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How to Run Your Startup with Evernote: WeTeachMe for Teaching and Learning

How to Run Your Startup with Evernote: WeTeachMe for Teaching and Learning

Posted by Kym Huynh on 05 Jan 2012

Posted by Kym Huynh on 05 Jan 2012

Name: Kym Huynh, founder
Company: WeTeachMe
Location: Australia


Kym Huynh is the founder of WeTeachMe, a company that lets people connect offline to teach each other everything from languages, to crafts and business. WeTeachMe operates on two levels: by connecting everyday people who want to learn new things with teachers around their area, and connecting teachers with a pool of students passionate about their topic. All the learning takes place in the real world where the sense of smell, touch and sight play an integral role in the learning process.

We use Evernote, Everywhere:

We use Evernote for…

WeTeachMe aims to democratize education by giving everyone with a passion the ability to teach something to an engaged and willing audience. We’re an international team of five (we have folks in Australia, Greece, Ireland and China) and we all use Evernote.

We’re shifting from being a startup to a business, and Evernote is helping us make the transition. Evernote was absolutely essential to the organization of WeTeachMe. We literally have hundreds of documents, images, sound files and notes floating around. The ability to have them all centralized in one location is absolutely invaluable. We use Evernote to:

  • Record audio notes during the customer development process: With Evernote installed on our smartphones and computers, we’re able to record and store audio clips from our customer development process for later reference and discussion.
  • Location scout: The lessons and workshops at WeTeachMe happen at a variety of different locations and our team is always on the lookout for possible venues. When a suitable one is found, we snap photos of it with Evernote. These snapshots have both the longitude and latitude captured, so we never forget where a potential venue is located.
  • Set goals: We use the checkbox function in Evernote to keep track of goals that we have set. Long-term, short-term; we got them all covered. [Learn how to create a checklist in Evernote]
  • Keep a historical archive: We save old copy from our website into separate notes for later reference. It also provides a chance for the WeTeachMe team to tweak the copy as needed.
  • Capture snapshots of handwritten notes: Notes are often written by hand. Evernote’s ability to take snapshots is incredibly handy. What really impresses us is Evernote’s ability to search for text within the image snapshots, which saves the need for us to type the notes manually; a big productivity booster.

  • Get things done on the go: Having the Evernote app installed on our mobile devices gives us the freedom to accomplish more on the go.
  • Keep track of expenses: We scan all of of our coffee, food and company receipts into Evernote for accounting purposes.

  • Create and store meeting notes: Prior to launch, we used Evernote to create and store our meeting notes. Having them searchable and arranged chronologically makes referring to past meetings to see what we discussed/decided upon an extremely easy process.
  • Save time by creating template notes: We tend to write the same emails over and over again. To shave time off writing emails, we saved some of the more common emails that we send out into separate notes. Instant productivity!

All of our work is centralized around Evernote’s incredible organizational and search capabilities. Evernote has also provided a great historical record of everything prior to launch. Post launch, we’re continuing to use Evernote to capture miscellaneous notes, meeting minutes, ideas and as an archive for our continual customer development process.

Making your goals happen

Often, things said in meetings are forgotten. Being able to jump back in time to see that snapshot is incredibly invaluable. We never lose sight of the goal and we make sure we don’t deviate from our original mission. Evernote was, and is, absolutely instrumental in the productivity boost at WeTeachMe headquarters. Rather than spend time working inside the business, we can spend the extra hours working on the business.


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  • Jesse

    Ahh! I didn’t know about the location feature… this just opened up a whole new world for me! 😉

    Great article with fantastic tips inside. Cheers fellas.

  • Marco Riolo

    I just learned about Evernote and reading this just got me me even more super excited! Having a varsitilr amount of talents as an entrepreneur makes it hard to keep track of everything and with this 2012 is going to be even more awesome! I extremely enjoyed everything your business is doing as well. Are you all in grand rapids mi USA yet?

  • Dave

    Thought I knew everything about To Do lists. Should have known there was much more power in it than just making a simple list with a check mark.

  • I.Adam

    Audio notes are great!

  • K. Gwyn

    I’m a newbie to Evernote as well as to entrepreneurship. Reading about the Weteachme startup and tips from Brandie Kajino has opened my mind so wide! With Evernote at mt disposal, this is gonna be a great year to start a business.