Trunk Spotlight: Meshin Recall for Android and SnapCal for iPhone to Connect your Evernote Memories with Calendar Events

Trunk Spotlight: Meshin Recall for Android and SnapCal for iPhone to Connect your Evernote Memories with Calendar Events

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 20 Mar 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 20 Mar 2012

Our users love the idea of tying their notes in Evernote to calendar entries. We’re excited to tell you about two great mobile apps that make this possible: Meshin Recall (Android) and SnapCal (iPhone).

Meshin Recall

Meshin Recall is an Android app that shows you all of your Google calendars in one streamlined view. When you connect it to Evernote, you can easily associate notes with any event in your calendar.

Using the integration is easy. When you launch Meshin Recall, create a note right from an event. The note will automatically be tagged and synced to your Evernote account, where you’ll be able to easily search for it and view it from any device where you have Evernote installed. Here’s how to make it work:

  • After downloading Meshin Recall, you’ll be asked to authorize your Evernote account, and sync your various Google calendars with Meshin Recall.
  • To create a new note, tap the plus (+) icon next to an event. After saving the note in Evernote, you’ll be taken back into Meshin Recall, where you’ll see that the note icon is now an Evernote elephant icon, indicating that the event has a note associated with it. Tapping the icon will take you back into Evernote. When you create a new note, Meshin Recall will recommend useful tags and will title your note with the event’s title as well, making it easier to find later.
  • To share a note, tap the elephant icon on the lower right-hand side of your screen to bring up the share menu and select a method of sharing.


If you’re an iOS user interested in connecting Evernote with your calendar, try SnapCal.

Here’s how to make it work:

  • After downloading the app, authorize your Evernote account from the Settings menu.
  • To send a calendar event to your Evernote account, simply tap on the event, then tap on the elephant icon in the tab on the bottom of your screen. Select the destination notebook, tags, and title.
  • To associate existing notes with a calendar event, go to the settings menu and choose ‘Tags.’ Select all of the relevant tags associated with notes you may want to link with your calendar. You’ll be able to search your notes right from your SnapCal screen. Tapping on a note will allow you to attach the note to an event, select a calendar, and add an alert. You’ll can even tap on the note text and edit away.

Use SnapCal to connect your Evernote Food notes with your calendar

Wish you could browse your Evernote Food notes from your calendar? Now you can, using the nifty integration with SnapCal. To show your Evernote Food notes on your calendar, choose ‘Sync with Evernote Food’ from the Evernote authorization screen. All of your Evernote Food notes will appear on your calendar, on the date they were created.

The Evernote API

Meshin Recall and SnapCal were able to do all this thanks to the open, free Evernote API. You can also create amazing Evernote-integrated apps and products. Take a look at our developer site for more information.


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  • kristen galiani

    Meshin Recall is also available in a private beta on iOS. it offers essentially the same functionality as our Android apo. Go to our website and sign up. We would love to have you!

  • Murat Kayi

    This seems to be a workaround for those who never got the note links to work with google calendar from both the desktop versions and the android browser.

    Which is to say: great find, I will try it, but would really prefer working note links.

    • Kristen

      Murat the goal here is to tie your notes to your events to give you context, and actually there is a much bigger story ( we have just not announced it yet). Join our beta and help us shape the future. What would you see as groundbreaking and not a workaround?

  • Anthony

    Any similar help for tying iCal or Outlook calendar to Evernote on Mac OS?

    • Kristen

      Anthony it is in the roadmap. We want the 360 experience of our Meshin recall users but for now we have to focus on mobile. We would love you to try our iPhone beta, and yes we do support Exchange.

  • Reiner

    It’s still a shame that you guys do only develop for iPhone and ignore the iPad interface…. Don’t understand that.

    • Kristen


      Meshin Recall does work on the iPad and iPhone but is still in private beta. Go to our website and sign up and we will try and get you into the beta. It actually is early in development so we welcome your feedback.

  • phil

    do the same for Business Calendar (Andriod) and I’ll build a small Evernote altar in the corner of my bedroom!

    • Chris Holmes

      Phil – did you check out exactly what Meshin Recall does on Android? It consolidates your existing calendars (just as Business Calendar does) into one single manageable list and allows to create Evernotes for each event in your calendar. Once created Meshin Recall links notes back to meeting allowing you to view and share them via email with attendees or post to Twitter and Facebook. Meshin mission is to connect information smartly – there’s lots more to come ….

  • Vaclav

    Question si WHY? or why so in complicated way?

    Easily use Evernote links in your iCal or Outlook or GCalendar .. etc.

    • NeuroJoe

      Yeahhhhh, good luck getting that to work on Google Calendar.

  • Vladimir Campos

    I’m an iPhone and Evernote Premium user for a long time. Therefore I have a lot of information stored on my account. And I of course take a lot of caution with my password, because I don’t what to put my personal data in risk.

    Unfortunately, my caution and Evernote API for developers don’t alow me to take benefit from nice Apps like this one. I refuse to insert my username and password in an App I have no information about the developers background. It would be crazy to trust my password like this.

    So, please, make it an obligation to the developers to use authentication methods like OAuth. A lot of developer do it to integrate their Apps to Dropbox, for example. I’ve been talking to some friend developers and they all say the method used today by Evernote in not the best in terms of security.

    • Tony Fagler


      I have to agree with this! I love Evernote and been Premium for years. I have a very complex password and change it regularly. Evernote holds to much of my personal life. I would hope EverNote would take security in API seriously! It shouldn’t be an option and it should be mandated.

  • ryan

    SnapCal looks great. I’ve tried to register two separate email accounts with them but have yet to receive an activation email. (Yes I’ve checked my spam) As a result I can’t share anything to evernote from it. Useless until I get that activation email, if it ever shows up at this point.

  • Mandi

    How do you connect already existing notes with the calendar? And can you have multiple notes per calendar entry?

    • Chris Holmes

      Mandi, Meshin is adding “attach existing notes” feature very soon. This has been a very popular request from our growing and enthusiastic user base.

  • Carl

    I have an iPad and an Android phone. Will Meshin Recall activity be replicated in Snapcal on my iPad?

  • Hany

    I installed Mesh on my Samsung Galaxy GT-B5512. When i tried to install it showed an error message that i should install evernote although it’s installed and i am using it. I moved evernote from SD to phone, reinstalled mesh again and yet it gave me the same message. Please advise