Evernote World: Evernote’s First Hackathon…in Korea!

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 10 Apr 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 10 Apr 2012

Evernote’s global community of users, fans, and developers is growing amazingly fast.  We’re seeing great integration ideas coming from developers all over the world, so we decided to hold our first-ever Hackathon in Korea. The two-day event, which started on March 16th, brought together 30 college and graduate students who worked through the night to build some really awesome applications using the Evernote API.

We joined forces with sponsors Yonsei University, Korean Productivity Center, and Seoul Space Incubator, to organize the event.

On Friday, March 16th, teams gathered in Seoul to brainstorm initial ideas, and socialize. Troy Malone, our General Manager for Asia Pacific, introduced the teams to the Evernote API, and our partners Fujitsu and GreenMonster came to discuss their Evernote integrations. From there, participants formed seven teams and worked around the clock. They received technical guidance from our team, and enjoyed a talk given by Evernote’s CEO, Phil Libin.

The winning application and some big prizes

The team who took home the grand prize was HotSix, who created Biscuit, an application for real time co-editing and chat among multiple users. The team walked away with a free trip to this year’s Evernote Trunk Conference (to be held later this summer in San Francisco), and a 6 week training program at the Korean Productivity Center that includes global launch help.

The runner up team, First Journey, created a travel log featuring a transcription service that was able to recognize signs in a note and translate them into note titles. They took home the prize of a mentoring session at Seoul Space.

Other integration ideas that came out of the Hackathon included: applications that display your notes to you at random, an Evernote integration with iMDB, and applications that visually present your notes to you. You can watch the winning team’s presentation (in English).

You’ll be seeing many more developer events in the months to come; in fact, we already have Evernote Hackathons planned in Brazil and Europe (stay tuned for details!).

The Evernote Ecosystem

The Evernote ecosystem now includes nearly 300 products, services, and applications inside the Trunk, all of which help users get even more out of their Evernote experience. Also be sure to check out our recently-launched developer site to help guide anyone interested in building on the Evernote API. Millions of Evernote users are waiting for your amazing applications.


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