Evernote Hello Gets A Big Update

Posted by on 09 Feb 2012

Posted by on 09 Feb 2012

They grow up so fast… Just a little over a month ago, we launched Evernote Hello for iPhone, the app that’s designed to help you remember people the way your brain does—visually, chronologically and contextually. Today, we’re releasing the app’s first major update (1.1)!

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We’ve been listening closely to the community, learning what they like and what they don’t about our initial release. For this update, we focused on one very big thing:

  • Making every action and interaction in the app faster, easier and more natural

We’re excited about the result. There are over 10 major improvements in this update. Plus, we have a new app icon. Let’s take a look.

Evernote Hello 1.1

We put a lot of work into making our first update to Evernote Hello a major evolution of the app. The most visible change of all is our new app icon. We hope you like our happy little pushpin. The story of the icon’s evolution will be a blog post for another day.

Adding new people with ease
When you tap on the plus (+), you’ll notice that we now offer you three options for capturing information. You can either pass the phone to the person you are meeting, create their profile yourself or pull from the phone’s address book (more on that, below). We’ve streamlined the process based on the option that you select.

Choose contacts from your address book
Continuing in the spirit of making the app faster and easier to use, you can now add people into Evernote Hello right from your address book. When you tap the big plus button, choose the Add from Contacts option. Tapping this option brings up your address book. Select a name and all the information that’s associated with the contact will fill in a new profile. If something is missing, such as a photo, you can quickly snap one.

On the top of the home screen, there is a new magnifying glass button. Tap it to search through your Evernote Hello history by names of people, the places your were, calendar events, email, and more. And that’s not all. The search also looks for matches in your address book, so that you can easily add a person as described above, right from the search list. Just tap on a name and a new profile appears.

Contact Links
We’ve now explained how to get someone from your contacts into Evernote Hello. The other way works, too. Go to a profile and tap on the green “i” next to the person’s name. Then, tap on the address book icon. You’ll be able to either create a new contact or add the information to an existing contact. In either case, Evernote Hello will add a field to the contact information called a Contact Link. The Contact Link connects your address book to the Evernote Hello profile, allowing you to tap on the link and jump from your contact list directly into Evernote Hello. Please note: Contact Links are only created when a contact is added from Evernote Hello to the address book.

Intelligent name detection
Name order differs depending on country, culture and language. In English, the given name comes first, followed by the family name. In many Asian countries, it’s the other way around. Evernote Hello now uses your location and the input language to figure out how the name should be laid out. This is particularly useful if you’re importing an individual from Evernote Hello into your phone’s address book.

Calendar tiles
To make it easier to visually scan the mosaic, we’ve added Calendar Tiles throughout the mosaic to designate chronological breaks. This way, you can swipe through and easily identify when encounters occurred.

Other goodies

There are also a bunch of other improvements worth noting…

  • Full-screen photos: Tap on any profile photo to view it in full-screen mode.
  • Choose from Camera Roll: When adding your profile photo, you can either take a new one, or choose an image from your Camera Roll.
  • Phone number smarts: As you type a phone number, the app will figure out the appropriate formatting based on your location.
  • New settings layout: We’ve completely redesigned the Settings that appear when you swipe down on any screen of the app.
  • Log out of the app: There’s a new Logout button under the gear option in Settings.
  • New language support: Evernote Hello is now available in 17 additional languages.

We’re really excited to bring you this major update. These changes make the app a pleasure to use whether you’re at work or meeting someone new at a coffee shop. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

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  • Björn

    useless (at least for me)

    • Simon

      Its accesses my calendars etc without permission
      Hassles me about using GPS positioning
      Attaches non related notes to a contact
      Does it also spam your contacts as some have said?
      Not a valuable addition to the evernote suite.

  • Benedict Evans

    ANd yet… still no convenient way to add a business card.

    After all, that’s the real interaction: you meet, say hello, exchange cards. Associating a photo with the card (and maybe replacing card munch) would be create, but without that all I have is a photo and some manual data entry.

  • Greg Ramsaran

    Hello Evernote Hello. I’m Android, we haven’t met yet but I hope we will soon!

    • Josh

      Wll put! I’m looking forward to the Android client.


      IPhone’s market share is 25%
      Android’s market share is 50%

      I look forward to see Evernote Hello on Android

  • Ben

    Is Evernote Hello and also Evernote Food going to available for Android anytime soon?


  • Rasmus

    Where is the Android APP ?????

  • Stew S

    Hmm, the iTunes store says this is version 1.1, but the icon is the old one and its internal version number and functionality are 1.0.1.

    What gives?

  • Tyler M.

    Android support coming soon?

  • Stew S

    Oops, it looks like the third time’s the charm! Got it.

  • Joe Bryant

    LOVE this concept. So much that it’s driving me crazy as an Android user to not be able to use it! Completely agree the conventional wisdom or organizing alphabetically is not intuitive.

    I hate comment strings that are 90% “when will you have it for my platform?” but I have to ask. Can you give us Android fans a ball park time frame for when Hello might be available?

    Love the service – it’s been transformational for me. Keep up the great work.

  • mwiththeat

    When will this come to Android – I so want to try it out but I am sick at the thought/sight of apples.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I just downloaded it from the App store. My screens do not look like this. I don’t have the three options to enter data. The only one available is the manual entry.

  • Mary A. Axford

    Add me to the chorus on wondering where the Android app is. I can understand wanting to get the functionality right first, but I really could use Hello in my work and have an Android phone. I also second the request for munching business cards.

  • Michael Hyatt

    I went back to the App store and—literally—one minute later the new version is available as an update. Thanks.

  • Kurtis Diaz

    Should android users expect some love from Evernote Hello? If so, when should we expect to mark our calenders?

  • jhanlon

    How about business card scanning with camera input? With that it will be complete as a contact manager.

  • Michael Hyatt

    When I click on Settings Default Encounter Notebook, I get a screen that says “Notebooks.” However, it doesn’t have any of my notebooks to select from.

  • Ruth Hoffman

    Are you going to make this available for Blackberry users? Please?

  • Kathy Araujo

    I love this! Now all I have to do is coax my fellow Parisian Evernote users into a Meetup – perfect place to use something like this! Thanks, guys. You continue to rock.

  • Luca

    You know, you are not the only one around, so if you are going to build apps only for one device I’ll soon give up my subscription, and I guess I’m not the only one wondering about that

  • John


  • Eilla

    This app might be useful but it does not integrate with the iPhone own contact list. I do like that it inputs where and when I met the person. However if I’m adding a contact from the iPhone contact list, I can’t delete or edit the automatic location and time attached. Please make that possible. Another thing when I’m adding the contact from the contact list, it won’t let me choose which email and number I wanna use because some of my contacts have more than 1 number and more than 1 email.

    • Bob

      Absolutely ESSENTIAL that it integrates (at the very least) with iPhone contacts. Otherwise, who wants 2 (or 3, counting Outlook) separate address_book/contact lists? At least iPhone contacts sync with Outlook, so if Hello integrates with iPhone, then we are good to go. Please take this to heart, otherwise the long existing and reliable iPhone/Outlook contacts will always trump the otherwise useful features of Hello.

  • macfixer

    Great new update! Can’t wait to use it!

  • Nicola

    Hello… Android?

  • Evernote Hello

    Hello, stranger I just met,

    Can I take your picture?

    Would you tell me your name, phone number, email, twitter….

    I promise I’m not a stalker.

    Oh you are actually willing to tell me all those things?

    Oh what’s that, you have more than one phone number/email/twitter?

    ……ohhhhhh…..hmmmm…. this is awkward and also the most efficient way to make sure people will want to contact you.

  • Ralph

    It would be great if you were also able to set the location and the date. It happens regular I met people, collect businesscards (yes, scanning would be a great option) and update Hello when I’m back in the office. This way of working is not possible because when I add the people I met in the office, the location will be my office and the date will always be the current date.

    • Heather

      I’m wondering if ScanToPDF app might work for you on this for biz cards? I take a photo of info, the app optimizes it and i can upload the photo/scan into Evernote.
      *Sigh* only as a note, since Hello isn’t available for Android.

      [Ferris? Ferris? Evernote? Anyone?]

  • JC

    Seems harsh to steal the Android logo and then not have an Android app. Just sayin’ :þ

  • Mary

    Yay, I’m really excited about this update! Definitely addressed some of the issues I talked about in the forum. It makes me wish I had someone new to meet to really give it a proper go. For now my poor coworkers will just have to bear with me and look pretty for their photo collages. 😛

    Some things I noticed… the name of the location of the encounter can now be added but I want to also be able to input the address for my own reference. I love that it creates a “My Places” list – very handy for locations we frequent! I’d like to be able to rearrange the people in addition to sorting by when we met, where we met, or other info like that. Sometimes I may not want to sort by those filters, but just want to arrange them in order of people I tend to meet more or ones who I need to follow up with sooner, etc.

    Please let me be able to save the photos taken in the app to my camera roll! Some of them are just too precious to lose, haha. We definitely had fun with the animation of the pictures.

    I’m still confused about the calendar feature, since it doesn’t appear to have pulled anything from there despite syncing to all my calendars.

    Great first update! Looking forward to finally remembering the last conversation I had with an acquaintance even if it was years ago. 🙂

  • Belinda

    Love the new icon! 🙂 Not that I didn’t like the old one, but this one is definitely an improvement. As for the app itself, I haven’t *quite* had the chance to make full use of it yet, but I guess that’s because I’m a little antisocial, hahah.

    Any plans for a personal finance/spending tracking app in the style of Evernote Food and Evernote Hello? I would love to see that.

  • Jerry

    No. No no.

    The updates me wonder if you guys even use this.

    1. When importing from address book why only one email and phone number?

    2. I have no control Over which number or email it imports and in some cases it’s random. Meaning sometimes the first number or the third in the list.

    3. Importing. One at a time? Really? This may be a security feature on the iphone but doing it one at a time is no simple when one has a 100 person book. why can’t you import from Facebook, gmail, or even iCloud?

    4. Ever thought about a business card scanning feature? Scanning them in directly as I meet people would be brilliant!

    I want to use this. I really like the potential but having to correct my imports every time really pts a damper on it.


  • Tim Dodd

    Waiting on Android support…

  • Cris

    Android, please.

  • Jerry Roy

    Are you kidding me? Way more Android phones than iPhones. Someone really blew this marketing opportunity.

    • Jerry Roy

      I agree with JC above, the android logo in your materials is total deception.

  • Anon

    AACK! NO!

    Don’t spam the email boxes of my contacts! Especially without warning me!

    I’m sorry, that’s just plain wrong. You don’t send emails on my behalf without my permission, ever. Despite all of the improvements, I’ve decreased the rating I gave for this app for this issue alone. It’s unthinkable and unacceptable.

    I love the concept, but WOW does the execution keep making big blunders. Did you even stop to think about the consequences of sending emails without any permission from the user? Seriously? I had to explain myself and apologize to my friends and family. Thankfully, I hadn’t done that for that many contacts, but I fear what may happen to somebody who decides to move their entire contacts list to Evernote Hello!

    And while we’re at it, a more minor gripe is that it keeps reminding me that I do not allow it to use location services – yeah, that’s on purpose, and it’s not changing. Now quit reminding me, please.

    • Simon

      Someone just complained to me about getting 2 emails on my behalf. I completely agree that’s a definite “foul”! Love the app, but don’t like this covert actions. It makes me lose trust – wit the software and of my friends!

      We should actually have a suture to send an apology to everyone we’ve spammed. I too am going to lower my rating on iTunes.

    • Heather

      You can actually turn this setting off by clicking into the Settings, then hitting the “i” button, and moving the “Email my contact info” slider to “Off”.

  • Sebastiaan

    Great concept and I’d like to use it. But wait, I’m using that other OS that has the largest market share, Android. Please make it available on Android and when you do, keep out the e-mail feature I read about in Anon’s comment.

  • Connie

    It’d be wonderful for me … if it was available for webOS.

  • Mijke

    The app seems useless for me. Because it isn’t posseble to take à picture of the I met. But now I See this:

    Choose from Camera Roll: When adding your profile photo, you can either take a new one, or choose an image from your Camera Roll.

    But I can’t choose this option. Anyone knows??

  • EskDroide

    Cant wayt for the Android version!!!

  • Aaron

    I’m with everyone else, when will it be made for android.

  • Sheila

    As mentioned numerous times above, I too am waiting for it to come to the LARGEST market – the Android market! I LOVE Evernote and would like to use this add-on, but heaven forbid if it were to SPAM my contacts as Anon mentioned above!!! That’s ILLEGAL isn’t it, for you to SPAM people ‘on my behalf’?!!

    RE: the above comment…
    02/10/2012 10:20AM
    AACK! NO!

    Don’t spam the email boxes of my contacts! Especially without warning me!

    I’m sorry, that’s just plain wrong. You don’t send emails on my behalf without my permission, ever. Despite all of the improvements, I’ve decreased the rating I gave for this app for this issue alone. It’s unthinkable and unacceptable.”

    Soooooo, if you make it available for Android I will definitely get it, and YOU will instantly have twice the users! However, I will be VERY WARY, and read comments carefully BEFORE DOWNLOADING the app to make sure you have taken care of the agregious policy of SPAMMING my contacts first!

    Sheila Ü

  • Marc7even

    In fact useless for me.
    Most of my people in my mobile phone contact list are present to me.I do not need that kind of reminder – specially because of several social networks where i organize all kind of contacts.
    If i got a contacts mobilephone number, most of the times, there is a reason and i would remember that. If there is no reason i would delete the contact after a period of time – and to be honest: if i meet a guy for the first time and he wants to do some smiling snapshots from me…ay comon.

  • Mitchell

    FOOD, HELLO, ETC. 50% Apple Iphones users happy with Evernote. 50% Android users NOT happy with Evernote. Come on guys get on the ball!!

  • Mike

    Android please!

  • John

    I have downloaded the app and think it is a good idea. Curious what the benefit is of having the app link to my contacts. If the person is already in my contacts, what is the additional benefit to having them in the Hello App? This is not a criticism but a true question. Knowing this might help me use the app more frequently.

    Thanks for creating great products and for the great updates, as well. We all benefit from your passion.

  • john tsolometes

    i need support for amazon fire kindle andriod device and android mobile and blackbery.

  • YBothr


  • Arjan Broere

    Great new app. Love using it.

    One thing that would help me: possibility to add a checkbox and add actions to a contact. In meeting people moet often than not a meeting ends with actions to follow up on.

  • Arjan Broere

    Are you considering options to integratie Twitter/Facebook connections? Now I can add a Twittername but there is no other integration.

  • Umber

    Last time Evernote published it’s user numbers it had far more iOS users than Android. Given that iOS is a single environment compared to the diversity (mess) that is Android it makes perfect sense to launch new apps for iOS first.

    Whether this app is of any use is a whole other question…

  • Icon Hater

    Old icon was better, boohoo

    Apart from that I love it!

  • Anon

    Thank you for the most recent update, which adds a checkbox for sending an email to the other contact. This makes it obvious you are sending the email and gives the user the choice to not send it.

  • Norman Willis

    This is a great ultra relational database, adaptable to the ingenuity of the user. I’d like to use it as a diary/journal, keying in on words, much as one does with an MS Word document indexing feature, with a concordance file.

    Hurry. I’m 78…

  • Drew

    I have been a massive fan of Evernote since 2008 (it really is my favorite app).

    I would love to try Evernote Hello, but to echo the sentiments of several others on this thread, there is zero chance of me downloading this if the app will be sending emails to any of my contacts. That’s totally inexcusable and, frankly, embarrassing. Once that feature has been permanently done-away with, I will be more than happy to try it out. As I said before, I’m a big fan.


    • Heather

      You can turn the auto-email setting off by clicking into the Settings, then hitting the “i” button, and moving the “Email my contact info” slider to “Off”.

  • Bob Stepno

    I’ve uninstalled Evernote for the Android after noticing that it was accessing my Contacts without giving me any way to opt-out, and that the company seems headed into this “social networking” space, losing focus from what was a coherent product.

    I just want to use Evernote to get notes from my Droid to my Android tablet and/or to my laptop. Period.

    If the reason for accessing Contacts is (as mentioned elsewhere) so that users can forward notes to their friends, I would like a way to opt-out from that part of the service. When I want to share something with someone, I am perfectly capable of pasting it into an e-mail or posting it on a Web page, blog or Twitter feed, depending on the audience I’m seeking.

    I don’t want to risk violating the privacy of my friends, family, students, medical practitioners and colleagues by giving any “App” access to the list on my phone.

    • Heather

      Thanks for your feedback. As mentioned elsewhere, you can turn the auto-email setting off by clicking into the program Settings, then hitting the “i” button, and moving the “Email my contact info” slider to “Off”.

      Hello asks for access to your Contacts not to send info to your Contact list, but to fill out user profiles from data already on your device (we also scan the Calendar as well.)

  • Yuanzhong Deng


  • Nikole

    Is there any way to edit the location of where you met the person? I think this might be kinda interesting {especially with an Android version} but I cannot figure out how to change an incorrect location.

    Oh yeah, that spamming your contacts email, btw, is NOT a welcomed idea. Thankfully it can be turned off.

  • Eric

    Android please!

  • Robert Richey

    This seems really promising we’re using evernote right now to exchange files while working on websites to keep track of the progress that has been made.
    Just sayin, good job and I look forward to every new product the company launches.

  • Frank

    Android please…

  • Owen Marcus

    Looks great… but does this app still spam contacts?

  • Don Sakers

    I’m probably not the target demographic for Hello, so please take this with a grain of salt.

    I would love it if I could edit Hello notes like regular Evernote notes. Why? Because I’d like to add retrospective data to it…past contacts with that person, etc.

    The ability to import vCard files would also be nice.

    Right now I use iOS/Mac OS Contacts to keep contact information for everyone, and I use Evernote as a Farleyfile to keep track of interactions, likes/dislikes, all that rot (1 note per person). I have over 450 people listed now, and am retrospectively adding others constantly.

    If Hello could streamline that process and keep Contacts current, then it would be a tool I would use.

    Like I said, I’m probably not the target demographic, and you guys are doing such a great job that I feel really picky making these comments.

    (Enthusiastic Evernote Premium lover with 18 Notebooks, 12,274 Notes, and an ambition to get my entire life conveniently on Evernote.)

  • commking

    Android please!

    And I would like to be able to look at my Android call log – click on an entry, and have a note created as a reminder to follow up on that call. That would be sooooo handy.

    As it is I have to rememeber to call someone back or act on a call.. I’
    d like it to go straight into Evernote which the touch of a button.

  • Keith

    Please help me see if I have this right: I can import contacts, but only one at a time? I have a database full of contacts and I want one central place for them, not some in Hello and some in Outlook, some in my Apple address book.

    Can I bulk import contacts into Hello or no? If no, are you planning that functionality? If not, how do you guys handle your own contacts – do you export them from Hello into your own personal contact databases? If so, how? If not, are you ok with multiple contact databases for yourself?

    Is there a way to make certain contacts not visible?

    I saw a question on changing the contact meeting location. There are many many reasons people may want to do this – the first is that for most of the people I run into and want to add – I have known them for years and not looking to say I met them at Safeway for the first time. Was there an answer to this question?

  • Jim

    Is it possible to view/edit Evernote Hello with a Mac or Windows7 desktop or laptop?