Skitch for Android Update: Maps, Save to SD Card and More


Skitch for Android Update: Maps, Save to SD Card and More

Posted by on 29 Feb 2012

Posted by on 29 Feb 2012

We have a great Skitch for Android update for you today (1.4). The latest version adds the ability to annotate a map, save sketches to your SD card and more. Here’s the latest:

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Maps in Skitch

Skitch is great for eliminating ambiguity: draw attention to a person in a photo or point out where that new sofa should go. And now, you can even take the ambiguity out of giving directions. With the new map feature, drop a pin with an address, then use arrows, shapes and lines to show exactly where you mean.

Using the map feature is a two-step process. Tapping on the Map icon on the home screen launches a live map. Here you can pinch, pan and zoom or search for what you need. Tapping anywhere on the map will drop a pin to mark a location. Now that you’ve framed your map, it’s time to mark it up. Tap on the Skitch icon to begin annotating the map with arrows, text and freehand lines. When you’re finished, you can save or share the map.

It’s the ideal way to highlight a great camping spot or illustrate a walking path. Once you’ve made the sketch, share it with your friends or save it into Evernote for safe-keeping.

Save to the SD card

This is one of our most requested features. Now, anything you have in Skitch can be saved to your SD card. Do this by tapping on the Save icon. You can also find your saved images by tapping on that same icon.

Move your text

We also made it easier to add and move text. When you start typing, your text appears in place over the image. Tap and drag the text to move it to a different location, pinch the text to change its size. You can do all of this without changing to the finger tool. Easy.

And more…

Besides these new features, we’ve we’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs and improved the app’s stability. Lots more to come.

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  • Mark923

    Very nice addition, well done!

  • BigRedd

    Can you explain why this update needs access to Android system logs?
    There’s quite the uproar on your Android Market page.

    • jefito

      On system logs:

  • Handy Mandy

    Why do the new version needs access to the system logs which contains sensible data?
    I will not upgrade until this behavior is fixed!

    • Heather

      Here’s the complete explanation, directly from our VP of Products:
      “PERSONAL INFORMATION:We use “Read Contact Data” to allows the Android application to access the contact list in support of the “email a note” feature. We only access this information when you request “Email a note”. The content of your contact list is not sent to Evernote. We use only the email addresses of only to contacts you select. This information is used exclusively to send emails.
      “Read sensitive log data” is used if you encounter a problem. In this instance you can select “Send logs” from the “Settings” screen. Evernote sends the logs to your local email client where you can review the information before it is sent to Evernote.

      DISCOVER KNOWN ACCOUNTS is used to obtain your email account to pre-populate the registration form’s the email field. We don’t store the value unless it is submitted for registation. We want the registration process to be as easy as possible.

      READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: We access your phone’s IMEI number to obtain a unique number for your device when targeting specific one-time upgrades. This information is only sent to Evernote if upgrades apply.

      I’m happy to elaborate. In a nut shell: we only access privileged information to make the application easier for the user and we only transmit that information to the server if it’s required to provide you a specific service. We only store that information on our server for your benefit. “

      • plm

        It is nice that u try to take care but dont you think that this could be to much for a paranoid like me 😉 for example u could build an extra App just for debuging or logs so if someone get problems he can use this app to report. At least we only have your word that u will not abuse these rights.

    • Alex

      Heather’s reply actually was about using permissions by Evernote app, not for Skitch.
      The current version of Android’s Skitch needs only required permissions for handling new feature – catch map image. Google Map API requires these permissions. As far as we support current location on the map – we need to have location permissions as well.
      We dropped request for “access to log” permission because it scared too many users, though it only meant only getting the system log (there is nothing personal there) in the case of Skitch crash.

  • Chris

    I’m with BigRedd. This need to access log information needs to be explained completely and honestly or removed.

    • Alex

      In the latest version, we dropped request for “access to log”permission because it scared too many users, though it only meant getting the system log (there is nothing personal there) in the case of Skitch crash.

  • Alex

    The procedure is so difficult to understand. The first step is diffuclt enough. I usually use the evernote widget. I have never seen the Skitch home screen. Evernote also has a map command on the popup, but it doesn’t integrate with Skitch. The Skitch invoked by evernote widget is similar to but different from SKitch itself. Completely confusing.


    I only hav 7 contacts out of 132 . They had to go with this app cause wher here yestur. And it,says that inyour page. That. The app access gmail contacts etc.


    Can someone tell me how to get my contactacts back. And refrigerator the info. That was stored in my g.mail account,

  • meglarz

    When will Skitch for Windows be available?

  • Getomonk

    I love Sktich, but I wish the logo and colour theme on the app was more like Evernote. Also making it possible to change the default colour on arrows and objects would be a nice feature.