Skitch for iPad Update: New Tools, Great Tips

Skitch for iPad Update: New Tools, Great Tips

Posted by on 21 Feb 2012

Posted by on 21 Feb 2012

Just over a month ago, we launched Skitch for iPad, the amazingly fun and useful way to visually communicate using your tablet. Today, we have a great update (1.0.3) that includes a new shape tool, parental controls, more language support and lots of stability improvements. We also have some tips to share.

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Rounded corner rectangles
There’s now a fourth shape tool at your disposal: the rounded-corner rectangle! Tap on the tool and start making squares and rectangles to your heart’s content.

Parental controls
Skitch for iPad is great for easily communicating your ideas with colleagues and teammates. It’s also a fun, kid-friendly app, perfect for sketching and marking up images. In this update, we added several parental control options that allow users to disable the browser, location and photo features. To access the parental controls, tap on the “i” on the homescreen, then tap on the Restrictions tab.

More languages
We’ve added support for more than ten new languages. Now, Skitch users all over the world can start communicating and getting things done with the help of shapes and arrows.

Stability improvements
You’ll notice that the latest update is faster and more reliable thanks to numerous bug fixes and improvements.

Skitch tips

Use the marquee tool
One of the great things about Skitch is everything you draw and annotate can be selected independently and then moved around, scaled, re-colored, or deleted. To use the marquee, select the finger tool and drag across the screen to create a marquee rectangle. All items inside the rectangle will be selected. To deselect, or select a different group of objects, drag a new marquee.

Move text around
Once you’ve typed something, you can reposition the text by switching to the finger tool. Simply tap the text and drag it around.

Be sure to check out Skitch for Mac, too.

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  • elinszou

    3g router

  • Pavel

    Thanks for “Move text around” feature. No more undo-redo 🙂

  • Uffe

    The marquee tool never worked properly on my iPad. The moment I lift my finger from the screen, the marquee disappears! Besides the app very often freezes since the last update 🙁

  • Kevin

    Will we be getting an iPhone version of Skitch soon?

  • Gitanajava

    Hundreds of longtime Skitch subscribers on Mac Tiger want the use of Skitch restored to them.

    There are three threads, and possibly more at regarding the Skitch for Tiger issue:

    Main thread, most details —

    Associated threads —

    It has been three months since Evernote kicked Skitch Tiger users to the curb by disabling our Skitch desktop app. We still need it; we still want it.

    • Heather

      If you’re using MacOS 10.4 (Tiger), here’s a link to the last version of Skitch that runs on 10.4. We won’t be supporting 10.4 going forward, nor is this version supported by Evernote.

      For faster feedback and more Skitch discussion, feel free to visit our user forums at

  • Steve B

    Is there a way to use skitch to markup photos that are in Evernote? I can’t seem to find it, if so.

  • everpat

    Older macs with no access to app store still want Skitch!! Alas, new job has an old Mac (10.5.8) and I am going crazy. No Skitch! PU-LEAZEEE evernote, have a heart and find a way to make skitch work for us! I’ve been with you since the beginning and have it installed on all my personal macs & devices.

    • Heather

      Try this:

  • Vincent

    Skitch always starts with default colot and size. How can i change the defaults? Thx

  • Jeff

    The most recent version of Skitch for the iPad crashes on launch.