Introducing: Chat Support for Premium Users

Posted by Geoffrey Barry on 29 Dec 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Barry on 29 Dec 2011

Ever wish you could grab an Evernote Support Tech to ask a quick question? Maybe you’d prefer to chat with someone in real-time rather than submit a Support ticket. Now, you can. Premium users can now chat live with Evernote Support Techs who will help identify and answer your questions and issues.

Our new Support chat feature assists users with basic issues like account maintenance, Evernote how-tos, username changes, bug reports, etc. If a Support member can’t immediately help you with your issue, he/she will gather all of the information needed for a specialist to assist you with your ticket.

Let’s Chat

Initiating chat is easy. Navigate to the Evernote Support page, and select “Chat with Evernote.” From there, you’ll be able to sign into your Evernote account. You’ll be prompted to provide some additional information (see screenshot, above) and then, you’ll be connected to an Evernote Support Tech.

At this time, chat is only available in English, Monday-Friday, from 9:00am-5:00pm PST. We’ll be expanding both our hours and supported languages soon.

We’re excited to offer this new service to our Premium users and are eager to hear your thoughts.

Learn More About Evernote Support Features

Chat is just one of the many ways we’re increasing support for our users. Submit a Support ticket, check out our Knowledge Base, visit our user forums and more at our Support page.


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  • Karianna

    I might go premium just because of this! It looks awesome!

  • Hiroaki Nakata

    Sounds great!!!

  • Owyn

    Works a treat. (Just tested it).
    Used the “Email” function to get a transcript of a conversation.

  • Dr. Barrett Mosbacker

    The Evernote team continues to impress me. I have completed moved away from MindJet as my project management tool to Evernote. The quality of the product and customer support are on par with that of Apple–which is saying a lot! Well done guys and gals!

  • Steve

    Love E/note and love this addition.
    Only disappointment I’ve ever had w/Evernote is getting no response to my questions.
    Will Use

  • Brett

    Just used it twice for two separate questions. Very awesome. Both people I chatted to were great.

  • Hugh O'Donnell

    That’s exciting! Go Evernote!

  • Dave Yuhas

    BS in real time. I’m impressed.

  • Sherry Walton

    Just purchased a Galaxy tab to use in the field. Like Evernote so far and thinking I want premium member but want to make sure my WORD files and templates (to put text into) will import flawlessly into EN. Also using WordPerfect (I know old but great for medical reports with graphs, will these transfer as well into Evernote without labor intensive clean up?

    Thanks, Looks like a Great product. This help would be a great asset.

  • Lee joohyung

    I am very like this site

  • Jean-Albert Morlard

    Dear Support team,

    As a daily Evernote user, that would be very great to have more integrated features in the software. Many times, I’ve got to use Evernote+iCal+Things and I wonder why an app like Evernote do not have a Calendar, alarms, etc…

  • Emily

    I want to become a premium member.I’m starting by paying by the month. How is the “month” calculated? calendar month or 30-days from the date of my premium sign-up?

  • RJ Baket

    had repairs done to my samsung galexy, now I can’t access my evernote premium account

  • Mauro Farinelli

    I got caught in catch 22!! First Evernote had some problems accessing my Credit Card. They sent me an email moving me from Premium to free. When I went to the chat section to clarify the problem I could not access it because they had moved me to free without notifying me first. Now I am at the back of the line behind the Premium customers waiting for a service ticket.

    I am not happy!

  • Paulette Proulx

    Love E/note and love this addition.
    Only disappointment I’ve ever had w/Evernote is getting no response to my questions.
    Will Use
    Ma q

  • Julio cezar Callado

    I won’t be open this program.I put my mame,passeardes,but dont open.plese help me

  • Luis Vale

    I think is about time the support group have a phone line!!!!

    At least for premium users!!

    Don’t you think??

    for the rest great application

  • Tom Meggison

    At one time I use to be able to PRINT to evernote. I still see Evernote as an option for printing to evernote, However, it does not send the printed selection to evernote. It has worked for years now it just wont work?
    Any ideas?

  • navneelikhi

    Canot open audio&picture attachments when emailed to other person???

  • leon

    Hello Sir or Ms.
    I have premium evernote and after my last backup the program freezes. I have tried turning my ipad off and on. I have downloaded evernote from itunes but was unable to locate the file for loading.
    Please help

  • Roy Milke

    When I tried to sign into Evernote chat it said it was not available

  • Lauri

    Forget it.. only works during US pacific times, that is not worthy of and aspiring global company.. I am “premium” user and waiting for my questions a good 10 hours now with no response.

  • Rob

    I am having trouble sincying from my tablet to phone and vice versa, has anyone had the sane trouble or know how to fix it

  • Pedro Custodio

    Dear @evernote the idea of premium chat support is great. But if this is what I get after 15mins waiting, it’s not really nice:

    Just for the record I tried again one more time, 12 minutes waiting and this time not even a status on the queue number was given.

    Not really premium service at all, sorry.
    And yes I’m a premium customer with an open ticket for a problem that’s blocking me from using my evernote desktop app.

  • Chris

    I just upgraded to evernote premium. I really don’t need that much space every month. Can I just pay monthly as needed? Can I get my money back? It’s only been 4 days. (2 business days)

  • AndrewSinkov

    Chris, please contact our support team. They’ll help you out:

  • amuramoto

    Please visit our password recovery page to reset your password.

  • David Lloyd

    I do not dare reset my password. I use Evernote to help accommodate memory problems. The LAST THING I WOULD CONSIDER DOING would be to CHANGE MY PASSWORD! That would most certainly make Evernote useless to me. I am a premium user, but I cannot use my program on my own computer because it says my password is invalid. I cannot use my premium support services because your system wants to make me change my password before I can register a complaint. Your company is a risk of an Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit. FIX THIS!

  • amuramoto

    I’m sorry to hear about the issues you have been having reaching support. Can you please respond with your support ticket number. We will make sure it gets to our support team.

  • amuramoto

    I’m sorry to hear about the issues you have been having contacting support. Can you reply with your support ticket number, so that I can forward it to a member of our support team?

  • amuramoto

    Sorry to hear about the issues you have been having contacting our support team. Can you please reply with your support ticket number so that we can forward it to a member of our support team?

  • Roshé

    I have been locked out of my Evernote Account for over a month and have filed several “tickets”…I got a notification that my plea had EXPIRED and I needed to resubmit another?? REALLY EVERNOTE?? Unfortunately I have relied on this app for note taking that was very important now, it cant be accessed… I’m not very happy about this. Does any one have any suggestions about reaching a PERSON TO SPEAK TO??

    • amuramoto

      I apologize for the inconvenience. Can you reply with the ticket # from your most recent support ticket? I will make sure it gets forwarded directly to our support team. Please also keep an eye on your email spam folder as we have found that responses from our support team get filtered as spam in some instances.

      • Roshé

        Good afternoon,

        Thank you for your reply. My ticket number is

        *I have 2 Evernote accounts Roshe Cosmetics and Roshe1. They are both somehow linked to my gmail account. I generally use the Roshe1 on my Ipad and can not access the account. I copied a link with info that came from that account.

        Please help!!!

        *Roshe’ Anthony*
        *Roshe’* Cosmetics
        *BEAT* School of Makeup Artistry
        2429 St. Paul Street
        Baltimore MD 21218
        Visit our Website
        Friend Roshe’ on Facebook Follow Roshe’ on Twitter
        Like Roshe’ Cosmetics
        Like BEAT School of Makeup Artistry Roshe’s YouTube Channel Book Roshe’ on StyleSeat

  • amuramoto

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Can you reply with the ticket number from your most recent support ticket? I will forward it and this comment directly to a member of our support team.

  • amuramoto

    Our password reset form can be reached directly at

    If this does not work for you, please contact our support team, who will be able to help you regain access to your account.

  • Geoff

    The account email should have been corrected as of this morning (along with a reply sent by support), so you’ll be able to appropriately receive the reset email. If you’re still not receiving it at the corrected email address, please check your spam folder. Thanks!

  • amuramoto

    I apologize for the inconvenience. We are looking into the issue. Please let us know if you receive any further duplicate emails.

  • Ken

    disgusted! just purchased premium and am unable to access chatline, which is the only reason I purchased it in the first place!

    • Ken

      I meant to say I just purchased ‘plus’, not ‘premium’, but still, the only reason was that I wanted to increase my monthly limit, and be able to get into chatline. It’s been several hours, I’m still waiting, and am still disgusted!

      • Ken

        just noticed that chatline is only for ‘premium’. Sorry – my mistake.