Skitch for iPad is Here!

Skitch for iPad is Here!

Posted by on 21 Dec 2011

Posted by on 21 Dec 2011

Millennia ago, all you needed to get a point across to your buddies was charcoal and a cave wall or a pointy stick and some sand. Now, we sit for hours crafting passive-aggressive emails to make a point that once was communicated with an arrow and a grunt. There’s beauty in that simplicity. Let’s return to it.

Say hello to Skitch for iPad, available now for free from the iTunes App Store!

What is Skitch?

Skitch is the amazingly fun and surprisingly powerful way to move your ideas and projects forward using fewer words. With Skitch, annotate and draw on just about anything that you see, whether it’s a new or existing photo, a webpage, screenshot, map, or a blank canvas. Then, share your work with friends, colleagues or save it all to Evernote. It couldn’t be simpler.

Skitch for iPad

The Skitch for iPad home screen gets you started. Here’s are your options:

Photos and Camera
Choose to work on an existing image from your camera roll or take a new photo with your iPad. Use the camera to take photos of things that inspire you or to draw a mustache on a friend. If you have an iPad 1 with no camera, then the camera option won’t appear.

Skitch for iPad has built in smarts that help it identify recently-made screenshots. Taking a screenshot on your iPad is easy, simply press both the power and home buttons at the same time. The screen will flash and the screenshot will be saved to your camera roll. Open Skitch, tap the Screenshot button, annotate the image, then share it with your team. This is great for everything from mobile app design to showing off your latest Angry Birds score.

Skitch for iPad has its own web browser designed to help you mark up any webpages you encounter. After tapping the Web icon, you can either go directly to a URL or type in a search. When you find the page you want, tap on the Snap icon. Now you have an image of the webpage to annotate. Use this to provide feedback on a web project or to point out something you want to buy.

Have you ever struggled to explain exactly where to meet someone or which building on campus is yours or how to find the best hiking spot? Then the Skitch Map option is for you. Pinch and zoom into the map, then use the Skitch drawing tools to point out a landmark or draw a path. You would be surprised how often the exact place you need isn’t easy to locate without some additional help. With Skitch, you can put an end to driving in circles or walking for hours.

Sometimes you just need to start fresh. Open the blank canvas and sketch to your heart’s content. Use the shapes, arrows, drawing tools, and colors to compose a work of art or to play a killer game of Pictionary.

The drawing tools

Skitch comes with a number of touch-friendly drawing tools that are designed for speed.

  • Finger: Use the finger tool to grab and manipulate any object that you’ve drawn and move it around. You can also tap on an object and rotate it or pinch and zoom to resize it. Using two fingers to rotate and resize Skitch rectangles is surprisingly satisfying. We don’t know why.
  • Pencil: The pencil is your go-to for freehand drawing.
  • Arrows: Draw the famous Skitch arrows to point out what’s important.
  • Text: Select the text option, then tap wherever you want your text to appear. Enter it into the text box and tap Done.
  • Shapes: Choose from circles, squares and lines. Drag you finger on the canvas to draw your shapes.
  • Crop: Crop your canvas to any size you wish with this tool.
  • Color and thickness: Tap on the colored dot to choose a color and line thickness for your arrows, shapes and text.
  • Trash: Select something with the finger tool, then tap trash to remove the item, or tap without selecting to clear the canvas.

Save it all to Evernote

All of your drawing and annotations are saved in the Skitch for iPad app, but if you’d like to have them available to you everywhere, then you should save them into Evernote. Save your images individually or by tapping on the elephant icon.

Share to Twitter, email…and AirPlay!

Skitch for iPad gives you a few different ways to share your drawings. You can send them to your friends over email and you can post them to your Twitter stream. One additional option is sharing over AirPlay, which lets you mirror your iPad onto any screen with an Apple TV attached. This is perfect for giving presentations, demos and for teaching.

iPad first

We built our iOS version of Skitch first for iPad because it’s the ideal form factor for tactile annotation. Fear not, Skitch for iPhone is in the works. In the meantime, go try it out. Use it for work, for play, for school, for design. Use it to plan your wedding layout or to build your house. Use it to communicate when you don’t speak the same language. Just use it and you’ll be amazed by how much a few simple shapes and arrows can do. Enjoy.

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  • Karen

    Love that Skitch is available for the iPad. What I would like to be able to do from the iPad is to have Evernote open and use Skitch to annotate notes already in Evernote. Can that be done? If so, how? Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Not at this time, but it’s a great idea.

      • Jill

        Steven, yes. Get yourself an Evernote upload email address and email direct to your BIG FAT dumb journal. Also, if you are a pic poster? Get an upload email for fb as well. Simplified. Merry Christmas!

        * Andrew not only does Karen have a great idea but Skitch claims it is possible. I learned after upgrading to premium Evernote the iPad requires IOS5 to allow compatibility between the Dec. 21 Skitch update and the iPad.
        I had my heart set on syncing with the new iPad update. Apparently I need to upgrade all of my Mac toys to avoid compatibility issues that already have my iPad buggy and freezing up.

        The new fb Timeline is a problem on this iPad2. I suggest ppl with iPad wait to

      • Thom

        The easiest way is to create a screen shot of the Evernote page which will be saved to photos. Then import into Skitch.

        Now if I could figure out how to save back to Evernote or my Dropbox.

      • Lanman19

        Andrew, yes it’s a great idea that you already had and implemented in the Android versions of Evernote and Skitch, which works great!! As you can see from the shere numbers of Comments on this, it is a much desired feature for the user base! So hopefully, you see it as a priority item!! So can we expect these features in the iPad versions of Evernote & Skitch in the near future, or is this idea still in the ‘concept’ phase?

  • Ann Price

    Woot! Downloaded already! Loving it!

  • Art

    I second Karen’s comment about going from Evernote to Skitch. Love the ideas for the app and the potential.

  • Some Random Bloke

    You guys are awesome. Evernote is one app I tell every new smartphone and tablet user they need. This makes it awesomer.

  • Tim Hickernell

    Not available in US iTunes as of 19:30 CST when I tried. Did it get pulled? Anyone else having trouble finding it? Searched Skitch and Evernote and no dice.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Tim, give it some time. It takes a while for a new app to show up. In most cases, clicking the link above will get you to the app directly.

      • Tim Hickernell

        Got er now, Andrew. Thanks. I followed the link from within Safari for iPad this time instead of searching. Take it as a compliment. 😉 People are psyched to get it. Now I have something to play with on the plane tomorrow!

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Enjoy it. The app is a lot of fun to use.

  • Douglas

    Have the same problem of the app not showing up in the Canadian iTunes store when I tried a search. When I used your link on this page to the store, it was there. Downloaded to iTunes on my Mac. Shows up in apps. Now, however, to put it on my iPad, it should show up in the App Store app under purchased, but doesn’t. Strange. I guess I’ll have to wire sync it.

  • Jan Janssen

    Hi looks nice! I’am also an user of the desktop (Mac) version. Will be there an integration / syncing of the shared pictures? Would be nice!

  • Steven

    Very useful app!
    Is there anyway to share created pics on the web by posting links to them? Like for example when I want to post a pic on a forum.
    Is it possible to change text size in Skitch?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes to both. You can change text size by tapping on the color dot and moving the slider to the right. That slide makes lines thicker and text larger.

      When you share an image over Twitter, we create a Evernote Shared Note. You can then post the link anywhere.

      • Steven

        I see it does generate shared link on iPad if you share a note to Twitter. Emailing note doesn’t generate shared link. Is there any way to copy this shared note link on iPad without posting it to twitter?

  • Chris

    How about the iPhone version?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re working on it.


    thanks finallyyy !!!

    though i would soon upgrade to ios 5 please see if ou could make it work on 4.3.3 as well as there are millions on ios4

    please integrate skitch with the main evernote app just the way (or better) than that you have done on android

    thanks again

  • Daniel

    Fantastic, I just give you 5 star on App store a review 🙂 I just missing one thing what hit me strait when I start use it.
    Please ad oppacity to painting or make tool text marker!
    Sometimes it is better if you can see highlihted text under paint. Now you can just cross it or make a cirkle.
    Otherwice it is amazing app. I used to use painting app for highliting but this is much better 🙂

  • Omer CICEK

    Why not for the iPhone Andrew? It’ll be more handy with an iPhone.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The iPad is a beautiful device for Skitch. That’s why we started there. We’re working on an iPhone version.

  • Johan

    I also second Karen’s comment about going from Evernote to Skitch.

  • David Coyer

    Third vote for Evernote->Skitch->Evernote. Round trip, if you will. When that happens, watch out!!!

  • Andrew McGeachie

    What spice *is* that?

  • Mark Cantu

    I just bought a new iPad2 from Best Buy, when I tried to download the app, I was told I need the IOS5 system. Is this system an additional feature that I would need to purchase, or am I just out of luck that I purchased a new ipad with an older system?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can upgrade your iPad to iOS5. Just connect your iPad to your computer running iTunes and it should prompt you to upgrade.

      • NaiZy

        Wow nice list lol I’m gona see if it will works lol haven’t tried any yet coz I jus got my iPad uhm it’s not ralley that bad having iPad nd plus i got this as prize at rocket polls apps in Facebook

  • Jochen

    absolutely great to have this on the iPad. iPhone coming soon as well I hope 😉

    Just a few remarks:
    – Is there a way to set defaults for color and line with of arrows or lines?
    – could you add drop shadows to rectangles and ellipses as well? These look much better with shadows (see arrows which have this feature already)

    Great Work!

  • Tom Barrett

    Great to see Skitch in this form and it works great when posting to an Evernote account.

    I work in education and have been wondering about an interface for younger pupils to capture their learning (in the form of notes) during their time in school. Skitch actually is a great interface for younger students to take a picture, make an annotation etc and then save to a shared account.

    What is missing is (a) the ability to save a Skitched note to a specific Evernote Notebook (b) to tag anything (c) add default set of tags

    Will this will be included soon, as I see the potential to be great for younger users to use Skitch as a way of building an Evernote portfolio.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We definitely think Skitch is a great tool for students and educators. You’ll be seeing lots of enhancements to Evernote/Skitch integration.

  • Nav

    Just installed skitch onto my iPad 2, but the app keeps crashing. Havent been able to load the app even once. Any suggestions?

    • Michael

      Mine crashes, too. I have downloaded it, installed it, removed it, and then repeated the process. I can’t get it to open at all. I love Skitch on my MBP, so I would be thrilled if I could get it to work on my iPad 2. If anyone hears of a possible solution, please drop us a line!

  • Francesco

    Finally, I was waiting for it.

    Only one question: why I need an Evernote account for using it, if I’ve already one Skitch account? I’m ok with my Skitch account, where are stored many images…

    No way to make it works with Skitch accounts? It seems so illogical it doesn’t…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You don’t need an Evernote account to use the app. You only need an Evernote account to save to Evernote.

      • Francesco

        Ok, that’s clear, but why I can’t save in Skitch with the Skitch app? Isn’t it illogical?

      • Daidailee

        I can save on Skitch, not to Evernote only. How come?

  • Tim Hickernell

    Already found myself taking screen shots from Zinio, when text view is not supported, and marking them up with comments before filing away in my Evernote research notebook. Fills a gap right away for me.

  • Victor

    Great App! Is there an eraser tool in the works like the one the Mac version has?

  • prajith

    oh great app. I use it every day and absolutely adore it! My online suggestion is too add it to the apple app store!

  • Eric

    Is there a way to clip from Safari on an iPad and send it to Skitch? That would be great. Same with the round trip to and from Evernote.

  • Summer gonzalez

    I agree with the fact that it should work with other applications.

    Also .. A first glance and being a newbie to this application, when I mark something and save it , do I always have to gonzalez home and back to web? Seems like a couple to many steps. Seems it would be easier if it had a swipe or a return to browsing app. Also a multi tab .. They may be there but unable to find them and not very clear instructions for a beginning user.

    I love,when every little detail is laid out and I don’t have to google the answer.


    • Summer gonzalez

      apon further play.. It only browse’s when you search… As I got this for research it does not make since to leave web browser gonzalez to skitch then Evernote then browser..

  • indir

    Really good work. Thanks.

  • Glenn Drinkle

    Downloaded Skitch and it just hangs and disappears. Goes back to the app screen. Any ideas as to what might be wrong with the app? Thanks. Glenn.

  • NateDeGreat

    I just gave Skitch for iPad a whirl – fantastic app!! As a teacher, I see it as a great solution for easy screen annotation by students and teachers … So I have to ask, any sense on when a Windows version will be coming out? Will it be after the iPhone version?

  • NateDeGreat

    The only option in the maps app seems to be “current location.”. Are there plans to add a search function? Maybe even directions?

    Also, echo the request for two-way integration with Evernote.

  • Daidailee

    Skitch is neat, though, I could not find the undo function, only clear. But when clear, it clears all. Am I missing something in using it?

    • Jim Wright

      Hi, just hit the finger icon and drag whatever it is you want to clear to the left hand side.
      It works for me.

  • Zo

    Your header should say, for iPad iOS 5 — which not all iPad users have upgraded to, or perhaps choose not to.

  • Peter Bryenton

    Worked first time, thanks. I’ll be looking at how Skitch might be used to benefit Visually Impaired learners.

  • Montag451

    A safari bookmarklit would be sweet. So we could jump from safari into skitch and have it capture current web page.

  • Liliana

    I really love this application but I haven’t been able to use the screenshot functionality, every time I pres and hold the power and home bottom it doesn’t flash. I get a messege to turn off my ipad or to cancel this. What am I doing wrong?

    • NateDeGreat

      Don’t hold them down – press and let go quickly.

  • katherine (@capecodgurl)

    Is there anyway..I can use this while doing presentation on ipad Keynote..I’d love to mark up live.
    Thanks for app..pretty cool.

  • Bkperna

    Great app! Thank you?

  • Bkperna

    Great app! Thank you!

  • Frustrated new user

    As a few other people have asked, I try to open skitch for iPad and it doesn’t go beyond the app screen, unless briefly to a blank screen and then back to app screen. I reinstalled and the same thing happened.

  • Carol Zychowski

    Crashes frequently so I lose all the work I have done. Would like an eraser tool in addition to undo.

  • jimpogo

    It would be great if Skitch could tie in with Skitch.

    Not sure why all the above questions relating to the actual sketch site aren’t being answered, but the ability to go back and forth between the iPad and would be great!

  • jam

    Beautifully designed iPad app! On my wish list: ability to change fonts in the text tool. Thanks.

  • CJh

    Is it possible to launch a website, annotate it through Skitch, and then move to another website or complete a form on the site? I’m thinking of using this like an interactive SmartBoard, if possible, where you can go from site to site, marking up pages as you progress.

  • Chekz

    Please Please Please bring Skitch for iPhone and iPod touch soon >.< I hate that Androids got it before us :c

  • Hubert

    Maybe I have not had enough coffee yet this morning. How do I upload my Skitch captures directly (1click) to my Evernote account?

  • Rick

    My “Save to Evernote” Skitches don’t show in my Evernote or Skitch account and every time, I click on the Elephant, it asks me to login…again. Is something wrong here?

    • Gustavo

      I have the same issue. I know is recognizing the login, because if I use an incorrect username or password it comes back with an error. When I use the correct username and password it does tell me that it is saved. However, checking Evernote I don’t see anything uploaded from Skitch.

      I also have to enter username and password each time I hit the Elephant icon.

      If I enter the credentials using the ‘I’ icon on the home page, I thought it would store my Evernote login credentials so I don’t have to keep login in. It doesn’t. It just flickers, so I gather is doing something, but I’m not sure what.

      What am I doing wrong? Help!


      • Gustavo

        …by the way, the Skitch issue I’m experiencing is on iPad2. Thx!

      • Eric

        Rick and Gustavo – I’m having the same issue. Love the ability to quickly illustrate ideas, and definitely want to have these in my Evernote notebooks. But so far none of my attempts have appeared there.
        Using iPad1, Evernote 4.1.7

      • Thom

        Me three

      • Joe

        Me four. I was thinking I was the only one having this problem…oddly comforting to know I’m not. Hopefully a fix is issued in the very near future.
        Other than this little hiccup, LOVE the Skitch for iPad app!!

    • Zonk99

      Me five.

      None of my save to evernote (elephant icon) appear in Evernote. Also always prompts me to login.

      Ay ideas?

    • Heather

      We’ve identified the issue with the current version of Skitch for iPad, which does not allow you to share your notes properly with your Account. We have developed a fix and submitted it to the Appstore. As soon as Apple releases it, the Appstore will notify you of an upgrade to Skitch. Simply install that upgrade and you will be able to share properly.

  • Barbi

    Can u add clip art to the skitch screen you’re working on? On the iPad..

  • J. Scott Landers

    I saw this post in December and I immediately loaded this ap on my iPad and I feel in love with it! I used it off and on over the holidays and then with the New Year came a problem. Every time I open the ap, it crashes immediately. I have deleted the ap and reloaded it, with every update I am trying to get it to work without success. I am on an iPad2 with ios 5.0.1 and I need help! I am desperate to get this ap to work anybody have a suggestion?

  • J. Scott Landers

    Looks like I may have found the issue. The problem was related to the initial Location Services question. When I load/reload the ap and the initial notification question comes up… “Skitch” would like to use your current location…if I select “Ok” the ap crashes and continues to crash every time I try to open it. But if I select “Don’t Allow” it works fine and then I can go into my settings and manually turn on location services for Sketch. Back to work!

  • Takuya

    Great app!
    Please let me know how to pinch-zoom on Skitch for iPad.
    I can do it on Skitch for Android.

  • Claudio Bosia

    1) In Skitch is only possible to delate files one to one, it’s no possible to delate many files all toghether;

    2) after who i have create a new skitch, i have wrongly tap home and i have missed my job, the app not ask me to saved my job!

  • Ben

    Waiting for app fo IPhone & Itouch.

  • curdaneta

    Not able to zoom images on iPad 1
    When I select the finger tool and pinch the image I just got a rectangular marquee.
    Any help will be welcomed

  • Tero

    Thank you for a great app. Adding pinch to zoom and layers would make it fantastic, and I could ditch Adobe Ideas.

  • Mark

    Is there a tool smaller than your finger to draw with. Something that makes a smaller,thinner line on the iPad?

    • Amy

      boxwave skinny stylus love it

  • Cock van Driel

    Probably the most asked question:
    when can we expect Skitch for Evenote on the Windows platform?
    I use Evernote on all devices: Iphone, Ipad, MacBook but
    the MacBook usually on Windows via the dualboot.
    Very convenient this cross platform option!

  • Mark Lyman

    The email function stopped working. Any suggestions on how to fix?

  • Dave

    Love it. But I cannot see where I change the size of inserted text???

  • Louis

    Where can I download the iPhone version

  • Ally

    Skitch keeps crashing, can’t get it to work on my brand new iPad . I’ve uninstalled and reinstalling 3 times. Help!

  • Gary

    Both Evernote and Skitch are loaded on my iPad. However, the Evernote elephant doesn’t appear in Skitch. Thus I can’t integrate with Evernote. Can anyone guide me? Thanks…Gary

  • nicholasclayg

    I use evernote heavily as well, upgraded to premium

    What I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (1000 more of REALLYs) is the drawing function. Basic shapes and some pen tools.

    I use it for iPhone app design on the go and from my windows and mac laptops.

    I swear the SECOND that becomes available, I’m dropping Ms one note to go die. I hate being tied to it. I hate exporting into Evernote just so I can view on my mac. Since MS is stupid and decided not to put one note on Mac, I’m forced to do this ping pong method.

    That would all stop with drawing. I know skitch is coming around, but when when when WHEN WHEN WHEN????? <<<<<< 🙂 🙂 🙂 <<<<<<<<

    Happy faces, question marks for a million years.

    k thx bai!



  • Jan

    Hope to see THE app Skitch for IPhone Soon.

  • santiago

    Can’t believe there STILL is no iphone app.

    What is making you wait so long guys?

  • Erich Nolan bertussi

    So there is no eraser tool on the skitch for iPad just for Mac?

    How do I do creative art director feedback to production staff on an iPad if I can’t erase or change my mind with only an undo or erase all?


  • Meier

    iPhone skitch ASAP ! Please

  • AlexVan

    Really want to be able to, add photo to Evernote (from pc) and then anotate it on the iPad. Open Evernote from skitch would be perfect. Obviously save, saves back to original Evernote photo.

  • Alan

    No eraser? What were you thinking? Other stuff is nice.