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Announcing our New Fitness Ambassador and Top 10 Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions This Year

Announcing our New Fitness Ambassador and Top 10 Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions This Year

Posted by Chad Williams on 09 Jan 2012

Posted by Chad Williams on 09 Jan 2012

Name: Chad Williams
Evernote Ambassador: Fitness
Company: AnthroPhysique
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Facebook: AnthroPhysique

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You may recognize Chad Williams from the story he shared with us a few months ago. Chad is a personal trainer that started an online coaching business to help clients get in shape and stay motivated. Evernote plays an important role in helping his customers stay accountable and on track. Today, we’re excited to announce that Chad is joining our Ambassador Program as our new Fitness Ambassador. As many of us may have lofty fitness goals in 2012, Chad is sharing his tips for ways to use Evernote to help you get (or get back) into shape. Welcome, Chad!

It’s a new year, which often means time for resolutions for how to make this year different than the last. Unfortunately, many people fall short on accomplishing their resolutions each year. Usually this comes from not being clear in your goals, forgetting what they were, and not tracking your progress to see what’s working and what’s not. As a personal trainer, I’ve seen this happen all too often. Since I started using Evernote, I’ve figured out how I can help my clients stick to their fitness resolutions. I’ve compiled my top 10 tips for using Evernote to get you ahead of the game and finally reach your fitness goals this year.

Top 10 Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Resolutions This Year

  1. Set your goals: make a checklist
    Clearly defining your goals is a big key to your success. We often say something like “lose weight” or maybe even “lose 20 pounds” but what’s missing is when that will happen. Leaving the door open on the goal makes it easy to then say, “I’ll start tomorrow.” Set a completion date for your goal and check off milestones as you complete them. [Learn how to create a checklist in Evernote]
  2. Create workout logs
    Exercise is usually at the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions that people make. Be clear with what you plan to do and how often, but then make sure you log workouts to track your progress. By logging your workouts, you’ll have a better understanding of the progress you’re making.
  3. Maintain your meal plans
    Diet is another big New Year’s resolution. Planning ahead is the key to success when it comes to watching what you eat. Use Evernote to plan your meals each week or even each month. When your meals are planned, you can be more organized and more likely to stick to your plan. You can also make a grocery checklist based on upcoming meals. [Learn how to create a checklist in Evernote]
  4. Create a recipe resource
    Make sure you stick to your diet plan by creating a recipe resource. Having access to all of your favorite recipes in one location means that you’ll make smarter eating choices in the new year.
  5. Keep track of what you’re eating
    Now that you’ve planned your meals and have recipes organized, keep a log of what you’re actually eating. Use Evernote Food to capture your chef skills at home or dining out experiences to build a resource of what foods you truly enjoy. Evernote Food can also be a great place for keeping your favourite recipes. [Learn more about Evernote Food]
  6. Monitor your sleep schedule
    When it comes to health, sleep is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of staying well. Do you know how long you sleep each night? Create a simple log of your sleep patterns in Evernote, recording the number of hours you sleep each night. You’ll probably start to see a trend and you’ll also figure out the amount of sleep you need for optimal performance in your day.
  7. Keep track of measurements
    Monthly measurements of inches, weight, body fat percentage and accompanying body photos are an important aspect of tracking your success. If you see improvements, you’ll stay motivated. If you don’t, you’ll be reminded that it’s time to change something in your approach.
  8. Capture inspiration and ideas from the web
    You probably browse the web for workout ideas, recipes, and inspirational quotes or photos. Use the Evernote Web Clipper to instantly capture anything you like into your Evernote account. [Learn more about how to clip content using the Web Clipper]
  9. Share your results
    Sharing your progress with another person is a key element of staying on track. Share your logs or measurement notes with a close friend or family member to keep you accountable to someone who cares about you. Share individual notes via email, or put all of your result-related notes into a Shared Notebook. [Learn about sharing from Evernote]
  10. Challenge yourself, with a buddy in tow
    Monthly or quarterly challenges are another way to keep you pushing forward. Create an exercise challenge and then invite others to participate. You can create a Shared Notebook with the challenge and then have a place for each person to check in daily or weekly. Working with others is a very powerful tool for keeping yourself challenged. [Learn about sharing from Evernote]

How will you use Evernote to achieve your fitness goals this year?

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  • Jan Udlock

    I’m brand new to Evernote and it’s so helpful to see screen shots and how “real” people use it in simple ways. Thank you.

  • Joe Monks

    Great idea!

  • ChikaraMIke

    Great post. Big fan of Evernote for tracking workouts, planning workouts, and all things fitness business related.

  • Joshua Zerkel

    Chad, great post, and welcome to the community! I use Evernote to organize all my workouts, and then I look them up on my phone when I’m at the gym. It helps keep me on track.

    • Ray Hammond


      I’m new to Evernote..and so far I’m loving the baby steps I’m taking…but I’m a much better learner when I can ‘see’ what people mean.

      I’m on the Paleo diet and exercise plan from Mark Sisson

      Is there a way you could show us HOW you organize your workouts?


  • Anne

    Just wondering when/if Evernote Food is coming to Android devices?? Patiently waiting……

    • Heather

      They’re coming! Check out our discussion boards for the latest news and even pre-release software (before it hits the blog!)

  • Richard Henry

    The gameplan should definitely be about eating right in addition to exercise. This duo will indeed give you the look that you want. 2012 is truly the year to get fit in more ways than one.

  • Linz

    Here’s a totally unsolicited endorsement. Chad’s an amazing trainer and super knowledgeable!!! Super excited to see him helping others through evernote!!!

  • Jackson Wong

    Looking forward to use this to keep fit and gain some muscles of possible.

  • Kathy Richards

    awesome way to use Evernote!

  • Dan

    I am not brand new to Evernote, but much like the first poster, I always find it helpful to see how other people use it. This is great stuff

  • Kevin Moore

    I’m interested in how best to use Evernote to track work-outs. Ideas? Thanks.

  • Lyndsay

    What a great article, I’ll definitely be using some of these tips and tricks! I work for a local designer of activewear here in Vancouver (we also manufacture our clothing here in the city) and we use Evernote in the office as well as in our personal lives for goal setting and keeping track of inspiration and contacts!

  • jonathan

    Evernote is good for tons of stuff, and I agree with this article.

    If you want to see the way I track my workouts and my entire nutrition/fitness life, here is my entire journal for you guys to look at:

    Personally if it doesn’t make sense to you, dont worry about it. It’s not supposed to and I didn’t design it to make sense to you 🙂 What it is, is a place for me to track information for me. The rest of my process is a little overkill for most, but I’ve always been a big believer in looking at how other people do things, extracting what you think is cool and ditching the rest.

    So, with that being said, I hope you can get something out of the mish-mash i’ve put together in my journal. I’ve tracked a full 30 days worth of food, including pictures so you know exactly what I ate on a specific date. I’ve tracked my fitness/nutrition goals for 2012, and my workouts of the day. I think all of the tags should work also if you just want to filter my notes

    other tools that I use in correlation to all of this are: (realize that these don’t matter at all to still use evernote effectively)

    1. Beyond the white board (crossfit website for 3.00 a month) that I plug my workouts here into in order to see graphical representations of how i’m excelling in my health and nutrition goals, how much body fat i’m losing over time and how much lean body mass i’m gaining over time.

    2. I use Omnifocus for tracking not just these fitness and nutrition goals for life, but the rest of my lifes purpose: educational goals, relationship, etc.

    3. I track every single penny so that I know exactly where my finances are in a full 360 degree view between investments, cash, mortgage, savings, checking, etc. their mobile app is amazing.

    4. Another thing I use evernote to accomplish is tracking and managing all the projects i’m working on so I can jump back into those projects exactly where I left off and know what’s gotta get done. As I use it heavily in design/art it’s been a huge time saver

    At the end of the day, it comes down to just one thing, and that is you actually “doing it”. So make sure you take what you like from people and ditch what you dont. If you get overwhelmed where to start/begin, dont. Just start small and continue the habit and over time you will grow to figure other things out. For those of us, like me, that can’t afford a dreamhouse immediately, I just think about 1st, what would my dream bathroom look like? After i’ve designed the best looking bathroom I can, I decide to look at the next room and related it back to the toilet and then I move onto the living room, then the kitchen, etc. After 5 years, my dreamhouse is built. (obviously this is just a metaphor about starting small)

    I hope some of this information can be of use to any of you



    • Riley

      Amazing, Jonathan. Thanks for sharing!

    • Leslie

      Wow, Jonathan, thank you for sharing this. It opened my eyes to the possibilities around tracking – and the informational links were really helpful! I’m going to follow the suggestion to start small – and just see how big it gets!

  • Spencer

    I have already been doing a lot of this, evernote is EPIC!!!! Thanks for the post!

  • Wil

    This is excellent! I never thought of using Evernote to track workouts. Thank you so much for this advice.

  • pdworkman

    I use Evernote for a lot of these things as well.

    – I have a goals notebook

    – I have an exercise log journal in my journal stack. I export my iSmoothRun workouts, export RunKeeper records once a month, forward emails announcing badges I have earned on various fitness sites, export my weight log and plan on exporting my new FitBit logs as well (food, exercise, weight, heart rate, etc.) Other times I might snap a picture of an accomplishment, or capture an iPhone screenshot in an app that doesn’t export.

    – I have a meal plan notebook and a recipes notebook. When I am working on my meal plan, I move the recipes I need out of the recipes notebook and into the meal plan notebook, so that they are immediately available and I don’t have to search for them. I mail my meal plan from whatever site/program I am using to do it (I have used a few so far). When I’m finished a week, I move the recipes back into the recipe notebook. Evernote is such a great tool for capturing recipes, whether they arrive by e-mail, are clipped from a website, or are a picture of the page of a recipe book or card.

    – I also capture notes, references, quotes, etc. from various sources that go into my fitness notebooks.

    Such a great program.

  • Aaron Aviles

    SWEEEEEEET!! I am the composer of P90X2 and Evernote is the absolute most used app in my universe. Critical to everything that I do. Glad to see that others in the Fitness universe are using it as well. Also responsible for all the music for the new fitness site called DailyBurn and Google Fitness Be Fit channel. luv this stuff!!1 2012 is gonna rock.

    🙂 Aaron

  • Zan Romeder

    Chad is amazing. We recommend all our successful weight loss clients to get coaching with Chad to meet their fitness goals. AND we love Evernote too at Vital Body. west coast, vancouver, zan

  • Chad Williams

    Thanks for all of the great comments everyone. A few of you have asked some great questions and I’d love to help out if I can. I don’t think I can answer all of you here, but please feel free to contact me for assistance. You can either email me through my website or visit the Discussion Boards ( and post a thread there and we can help everyone!


  • Neil

    Great insight into how I could manage me better. Many thanks for taking the time to motivate others.

  • Robert Williger

    Glad to see the new ideas for using Evernote for fitness. I have been using it for tracking runs as on the treadmill I can just snap a picture of the screen display at the end.

  • Rebecca

    Haha what does it say when I clipped this article to evernote so I can remember how to set up my fitness stuff

  • Bill Bolmeier

    I’ve used EverNote on and off for a long time now but I keep coming back especially now because I can synch between desktop, iPad 2 and my Droid Razr. Cool.

  • Cynthia Fink

    I drove by your offices yesterday. Cool!

    This is small, but this is the face you show to the world.

    It’s not personal trainer “that”, it’s personal trainer “who”.

    Chad is a personal trainer that started an online coaching business to help clients get in shape and stay motivated.

  • stanlee22

    sounds like cross fit and paleo eating;

  • Emma Kakes

    I’ve got a question. For the water only challenge, can I still drink tea? Because tea is just water…

  • David Martin

    Chad, I love this idea and just started my evernote. I’ve lost over 60 pounds using facebook and getting accountability. I’m super excited to get going and would like to share my facebook accountability group with everyone if that is OK. I’ve found that the more buddies network the more I stay on track.

  • blogtheristo

    Excellent entry and great advices how to use evernote in training. Thank you Chad!

  • Collette

    Im very sad I missed the challenge start because it is something that could help me change my life

  • Mark


    Can you send the jpeg in the “inspiration”? I don’t know if you found that somewhere or you created it but, great motivation!

  • claudia

    This was really helpful