maps, email, web browsing, music,videos, everything in my life, basically!

  • Billy

    I plan on using my phone for media consumption mostly plus day to day tasks and socialization not to mention expressing myself. Which in my honest opinion is what HTC is all about.

  • Rodolfo De Asis

    I will use it to keep all my files from school in sync and updated. It will be much easier for me to study, sit, relax and listen to music. Occasionally, surf the internet. 🙂

  • Jordan Ento

    I initially plan to make my schedule more accurate, currently it is rather convoluted.

  • jb holland

    I plan to use the XL for everything. I love blogging and keeping uptown date with android. so gotta have my social networking on that beautiful big screen…

  • Albert Liem

    I will use Sensation XL as an Audio phone, where all my favourite musics will be stored there and i can listen to them with Beats Audio feature! Also i will use it as a web explorer phone, since XL is a tough internet smartphone! Plus i want to try new Notes application 😉

  • Aaron Corona

    I think, I’m going to use that beast to listen music, play some games, watch cool movies, keep in touch with family and friends, and, of course, write my thoughts and ideas via Evernote… Hell yeah!

  • Cat von Hassel-Davies

    I use Evernote every day to keep me organized in my every day world and in my working world. I plan on using the HTC the same way. To put my Evernote on and to keep me going and be organized every day for work and personal use.


  • Fernando Naconesky

    The Sensation XL will be my brain, in the palm of my hand.

  • Wayne Holly

    I’ll use the HTC to finally join the 21st Century. Good-bye flip phone!

  • The_Wireless_1

    I am using Evernote to get more organized with my work and family life. I find it so useful I have been suggesting it to co-workers and friends all the time.

    The Sensation would give me a bigger screen to work with, fewer crashes than my aging Droid (doesn’t like audio notes much), wi-fi hotspot for connecting my wi-fi tablet on the go, faster processor for apps.

  • Dylan Lambert

    If I had an htc sensation xl I would use it as my pi away from pc to attend college.

  • Matt Kochanek

    My current phone is showing its age and lots of apps are slowing down. Especially the camera. A new phone means I’m more efficient when I’m running evernote and scanning in things to buy!

  • Doug Peters

    I will use it to keep track of all things work related. I’m constantly traveling and it would be so much easier to have everything right at my fingertips.

  • brian dietz

    I would give it to my mom for Christmas for her hard work and guidance throughout the years. Everyone says it but it is absolutely true when I say, she is the best mother anyone could ever have. She worked two jobs raising two kids by herself, with no help from anyone, even the man who is supposed to be responsible for us.

  • Matt Bailey

    I’d use this new HTC to replace my current HTC phone, yeah the one with the cracked screen!

  • Frank lata

    I wish use my sensation instead of my iPod for musings. Take that apple

  • Vitaly Tokarev

    I plan to use the HTC Sensation XL together with Evernote Apps to be a more creative and effective in all areas of my life!

  • Scott Willy

    I’d use the HTC Sensation XL as my test phone.

  • vsrinivas

    I use @Evernote every day to create, explore ,sharing and doing everything in my iPad and mobile,pc its gud app for every one to do something ,i can replace my ipad2 with HTC its tooooooo gud evernotehtc

  • lain

    I will be using it to bump music!

  • Eunica Ng

    Big monitor & Beats audio are the best combination for watching music videos on the go. I love such specification of Sensation XL.

  • Noel Vargas jr

    I plan to use the power of Beats that come with the HTC Sensation XL to listen to my instrumentals while writing my song lyrics using evernote 😉

  • bahrin rosli

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to educate people that psoriasis is not a contagious desease. I know because i’m a sufferer as well.

  • Tiffany C. Chavis

    I’m @H3ATROX. A young, melodramatic, tech dependent student taking life a day at a time. I come up with a new idea for what I want to be when I grow up every second–or at least on days when I want to think about being a grown up.

    I’d use my HTC Sensation to just make sense of it all.


  • Nancy Yang

    I love HTC and have been an owner/user for many years (loved my htc touch pro 1 & 2). I’d use my Sensation XL for everything from listening to music, browsing the web, tweeting, emailing and working on the go with the Evernote android app!

  • Mitch rowley

    I would use the sensation Xl to show my idrone friends what an android phone wi th dr dre beats can actually do! It’s it me to show the apple folk that there is stiff competition out there!

  • L.J. McLean

    If I get the Sensation XL, I will use it more for note taking since my Droid X slows sometimes when saving PDFs. And of course crank Linkin Park tunes through the Beats as I write. 😀

  • Malinda Perera

    I really like HTC phone and im music lover. So I really like beats audio and dr dre head phone.

    Thank you

  • Dinesh Praveen Bandara

    Or it wud be a dream come true, the best christmas gift ever, it would be my life, wud use it to watch movies, listen to music, email, FB, all da day to day work.. etc..


  • Chris Thibodeau

    I love my iPhone, but I would love to have a phone with a larger screen…

  • Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

    I started using Evernote, when the elections for the Egyptian parliament started.
    I needed to remember my poll station number, my number on the lists and the numbers of the candidates I chose.

    Now Evernote is helping me keeping track of who have won a seat in several districts and gradually, the 498 seats are being filled with names.

    The elections triggered the need, and Evernotes was the answer.

    Now it’s part of my life.
    Grocery lists and things to do are kept on my Evernote.
    Directions to places and remarks are stored.
    Best part, is that I do these on my labtop at home using the Evernote app for Windows.

    Never been that organized 🙂
    Thank you for Evernote …

  • Yuriy Klyuch

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation just like my good old Acer Liquid A1

  • Amanda

    OMG. This is a great give away! My phone is like, spoiled so getting this phone (even though it’s like a very slim chance of winning) will be great.

    I’ll use it for viewing PDF, using Evernote (erm. DUH), listening to music, take photos, etc. I dream to have this phone!!! 🙂

  • Francisco Lara

    A new HTC Sensation XL will bring music richness with the beats audio ear plugs, visual grateness with its big screen, note administration with its integration between Evernote and Sense and an excellent way to be communicated, all this to better my day to day life!

  • Alexander

    Hello friends! Apart from being a graphic designer, my hobby is dj’ing. Every day I listen through hundreds of megabytes of music. Fo this purpose its vital to have high-quality player and headphones. I’m sure Sensation XL is just perfect for this. And of course if I get one, I’ll use a service, wich I fell in love with – Evernote.

  • Derek Wyatt

    I use @evernote every day to save my favorite online articles #evernotehtc

  • kelly

    get it on with the android world

  • Jazmine Simpson

    I love HTC and have been a huge fan/supporter for many years now if I won the sensation xl as much as I would love to keep it for myself it would be a birthday/xmas gift for my mother she deserves it and wanted a sensation but gave her upgrade to my sister its only right I would be able to give one to her

  • Dave Walker

    I can really use the HTC Sensation XL because it’ll give me the speed to quickly jot down and access melodies and lyric ideas. I’m always writing down and recording song ideas into Evernote but am currently using an old ‘dumb phone’ that’s fairly slow. I guarantee that the Sensation XL will boost my creative process and give me the edge to make a lot more beautiful music for the world to enjoy!!

  • nabeel moeen

    I use evernote to organize and simplify life

  • Srisivasubramanian Srinivasan

    I would use the Evernote,HTC Senstation combo to simply share notes with my colleagues and friends and would also explore the other evernote features.HTC with the best sense interface when coupled with evernote,the best note App ever,would definitely be a great add-on for the phone.

  • Muhammad Farhan

    I plan on using the HTC Sensation XL largely for reading research papers, to browse the web, and ofcourse to use Evernote for note taking while I’m on the go. I usually have to travel to distant laboratories for my research where it’s usually not possible to take a laptop with you, but something as portable as this phone will help me immensely in quickly taking notes during my experiments and putting them on the web for my advisor and research group team members to analyze and critique.

  • Akshay Zade

    There are many things which can be done with it. Especially, as it comes with dual core processor, it would be fun to take advantage of in custom kernels!

  • Abdulla Ashraf

    HTC is my favorite brand and I have had 2 HTC phones so far. I would love to listen to music using that awesome Beats Audio and test browsing and gaming speed on HTC Sensation XL coz I am an avid gamer and almost always on the web.

  • Ischa Gast

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to listen to the beats from wearehunted, taking pictures from elephants and to remember the milk in evernote.

  • Haroon Khan

    I’m gonna use the Sensation to be awesome, rock out to my favorite music and keep up to date with all my favorite news streams. Like a Boss.

  • Chaitanya Pramod

    I use Evernote to organize myself and my life. Evernote is the perfect tool for me…

  • Martin Pliska

    Phone is my second brain and third hand. I will use Sensation XL every day for my daily needs…

  • Bob Thompson

    I use evernote to run my business but my phone, an original droid, is failing me hardcore. If there is any moisture at all, the screen won’t recognize my finger.

    I’m about to upgrade and I know evernote would be amazing on this giant screen. So if you could hook me up, that’d be amazing!!!


  • HUMAYUN Abdoul-Kader

    I’m counting on this phone to make the music better than ever and to make note easily with its big screen

  • Carmen Mercer

    I would finally have a smartphone. Right now I have my home computer, my work computer, and a loaner iPad at work. I can’t wait to have Evernote at my fingertips 100% of the time!

  • Jordan Fritzsche

    I will definitely use a Sensation XL for awesome pictures, watching movies, and of course letting my nieces play games on the huge and beautiful screen!

  • David

    an HTC sensation would be great for improving my evernote experience and to better skype with friends 🙂

  • Robert Pollock

    I would use the Sensation XL to replace my aging Evo and to jump from my CDMA provider to a GSM provider. Also, the beats integration would be awesome as I currently use my Evo as an mp3 player, both with headphones and through the aux-in ports on the boombox at work and the head unit in my car. Overall, the increased size, speed and quality of the device would benefit in many ways. Thank you for your consideration. @RobZilla10001

  • gloria lee

    i’d love to replace my iphone 3 which has slowed to snail pace. just started using evernote and love it! new htc would be the icing on the cake!!!

  • jose lago

    I would use the sensation xl to impress everyone and waiting for their funny envy reactions 🙂

  • Dimitris Vaitsis

    I will use them (HTC Sensation XL and EVERNOTE) as i was using all my HTC phones until now. Keeping everything safe and accesiible from everywhere.

  • Bboysup

    I’m planning on giving this beauty to the person I love the mist. Our anniversary is the 9 and I really hope to see how excited she is about this beautifull phone x) Niels Swimberghe

  • Mike Dale

    I scan every receipt and note into Evernote using my computer. Being able to do it mobile would be awsome.

  • Alexander Davidson

    Huge screen, fat sound! What else do we need? It’s a dream, not a phone! The market share of mp3 players is dying and Sensation XL is a fatality. When a phone features such a high-end sound solution it attracts attention not only of those who are in love with HTC but those who are in love with high quality sound. But a smartphone wouldn’t be a SMARTphone without Evernote! I have discovered Evernote not so long ago, but today I can tell for sure – it’s a masterpiece of software development. Keep up the good work guys, You’re awesome!

  • Wasif Kazi

    I would love to use the HTC sensation XL of course for listening to the great music made possible through the “beats audio” and also taking my study notes through evernotes and sharing them to my classmates.

  • Javier Fernández Castillo

    If I won the phone I could view my evernote out of my home and could use it everywhere without limitations.

  • Teresa Armelles

    Hi evernoters! I fell in love with HTC with my Tattoo, but there are several apps that doesn’t work with it. I’ll use HTC sensation XL personally and professionally as a designer: I have the memory of a fish and I need to note almost everything: my schedule, my things to do, and my inspirations in the right moment,just when they appear in my mind, or when I see something beautiful. I know that with HTC Sensation I can make a photo, attach a note to it and when I come back home I already have it in my PC and I can start to work with it. No more lost ideas!!

  • Henrik Emtkjaer Hansen

    Would use this phone to hear some beats 😉

  • Wasif Kazi

    I would love to use the HTC sensation XL of course for listening to the great music made possible through the “beats audio” and also taking my study notes through evernotes and sharing them to my classmates.

  • Tammy McDonald

    I would use the HTC to keep our ministry blog up to date, using many of the functions on the HTC (camera, video, etc.). Being able to keep the donors current is a priority for me.

  • Christian Walter

    I would use the Sensation XL for watching Spongebob while stuck in my everyday traffic jams

  • Eric Chalmers

    I plan to use the HTC Sensation XL everyday to stream Pandora while I work, and HBO GO while I wait for my kids sports practice to let out. I originally downloaded Evernote just to make grocery lists but now I use it for all my tasks too!

  • Betty Levitin

    It would make taking notes at community meetings and city agency meetings easier and less bothersome to others than using a netbook. Also, it would make it super easy to get receipts into Evernote.

  • stuart henderson

    Would use it for work to scan in docs to evernote and to play lots of music and videos.

  • angel

    Man if I get this device that has evernote built in ill be writing in a lot more blogs 😉

  • martin keeley

    Evernote is awesome. We use it at work to store important machine info and settings

  • benjamin lecomte

    I plan to use the sensation XL for listening musique and vidéo in public transports, make arts photography and everyday life pictures. Take vidéos of my niece and fun stuff and use evernotes on it to make memo, project for paintball, project for hollydays and travel plan.

  • Tobias Seidel

    I would use it for listening music and for managing my life.

  • Agustina yusiningsi

    I will take pictures of my son’s Lego/play dough or school projects & save them to Evernote.

  • tim donkers

    I will use the sensational HTC sensation xl to write every note by evernote

  • Daniel Escudero

    I use @Evernote every day to remember those important things #evernotehtc

  • Claire Lyons

    If I won the HTC Sensation XL, I would use it for listening to my music and mobile internet as it would be my first smart phone!

  • Hector Morales

    I travel around the world and such a device will make my life easier being at the same time phone, mp3-player, gps, camera, I will have evernote on it with my 800 visit cards,… or will it be the perfect present for my wife this Christmas 🙂

  • Val

    Using Evernote means I have my entire filing cabinet in my bag permanently.

  • B Symons

    If I won the HTC Sensation XL I would use evernote even more than I use it now. It is such a great program and I am learning even more ways to use it everyday.


  • Jay Khimani

    Android phone is an inseparable part of my life and with Sensation XL I’ll live XL life

  • Oebele Gjaltema

    I would give my sensation to my partner, who is stil in the pre-smartphone age, and use the XL for myself 🙂

  • Mark Bailey

    I would use it as a massive upgrade to my HTC Desire…. then eagerly await an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich in the new year too for even more great features and apps!

  • valentina visentin

    I will use the HTC sensation xl to listen to my favourite music every single day and while running too!
    Evernote is already the app that i use everyday to take note.

  • Igor Majkic

    I would use it for organizing my developing notes at all times and it would be nice to have an actual android phone so I can see how my applications looks like because it’s kind of hard to carry android emulator in my pocket and try to use it for every day stuff (making phone calls, texting, tweeting …) 🙂

  • Peter Tuerk

    I have an old HTC TYTN II with windows 6 and no evernote on this mobile. With the new mobil i can use the actual android version with all features. 🙂

  • Kjetil Nyland

    I will be using the HTC Sensation XL to explore and use even more of the possibilites Evernote has built in in this wonderful product. I`ll for sure take more photos and more audio recordings on the go. I`ll document everything in my life!

    Thank you Evernote!

  • matthew mackenzie

    I’m a disabled war pensioner and take so much medication I forget pretty much everything I will use evernote to keep a record of everything I do so I will never forget anything again I would love to add a pic and write what was going on aswell so when I go to bed I can read it all so I can remember daily life.

  • Lyle Santos

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL to listen to music and audiobooks.

  • Javier Pedromingo

    Huge screen inspire me to write down the biggest ideas on evernote.

  • Christian Kjær

    The sensation xl would take over the personal assistant / personal DJ / game center job, that my galaxy S is currently filling.

  • Stephen

    I would like this phone as the one I have currently has a too small screen to be usable. The XL is great and will allow me to better make use of the “Office on the go” that these phones should be!

  • Elodie Heitz

    I would use this HTC Sensation XL as a good way to show off. Seriously, this device is nuts ! Amazing specs, all the power of HTC & Android enhanced ! Plus, Beats sound ! What else can I say ? Perfection.

    Of course, I’d also use Evernote as a great productivity tool. Social Local Mobile…& Profressional

  • jah06

    I use evernote for sharing all my documents for my job. specially with my new sensation 🙂
    congratulations for the application.


    Thanks for Evernote to HTC Hub

  • Yves de Bon

    Oh, I’ll be able to use Evernote, everywhere, everytime while listening to music… It’s a great opportunity to get such a beautiful smartphone…

  • Ricardo Benito Goco

    I will use the phone to plan and document my vacation using the camera and upload it to Evernote.

  • Killian

    I want to replace my old Desire! Please.. And very good idea Evernote!

  • Jeals93

    I have to win 1 Sensation XL!!

  • Eugene Tkachenko

    Evernote is just a part of my life. I really hope I win! 😀

  • Jed Spink

    I’d use my XL for, er, making calls… and stuff 🙂

  • LLiL0

    i like this app, it is very useful to manage my notes

  • Jeremy Bregier

    I will use it to my primary phone and I will have et better way to use evernote on it.

  • Valerio Mazzei

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to better surf the web, read documents and take notes thanks to its great big screen!
    Oh, and obviously to listen to great music! 😉

  • UnFrancky

    I Love Evernote and HTC, so having both will be similar to extasy 🙂

  • Santo

    I use evernote to read all my feeds.

  • Cyrille Gandon

    I use evernote because it’s simple to remember important things.
    The Sensation XL just looks amazing =D

  • Phil Shrimpton

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to continue to run my life with Evernote

  • Simon Barré

    Je souhaiterais gagner ce téléphone magnifique car je suis un grand fan des nouvelles technologie et fou de musique ce téléphone je l’admire, j’en rêve mais je ne peux malheureusement pas me le payer vu son prix.

    Merci d’avance.

    Simon Barré

  • Gautier DOUBLET

    Il will use it everyday to listen to music while on the subway !


  • Abhishek Biswal

    Well, I want to try out the new Android Evernote App on this mind-blowing phone by one of my favorite smart phone manufacturer. (The Screenshots of the app looks amazing!)

  • Yohai Rosen

    I’m going to use the HTC Sensation to test and develop games and apps for Android!

  • Wim de Lange

    I will use the Sensation XL for entering my notes into Evernote and while listening to the music. Less usage of my laptop!

  • Armaan Jena

    I’d give the phone to my mom as she is in dire need of one but I’d keep the beats earphones for myself. 🙂

  • LauriersRoses

    Great, waiting for new updates. Thanks

  • Johan Verbiest

    For me a new HTC Sensation XL would be a welcome replacement for my old HTC Desire.
    Thank for choosing me 🙂

  • Aydine Hendi

    I will use the sensation to listen to music! With Dr. Dre!
    Of course I will use it as a dictation machine With Evernote…

  • Frank lata

    This phone will be an extension of my arm I have to have it

  • LaurierRoz

    Great, waiting for new updates. Thanks

  • Gary

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to replace my aging, and on its last leg, HTC EVO.

  • Sahil Malik

    I am going to give this sensation XL to my wife. She is still using a Blackberry and I feel sorry for her 🙁

  • Geoffrey

    I will use it everyday and night 😀

  • anonym17

    Evernote is really convenient, and also HTC 🙂

  • Jesper Thuun-Petersen

    I’ve not been using evernote much on my current phone (Desire) as I find the screen size limiting. I think the XL would give just that extra inch to better be able to see my notes. The better sound could also mean the death of my ipod 🙂
    greetings from @jepet

  • Frederic Brutier Payet

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL and evernote to plan my life faster and simply

  • Joerg Hinrichs

    This phone and Evernote together is the best combination, to store all my notes, easy watch them and share them with my friends. Awesome!

  • Robert Oschler

    I use Evernote everyday for managing programming information, especially my frequent Stack Overflow postings, and for coordinating important topical research. I would use the HTC Sensation XL to respond quickly to replies and comments on Stack Overflow instead of having to wait to get back to my desktop PC to do that.

    – Robert Oschler

  • Eduardo Ridaura López

    I need the new HTC sensation XL to complete myself again: I feel like an elephant, but I´ve lost my brain – so give me back my brain, give me the HTC with evernote!

  • Steffen Pochanke

    Well, of course I would use my new HTC Sensation XL for listening to music from the cloud and I could give my old mobile to my girlfriend, so that we can share our notes in Evernote much easier being on the road…No more calls when I shall buy anything additional for supper 😉
    Btw, this phone will make taking notes with Evernote much more fun than it does with my old one. Thanks for your great app 🙂

  • Esingen Ferdi

    I’ll tell to everyone how the Sensation XL is the most powerfull smartphone ever, and How Evernote is changing my daily! <3

  • Demendil

    Awesome app, love it 🙂

  • Charles Mangwa

    Evernote 3.4 is very amazing ! But : HTC Sensation XL + Evernote : it’s just awesome !!!

  • Ruckineer Michael

    Nice update and if i won the HTC sensation XL i gona use more evernote to share my memo and my todo between my two phones

  • Lucas Ayala

    I would use it as a multimedia device. The big screen is great to watch videos and, with the addition of Beats Audio, the audio has to be great.

  • English Atkins

    I would use the gorgeous and spacious screen on my new HTC Sensation XL to do some housekeeping in my overflowing Evernote folders. Who knows how many forgotten treasures are buried in there!

  • Alice O.

    I would use it to try to persuade myself that my Desire Z is becoming old… but there’s anything as a fisical qwerty! <3

  • Chris B

    I plan to use the HTC at work to bypass our own crappy tools and to keep my spontaneously upcoming thoughts together by putting them up to evernote instead of having always my “good idea”-notebook and a pencil with me…

  • Johnny M

    I plan on using the HTC Sensation to re-enter the Android world and leave behind iOS. I was bored with it in a week. I miss the excitement and possibilities Android offered.

  • Theblues76

    I need a smartphone and plus particulary a sensation <3

  • Sandi Henderson

    I plan on using the HTC Sensation XL as a gift to help a loved one get their life organized and stay more in touch – no, I can’t say who or it will ruin the surprise!

  • Paige Peterson

    WOW! Wouldn’t all my Evernote recipes, lists, and notes look beautiful on this big screen while I’m out and about!

  • charlie reid

    Yup, evernote is good stuff. I can’t even learn all the ways to use it. I keep finding more and better applications and each one saves me a little more time. I don’t need to carry my old notebook anymore – everything is available on my phone. Thanks!

  • Jerome

    I use @Evernote every day to go shoppping and take not in meetings

  • Kat Martins

    I would probably be a bit altruistic and give the phone to my Hubby. He wants an Android, has been shopping around but just has not yet made that leap yet. So I’d give it to him and let him start exploring 😀

  • Damien

    I use @Evernote every day to

  • Fabrice

    I want a HTC sensation XL thx Evernote for the quality of your applications continued

  • Alan Kirchoff

    I use Evermore to extend the memory function of my brain. With it being so handedly integrated into the Sensation XL, it will make accessing my extended storage area much easier. The large screen wil be superb when taking quick notes at impromptu meetings. And viewing large detailed pictures of intricate flow charts drawn on a white board during a brain storming session.

  • andaf

    If I win, I will give the smartphone to my boyfriend, he loves HTC (just like me).
    My Twitter Share : https://twitter.com/#!/andaf/status/147680445235068929
    My real name : Ilinca F.

  • Jon Lejarreta

    Once I get the HTC Sensation XL I will be able to look at my notes that it tooked previously during my courses and read them while listening to High Fidelity thanks to Beats Audio.

  • Matt Carroll

    I am a Google Nerd and that’s why I am a diehard android fan. I’ll use the phone to JUMP up a couple of generations (I am on Cyanogenmod Mod’d HTC Incredible … that’s been great.. but leaves a lot to be desired. Naturally, Google Music is my only player & getting a problem digital sound board in there would be AMAZING!

    I am a pretty heavy mobile user for content creation (I write for some cool outlets) so have a new keyboard to let the ideas fly to fruition would be a dream! Plus I am a huge Evernote fanboy!


  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    My wife is in dire need of a new phone. I would be giving this to her as a Christmas present from a wonderfully cheap husband.

    Considering she’s still on an old school RAZR, I think this would be a pretty amazing gift.

  • totohtc

    Yeeees evernote is the best for notepade app’s !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan LAIGLE

    I will use my Sensation XL to call my friends of course, but I will let my ipod at home and use my Sensation XL to hear music, to navigate on the Web, to work, to play… My Sensation XL will be every time with me!

  • Anton Khmelnitskiy

    I’d use HTC Sensation XL as I use my current smartphone: mostly Evernote and music. I also think I’d use web browsing more often, thanks to big beautiful Sensation screen!

  • Kyle McMurphy

    I plan on using the HTC Sensation XL to keep myself organized with Evernote. I use Evernote for tasks lists, document storage, and recipes. Actually I use it for more and more things everyday.

  • ash kapriyelov

    I will use this phone to blast the music!

  • Dustin Fike

    I would use my Sensation to take notes on the construction site walk throughs.

  • Chia-Yi Hou

    I would use this to give to my mom and teach her how to look up English words that she doesn’t know!

  • GoodLinux

    I like very much evernote,
    it will be great to have a HTC Sensation XL.

  • Maira Vykus

    I would replace my current phone and use Evernote for Android as I do now: for everything! It keeps my life organized and paper free!
    Thanks Evernote for helping me acchieve this!

  • KB Neville

    I would use the HTC Sense to photograph craft ideas, Scouts project ideas, and recipes (from my magazines, fairs, etc.)and upload them directly to Evernote. Then I would tag them with many categories for easy searching, thereby eliminating my stacks of magazing clippings and paper notes FOREVER!!!

    (also works well with web links)

  • Eric Powers

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to keep on top of all things Evernote. (Evernote + HTC Sensation XL = WIN!) The Sensations’ wifi hotspot will come in handy for those times when I need to get the team all on the same page. Everyone says the HTC Sensation has excellent audio, and that would help make the day even more productive.

  • jean michel badiane

    hala madrid

  • Sherri

    I would use this awesome new phone to run my PartyLite business. Evernote is so fabulous for keeping all my lists, ideas, and customers’ info right in hand!

  • Remek Trzaska

    Such a sweet mobile–I’d use it to listen to my favorite music, read feeds and check my notes, naturally

  • Yuta Yamada

    I’ll brag the Sensation to my friends since it’s not released in the country I live in.

  • Satoshi Nishida

    I would like to use instead of a diary.

  • olt75

    I use @Evernote every day to

  • GALLIEN Romain

    I need this wonderful HTC ! I hava the iPhone 2G and it’s a bad phone … please let me win this phone ! 🙂

  • Dan

    It will be my new Evernote Mobile Command Center.

  • Victoria Go

    use evernote with it. so i can bring my files with me anytime and anywhere. This would also help me in my studies 🙂

  • Geoffrey Troughton

    Evernote keeps me on track and the htc with beats plays my tracks

  • simon

    I use @Evernote every day to make me better #evernotehtc

  • Bryan Silva

    I will use the phone to give my mom a present for Christmas she needs an upgrade!

  • Brian Meagher

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to create and manage my Evernote account. Best App Ever!
    Brian Meagher

  • Amme

    i want that for the best of the music

  • Chris Butterworth

    I’ve been using Evernote since May ’10, and am just about to pass the 3,000 note mark. I would love to view/edit/share these notes on a brand new, 4.7″ screen! Thanks!

  • Jeff Wiesendanger

    The idea of making the built in note program tied to Evernote solves the problem of running two programs! Great idea-hope to win the phone.

  • Roman Ficek

    When I get it I will immediately install the Evernote on it. For sure.

  • Fabiana Perez

    Utilizo @Evernote cada día para ordenar mi multitasking

  • Mikkel Kongsfelt

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to capture all my memories, brainstorming and important documents. Smooth and easy using the Evernote Android App.

    Mikkel Kongsfelt

  • Daiki Kashiwame

    I will use to check RSS feed and Twitter. And when I check them, I will use Evernote to save them to read them later.

  • Justin Roth

    I would use my new HTC Sensation XL to access EVERNOTE, duh. And to show sample portrait photos on the brilliant 4.7″ screen to potential clients and friends on the fly.

  • Damián-Ondřej Šulista

    XL ? Extra Large fun,gaming,web browsing,tweeting and of course evernoting !! For thats all i whish XL phone !!

  • ibolito

    Hi ! Good luck everybody, here’s my tweet > https://twitter.com/#!/ibolito_Hub/status/147734985531596800

  • Lisa Hammond

    I’d use the HTC Sensation X to get to my Evernote and Dropbox quicker than on my rapidly fading older Droid… 🙂

  • JohanVerbiest

    It would be a great upgrade for my old HTC Desire.
    Thank you for choosing me 🙂

  • Victor Nava

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to replace my HTC Evo and give the Evo to one of my parents so they can join the era of smartphones & Evernote!

  • Thomas Sutter

    This Sensation would get me back on Android, where I’d be happier. Switched to iOS last month, and I spend a half hour every time I figure out this or that can’t be customized. The evernote transition was seamless, but frustration mounts when the mothership won’t let me control my experience. #NotAnAppleFanboy

  • kalil stoudmire

    Mainly for music I just bought some beats solo and this would b a good way to try them out

  • Jonathan

    Using Evernote on my HTC Sensation XL with it’s incredible 4.7″ screen & Beats audio will make it even easier to keep my otherwise hectic & on-the-go daily life more organized & musical 🙂

  • Xiaoran Lai

    I would give this phone to my mother, she love music and like to listen to podcasts on the go, this phone suits her the best!

  • Sean Sanders

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to replace my Htc magic and rock evernote on a whole new level

  • Kevin Hebert

    I would use the rockin HTC Sensation XL to multitask in style with Beats and Evernote #FTW.

  • Daniel Gebels

    I would use HTC Sensation XL for playing heavy games on it ,of course the- Ever note app ,I would upgrade it to the maz ,download cool apps ,perhaps I would even root it,and enjoy HQ sound quality by Dr Dre Beats…. HTC + EverNote The best!

  • Loïc Bogacz

    I will use the Sensation XL for go anywhere on the web ( evernote sure ) , download apps , play Minecraft and give my last phone for my Dog 😉

  • Asen Georgiev

    I will use to replace your old phone Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic and quality can listen your favorite music.

    My name is Asen Georgiev.

    I use @Evernote every day to to record important things #evernotehtc

  • Mathew Hong

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to groove to some serious tunes and capture everything in Evernote.

  • Cécile

    I use Evernote every day to don’t forget anything !

  • Mark Spence

    I currently use the Droid X and would love to upgrade my phone. My life is on my phone and Evernote is one of the most useful tools I have. I use it for work (I am an IT manager for a retail company), organization for everything related to the high school soccer team I coach, organization for everything related to the youth soccer program I run, organization for my role as a member of City Council for the town I live in, and everything else I can in my personal life. I even got my wife using Evernote when she started grad school this past fall and she loves it as well! The HTC would be the perfect fit for my hectic lifestyle!!!

  • Luky

    I would use the HTC Sen XL to listen quality music and use my Evernote app 😛 bc I like it.

  • Belly

    I use @Evernote every day to make me better #evernotehtc

  • chrystelle0302


  • Dev222

    Big thanks for the competition !
    I love Everynote and the HTC Sensation XL and i hope win.
    Sorry for my english (I’m French).
    Good luck all !

  • Flora Zhang

    I would love to use this phone to multitask between listening to music and using Evernote!

  • Michal Szablowski

    Evernote installed at HTC Sensation XL would help me keep things more organized, but most of all I would be listening to my favourites tracks with the best headset+smartphone combo there is 🙂

  • Yusuke Doi

    I would use HTC Sensation XL to take notes of medical lectures.

  • Allan Sibaja

    I would change my current android phone and use the sensation to help in my firts year of college to take notes in class,take photos of the board and use study blue with my evernote notes to study,also to listen music i love listen music

  • Scott Marshall

    I use Evernote everyday to manage my life-3 small kids, co-director of a community non-profit and pastor of a growing church. It helps me remember people’s needs and meet them! Thanks Evernote. LOVE what you are doing.

  • lbearduk

    hey, this is a great phone here and combined with good applications, it is ideal to have. I really want to have him as a new phone to accompany me in all my adventures every day, nothing like a good background to help me Sonnora exploit the best of my creativity. This phone is an ideal companion for me

  • Milan knapp

    I Will use sensation to playing games, drive ar drone and listen music with beats by dr. Dre

  • Quent Rhodes

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to listen to music, take notes with Evernote, surf the web, use the GPS in the car, keep track of my schedule and tasks, watch videos, and… talk on the phone!

  • Roel de Jongh

    I use Evernote to declutter my brain, use IT for a place to record my pictures as research for building a new House, record interesting articles from Google reader automatically with ifttt.com, snap pictures of business cards and birth cards to remember and Search for contacts. Even user it for writing on NaNoWriMo this year ( with word count lotion ). The integration of the notes on the HTC Sensation XL would be great. Already user the Android app, now the WP7 app. Only problem i hope to tackle is the use o Evernote as my personal document management system by importing documents. But be needing the premium account to Search through the docs. All in all great app thats been simplifyingmy Life. Thanx Evernote Team

    Greetz Roel

  • Gabriel

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to listen music in the best way imaginable and the build in Evernote App to do what i already do with Evernote: keep my life organized!

  • Aleš Štěpánek

    I use @Evernote every day to to record important things #evernotehtc. Moc bych chtěl htc je to má nejoblíbenější značka.Používal bych ho k poslechu hudby.filmi,hry,atd.

  • Ken Dahl

    Cool Phone! Evernote will look sooo much better on the larger screen and faster processor! Thanks Evernote for the contest and the Cool Prize!

  • Artur

    i shall use the htc sensation to feed the pigeons, help old ladies across the road and evernote 2012 arab springs out there

  • Jan Časta

    HTC Sensation XL is phone for everything and for all. Why not just for me? 🙂

  • emile2607

    je tente 🙂
    twitter ok : @emile2607

  • Nicolas

    I’ll use this phone to make jealous all people with their crappy i4 … :p Htc rule the smartphone world, that’s why I can’t get out without mine…

  • Lucas Pradon

    I’ll use evernote when I’ll win a HTC Sensation XL to have more fun !!

  • Kristijan Bambir

    I plan on using HTC Sensation XL for remembering life’s tiny details with Evernote, listening to beautiful sounds, enjoying the big screen, sharing and connecting with people.

  • John Kronwald

    Evernote basically runs my life and keeps me organized. This phone would make it that much easier & accessible to use.

  • Joe Trometer

    I didn’t realize it could be possible…

    This is a real breakthrough!

    I have a construction business and a novice website about remodeling investment houses.
    I can see my life will get tremendously easier with Evernote and a smart phone.

    With the HTC Sensation XL:

    1) I’ll be able to take photos of my work at the job site

    2) Dictation: Record my voice for estimates and building materials needed

    3) Also dictate content ideas for my website

    And sync it into Evernote to access from my home office computer without downloading and patch cords.

    Back on the job site… I can “check off” my remodeling to do list that I set up on my computer at home.

    No more trying to take my laptop to a job-site! This is a real break through for me!

    All I ever wanted,
    In the whole wide World,
    is a HTC Sensation XL.

    Seriously, I don’t have a smart phone now. But with Evernote, I just found the need.

    Cheers all,


    • Joe Trometer

      See my tweet
      @JoeTheRehabber JoeTrometer
      I use @Evernote every day to organize my website building lessons, its fast and easy to do! What a time saver… Very Cool… #evernotehtc

  • Allan

    I’ll use it for work and personal. I love evernote and my current is too slow to handle evernote well. This will be a huge benefit in my everyday life.

  • Gina Shillitani

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to surf the web, check on email, tweets, Facebook, post to my blog, save things in Evernote , check in with foursquare, text, as a two-step verification for web accounts, run lots of apps, as a GPS, an e-reader, to use coupons, shop… Oh yes, and make phone calls 🙂

  • Arnold Zafra

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to check on my schedule, read important events and other work-related activities using Evernote that I will install as soon as I get hold of the phone that you’re giving away. 🙂

  • Jason A. Trommetter

    I need an HTC Sensation to replace my LG Ally because my current phone does not have the speed I need to edit photos right on my phone.

  • libecciu

    un sensation xl pour noël serait un cadeau extraordinaire! 🙂

  • Cassio Magalhaes

    I will use the HTC to make my friends jealous.

  • Vinit Nair

    I currently use Samsung Galaxy Y. It has a small 3 inch screen. Kudos to Evernote team for building an app which works awesome in such a small device. Evernote is my most used app in Galaxy Y. I use it to maintain my to do list which is shared with some of my friends and family, draft blog posts whenever I get a idea, take photos of business cards I come across while working.

    The bigger screen size of HTC Sensation XL would help me write, read notes better, type faster. The camera would help me take better pictures of business cards which I upload to Evernote. Faster processor would mean everything would work faster and I wouldn’t have to wait for apps to load. The high storage space would let me store more notes and photos without worrying about running out of memory.

  • Evan Kline

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to send and retrieve items from Evernote, of course. I’d send items from Twitter, Facebook, and my RSS feeds.

  • Carl Bolduc

    I plan to use the HTC Sensation XL to log everything about my son who is growing up too fast.

  • KangJian

    I’m a boy from China(where it is not an easy thing to use twitter) and I have an HTC EVO 3D. I think it must be cool to play games on a even larger screen and that’s why I expect the phone so much. Or maybe I can give it to my mother as a gift.

  • GW

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to work, relax and play. Evernote is my favorite app!

  • Darlanne Denzer

    I plan on using the amazing HTC Sensation to enhance and improve the quality of my daily life, both professionally and personally. Evernote already makes my life a lot easier. As a designer who needs to take a lot of notes and keep track of many client projects and details, Evernote is not only my most used app, but an essential part of my every day. The HTC Sensation phone would just be icing on an already scrumptious cake!

  • Desi

    Android phones are the best ,so of course I’d use the HTC Sensation XL for all the normal smartphone stuff, but I know my Pandora would be smokin on this puppy.

  • Flemming Villalona

    I will use the Sensation XL to hear music while i made use of evernote writing or reading all the stuff with the music to come along

  • Robert Craft

    I would use the sensation xl as family phone, kids can play game and watch movies. my partner can use it to keep inn contact as she doesn’t have a smartphone yet. She can also use Evernote to remind of the things I keep forgetting.

  • Masakazu Harada

    I recorded it all in Evernote.I can be comfortable use by registered to the Evernote premium.If I can get the HTC Sensation XL, then WEB browsing, view videos and, listen to music, and is considered to be very useful and the use of Evernote.
    I’m very excited to use it now.

  • Sam

    I have an HTC Wildfire right now, and the small screen makes it hard to use mobile Evernote properly. This HTC Sensation XL will really change that!

  • Petr Houška

    I would probably use it to everything, because I need to get rid of my SGS with smashed screen.

  • Jody Gourley

    I would use the Sensation to replace my MyTouch because Evernote would be bigger better and faster on it. I use Evernote for work and for keeping all thought in one place.

    Thank you, Evernote Team YOU ROCK!

  • Justin

    Just last week i dropped my HTC Desire HD and smashed the screen unfortunatly it’ll be a while before i can afford a new smart phone. but i love HTC phones and use every thing including GPS, Wirless, Bluetooth and all the wonderful apps like evernote which i used to use daily to keep track of my life and all the things i have to do.

  • Jeff Yu

    I would like an HTC Sensation XL and take advantage of the big screen to get more out of evernote! And do everything else. I would also like those beats headphones for good audio.

  • Florence Thepot

    I use Evernote every day of my life because I have so many things which I can’t take the risk to forget in my working life as well as my private life, so the HTC Sensation XL will perform it so well amoung so many other everyday tasks.

  • mary ann martinez

    It’ll be great for taking photos and videos of my two little kids plus anything else I need to put on Evernote.

  • John

    Evernote, an XLent app for an XLent phone. What a Sensation!

  • Bertrand

    Nice ! This phone would be so great to replace my old phone ! At least some Android goodness !
    My twitter : @bertrandriche

  • Satoshi Ito

    I Will use Sensation XL to playing music, games, work, and any other situation.

  • Stephanie M. Cockerl

    I plan to use the HTC Sensation XL to replace my iPod touch and potentially my blackberry. It will be way easier to enter ideas on the go with Evernote. Plus, it would be nice to carry just one device.

  • Amer Demirovic

    Sensation’s large screen would be perfect for reading PDF files stored in my Evernote account.

  • Simon Baker

    I would use the new phone to be able to takes notes more easily on Evernote using the larger screen. As I do almost all my medical professional stuff (learning, reminders etc),my church stuff ( sermon preparation, recording, study) as well as my notes for 1000 other things on Evernote it would make a big difference. With a big screen i might be *tempted* to preach from Evernote! I’ll let you know how that goes if I win!

  • Mathieu van Sluis

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to stay in touch with all of my friends, surf the web, watch movies, listen to music and of course to note down everything I need to remember using Evernote.

  • Adam Bahrin

    I will use Evernote in the HTC Sensation XL to remind me of the good things in life were meant to be remembered forever including Evernote!

  • Rita El Khoury

    I’m a pharmacist and I currently own an HTC Desire Z but it’s getting slow and old. The Sensation XL is a beast, and it will be wonderful for accessing medical apps, reading news feeds, checking my well organized Evernote drug notes and suppliers documents, watching movies when things get boring and more 🙂

  • Azra Becirovic

    Sensation XL will enable me to browse and read my Evernote notes in full comfort

  • Mark Quinn

    I’ll use the HTC Sensation XL’s giant screen to stretch out my pockets. And take notes with evernote, probably. Oh yeah.

  • Pavel Javorek

    Great phone with good performance and amazing display. I want watching films, playing games etc…

  • Alexandros Drakos

    Load up the HTC Sensation XL with useful android apps, like an ftp client, evernote for taking notes at meeting with clients and syncing automatically with my pc, and use it as my main portable mini computer to never be out of reach from work.

  • FloFlo

    I use Evernote every day of my life because I have so many things which I can’t take the risk to forget in my working life as well as my private life, so the HTC Sensation XL will perform it so well, amoung so many other everyday tasks.

  • Jill Warren

    I use evernote to manage my recipes, manage my knitting projects and manage my trips… oops almost forgot, I manage my kids band events and work events as well. I am not sure what I did before my smartphone and evernote. If I had the HTC Sensation, I could use my evernote more easily and more often….

  • Seung-Whan Shin

    I would use the HTC sensation XL to pump up some sick beats while I exercise.

  • Jesper Baerentzen

    I would obviously use the pre-installed Evernote app to keep track of appointments, shopping lists, notes and clippings. Phone’s other functions – such as audio books, video, internet, music, radio, camera, email, gps – will also be used extensively. I even think that I – from time to time – will use the HTC Sensation XL to phone family and friends 😉

  • Marcia Fasy

    I will use the HTC Sensation to replace my Samsung which is giving me problems right now. It will be my main line of communication with the world.

  • Nataly DURANT

    I’ve wanted the HTC Sensation but now there is a new one with a better sound, i would prefer to get this one.
    Thank you for this giveaway :0)

  • Judi

    Wow! The chance for a new HTC Sensation XL can not be passed up! I would use it to manage a busy life of a full-time working mom with 3 teenage boys. Scheduling, texting and email, entertainment for all of us while we go about our day, the phone would definitely appreciated and used! Thanks for the chance..I love Evernote and HTC (especially enjoying the Ambassador Program..thanks Evernote!)

  • Lukas Reiterman

    Hey man, i am music producer and so, of course, be using any musical device. If i won, my ears will no longer have to suffer when playing music on my old “Nookia”

  • rekaviles

    I would give this to my gf as she’s in need of a serious upgrade, yet she has another yr to go on her contract. Unable to get her such a phone on my own, so winning this would be amazing.

    Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  • Mena Aboud

    I love Evernote :). HTC Sensation XL will be great help to me to move faster with my work and plans with my new started company for Graphic Design and with my Blog post about Graphic Resources offered for free most of the time and hig Quality one too. I will try to get a Graphic app to draw using it as well on this large screen. i hope to win a one. i have an HTC device on i love HTC that much.

  • Micah Stroh

    I would love an HTC Sensation XL as my access portal to the internet, news, media, and all my critical and not so critical information I keep in Evernote! From recipes, to daily task lists, I store so much in evernote, including all the internet articles I find on travel, investing, and technology that I want to keep on file. The 4.7 inch screen, excellent audio and camera, and easy to manage interface make the HTC Sensation XL ideal for all of this and more!

  • Lucinda

    I need a phone that works well , fast with great features! I have an LG , and it is time to get a better phone. I plan to use the HTC for better productivity and a little goofing off.
    Happy Holiday!!!

  • Marek Sninčák

    I need HTC Sensation XL but i will begining developing for android in Java and C++. I will test my work on him 🙂
    And i will use Evernote all of the time 🙂 Thanks

  • Javier

    I’m constantly on the move, and cannot keep storing papers and documents everywhere I go. My goal is to go 100% paperless… HTC Sensation XL and Evernote for Android will be my best allies to achieve that goal.

  • Lukas Micka

    (; slɹıƃ ssǝɹdɯı oʇ puɐ soǝpıʌ ɥɔʇɐʍ ‘sǝɯɐƃ ʎɐld ‘ɔısnɯ oʇ uǝʇsıl oʇ lx uoıʇɐsuǝs ɔʇɥ ǝɥʇ ǝsn plnoʍ ı

  • Banks

    Evernote is really good !

  • Banks

    I want the HTC sensation with Hd dre !!!!

  • Michelle Moore

    I plan on using the HTC Sensation XL to use Evernote to keep notes at work and home and stay to organized.

  • Derek daigle

    I would the music all day while I work, my dedicated mp3 player was stolen so a killer htc phone would be awesome. After work id use the camera to take pics of my daughters!

  • joe Don Richardson

    I would use an HTC sensation to help me be more productive with my photography business.

  • Michael Bäckman

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL as a multitool serving me in my work and on my sparetime, i will use it as a Phone, mailingstation, music player, wi-fi hotspot and a surfingstation when i’m not able to use my computers.

  • Zaron F

    I will use my HTC Sensation XL as a replacement for having to travel with my laptop all over town. I will use Evernote to keep track of all my ideas and thoughts as i work through the creative process

  • Jeromy Layne

    So it seems that my post that i wrote over my phone on the mobile version didn’t really make it on the board.

    I am student and i would really like to win this phone because first i could perfectly view my school schedule and second of all i could give my current smartphone to my girlfriend and make her happy with that as a Christmas present at the same time.
    Number 2 should be first but writing two number ones would have been confusing ^^.

    Evernote is really a great app and i will stay faithful to both evernote and if i am lucky enough to win of course HTC who i never should have left (sorry guys i really needed a larger battery than in the Desire HD).

    Merry Christmas

  • alayna cohen

    I would use this phone to be a better student by making my law school evernotes & outlines constantly accessible.

  • Alvin Chang

    I plan on using the HTC Sensation XL to keep tracks of all my crazy ideas while exercising with Evernote and Skitch…

  • Ryuichi Yoshizawa

    I want to use HTC Sensation for phone and tab. Now I’m using HT-03A and GalaxyTab, but it’s not comfortable.

  • Natasha

    How do I use the web clip feature for an android tablet???

  • Akira satou

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to listen music,check website,and tweet,make a memo with Evernote!

  • Kirill Orlov

    I plan to use the HTC Sensation XL as a main internet communications device, as a photo camera and for my studies since I don’t have much time to do everything at my house.

  • Phil

    I would use an HTC to stay in touch with my work when traveling. I run a non profit agency that serves people with autism and frequently travel to other states to help other agencies get up and running. I usually have to find a place to set up my laptop in order to get any work done but the Sensation would allow me to work in bite sized pieces throughout the day.

  • Rubén Fernández González

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL to impress my friends with his amazing screen 😀

  • Mike Barn

    I would use the sensation as a late Xmas present for my girlfriend who is currently stuck with a Samsung wave and Bade… I wouldn’t wish that on my enemy 🙂

  • nick burrows

    My HTC Sensation will be my spare brain, for recording all my passing thoughts on Evernote as I’m out and about, taking great quality shots of memorable moments, sharing them instantly and keeping me organised with to-dos and project plans on Evernote, so freeing up my grey matter to really appreciate my music collection on the move.

  • Brian Turner

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL for two things, phone calls and Evernote.

  • Tessa Jordaan

    I’d use the Sensation to track my appointments and manage lists, as well as the other things we usually do with smartphones (calls, music, games, reading, etc).

  • Alvin Ng

    I would use the Sensation to replace my Touch Pro 2 and finally be able to use a modern version of Evernote!

  • Candece Forbes

    I would send emails, stay on facebook, G+, and just all around stay onnected for my business and my personal life… excited!!

  • James

    I’d use the Sensation XL to find out what the latest generation smartphones are all about; I need a phone/tablet to mutlitask in my life.

  • Jeanne Piacentino

    Hi everyone ! I need this amazing phone to use Evernote like I’ve never done before because the HTC Sensation XL is incredibly fast. It’s wonderful too thanks to HTC Sense. I’ll use it to listen to some music with the Beats audio technology, which is awesome. I can use it to take pictures, to play games, to share (quite) everything with my friends and family, to organize my life (it would be useful)… To end that I would say that the HTC Sensation XL is an HTC device and that’s already pretty great. Thank you for giving us this chance to win a phone like this one ! (sorry for my english mistakes but I’m a french girl :P)

  • TheFFF

    I need an Sensation XL to remplace my Sensation !!!

  • camille sardin

    I will use the HTC sensation for my job, for listening music, edit photos, surf the web, check my mails, sms, for make phone call… 🙂

  • kim

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL to organize my family, track my to-do list, and of course, play games and listen to some great music.

  • Charles T

    I, Charles, will use the HTC Sensation XL to listen to music on the go, check my email, and stay connected with all my wonderful friends through family through phone calls, text messaging, and using social media platforms like facebook and twitter. It’s a fantastic one-stop-shop!

  • Tamar

    How would I use the HTC Sensation XL? I’d use Evernote of course! But I’d probably find time to check things like email, weather, maps, calendar, news, calendar…stuff like that. I use an LG Cosmos and I am ready to use a touchscreen instead of QWERTY. Thank you!

  • Oktay Turan

    I will use HTC Sensation XL to bring a little bit of fun to my daily life.

  • Sascha

    I would use it as a phone 😉

  • Igor Mikelic

    Using the HTC Sensation XL is ideal for my is bigger games and my Daddy is stronger then your dad =D Kick ass bass and music ‘ll keep my neighbor rise and shine 😉

  • Boyan Kostov

    I use my phone for pretty much everything. Larger phone like Sensation XL can give me more power to brainstorm, collect, sketch and organize my creative process.

  • Matt Barrett

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL by giving it to my lovely fiancée, who desperately needs a new phone. Then she’ll use it to keep in touch with me and her friends when she’s out of town with work, keep track of emails and appointments, snap photos and take notes to help plan our wedding (with Evernote!), and listen to music/podcasts while she’s on the plane or out for a run. What more could a girl ask for?!

  • Terry Williams

    The Sensation would greatly enhance my everyday life from keeping track of appointments to networking with friends. Moreover, being able to network from home and work. With all the new features this phone has I will stay connected to the world fast move pace.

  • Kevin Esther

    On the way to work using it’s awesome camera I will capture the world around me preserving it forever in Evernote. Scribbling on the train I will play around with ideas for logos, layouts and much more. Doing all this while listen to my favorite music on my customized Beats headset. Setting me up for a creative day.

  • xty

    I would use this device to listen to THe National, update my blog, and take pictures of everything for evernote. And read Android news. And SMS. And listen to R.E.M. and blog about evernote and The National and R.E.M and Android. 🙂

  • frank contreras

    HTC Sensation XL phone will be like right hand man when it comes to needing the right information from street directions to important notes and task to chatting with family members to news updates around the world, who else can supply such information on demand when your on the move best of all evernote will be there with me someone I really got to become good friends better than any trapper keeper any day.

  • wess daniels

    I would use this HTC Sensation with Evernote for my work as a minister. I use it to collect ideas for preaching and writing, keep track of people I meet and gather other resources for the church I pastor.

  • umar

    i would love to see how the HTC compares with my current iPhone with evernote being the benchmark on both…

  • Subrahmanian

    I use the HTC sensation to do things I am not able to do on my wildfire like multitasking – like reading big files, books and creating notes at the same time using evernote, making PowerPoint files….

  • William Asher

    I plan to use my new HTC Sensation to place phone calls, and to write Evernote entries, primarily to maintain my new recipe folder on Evernote

  • Yannick Veronneau

    I will use my new HTC to take my note during university class. Evernote helped me so much already with its ability to have all my notes anywhere and to search within them for a specific term. With the HTC,the relation with Evernote will be at a new level 🙂

  • Gordon Currie

    If I won the HTC Sensation, I would use it to help me manage my business. I was in a Car accident about 2 years ago and suffered injuries including short term memory loss. Thank god for Evernote. I was able to enter everything into Evernote that was important and I was forgetting (client notes, directions, appt reminders, pictures of faces, client usernames and more). Even if I wasn’t lucky enough to win, I am alive, I have Evernote and its saved my business and a whole lot more. For those getting older and forgetting…its a life saver for seniors as well. I am 49 and never anticipated an accident. But it happens and we have to adjust. Evernote made it a whole lot easier for me. Thanks Evernote.

  • Shaun Lichti

    I will use the Sensation for nearly every aspect of my life, including all the basics others have listed. However, a few specific advantages stand out *most* to me.

    Cloud integration helps make life easier, and I will use the phone to connect with my family and friends even more, especially through Evernote. Mobile connection to Evernote let’s my family sync our to-do lists together, and the Sensation would enable me to stay more connected on the go. When the sisters’ need to be picked up early, or something needs to be picked up from the store, being connected through a phone like the Sensation makes the difference.

    In addition, I am a musician and composer, so i am particularly excited by the addition of Dr. Dre’s music processing interface! The ability to listen to compositions/interact with music in HQ on the go would be awesome. My musicology instructor often sends us class assignments digitally, and listening to them through the phone would be sweet.

    Lastly, I am struck by the Sensations standout camera and HD video recording features which make mobile reporting and video updating truly feasible. I hope to embrace this more as I head off to college next year, both to integrate with a new campus, and to keep my family up to date.

    Overall, the phone would make a big difference. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know… Thanks for taking the time to read all of these (:

    Shaun Lichti (@thecoolshaun)

  • Gaurav Ekka

    I would Use HTC sensation for listening and to fullfill my gaming desire

  • Diana Janssen

    I’d use the Sensation to keep in touch with friends and family and to keep my life organized. My phone now serves as my PDA with Evernote helping me to keep track of everything.


    I intend to use the HTC Sensation XL to get organized on a daily basis between my personal and professional life.
    Stay connected to friends, family, manage my site and look at my mails.
    But also entertain myself by listening to music.


  • Sébastien Herbreteau

    I’m an HTC & Evernote lover, they are my help everyday !
    Moreover at Christmas time and when i have to think about the gifts and all the ideas i have.
    Sensation XL will go on this way :
    Listenning to the music – looking after new ideas – taking photos of them – putting these photos on Evernote – QUITE SIMPLE 😉
    Both are like 1 for me !

  • habib

    Thanks for your nice information Evernote for Android Update: More Sharing Control, New Icons and…an HTC Giveaway!. I like it.


  • Wat

    i love music, so i will use the HTC Sensation XL to listen to music, because with the beats technologie, i think it would be excellent to listen some jazz music ^^ and of course i will record my teacher at the univercity =)
    thank you very much and good luck.

  • Delsadj

    I need an HTC Sensation XL for my work, with is powerful sound I can mix with it…

  • Ziyad Abbassy

    Big up from Morocco.
    I use Evernote for my profetionnal/personal files sharing.

    Thank you.

    I will win one inshaallah.

  • Norman Earls jr

    As a college instructor, I will use the HTC Sensation to keep up with my calendar, but most importantly I can link to my desktop from anywhere on campus. I would love being up to date…instantly, and the Sensation will help me accomplish that.

  • Steve Barnhouse

    I will use the HTC Sensation and Evernote to keep me organized across all platforms, Web, Outlook, Android and my rooted Nook Color tablet.

  • Andy Chang

    The HTC Sensation would be great for testing my Android app that I am working on. Also it would handy for recording lectures running the Evernote Android app and keeping me organized in general.

  • Peter Raeuschel

    It’s a great idea to give HTC Sensation away.
    I would use the HTC Sensation for my work, listen my music and stay connected with friends.

  • Roland fortune

    hey my name is Roland fortune and I am a blogger for an amazing site that focus is on mobile and it is fun, but I am limited with the android phone I have right now to do good game and app reviews. and also I would really like to win something for once in my life 😉 and I really love this phone. I am @Brenty18 on twitter

  • Mayank Verma


    I’ll use HTC Sensation XL mainly for music and then for tasting some Ice Cream Sandwitch 😉

  • Vitaliy Kotov

    I’m going to use new device to (in order of importance):
    1. Google music
    2. Evernote notes
    3. Picasa photo viewing
    4. GPS navigation

  • Travis Faulkner

    I’ll use the Sensation to replace my piece of crap purple blackberry. I hate my phone.

  • Roy Bjørnesset

    I plan to use htc sensation xl tl work and leisure. write notes in Evernote to remember everything in my everyday life. take pictures of notes and listening to music. watching movies.

  • Colas Stardux

    I would use the HTC Sensation for stay connected with my friends.
    It’s a great idea to give HTC Sensation away.

  • Samuel Harvey

    I need a HTC Sensation so I could finally organised with a synchonised calendar 🙂

  • Chai jin chern

    Omg! A HTC sensation XL! If I had it, I would use it for almost everything in my life from taking pictures, shooting videos and listening to music. Music makes my world go round so with a new HTC sensation XL enhanced with beats audio, I guess you could say it makes every second of my life worth living, not to mention it being an awesome Christmas present.

  • Chai jin chern

    What would I do if I had a new HTC sensation XL, I’ve been thinking of this ever since I heard about the phone. I guess I would use it for everything in my life, from taking picture, shooting videos, taking down notes with evernote and last but not least, listening to music! Music makes my world go round so with the new HTC sensation XL with enhanced beats audio, I would be able to listen to music from a whole new angle! Not to mention it being an awesome Christmas present!

  • Kass Adya

    My name is Kass.

    I’m a musician, producer and film-maker hoping to hit the big time. Evernote is an amazing tool I use on a daily basis, to organize what would otherwise be an incredibly unwieldy schedule.

    By using Evernote, I am able to record lyrics and capture album art on the fly. I can also jot down set-lists and ideas before I hit the stage and when I’m on the move, which is an absolute blessing.

    Evernote takes all the functionality of paper, then adds to it – making your notes interactive – you can search, edit and share your notes more than you ever could dream of doing with a pen and pad.

    Overall, for me, Evernote’s strongest point is its enchanting ability to quietly and unintrusively slide into my life, allowing me more freedom to get my job done.

    A HTC Sensation XL would be great for me, because I could use Evernote when away from the computer, as well as organizing playlists, taking pictures with the stunning 8 Megapixel Camera, using GPS to make sure I reach gigs on time, and of course getting in touch with other DJs to set up collaborations.

    The best of luck to my fellow entrants – I am @kassmusiq on Twitter.

    Thank you,


  • Karamjot Singh

    I’m going to use the phone everyday to use Evernote because right now I have to turn my PC on to look at my notes, and it gets frustrating when I need to check my notes but i’m not at home! And HTC is my favourite phone brand 😀 Also I really want to play Angry Birds and download apps, my current phone is old so I cant do those things 🙁

  • Brett Bailey

    The HTC Sensation XL will help bring workplace into the 21st century. We use Evernote as a part of our paperless office, and being able to show off the capabilities of Evernote on a mobile platform will be a big boost to our efforts.

  • Timothé Rambault

    As a Evernote and HTC user, I would use the HTC Sensation XL to organise tasks and events, but mostly to take note of everything I could (mostly because my brain is overflowing with ideas every day), and listening to music with the best equipment (Daft Punk would sound amazing with it) !
    Anyway, thank you for this HTC Giveaway 🙂

  • Michał Newiak

    I would use this awesome device to surf the internet, contact with friends on Facebook and Twitter, watch movie trailers on IMDB, snapping photos of everything I like and then storing it on Evernote. I will use it to get acces to all my stuuf storred at Evernote account.

  • KKop

    I would use it to record my phone calls to Evernote, take photos of whiteboard discussions at work and upload to EN, listen to the podcast, view and update EN docs.

  • Masafumi Okada

    I’d like to use HTC sensation to take photos of some personal invoices and upload it to my evernote account. I can search information on paper because Evernote will OCR it.

  • Tanmay Patel

    The HTC Sensation XL will help me in completing my little tasks on the go like checking mails and accessing social networks. I’ll store my necessary documents and images or notes within it so I’ll be able to access them anytime using evernote. I can use other apps ti hand over task to remember to the phone it self so that i can get free and have some time for me. Gaming and fun on android devices… Wooot… 🙂

    btw… you guys at evernote rock. The posts on this blog helps us in using evernote in more ways then we can. Thanks guys.. Love yaa…

  • Javier Fernandez

    I´ll use the phone, to listen music decently when I am out of my home. To look my evernote in the street, and of course to call people.

  • Bostjan Kolar

    I would enjoy using the HTC Sensation XL’s big screen for note taking with Evernote, emailing, playing games and listening to music.

  • Hillel Gray

    I would probably use the HTC Sensation XL instead of my phone and ipod touch, which currently syncs my evernotes with my Mac.

  • Charlie E

    I recently started using Evernote. And its really great to just capture my thoughts and ideas. We were on vacation and I took snap shots of some items form the Harry Potter store in the Airport for gift ideas for my son. By the time I got home I would have forgotten them. But we remembered and were able to order them and didn’t have to pack the more delicate items.

    I also find it really helpful to remembers what wines I like. We go out for dinner and order a glass. If I like it, I take a snap shot of the name of the wine from the menu and then add my own notes.

  • T. Grundy

    The HTC Sensation XL and Evernote would be my primary mobile tools for researching how to break into the voiceover business. It would enable me to efficiently store and recall the websites, blogs, YouTube videos, etc. that I’m currently discovering and reviewing in addition to providing me the ability to record ideas, notes and plans related to this process.

  • Shantanuraj Patil

    My name is Shantanuraj Patil (London), I am just graduated from University of Birmingham with MSc in Human Resource Management. (Congratulations to me!!!!). I am now looking for job and in this recession scenario it is very difficult to find a good job. Now, I am managing my job applications with the help of Evernote. After having an HTC Sensation I can go even further and can manage on the go, wherever and whenever I want. I have been using Evernote to manage my notes, essays and dissertation from college. follow me on twitter Shantanu_HR.

  • roel

    I’m using evernote a lot, both for professional reasons (I’m a researcher) and for personal stuff.

    One specific thing I love about the HTC sensation is that it has a much bigger screen than my current android, so I would really be able to get the most out of skitch, a very promising tool.

    I’d like to use skitch for making ink notes on my phone, and a bigger screen is really needed to do that.

    Keep up the good work evernote!

  • Darlene

    oh, I would use the HTC Sensation XL for everything!!! It would be so perfect with Evernote. I don’t have a smart phone yet, so I’ve been using Evernote on all my home PCs and on an iPod Touch. While it works wonderful on there, I don’t carry it that often because I’m also carrying a cell phone. The Sensation would make it all click!

  • Adrian Morgan

    I would use this to replace my iphone with its broken screen!

  • Jason Sun

    I will use HTC sensation XL to listen to music and organize my ideas with evernote.

  • Damian

    I would use the HTC Sensation XL in every way imaginable. A phone, computer, music player, Evernote organizer, paper weight, flash light, door stop…just kidding…but you get my drift! ***fingers crossed***

  • Carmen N

    I use Evernote all the time but hate that it’s “tied” to my laptop or when I can find internet access. I would love to have the HTC Sensation XL so I can keep my lists and notes with me all the time!

  • Samir Rathod

    HTC Sensation XL has 4.7″ screen which is useful for viewing notes those are clipped from laptop, skitching images captured from mobile for social as well as note taking purpose and beats headphones are exellent combination with 4.7″ screen when viewing movies and videos.
    Internet surfing experience will be way better with 4.7″ screen and with help of dolphin for android(Which has evernote extesion) i can also clip webpage from android and save to evernote and this way i can use my idle time for some productive work.

  • Park, Junseok

    As you know, HTC Sense UI is so great!
    In addition, when it comes with “Evernote”,
    it will be the best smart note whereever.

    I will use Sensation XL for noting everything.
    Where ever, whenever and whoever.
    I want to be a REAL-SMART-USER of the world!


  • Seongseon Ghim

    I will do weight training, using htc sensation xl.

  • Sophie

    I use Evernote a lot; not only for personal stuff (recipes, menus, to do lists, …) but also because I’m a geek genealogist.
    I scann every article of my favorite magazine and keep it in Evernote.
    I also use Evernote to organize my genealogy files and use it at the archives center. I travel paperless.
    Having an HTC would make it a lot easier and fun. Its large screen would be great to read my scans or the old papers I can scan thanks to Evernote.
    As I intend to become a professional genealogist, Evernote would definitely be my right arm !


    I am a small business consultant. Always struggling with my windows phone and outlook. I need to have more order and ease in my life. With Sensation and evernote I will try to gradually migrate out of the windows paralysis and be more free.

  • Peter Pfahl

    I’d use it to retire my aging HTC Desire

  • Malte Tubenthal

    My Name is Malte and I am from Germany. Since I have no Smartphone yet, I would realy love to have it 🙂
    I think I would use it not only for using your fantastic App and reading your blog but also for playing games and of course listening to music. Another thing I would use the phone for is chatting with friends and browsing the internet.

  • Jeffery Yeung

    With a new hTc sensation, I can watch movies, videos on the huge HD screen, play games and even surf the web. I don’t have a smartphone yet, so I really wanted a really nice phone that plays music, takes pics and surfs the web. Usually I use the PC to go onto evernote but I’ll be able to go on the website with the htc sensation.

  • Andrea Michi

    I would use my HTC Sensation XL and Evernote (obviously) to improve my study time. Take one picture of a part of the book I have to study, and with the use of Skitch, I can add useful arrows and texts in that picture (it helps my memory), then with Evernote I can study when I have a few minutes to spare.
    Thanks Evernote.

  • Katherine B

    I will use the new phone not only to manage my family’s calendar and activities, but it will be very helpful to entertain my toddler at those times when he needs to be quiet, and I just can’t do it alone.


    With a HTC Sensation XL and Evernote, my life will be fully organized.

  • KEVIN L.

    I would be able to share my life easier with HTC Sensation XL and Evernote.

  • Tarot

    I’ll give Sensation XL to my mother.

  • Chay Bennett

    I will use the HTC Sensation XL every day to listen to podcasts, keep track of my schedule, remember everything with Evernote and keep up with news and information.

  • Adalbert Pakura

    I’d love a HTC Sensation XL to work on my dissertation on the go … I’ve got all my stuff in Evernote and the huge screen is tempting 😉

  • Stefanie Lambertz

    With the HTC Sensation XL my life simply would be better! I still have the HTC Desire of the first generation with hardly no internal memory and a small display. I would love to get a new smartphone, especially the HTC Sensation XL with its big touchscreen. I could simply organize my life more efficient with Evernote and skitch on a bigger screen and with more memory!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
    And, A Happy New Year!

  • Natalie Shmigelsky

    I would give this phone to my hubby b/c he really needs a new one! Love all the features on it! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  • Michael Ronde

    I use Evernote every day to organize my chaotic mind for both my PhD and privite stuff. With the HTC Sensation I can do this every day at any time and everywhere, using Evernote.

  • hwang seung hwi

    I use evernote to save my life and family history!^^

  • Bin Shi


  • su

    i need a link to download evernote apk file. it seems i can’t install it through google android market in China.

  • Alvaro Amador

    So, who’re the lucky winners of the HTC Sensation XL? If I know any of the winners I’ll offer a good deal for that great device.

  • SpecialStance

    great piece, you missed a few spellin mistakes near the end tho lol