Announcing Our Second Annual Developer Competition: The Evernote Devcup!

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 24 Apr 2012

Posted by Seth Hitchings on 24 Apr 2012

We’re excited to announce our second annual worldwide developer competition: the Evernote Devcup! Devcup challenges software developers and designers to create awesome products that help over 25 million users do more with Evernote. We’ll be awarding over $100,000 in prizes and giving finalists the chance to present their work to the attendees of this year’s Evernote Trunk Conference in San Francisco.

Here’s what we’re giving away:

  • Gold – $20,000 cash prize
  • Silver – $15,000 cash prize
  • Bronze – $5,000 cash prize
  • 6 finalists – $10,000 cash prize, and airfare and lodging to attend ETC 2012

What are we hoping to see?

Great apps combine captivating functionality with beautiful, intuitive design. The entries that we select as Devcup finalists will be apps that we expect tens of thousands of people to use every day to capture and recall the important things in their lives. We can’t possibly enumerate every good idea that we’ve ever heard, but here are some general themes to help you get started thinking about what to build:

  • Evernote Food and Evernote Hello are mobile applications that provide users with a dedicated experience for a specific Evernote use case. What other use cases could benefit from a customized application, and what type of rich, structured information would they contribute to a user’s Evernote account? What about a movie app that manages the list of movies that you want to see and your thoughts on those that you’ve seen, and combines that information with outside data from your Netflix queue and Rotten Tomatoes?
  • Products like Nike+ and Fitbit have brought Quantified Self and lifelogging into the mainstream. These products generate an immense amount of data about us. How can Evernote fit in? What type of data could such products store in Evernote, and how could you incorporate all of the other information in a user’s Evernote account to enrich their life log?
  • One of last year’s finalists noted that there are two types of notes that we create in Evernote. Some, such as shopping lists, start out being important but diminish in value over time. Others, such as records of great meals, aren’t that valuable in the short term, but become wonderful memories later. Dividing the world of Evernote notes into these two categories, what types of application could be built to focus on one area or the other?
  • Evernote’s products are used by tens of millions of people around the world. Only a third of our users are in the United States, and about a third are in non-Western countries. We design products that we think have universal appeal and utility, but there are probably also opportunities for apps that serve the needs of a specific national or cultural group. What app would you build for users in your country that isn’t necessarily as obvious to an outsider?
  • Evernote users love to learn about our products. Books, blogs and videos that help users get started with Evernote or get more out of it are extremely popular – there are currently 33 printed books about Evernote in Japan alone! What can you build to teach Evernote or guide great Evernote habits?

These themes barely scratch the surface of the opportunities that are available. Whether or not you plan to participate in Devcup, we want to hear what apps you’d like to see built for this year’s competition. Join the discussion at or attend one of our worldwide meetups.

A look back

Evernote Developer Competition 2011

Last year, nearly 1,000 developers from around the world participated in the developer competition. Many were from the US, but almost a quarter were from Asia, another quarter were from Europe, and we had meaningful participation in South and Central America. All six of the finalist teams attended ETC and presented their submissions. You can watch their presentations at Last year’s Grand Prize winner was Touchanote, an Android app that allows you to associate real life objects with your Evernote notes using NFC. Another one of the finalists, Notable Meals, formed the basis of Evernote Food. A third, Colorstache, allowed you to search your Evernote notes by color.

The details  

Any piece of software that integrates with an Evernote API is eligible for Devcup. You can build for desktop, mobile or the web. Here are the key dates:

  • Now through July 2nd – Form a team, come up with an idea, build an app!
  • July 2nd – Submission deadline (11pm PDT)
  • July 23rd – 6 finalists announced
  • Late summer – Finalists present their entries at the Evernote Trunk Conference; the Grand Prize winner and runners up are chosen

Devcup meetups around the world!

To help you get started, we’re holding a number of meetups around the world. These are a great place to brainstorm and discuss the feasibility of an idea with our developer relations staff, connect with others who are participating in Devcup, and learn more about Evernote. We’ll also be holding webinars if you’re unable to attend in person. For a list of events, and to find all of the information that you need about Devcup, join the conversation at


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  • Sudhir Khanger

    I wish some of the funds could go to development of Nixnote – the only Linux-Evernote client out in the world.

  • Robert Oschler

    Very excited about the 2nd contest! I entered last year’s contest and it was a lot of fun. Even if you don’t win, you learn a lot and interact with some great people.

  • Michael Shparber

    Guys, you’re doing a great job. Evernote is the BEST productivity app EVER It will be great to see feature that enables intuitive and simple integration with blogs and also allows to embed stuff in notes so it is shown not as a link but content. for example: I want to keep a TRAVEL JOURNAL so I can embed gps course from Endomondo, add pictures and post as a single note in my blog. all from my android, of course. today it is still too complicated. looking forward to more great functionalities!good luck!Michael

  • Cassio Magalhaes

    Oh, its Sao Paulo, and not Sao Paolo

  • Syd Weiss

    Looking to be able to hand write using a stylus right inside of Evernotes on my iPad so that I do not have to type my notes when in meetings.

    this would be a huge asset to my ability to keep my note taking in sync with the pace of the meeting and have all of the great features of Evernotes today.

    Any suggestions or ideas when such a feature could be available?

    Thank you

  • Francesca

    I thought you were referring to something else ( when I saw the latest newsletter pop up in my e-mail.

  • E

    That Austin, TX indicator is way off. I think it’s pointing as somewhere in Oklahoma. Otherwise though this sounds exciting.

  • Loren

    Hi there. First off, this is a fantastic product and I’ve been enjoying using it for a while now, but with all things that impress, you really want it to do more and there are a few features – not sure if you can really call them apps, though- that I would love to see, especially around tasks…
    1. Repeatable tasks.
    2. Assigning deadlines.
    3. Some sort of integration with an external calendar system – google calendar, outlook are two natural contenders
    4. Select all feature for check lists
    … The list could go on.
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • David O.

    Not a Devcup project, but I think pocket at would make a great acquisition for Evernote. It fits the goal of helping “tens of thousands of people capture and recall the important things in their lives”.