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Our Organization Ambassador Shares 10 Ways to Get Organized With Evernote, Plus Meetup Recap

Our Organization Ambassador Shares 10 Ways to Get Organized With Evernote, Plus Meetup Recap

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 26 Jan 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 26 Jan 2012

It’s been a few months since we announced our Ambassador Program, and since our launch, we’ve added a few new faces to the mix, including our Fitness Ambassador, Chad Williams, and Parenting Ambassador, Carley Knobloch. We hope that you’ve been able to gain some valuable insights from them on ways to use Evernote in a slew of different contexts.

Most of the tips that they share have, to date, been online, but we’re excited about some of them starting to take their teachings and experience offline. Case in point: Brandie Kajino, our Organization Ambassador, recently held a meetup in her hometown of Vancouver, Washington.

Users Teaching Users to Get More Out of Evernote

Brandie created a set of great tips for using Evernote, available for download below.

People of all backgrounds and levels of use (Free and Premium, die-hards and newbies) came to the meetup to learn about ways to get the most out of Evernote’s organizational features. You can read all about Brandie’s meetup on her blog.

A number of you have asked if an event can be held in your area and the answer is: YES! Anyone is welcome to hold a meetup. You can organize a meetup at your local coffee shop, park, or public space, using We’ll also be working with our existing Ambassadors to hold local events around the country. Stay tuned.

New Ambassadors Coming Soon!

Our Ambassador Program keeps growing with great new ideas and people. To follow what our Ambassadors are up to, learn about ways to get the most out of Evernote, and share your tips, join the discussion. Follow @evernotelife on Twitter, where we share Ambassador tips, tweet about local Evernote events, tweetups, and more.

Get Organized Today: Download Brandie’s Tips
Evernote’s Organization Ambassador, Brandie Kajino, shares her top 10 tips for using Evernote to get organized. From figuring out how to approach active tasks and projects, to staying on top of office needs, this worksheet will help you get a headstart on living a more organized life as a working professional.

The Evernote Ambassador Program

Evernote Ambassadors are amazing individuals that are here to teach, share and help you get more out of Evernote. Learn more about Ambassadors and consider submitting your story.

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Download Ambassador Guides

Drap and drop them into a New Note or attach them to a note so you can access them from any computer or mobile device where you have Evernote installed!

Joshua Zerkel’s Productivity Tips (PDF)
Carley Knobloch’s Spring Cleaning Tips (PDF)


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  • Jan Udlock

    It was extremely informative, yet low-key. Brandie was personable, knowledgeable and fun. I have a few friends that are interested in attending a meeting just like this one.

  • gren

    I didn’t see a place to put suggestions to Evernote, so here are two.

    1) Make it easier to change a note (to change the notebook, change tags, or delete). It’s awkward and time consuming. A great addition would be a table format where multiple notes could be reviewed and changed at once.

    2) Have a feature in Clearly that will automatically scroll down the page so the reader can read it like a newspaper without having to touch anything. You could set the width and size of the letters, and the speed, for your liking. Then you could sit back with a cup of coffee and just read an entire article without moving. The alternative is to constantly have to get up, page down, etc.

    Thanks for listening. Gren.

  • Jackie

    These are great tips! I have been needing to get organized and start using my Evernote. Especially since so many people swear by it! SkinnyScoop Tastemaker, Lori Krolik created this other awesome list of ways to stay organized with Evernote. Looks like I’ll be checking out all of these tips and use it as motivation to get myself organized with my app 🙂

  • Viv

    Can’t seem to get started on Evernote.
    I have been assigned an Evernote e-mail address, but no password.
    I tried to create an account, but it said was was already made. But I don’t know the password or other codes i need to get in.

  • Pops Fassett

    I am a 4-time stroke survivor and have been through an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) program twice. They use a Memory Notebook, either standard 8.5×11 or classic 5.5×8.5 ringbinders, with 7+ sections: Schedule, Calendar, To-Do, Notes, Strategies, How-To, and Misc; I have added Goals, Short-term and Long term sections. We have to carry this with us all the time and with consistent and proper use, it supports, supplants and aids our memories so we can function; one of the biggest cognitive deficits is loss of one or several memory areas.
    Without it I have learned I cannot function. I must record and follow it not just daily, but hourly. I check my to-do list 3 or more times a day. I record in my notes section what others say. I constantly set goals to achieve them; otherwise I flounder. It keeps me on track, it keeps me organized, it is my tool for my life.
    But, I’m a geek. An old geek, but a geek at heart. Another cognitive deficit I had (of many) was the strokes disabled my left side, of which I am left-handed. I could not write coherently and could not take notes as it was very slow and laborious, but I had to find a way to get the information from the whiteboard to the paper. That’s when I discovered Evernote, doing a Google Search on capturing whiteboard notes. OMG! I simply asked the therapists to give me a moment to snap an Evernote pic of the whiteboard with my iPhone, and would sync back to my home computer where I could type up my notes and print them out and put them into my Memory Notebook! Problem Solved!
    And, we had a lot of paper information to put into our notebooks; lists, glossaries, how-to’s, etc. that was handed out and we punched holes in them and inserted them in the right places for reference, plus we had to make and print out, either on the computer or by-hand, lists of medications, medication explanations, etc. etc., doctor appointments, notes to tell the doctors, and so on, you can imagine I am sure, but with class instruction we were able to maintain our Memory Notebooks properly, including them checking them, even tearing them apart on us and we’d have to put the right information back into the right sections as a weekly exercise, etc. It was all meant for us to learn, follow and use the Memory Notebook to its best advantage. But, it was a book. A ringbinder I had to carry everywhere….
    So, the logical next step: create your Memory Notebook in Evernote; have a notebook for each section mentioned above!
    But, what about the paper handouts for reference? Geek to the rescue – scan them into the computer and save them in notes! It took some manipulations to do so, but Every Single Page in my physical Memory Notebook I digitized into the proper sections in my Evernote Memory Notebook! I NOW CARRY MY MEMORY NOTEBOOK ON MY HIP! And there’s nothing I cannot do on paper that I cannot do on line and furthermore sync back to my desktop or vice versa!
    Then, the ultimate – create a share between me and my two instructors who can monitor my usage of my Memory Notebook, and now am training them on how to set up their own Memory Notebooks through Evernote, then likewise they can show new inductees into the class how to create their own online MN as well as the required paper MN. I advised the head instructor on purchasing an android tablet and am now working with them to recreate my MN for them, and they can snag all my digitized sheets into their own too.
    Evernote is not a gizmo or a convenience, it is my life blood. I could not operate without it, as my memory is trashed as is many stroke survivors. I have proven that Evernote is THE vehicle to create your own memory on line! Thank you for allowing me to be so long-winded; I only type about 8 wpm but it’s better than my writing!

    • Jen Chase

      Mr. Pops Fassett…you are amazing. Your innovation warmed my heart. And as a 36-year-old woman in Boston always looking for ways to have Evernote help me be better at my work (I’m a freelance writer), you just proved how Evernote can help you be an even more whole person.

      Best of luck to you, and thank you for being inspiring even when you probably weren’t trying to be.