Did You Know: Related Notes in Evernote Food and Evernote Hello Make Powerful Associations

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 24 Feb 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 24 Feb 2012

Your memory works by associating ideas, experiences, people, and events. We built Evernote to do the same by putting everything in the context of other things you’ve captured, including your encounters in Evernote Hello, meals in Evernote Food, and everything else you have saved in Evernote. These connections are what we call Related Notes.

As you create and save items into your Evernote account, we automatically build contextual relationships among them using things like titles, locations, and time.

Here’s an example: let’s say you attended a conference and took notes in Evernote, then used Evernote Hello to remember all the people you met. In the evening, you decided to go to a restaurant that you’d heard about (and clipped into Evernote) with a few of the folks from the conference. At the restaurant, you snapped some photos of your meal using Evernote Food and took a few notes about the experience.

The Power of Related Notes

Now, check out those experiences in Evernote Food and Evernote Hello. Look at your new contacts in Evernote Hello and you’ll be reminded of the meal you shared and all the notes you took at the conference. Look at the meal in Evernote Food and you’ll see everyone’s face and the clipped reviews about the restaurant.

If Evernote is an extension of your memory, Related Notes are the strings that tie your memories together.

The Evernote View

And don’t forget, you can also view everything in your Evernote account, organized and sorted however you like.

Related Notes are currently available in Evernote Food and Evernote Hello. We’re also improving our algorithms to make this feature even more useful.


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  • Robert

    Is the Related Notes feature coming to Evernote for Mac and iPhone in the near future?

  • Jason Garbutt

    That all sounds lovely but the majority of users can’t use these apps – only about 6% of the phones in the world are Apple, so what about the rest of us? My vote is for WP7

  • Cecil Howard

    The “Related Notes” section hosts notes that have absolutely nothing to do with my food experience…. I find it very frustrating trying to reconcile why certain note’s are attached to my food pics…

    No matter what your algorithms say…. There definitely needs to be a way that the end user can edit or discontinue the related notes feature of the Food app.
    i’e’ changing the oil on my truck is in no way a note related to my fancy Prime Rib dinner with good friends?????????

    • Naomi

      The Related Notes are deemed related if they are created during the same time period as a meal or if they reference the place where you dined. The goal is to offer you contextually relevant information at your fingertips.

  • christian

    I would prefer an update of the evernote webclipping add-ons to easily clip pdfs instead of introducing redundant applications

  • notetakingguy

    I am trying to post on the forums and everytime I click on Start New Topic, I get an error that says “You do not have permission to start topics in this forum”. I am a premium member. I opened a support ticket and then two weeks later, got an E-mail that my ticket was closed since I never responded (never got anything to respond to)

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Have you logged into your Evernote account? You need to be logged in in order to comment and start topics.

    • GeoffreyBarry

      Yes, it’s likely you’re not logged into the forum. Create an account by clicking “Sign In” at the upper right hand corner. Enter your Evernote account info, select a display name after you are redirected back, and you should be able to reply and post.

  • Rejean Giguere

    Do you have a French version for my Playbook ?



  • JonathanN

    Great post, I enjoyed reading it! Keep posting good stuff like this.

  • Dan Collins

    The idea of “Related Notes” has a lot of interesting applications around HELLO (Or whatever Contact Manager finally develops) and say, Egretlist (Or whatever the coming task manager looks like.

    I agree that I would like more End User control within FOOD & HELLO. Right now I can’t edit the notes within the desktop or anywhere else that I can figure out.

  • Bryan

    With your related notes, it may be a good idea in your algorithm to include note titles that match a person’s name to be related. Really any note that contains that persons full name matching should be related to the contact.

  • Stephen

    I would like to have related notes in Evernote for PC and Android (not just Evernote food and Evernote Hello). Does it exist? It would be very useful if it did…

  • Kevin Nourian

    Please make a good calendar that is easy to use like I had on my Treo that used palm software. I can’t find a functional calendar for my android. A calendar that can sync with evernote will be very useful.

  • vestend

    how about algorithm supported linked associations for evernote notes itself?

  • Rich

    Nice but not available on Android phones???