Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome Now With Smart Filing and Clipping to Shared Notebooks

Posted by on 17 Apr 2012

Posted by on 17 Apr 2012

Our Web Clippers are an amazingly useful way to remember all the interesting stuff you see online. Today, our Web Clipper for Chrome just got a whole lot smarter. Say hello to the newest Web Clipper features: Smart Filing and clipping to Shared Notebooks.

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Smart Filing

If you’re like me, then you’re clipping content from across the web, but there are a handful of sites that you clip from more often than others. For example, I have some favorite food blogs that I turn to when I need cooking inspiration. Whenever I clip from these sites, I usually place them into my Recipes notebook. With the new Smart Filing feature, the Chrome web clipper does this organization automatically.

How Smart Filing works
When you click the Web Clipper, the extension looks in your account to see how you’ve organized similar clips in the past and then suggests notebooks, relevant tags or both. Of course, if you don’t agree with the suggestions, you can always change them. In my case, it’s been spot on almost every single time.

Clipping into Shared Notebooks

This update also adds a feature that many of you have requested: clipping into shared notebooks. Now, multiple people can work together to build notebooks full of research, ideas and inspirations.

How it works
First, you’ll need to have access to someone else’s notebook and have permission to edit the notes in that notebook. This is something that the notebook owner can do, if they’re a Premium subscriber. That’s all. Now, when you clip a page using the Chrome Web Clipper, you’ll see a Shared Notebook section in the notebook dropdown. Click on the notebook and clip away.

Great for groups
This new feature is great if you’re part of a Sponsored Group at your business or school. Since all members of a Sponsored Group are Premium, every member can grant anyone the right to add notes to their notebooks. Give it a shot.

More to come

In recent months, our Web Clippers have become more intelligent than ever. They know what to clip without you telling them and now they know how to file your clips, sometimes without you lifting a finger. They also have Simultaneous Search, so you can look in your Evernote account whenever you search the web. We have lots more in store, including bringing these new features and more to other browsers. Stay tuned.

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  • Peter

    My clipper hasn’t been working since this post went up, so I assume some update came through that disabled my clipper. I don’t know how to fix it.

    • jbignert

      The most fail safe way is to uninstall it and then re-install it from the Chrome Web Store.

      – Right click the Web Clipper toolbar icon > Remove from Chrome

      Reinstall from:

      Hope that helps.

      • Frank Wiles

        Tried enable/reenabling, restarting Chrome, and adding/removing the extension again and mine still isn’t working.

  • Robert Oschler

    Great work, I’ve been waiting for this. Here’s another idea I’d like to see. When you’re on a WordPress blog (and other major blog services), suggest the WordPress tags that the blog post author has designated for his post as tags, and perhaps any category tags the post has tied to it, for the Evernote clipping.

  • Chris Gonzales

    Definitely loving the ‘Smart Filing’ feature, it’s been a wish of mine for a while now.

  • Michael Flower

    Is a similarly smart clipper headed for Safari any time soon?

  • Tom

    This update broke “The Evernote Experience” completely for me.

    I use the “Simultaneous search” feature, which showed Evernote search results along with my Google search results.

    Since this update, that box now only displays “Sign in to simultaneously search Evernote.”

    I *am* signed-in… I’m signed-in to the web clipper Chrome extension, I’m signed-in to the web version of Evernote (running in another tab), and I’m signed-in to the Windows client.

    All are working fine, but the whole “Simultaneous search” thing is blissfully unaware of who I am?

    • jbignert

      Hi Tom,
      I’m unable to reproduce the issues that you mention. Can you please post your system details to help us troubleshoot this?
      Chrome version
      OS version

      Other troubleshooting ideas:
      It may help to restart Chrome and also double check your settings on the options page. Please note that if you change settings on the options page they will be in effect on new tabs.

      • jbignert

        Hi Tom – doing a re-install should take care of this for you.
        1) Right click Web Clipper icon > Choose remove from Chrome

        2) Visit and install from there.

    • Tony


    • Klaus


  • DC

    Ever since this update, the notebook being saved to resets to the top one instead of the most recent notebook saved to. I really miss the old behavior. Any chance of bringing that back?

    • jbignert

      Hi DC,
      To get the behavior where it saves to the last used notebook you need to turn Smart Filing off in the options page.

    • jbignert

      Or change Smart Filing settings to suggest tags only.

  • S

    That’s pretty cool. I usually just clip direct to the desktop app as it’s open most of the time but with features like this I might end up using the web clipper a lot more often!

  • Colin Henderson

    I had the problem with the extension ‘taking too long to sign in”. I removed from Chrome, closed Chrome, then reinstalled. Now perfect again.

  • Ideales Group

    That’s a fantastix improvement!
    Thank you very much!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Loiy Blog

    The Evernote 4.5.4 is great cool as it was.
    I like to use it to record everything in my days.

  • Michelle

    My web clipper also didn’t let me sign in after the update, until I reinstalled the clipper and restarted Chrome.

    I have to say I’m less than thrilled about this, since it took me awhile to figure out what was wrong, and in the process of trying to fix the issue wasted time changing my password, as well as the time it takes to restart a browser with lots of tabs open and sign in again to many of them.

    The update should have been implemented in such a way that users were notified that they would have to restart the browser, and given an option to restart later but keep the old version temporarily, rather than suddenly given nebulous messages like “undefined error”.

    • jbignert

      You are right that the auto update did not work as intended. We have fixed that and will push a release within short to prevent this from happening.

      Very sorry for the inconvenience caused, we’ve improved our routines to avoid this scenario in the future.

  • Dave Millar

    I downloaded the new web clipper but it won’t accept my sign in and offers no solution, a rare Evernote oversight.

    • jbignert

      Hi Dave, we had a bug in the release that affects some of the existing users that auto updates. It was very unfortunate and the immediate workaround is to uninstall and re-install from the Chrome Web store

      We will release a new version with the issue fixed within short. Once again truly sorry about the inconvenience.

  • Brad

    How do we turn this off? It seems very broken in terms of where it wants to put things… I don’t see an obvious settings page.


    • jbignert

      Hi Brad,
      To get to the settings page:
      1) Right click the Web Clipper toolbar icon
      2) Choose options
      3) Choose your Smart Filing setting
      a) Tags & notebooks (Default)
      b) Notebooks only
      c) Tags only
      d) Disable Smart Filing

      Hope that helps.

      • Brad

        Thanks, that was completely NOT intuitive. Also so far even with just the “smart” notebooks off, it is 0 for like 20 on being remotely useful 🙁

        Anyhow, both are happily disabled. Now if the article clipper could actually be more easily adjusted that would be a huge win…

  • Anne Wareham

    My clip has been broken ever since you introduced this new feature. If I uninstall and reinstall I can use it once!(have done this several times…) Then next time it freezes. Asks me to login every time too.

    Great shame – the clipping was a great service, now dead.

    • Mike

      I have the same problem. To use the clipper in Chrome I have to uninstall/reinstall, then clip. Crazy. I have started loading the pages I want to clip in IE as its faster than the uninstall/reinstall dance.

  • diverse

    After update, evernote logo picture on the top of popup window is not shown. Instead there is just a empty square indicating missing pictures (same square appears in ordinary web pages when picture is missing).
    After a little investigation, I realize that same thing (missing logo picture) happens also on chrome extension page.

    Reinstall didn’t solve the problem. Any suggestion?

  • Einar D

    Thanks, I really appreciate this clever new feature. I have often forgotten to switch notebooks in the past. I have 50+ notebooks, and Evernote has chosen the correct one every time since the update!

  • Dean

    I click on “Save Article” but nothing happens.
    The same for selection, full page, and URL.

    Re-installing web clipper solves this issue for a while,
    but after some hours, it again won’t clip anything.

    I am enabling chrome sync. Could this be causing the problem?

    This problem arose when I installed this new version.

  • Susan

    I removed then reinstalled Evernote on Chrome because it kept freezing my computer (Windows 7) every time I attempted to clip and add something to a notebook. Now I can’t tell if it’s going to work or not, because it won’t accept my log in. I’m using the correct log in… in fact, I’m logged into Evernote Web. I’ve tried everything, including reinstalling Evernote for Chrome … I’m at a loss. I can manually add notes by copying and pasting, but the clipper for Chrome simply isn’t working for me.

  • Klaus

    Since this version the article boundaries are now longer properly determined. That is actually a big step back. I now have to select the article again, as in the old days. A shame, as the web clipper worked nicely.

    Btw, the idea of the smart fillings is great. Thank you guys.

  • Craig Brown

    I will install Chrome version of Evernote when it works with Standalone Evernote (like the Firefox version does) and not just the Browser (cloud) version. Until then it is completely useless to me.

  • Judy

    For some reason, I can’t use Chrome anymore at all. I installed Web Clipper and Clearly, no other major add ons, and Chrome freezes within minutes of opening it.
    1. Is this common?
    2. Could it be due to Evernote?
    3. Do you have a Mozilla version coming soon?

  • CutleryDrawer

    I love clipper and it’d be even better if it indicated somehow that I’ve previously clipped a URL that I’m about to clip again. Is that possible?


  • Lee Jenna Tyler

    Ditto on all clipper problems (and ‘solutions’). Know you’re working hard to fix; please (as we all have lives and can’t revisit site constantly) update the update via email notice. Thanks for your work.

  • Michael

    Do I need to reinstall for the new features or does the webclipper for Chrome update automatically?

  • jbenson2

    What’s the difference between Clearly and this clipper?
    Don’t they both do the same thing?

  • Robert Harper

    I LOVE the change. I have also used it many times in conjunction with Clarify.

  • Piet

    All of a sudden, my web-clipper now requires me to click on “close” after having clicked to save an article/page/selection. I do not like to have to click twice to get something into evernote. Any suggestion how this second click can be avoided?

  • Sam B

    After deleting and reinstalling the Evernote Web Clipper extension for Chrome, I have decided to disable the Smart Filing feature. While handy at times, the inability to override the default tags is unduly annoying. This did not seem to be an issue previously, but has become so sometime in the past month or so. Am I missing something or are other people having this problem as well?

    I use both a Mac and a PC (Chrome on both) and have this problem across platforms.

    • Brittany Stiles

      Sam B – I just installed the Evernote clipper and I’m having the same problem. It won’t let me unclick tags that don’t apply and instead of saving time it’s just creating more work because I have to go in to the note to fix it.

    • Mark Thomason

      Same problem on Windows 7 64b with Chrome…can’t delete auto-tags.

    • Mark Thomason

      I’m having the same problem on Win7 64b Chrome running build 9f6656f – I can’t delete auto-tags.

  • claudio

    evernote web desapeard from my google crome
    i try to install , but does not install any more.
    can you help me?
    thank you

  • Gamos

    Any updates regarding the chrome installation info?
    Will appreciate any help, since I loved this plug in!

  • ficklewind

    Is there a way for evernote to “remember” the pages I clip?… I keep doubling up