Beautiful sharing: Evernote Food


Beautiful sharing: Evernote Food

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 20 Jan 2012

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 20 Jan 2012

Evernote Food is a great way to preserve all of your food memories—from dining out to cooking in. Oftentimes, your meals tell a story that you want to share with the world, so we redesigned our shared view to really highlight your experiences.

Your photos are now on a beautiful dark background, which really showcases the meal. Notes are placed at the top of the meal and captions are right below each image. Friends that receive your link can save the meal to their own Evernote accounts, see where the meal occurred and re-share it to their social networks.

Here’s an example of a shared meal that I created on a recent trip to the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

How to share a meal

There are two options for sharing a meal. You can either do it inside Evernote Food or from Evernote.

  • From Evernote Food: Open the meal and tap on the share icon in the lower right. Choose a sharing option and you’re done.
  • From Evernote: Open the meal and share it as you would any individual note.

More to come

We have lots more to come from Evernote Food, including new features and new platforms. Stay tuned.

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  • Tim Crawford

    Do you have any plans for an iPad app of Evernote Food?

  • Shawn Sieg

    i’m so looking forward to checking out Evernote Food… i did download the iOS app… I’m currently posting my Weight Watchers adventures with cooking, recipes, etc… at

    i currently use Evernote for taking notes and sending various articles to the email address for archiving…

    thanks for the post!

  • Anne Simmons

    I Love the evernote family of apps. +1 for the ipad version. Also, it would be great for a bigger character limit in the notes section of the food app. So that I can note the recipe with the pictures.


  • Martin

    Any plans for an android version?

    • Mads

      I hope so! I’m curious as to why so many of the additional apps are only available to iPhone users. The food app is what really got me excited to use Evernote. Now I’m not really sure if I can make much use out of it until more features are available to Android users.

    • Prashant Agrawal

      +1 for the Android app. I keep forgetting what food I liked where until I eat it again :(

  • Cassio Magalhaes

    I use it everyday as a food diary. The problem is I only remember to take pictures of fancy meals and forget the daily boring stuff hehehe
    It would be nice if we could turn off that “opening”. sometimes you just want a quick snap and that really gets in the way.

  • Kai


    I would love to see an Andorid version of this.

  • Sharon

    Android app pretty please with a cherry on top

    • Erin

      Yeah, I’d love an android app!

  • Levi

    Anxiously (and alliteratively) anticipating an android version of this app.

  • mitchitized

    Happily using this for wine, would have appreciated a category ability so I could separate food from drinks. Evernote is a killer app for winetasting notes, should have had a wine app long ago!

    Agreed with the above, both iPad and Android platforms should already be in the works, this could provide a really interesting alternative to Foursquare that de-emphasized the social “me me me!” stuff like badges and whatnot, and instead provided actual, useful information.

  • Daniel

    Another vote for an Android version…

  • matthew

    hmmm. android version would be a definite plus 😉

  • Jeremy

    I too would love this on Android! All of the other Evernote apps on Droid and Galaxy Tab are fantastic!

  • Crashed1123

    My iPad operating system cannot be upgraded as I’ll loose valuable apps.
    Any chance you can reauthor the app to be downwardly compatible?

    • Heather

      Unfortunately, due to required functionality, we will only be designing for the current versions of the Apple OS.

  • Kathy

    Seems like you start forgetting android users, most of new apps you create now first go on ios. Android! Android!

  • Teejay

    Been sharing my meals and snacks for years already like this and you’re the first one to actually create an app for that purpose. Nice! Funny, cuz living with the Dutch here in Holland I’ve had so many weird faces thrown at me for taking pictures of my food. I’m glad it’s becoming an accepted habit. LOL! Oh yeah, Android…. Another Android user here! :-) Thx guys!

  • Chris

    I dare you to come out with an Android app 1st next time.

  • Thorne

    AP looks very cool and I agree with the all the “We want it for Android” comments, since I am on an EVO.

  • Chengzoo

    Have been using Evernote food for about a week and love it. The following is my wish list for the next update:
    1. More space to enter captions and notes.
    2. Ability to change the sequence of photos around when editing
    3. Ability to date/time-stamp manually or to use the date/time stamp embedded in the photo.
    4. Ability to include GPS location if encoded in the photo.
    Thank you

  • Anthony

    Like sooo many other here, have everything crossed waiting for the Android version….. please please make it a reality !

  • Arlene

    Android app please!

  • Mitch

    This app is clean and simple. I just wished it had the extra space to make it into a cool recipe app.

  • Stephen Conney

    Hope there is bonus quota for free users on holidays(Xmas, Easter…) and long weekends. We take more notes when we
    are not working and up travelling!!!


  • Julie

    Great app, but less practical for recipes because of the short character limit on the notes section. Hopefully they can increase the limit on the next update… then this app would be perfect!

  • Lori Mathhead

    New platforms?!?! Please tell me that one of those includes Blackberry, PLLEEEEAASSE!!!