8 Great Ways Couples Can Use Evernote Shared Notebooks

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8 Great Ways Couples Can Use Evernote Shared Notebooks

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 07 Feb 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 07 Feb 2012

You use Evernote to capture and remember a lot of things that are relevant to you. Some of what you have in your Evernote account is also relevant to your significant other. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we came up with eight tips for using Evernote to inspire one another, communicate better and get things done together.

8 Ways to Use Evernote as a Couple

  • For recipes: A couple that cooks together…We’ve heard from a number of users that sharing recipes makes planning weeknight dinners much easier. Share clipped or scanned recipes, as well as tasty memories you captured using Evernote Food.
  • For travel planning: Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic weekend getaway, or a yearlong trip around the world, you can use Evernote to stay organized. Email your itineraries, save maps annotated in Skitch, store photos, and more to a Shared Notebook. [Learn more about ways to use Evernote to plan a trip]
  • For shopping and to-do lists: Get household chores and family responsibilities done faster. Share grocery shopping lists, checklists, and more. [Learn how to create a checklist in Evernote]
  • For sharing information about your kids: If you’re a parent, you have to retain a lot of information about your kids — from class rosters to sports practices, vaccinations to everything in between. Make sure you and your partner are both in the know about everything related to your kids’ lives by sharing this information using a Shared Notebook.
  • For home improvement projects: You’re already keeping track of kitchen cabinets, wood finishes, and vendor contact info in your Evernote. Put it all in a Shared Notebook and save yourself all those back and forth emails.
  • For doing your taxes: Did you know you could use Evernote to keep track of your tax documents and related information? Share these with each other and have handy access to everything you need when doing your own taxes or meeting with your accountant. [Learn how you could use Evernote to do your taxes]
  • For gift ideas: Make gift giving easier by sharing gift ideas for each other, kids, relatives and friends. [Learn how to use Evernote for remembering gift ideas]
  • For staying in touch over long distances: Capture all of the things that happen to you over the course of your day and drop it in a Shared Notebook to shorten the distance between you.
Do you use Shared Notebooks with your significant other? Tell us how, in the comments.

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  • Niko

    My beautiful wife has no way of staying informed on all the nerdy things I’m into. So I share notebook titled “General Nerdery” with her for a wide range of ideas I’ve plucked from various sources. It’s basically my personal “Pinterest.”

  • Shane

    My girlfriend and I currently use Skitch to create pictures together. First, one of us will create a background and save it in a shared folder. Then we alternate, adding details and working off of each others’ ideas. When we’re settling into bed, we view the finished product and talk about the events of our day that inspired our choices. It’s an interesting, and often silly, exercise in couple creativity.

  • Kenneth Younger

    My fiancee and I tried using Evernote in a shared fashion, but we found the lack of being able to tag the other person’s shared note was a sorely needed feature. (BTW, I totally understand the difficult technical hurdle to achieve this.)

    I’m sure there might be some other uses we’d be OK without it, but wedding planning is not one of them. Ultimately, we just went back to Google Docs.

    And sorry to bring this up again, but we also could have really used the old “due date”. I also just miss that feature in general! 🙂

    But, please take these as positive criticism. I love love love Evernote! Keep up the great work.

  • Jimmy Madrid

    I believe it will be very handy the day Evernote has an etherpad-like feature. Many users could be interested to edit one single text all together. Imagine the possibities on iPad?

  • Eric

    Hi guys,

    Sure it works great with couples and kids!

    We’re flying to Punta Cana next week and we planned everything on a shared notebook. Every docs are stored there including passports e-tickets and more.

    I also share a wish list just in case my wife can’t resist offering me awesome stuff.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for Evernote!

    • Dulce Pina

      Hi Eric, just curious how is punta cana, we want to do a family trip this summer and are looking for some feedback, tips, tickets, hotels, etc….

  • Laura

    My fiancé and I are currently using Evernote to plan our upcoming wedding! We’ve got shared notebooks where we can both do things like add people to the guest list, brainstorm songs we want to play at the reception, TONS of stuff! I’ve already found Evernote so handy for tracking our registries, vendors, saving photos of ideas for the reception and much more. I use Evernote every single day!

  • Yiannis

    We have also planned our wedding via a shared notebook.

    Thing is, it’s a bit buggy: Only I have a Pro subscription so my fiance cannot Delete or Share (with others) the notes that are in the “Wedding” notebook, even though she has read & write privileges.

    Also, more than once, she would edit a note and when we tried to see it later, an older version (the latest version that was edited by me) would come up instead! This proved to be very irritating, especially after updating an attached excel file with dozens of addresses and finding it almost empty later!

    I love Evernote but have been more cautious with its sharing features after these incidents..

    • jbledsoejr

      I too have had some issues with bugs when trying to share notebooks and/or notes with my wife.

      I actually have a problem right now where notebooks I’ve created using my desktop (Windows) Evernote do not show any where else. Not on my Android device, or any another PCs in our house.

      When contacting EN for support they basically told me that paid users get a guaranteed 24-hr response, however the free users get responded to as they can. I have yet to receive a response…it has been over a month.

      The bad part is I LOOOOOOOOVE Evernote. Maybe they’ll get that together soon.

      • Rebecca

        If you’ve not yet found an answer to this – it may be that when you created the notebook(s) in question, you made them “local” notebooks instead of “synchronized” notebooks. You can’t change that once the notebook has been created. However, you can create a new synchronized notebook and move the notes from the local notebook to the synchronized one, and delete the local one.

  • Josiah

    We use evernote for planning our family goals and vision statement. Also works great for other family notes, todos and speech or sermon notes.

  • Bobby B.

    My girlfriend and I use shared notebooks, but it is really tough to do. You can’t move notes to someone else’s shared notebook on the iPad,it’s limited on tags, and you can’t search a shared notebook. We really could use some updates. We’ve even considered just using one Evernote account we both log into, but haven’t pulled the trigger.

  • Shelley Pringle

    Hi, I’m new to Evernote. Do you need a premium account to share notebooks?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Shelley, you do not need to be Premium to share notebooks. The ability to modify shared notebooks is a Premium feature.

      • lejoe

        Hi! Do we actually need both accounts to be premium to use shared notebook or is one enough?

      • Heather

        Any user can share notebooks (free or Premium), but if you want to be able to edit, only the “sharing” user needs to be Premium,

  • Rivki Locker

    Yes! My husband and I use evernote shared notebooks for our kids’ school calendars and class lists. I have four children and this helps us keep track. I scan their calendars and other important school papers and have them in a shared notebook.

  • Archana


    To start with I have been evernote fan for more than a year now.. My husband and I share notebooks. Could anyone please tell me if there is a way to set remainders in evernote?

    • Heather

      Currently, there is no direct way inside Evernote to do this, but you may find this helpful:

  • Karin

    Help – I want to know if you are able to search on tags in a shared notebook. I am a premium user and have created a notebook which I have shared with one of my clients. She currently has a free evernote account. I have added a number of tags into the notes in the notebook which I want her to be able to search on. She is able to do this on her Mac but can’t on her ipad or iphone. Is there something I need to change? I haven’t given her modify rights on the notebook as I want to control changes to it but want her to be able to see all the updates and most importantly search on the tags.

    • Heather

      You can search tags in a shared notebook by entering tag:<tagname> within the search bar. This should work within Shared Notebooks (in the Shared Panel, in desktop clients) as well as within a specific shared notebook on mobile/web clients.

  • Alex Wilson

    My wife and I use Evernote a lot. We have shared folders for things like Wine Reviews, shopping lists, packing lists for trips, reference materials (we both need to carry a number of things with us in the field for work), and personal information.

    We both use it for meeting notes for work and training we take, and share our training notes since we both take different notes in classes.

    We have a recipes folder too that we stash interesting cooking ideas into.

    We mix Evernote with OmniFocus for task management. I will put a project in OmniFocus and store the details in Evernote where we can share it.

  • JC

    I wanted to user Evenernote to start sharing notes with my wife… until I realized very soon that you must be a premium user if you want the other user to be able to modify the notebook… which is a must in a couple. And I’m not willing to become a premium user just for that… so I will start looking for other tools.

  • Marina

    I agree with Kenneth Younger below, it is a big issue that the 2nd spouse (the one who doesn’t own the notebook) is unable to tag the notes.