Evernote for Mac Update: Redesigned Note Panel, Better Tables, Easier Checklists, and More.


Evernote for Mac Update: Redesigned Note Panel, Better Tables, Easier Checklists, and More.

Posted by on 01 Feb 2012

Posted by on 01 Feb 2012

Today’s Evernote for Mac update (3.0.6) comes with a bunch of nice enhancements to checklists, tables and more. Plus, we’ve included a beautiful redesign of our note panel. Let’s take a look.

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Redesigned note panel

In this update, we completely redesigned the note panel. The goals of the redesign were clarity and simplification. You’ll notice that the new layout is much more space-efficient. For example, we moved information about the note into the “i” button. We also made note sharing options much more prominent with the new, big share arrow.

In addition to saving space, the new layout is also easier to understand and use. The icons have all been updated, and we now treat dropdowns in a new, cleaner way.

Additionally, we added some intelligence into the headers. When you’re browsing through your notes, we show the date created and updated in the note header area. As soon as you start editing the note, the date fades away and becomes the formatting bar. If you want to edit the date, click on the “i.”

Easier checklists

Creating checklists has never been easier. Now, the app will continue your checklist when you move to a new line. Start your checklist by clicking the checkbox icon in the format bar or by pressing CMD+SHIFT+T. After typing in your first item, hit return. The next line will also contain a checkbox. Hit return again without entering any text and the checkbox will disappear.

View multiple notes when in fullscreen mode

When you’re in full screen mode on OS X Lion, you can now double click on as many notes as you like and view each in its own window, all while Evernote remains in full screen in the background.

Better tables

Tables also get an upgrade in this release. Now you can add or remove rows and columns in existing tables. To do this, right click on the table and select Tables from the menu.

And lots more

As always, in addition to the things you see, there are a ton of improvements under the hood. We have lots more to come. Enjoy.

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  • Nash

    Keep up the great work. It just keeps getting better.

  • Ben Henschel

    Real quick, what’s the “Back/Forward” button for?

  • Kevin Magee

    Just installed the update and it looks great!

    • stuball

      It appears to take you back from a linked note to the original note….

  • RolandU

    Good improvements, but there are still some annoying bugs with lists and line spacing.

  • rob minnaert

    Please do something about the notebook dropdown list in note view. The alphabetical listing is very impractical. EN for Windows has a hierarchal list, much better!!

    • rob minnaert

      OK, guess you did! great listening to our feedback 😉

    • rob minnaert

      Now, please make them spring like in EN4Windows (open & close when you mouse over)

    • John Wynne

      Actually, I much prefer the old Mac version of a long list. I don’t like having to navigate the hierarchy if I can just hit the first letter of the notebook, until i get to the one I want. Wish this were an option rather than forcing me into having to remember which stack I placed my notebook, and steady my mouse selection through the process.

      • rob minnaert

        Well, often I don’t recall the exact notebook name, but I know where I filed it according to its relevance and subject. I have several notebooks containing “info”, so the stack where it’s under tells me which info notebook I need

  • Tom

    Please, this “much more space-efficient” is bullshit. Just look at this:
    I also dislike that the source URL now can’t always be accessed.

    Besides that, I’m still driven to madness every day when drag’n’dropping a picture form a browser into a note takes around 60 seconds in which both applications are completely frozen.
    (And this happens regardless of OS X 10.6/10.7 and Chrome/Firefox)

    • Ross

      Yep, we’ve heard this all before: http://blog.evernote.com/2010/07/16/evernote-for-mac-update-5/

      …and still they haven’t fixed the many glitches and inconsistencies in their Rich Text Formatting. I mean this should have been a solved problem 20 years ago…

      And where has the icon gone that shows that note needs to be synced?

  • Alessandro

    This updated note panel sucks! I want to edit date or URL Link without clicking
    on the “i” button!

    • Brian

      I agree, I’d like to see more “info” in the note’s header … similar to the old way.
      The new note is too sparse for power users.

      How about an option to either display all info, or none?

    • anjoschu

      I second that. I need to edit the creation date of scanned receipts all the time, and this adds some extra clicks, plus the panel obscures the note content, so I can’t read the date from the receipt.

      • Adam

        I agree with anjoschu. I have to enter dozens of receipts per day into evernote and manually change the creation date. With these extra clicks under the i now, and manually re-typing instead of using arrows to change the date, this is a huge downgrade. It will take so much more time… I might just let my premium subscription expire now. 🙁

      • rob minnaert

        the date picker in the windows version has always been more convenient. When you click a date there, the entry is accepted, whereas is the Mac date picker, the one that’s gone now, you had to click a date, and then click outside of the field for the entry to be accepted. Can’t be THAT hard to get right?

    • Monica

      Seconded! I haven’t updated yet but my boyfriend has on his mac, and I already hate having to click a second button just to edit the date (which I do for a lot of my scanned documents). I’m really hesitant to update to the new software on my own mac even though I love the sound of the other new features (table editing, to-do list, etc).

      As aesthetically pleasing as it is not to see all the note info, it’s impractical. Can we have the option for both? (or revert back to the original design?)

  • Jess


  • Joshua Ochs

    I really have no idea whose idea the Lion full-screen interface was, but they need to be taken off the project. It doesn’t match any other full-screen applications, it doesn’t adhere to any interface guidelines, and it doesn’t make up for that by being more usable; if anything it’s far less usable.

    The Lion full-screen mode was already a poor interface with unconfigurable thumbnails and poor navigation between notebooks. Now it’s managed to be even worse by opening additional windows in full screen mode – something that no other application does, because it flies in the face of the whole point of full-screen mode! Has no one at Evernote used Lion?

    The thing that makes this absolutely bonkers is that Evernote already has a first-rate single-window interface in its *normal* view. Scale that up to full screen, take away the toolbar, and you’re done. Less effort, and better results! I’m just stunned that so much effort has been poured into making the interface significantly worse than had nothing been changed at all.

    • Peter

      You have no idea. Yep. That’s the one thing, you’re right about.

      • Joshua Ochs

        Okay, Peter, then tell me, what is right about:
        1) No view options. You can’t see the full title of a note, let alone the few lines of content for context.
        2) No sort options. You can’t sort in any way but alphabetical. Not by date, not by URL.
        3) You can’t view content at the same time as list, which loses the navigation advantages of a three-pane interface.

        Why do I lose all of this just because I want Evernote in a convenient full-screen space?

        Evernote created a very fast and effective interface, and then went out of its way to tear it apart when you switch to full-screen.

    • Tim G.

      I agree Josh, I like lions full screen apps but already didn’t care for Evernote’s lack of full screen view options. And now with the most recent update the way notes show up in full screen mode is very annoying. But I guess I get what I paid for ; )

      I am a fan of the redesigned note panel. It’s simple, clean, and modern looking. I have faith they will continue to refine the full screen mode and will soon get that right as well.

      Thanks Evernote team for your hard work!

    • Evernote Fan

      I love Evernote and dislike this poster’s tone, but I have to say I agree that having multiple windows inside of a “fullscreen” mode is a complete misunderstanding of Apple’s design goals.

      To quote the Human Interface Guidelines, Lion’s full screen mode is meant to offer “a distraction-free environment that helps [users] focus on a task.” The whole point is to hide all those windows and toolbars and let you focus on the note in front of you. For reference, take a look at Mail or Pages. You don’t have to agree with Apple, but if you’re going to support their fullscreen mode then you should try to follow their design goals.

      In fact Evernote’s iPad app is a better implementation of a fullscreen interface than the desktop app. Just do that. If the user wants windows… then they simply shouldn’t use fullscreen mode.

      Anyway, aside from that love the product and many thanks to the dev team.

    • Chad

      I agree Josh, the fullscreen-mode with multiple windows option is not working well. Sure, open multiple windows, but then how do you navigate between them? Exposé and/or Mission Control do NOT allow you to see, at a glance, all the windows/notes you have open so you can easily go back and forth between them. And why would they? I don’t think Apple designed Exposé to bring up multiple windows in fullscreen mode because they were aiming for: single window, it’s own space, clean design, no clutter.

      Sure, I know there are funny work-arounds like, go back to desktop, activate Exposé, then Shift-Tab back to Evernote to force Exposé to expose all the individual open notes at one time. But, this is tedious and seems to work against the workflow of Lion.

      I like having Evernote in full-screen mode so that it has it’s own space, but I do not like that you can’t edit a note in the main window anymore. Is there a way to edit a note in the main window without having to open a separate window? Anyone…?

      • Chad

        ok, so I just remembered that if I have multiple windows/notes open, I can always go up to “Window” and select the note that I want to switch to if it is buried under other notes, but, this too is tedious and totally ignores the simplicity of gestures and the ease of being able to access anything you want with a swipe of your fingers. At least it works, sort of…

  • Eugene

    Still no hierarchical notebooks?

  • ethicalcannibal

    I just updated with this, and I’m using Lion, and now I keep getting an “evernote unexpected quit” message, and it won’t open. Is this a bug anyone else is getting?

  • ethicalcannibal

    I just resolved my issue. I deleted, and re-downloaded evernote for mac, and it works fine now. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but I had a fairly old version.

  • Alexis

    One feature I’d love to see, which I think should be fairly straightforward to add (although I don’t code, so maybe I’m wrong), would be the ability to highlight text. Right now I have to settle for changing the text color, but that just doesn’t stand out the way a bright yellow highlight does. Perhaps for some future update…? Thanks for considering it!

    • Alessandro

      Me too! It would be really useful.

  • Peter Fisher

    Great job everyone! I’m happy to see the UI improving. The UI has historically been so busy and distracting!

  • Michel Diaz

    I would enjoy a possibility to rank a note (one or several stars).

    • rob minnaert

      couldn’t you add tags for stars? *, **, ***, ****, *****

  • Doc Sportello

    The update looks great, but I miss being able to edit the URL and the date as well. Any chance we could have the option to include edit-able items in the date line, as we do with the Toolbar?

  • Greg

    Just noticed the changes and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks guys!

  • Seth

    I agree with Joshua. I think Evernote works better off of full screen mode. Not to be all negative, but when will Evernote for Mac get a text strike through button at top like Windows? I know how to get to the feature on my Mac but how hard is it to put up a button like MS Office, Open Office, Evernote Windows?

    One way I use Evernote is a telephone message pad and at work I strike through phone calls made instead of using a check box.

  • Alexis

    Now that I’ve had a little more time to use the update, I have to say I’m not liking it. I can no longer get a new row at the end of a table just by tabbing. In fact, I have yet to figure out how to get a new row at all. Also, adding a URL is two or three more steps than it used to be, and I can’t easily see or copy the full url without more steps than before. That’s about 80% of what I use Evernote for. So the updates have actually made my usage of Evernote much more difficult and inefficient so far.

    Any chance of being able to go back to the previous version without losing my content?


  • Jordan Jones

    I keep getting a “Hash mismatch” error on the Mac App Store update….

  • Stacy Patrick

    Any chance that “behind the scenes” we are able to change the location of the storage database on our mac? I abandoned even using the desktop client about a year ago because of this – though web only is fine, it would be nice to use the native app again, but this is a dealbreaker for me currently.

  • Bunny

    Excellent redesign! I’m delighted that styling is so much easier now. I also love the “simply formatting” menu item, although it may have been there before and I just didn’t notice it.

    One feature that’s sorely lacking in the Chrome Web Clipper extension (I know—I’m veerying off-topic, but this is important) is the ability to see all of your tags after clipping a selection. There’s no way I can remember all of my tags, and if I don’t guess exactly right (including getting the case right), the note ends up untagged. I tried to “trick” the matching system into showing all my tags by adding a period before all of them, and then typing a period when I tag them in the clipper, and it worked…sort of. It showed several of the matching tags, but not all of them. We need to see all of them in a dropdown list. Guessing is not effective.

    That said, I do love the upgrade!

  • Bunny

    Oops, I meant “simplify” and “veering”, but you knew that.

  • Lewis

    Awesome! Love the UI guys, great work! Check out http://inboxinstant.com/home – working towards bringing Evernote and other services closer to your inbox!

  • Jeff

    Mac App Store is bugging me about an update for Evernote but when I try I get a failure for a “hash mismatch” and can’t update…

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      The Mac Store is currently having some issues allowing people to update apps. Hopefully the problem should be resolved soon!

      • Jeff

        Thanks for the update.

    • Carlos

      I have the same problem.

    • Jim

      I have the same problem too.

  • Bruce

    it seems the search function is not working on an individual note. I am in a 300 page pdf i need to search and i dont see the search button. The search button that i see is only for going through all the notes.

    • rob minnaert

      better open the pdf and work from within your pdf viewer

  • rex

    This new full screen interface is HORRIBLE. Please allow for the option to have the old interface. Every time I open a note in full screen mode on my Mac running Lion it opens a separate window. This is extremely annoying and creates clutter. This is horrible. Please bring that option back. This is very counter productive.

    • The

      I agree. The full screen option on OSX Lion is not working properly. It is impossible to edit the note because the desktops keep switching. I downgraded to the previous version, and i will stay there until this problem is fixed.

  • Jo

    I just updated Evernote & am blown away as to how extremely FAST Evernote is now! It’s running wonderfully. I have always been a fan of Evernote but slow performance issues often had me going nuts. I would VERY rarely use it for quick note jotting simply because that’s exactly what it was not – quick.
    So big thanks & great work on the update guys! It’s running an absolute CHARM!

  • Internet marketing

    Nice improvement.Nice & new information about note panel,nice to know that we can use full screen to view multiple notes.

  • Matt

    This latest build has a serious bug for me on my 13″ White Macbook running OSX 10.6.8 that makes it totally unusable.

    If I select a note that contains encrypted text, the bottom (note contents pane) pane populates with the (….v) image indicating the contents are encrypted, and after that selecting other notes keeps the contents of that encrypted note in the pane. In other words once I have selected an encrypted note I can no longer access any other notes without restarting the application.

    • Matt

      Apologies, just saw the support team link. Bug submitted.

  • Darren

    I miss the Elephant clipper of the original, Pre-Lion version. It was just so simple and fast, even logged in the URL. Awesome. Then Lion comes in and it’s gone! Will it ever come back?

  • Amr Khalifa

    Thank you for the gorgeous update!
    Easily the best & most beautiful note-taking app ever! Definitely one of my favorite Mac apps of all time. 🙂

  • 2E20

    Version 3.0.6 triggers the switch to the discrete graphics, even when in list view. This didn’t happen with the previous versions.

  • Jarvis Slacks

    Thank you so much for this update. The move to the Lion OS changed things about Evernote that I loved. I’m glad you were able to fix them with this update, especially opening notes in multiple windows. It makes a huge difference. Thanks again.

  • Henry Strauch

    The update looks great and i was excited to start using evernote again along with “Peek” for the iPad. Overall, Evernote is a good program and keeps improving, but there are a lot of things still present that made me originally stray away from Evernote as my go-to program.
    I am a college student at a UC (one of the good ones) and use my computer to take notes on a daily basis. I also constantly look for a program that will help me organize and keep track of everything across my mac and iOS platforms. Unfortunately, no program thus far has been able to this.
    Evernote has come the closest, but it still is not efficient to have to create a new note, and title it for every different topic during a class lecture. When I take notes (along with every other student I know) they are organized by lecture. All the notes are then organized by class, not by the topics that are covered through the whole lecture! Now, this would be fine if Evernote allowed for more than just a 2 step hierarchy. At this stage, what really makes Evernote any different from every other word processor and dropbox combination? Furthermore, in the mac version there is no easy way to subscript or superscript text; another reason i still use programs such as word or pages.
    Now onto integration with “Peek.” When using a program like “Peek” or another flashcard/study program, I do not need the title of a long document as a “hint” with the rest of the document as my answer and the only way to change this is to break every document into differently titled notes. This is very inefficient and in no way better than making flashcards on my free iPad app, or on flashcards themselves. Peek needs to either allow you to make your own flashcards or to easily separate parts of my document into subfolders. Or maybe even a feature in ever note when you simply highlight the text u want as a clue and the text you want as the answer. If something like this were to be implemented, i would not regret being a premium member.

  • Majid

    Please take a look at this review:


    Hope everything gets improved and best wishes!!

  • SA

    I really, really dislike the new note headers. They are a huge waste of space – when 3/4ths of a line is empty, and there’s no way for me to hide that line if I’m not using it, what is it doing other than taking up screen real estate? Really awful.