Evernote for iOS Update: Smart Titles, Better Editing, Easier Sharing, and More

Posted by on 07 Feb 2012

Posted by on 07 Feb 2012

Today, we released an update to Evernote for iOS (4.1.8) that comes full of great additions and improvements. We enhanced our note editing capabilities, added smart note titles, made sharing easier, and much more. Let’s take a look.

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Predictive Note Titles

Gone are the days of Untitled Notes. Now, when you create a new note and save it without giving the note a title, the app will assign a contextual title using calendar events, your location, note contents, and other information. You’ll see our predictive title as soon as you create the note. If you would prefer to change the title, just tap into the title area and start typing. As a result of this new feature, all of your new notes will have an informative title.

Easier Notebook Sharing

We felt that notebook sharing was too difficult to find in the previous version of Evernote, so we made it more easily accessible. To share a notebook, go to your notebook list and tap on the notebook you want to share. Next, tap on the new share icon in the top right of the screen. Much easier.

Better Editing, Copying, Pasting, and More

This update includes major improvements to the note editing capabilities on iPhone and iPad, particularly in iOS 5. First, you’ll notice that editing is significantly faster, especially for long notes. We resolved many issues related to new lines and we do a much better job of preserving styles when you copy something from a note and paste it into another note or into another app.


Notebook Stacks, our visual notebook organization, have been a part of Evernote for iPhone for a little while, but enabling them wasn’t easy. In this update, we made Stacks the default view for the notebook list. If you prefer a stack-less view, tap on the “i” in the top left of the Notebook screen to switch to a different view.

And more…

In addition to improved stability and lots of bug fixes, this update also includes faster and more reliable synchronization. Also, we completely redesigned the login and registration experience. We have lots more to come. Let us know what you think of our latest update.


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  • Carl Spackler

    Rats, stability still seems to be last on the list at Evernote

  • Gianfranco Chicco

    Thanks, much appreciated!

  • Colin T

    The only reason I don’t use Evernote on my iPhone is that the font size is way too small!

  • Johan

    I’ll wait for the bugfix, I’ve learned my lesson. Loving Evernote though and got 1700 notes!

  • Michael A. Vickers

    How long until stacks are available in iPad?

    • Niek63

      I also would be very happy with stacks. But so far: great improvements

    • Peter

      +1 for stacks in the iPad version!

      • Andy

        +1 for iPAD stacks…!

  • Ash Fuchs

    I am always so excited to read Evernote updates! Thanks for the improvements!

  • DebBee

    Awesome! Thank you so much for the updates now I can see my Stacks & notebooks so much easier on my iTouch! Very intutive!

  • Ray Scott

    I’m a premium user. Is it still going to try and sync all 4000+ of my notes? :o(

  • Azbra

    I just want to know why my ‘Favorites’ are down by the Trash in my Notebook stack. C’mon. Put it back at the top where it belongs.

    • LeAnne

      I second this! I really really dislike scrolling through ALL MY NOTEBOOKS to get to the items I access the most. Please move them to the top again! =) thanks! Evernote is still running my life….

      • Tony

        I third this. Otherwise happy with the updates.

      • Hugo

        Me too, the Favorites are our favorite notes, therefore we prefer to see them first, on top. You know all this, don´t you?

  • Franco

    Thanks for the update… All looks great. When can we see handwriting ability in evernote for iPad like NoteShelf? I use Evernote for everything but I have to take notes in Noteshelf and then remember to import them into Evernote…… Is there Ink notes for iPad coming?

    • Niek63

      Hear, hear!

    • Stefano

      I totally agree!

  • Brose

    Excellent – The best program in the world just got even better 🙂

  • April Strong

    Could you give us the option of inserting an horizontal rule right on the Iphone? Right now, I have to remember which note I want a rule in and load it in the pc version. Really would love to be able to do it when working in the note.

  • Bryan

    +1 on Azbra’s post above – please move Favorites to the top of the notebook list! Makes no sense down at the bottom – need quick access

  • John Pearce

    I’m confident this will be an improvement (your upgrades usually are), but I would have liked to know it was going to re-sync all 11,000 of my notes. I’d have started it at bedtime instead of at a time I’d like to use the iPad.

    Also, FYI, it did not pick up the online/offline settings for my notebooks (all mine were online) and when I pressed the “all online” button the box blinked and left all ‘off.” One at a time did it, though.

    But that issue of re-syncing the notes is a big customer happiness issue. Please do better.

  • Adam

    Seconding many of these points – favourites at the top, handwritten notes, horizontal rule etc…

    Would like to add a big shout out for better ‘lists’, either check lists or bullets or numbers. Why when pressing return for a new line does it not immediately add another check box? Very infuriating, and stops me using Evernote for lists (I still use Google Tasks).

    Also – Skitch on iOS (preferably built right into the Evernote app) and Skitch on the MacOS could be built right into the Evernote application too. Would be much better.

    Keep working guys – this is the best app i own (premium user) and I use it all day every day. I wouldn’t be without it!

  • Majid

    $45 is a considerate rate for an step-up to premium. However I think this upgrade is suitable for business users. As a school teacher, I hope there could be ‘Advanced User’ option with $15/month option. It kinda fills the gap between free and premium with the following necessary options:

    – 250M/month data
    – Work together (a championship feature)
    – Larger files (20M max per single note)
    – Hide Promotion (this is optional)
    – Subscribe for 3 years and get 10% discount (haha)

    Looking forward to the update and keep noting!!

  • Arpit

    Thanks for update. Do you have any plan to add passcode on iOS?

    • Philip Constantinou

      iOS does support pin lock.

      • Arpit Shah

        Thanks Philip.

  • Mike

    It would be valuable if Evernote allowed you to connect your contacts with a calendar. Is this out there somewhere? We have been searching for a while.

  • Mike

    It would be very valuable if ever note was displayed on notifications

  • Dean Holmes

    What I vote for would be Notebook Stacks on the first notebook screen then clicking any stack would take you to the notebooks inside allowing for a very clean interface and user experience.
    This would also allow Favorites to be closer to the top and any other stacks you want by “edit” then drag where you like them in the order you like.

  • @dr3do

    “Sort by Stack” view (as default) is great. Now, we (at least me) need this view option for tags. I have only a few notebooks, but hundreds of tags; which are the “thing” I work with.


    • Michael Bruns

      +1 to this! iPad version needs nested tags so desperately – just a simple tree, please!

  • Roy

    The stack view is very nice, but why is is not implemented in the notebook list while making a new note?

  • Mostafa

    Nice update for iPad. However, what about stacks for the iPad app? Why only on the iPhone? I have to dive through numerous notebooks to reach the desired one. Please add it.

  • HalifaxPremiumUser

    Please fix the text wrapping issue in iOS!

    I want to use the EN app, but when the text disappears off the right of the screen I have no choice but to switch to Awesome Note (which has figured out how to text wrap the same notes!)?

    Having to use multiple apps means I have to constantly sync multiple apps (Sync EN, then sync Awesome Note, then back if I edit, etc…). What is this 1996?

  • Craig

    Is anyone else still using an iPad 1? Cos on mine this release of EN just crashes immediately. Have tried resets etc, not that I should have to. It used to work. Now it doesn’t. Please fix ASAP

    • Michael A. Vickers

      I’m using iPad 1, no problems here with Evernote.

    • Larry

      I also have iPad 1. No problems – except it’s slow.

  • Todd

    I love Evernote. I would like to see the ability to add an email signature to the sharing via email function. Or, have the function use the standard email client I am already using in order to make it easier to keep a record of shared notes.

  • Alberto

    what i don’t understand is why iOS app has no possibility to download and see offline the shared notebooks.
    Android app has this feature from long time and i don’t understand why iOS is not able to implement….

  • Richard Benson

    Like the auto naming of notes but can you tell me where it is generating these names from – really weirdly it is naming every note as a note from my son! Where is it pulling this information from?

    • CJ

      Same here and it is really annoying me now especially seeing as he is not logged into any other application. We need an option to be able to select which ones we don’t want to use.

      I would also like to know exactly what “other information” as described in settings is being accessed.

  • Jean-Guy Corbeil

    Predictive title comment.

    I am subscribing to a iCal weather calendar so Evernote gave me a predictive weather forecast as a replacement for an untitled note… I don’t like that… So I deleted this calendar and now it uses my location…. Although I live at 33 streetname it keeps switching to 29 streetname or 35 streetname, etc…. don’t like that neither….

    A great feature for predictive titles would be to let the user decide what the prediction could be !


    – City only, instead of civic address
    – the user decide of what text replace the title untitled
    – even better, why don’t you build blocks of information ( date, time, city, civic address, postal code, etc) and let the user assemble them in the order he/she wants… This way predictive titles would make sense to a wider audience….

    Thanks !


  • thomas

    How about the ability to retroactively apply a predictive title to a note? I have a bunch of older notes that I would like to rename, and it would be nice if I could select a bunch and let Evernote rename them!

  • Josiah

    Hi, I’m having a problem registering for Evernote. Every username I type in, even bizarre and ridiculously long and complicated ones, are all already taken. Is this a bug or something? Is anybody else having this problem? I am using Google Chrome as my browser.

  • Bryan

    Can there be an update to include common functions such as copy, paste and cut? (Ctrl+c etc..)

    • Bryan

      False alarm, I’m a noob.

  • xavier

    I was so exited when I read the new feature release, mentioning stack support….
    but only on Iphone ?????
    Come on, where is the Ipad version….
    I don’t see any improvement for the Ipad version.
    Are we going to get it in 2 month ?

  • Friesi

    Come on! Give us stacks on the iPad. Evernote doesn’t at all make use of the huge display the iPad has. And I’m sure that on iPads Evernote is a #1 app. PLEASE!

  • Scott Cleveland

    It would be great if we could use Evernote as a word processor and a spread sheet. Its all ready close to this capability. Its a pain to have my docs on the computer. I can move them to Evernote however I lose my company logo if I try to edit the note with the iPhone version. As far as spread sheets, I know this is a little farther off however being able to edit the table that shows up in the quick look would be a nice start. Basically I would like to create and store all my docs and spread sheets in Evernote and have universal access on all devices. I would be willing to pay more for this feature.

    It would also be nice if I had the option to reduce the image quality and crop when taking a photo directly from Evernote. I scan all my business receipts directly into my iPhone before I leave the store. The hi-res photos the iPhone generates can fill the account quota quickly. I am presently using genius scan to accomplish this however its an extra step would be a great addition to the native program

  • Mike

    Been a pro user for a couple of years now and recently bought an Android phone. EN for Android is really wonderful, the design is unobtrusive, it’s fully featured, quick etc. I simply don’t get why the ipad version continues to be slow, buggy and poorly designed missing out on key features like stacks.

  • Ryan King

    When do we get Stacks on iOS? I’ve been a premium customer for longer than I can remember – but long enough to remember that Android has supported them for some time. Let’s have first class experiences on every platform!

  • Jay

    Evernote is Great!!!!! Keep making it better then it already is.

  • Linda

    I’m really frustrated by the predictive note title feature. It keeps pulling a recurring item from my calendar and using it the default title to every new note. Yes, I can change it, but there are times when I’m in a hurry and I actually would prefer a default title with a date or something vs. this vague and completely confusing default title. Really, I question why this added feature doesn’t just allow the user to opt-in instead of forcing it on all users?

  • Deb

    I’m listening to the podcast now, which is where I finally figured out where those auto-titles were coming from! I do like the updates, and have noticed improvements in stability. Upgrading to iOS 5.1 has also helped, too.

    I’m continuing to find new uses for Evernote, and just love it. Thanks for the updates!

  • Debra

    I want to opt out of Predictive Tttles. I strongly dislike this feature and do not want to toggle either. Please consider this option?

    Thank you for an otherwise great product.

  • Chris

    I too do not want Evernote grabbing stuff from my calendar for “predictive titles”. It’s populating my note titles with totally irrelevant stuff (stuff that belongs on my calendar, not in my notes).

    This should be a preference that is OFF by default and should require a user to OPT-IN to allow Evernote access to the user’s calendar.

  • Brad Niedert

    Not a fan of predictive titles. Would like some flexibility and an opt out, or better yet, an opt in.

  • Guy

    These automatic titles would be fine if they were optional – or simply not so slow. The user experience sucks when you have to wait for Evernote to think about a title – when all it is going to do is pull a title from something like my synced Facebook calendar (full of events I’m not actually at!)

  • Neil

    Stacks for iPad version please

  • Bryan

    I use Evernote for my ironman triathlon training. I shared a training log notebook with my coach.

    Is there a way to receive notification when my coach updates my training log?


  • Marcia

    I don’t like the smart title. It is putting my friend’s name in (who is sitting right next to me) and my location and I don’t want that. Is there any way to deselect it?

    • Marcia

      After reading the above comments I realized that it pulled my friend’s name from my calendar as I was scheduled to meet with her today.