The All New Evernote 4.0 for Android


The All New Evernote 4.0 for Android

Posted by on 15 May 2012

Posted by on 15 May 2012

Major operating system updates are a great opportunity for us to rethink our apps. That’s exactly what happened when Google released the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Today, we’re excited to unveil the completely redesigned Evernote 4.0 for Android. It’s more than just a new look, it’s the most powerful Evernote for Android, ever.

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The All-New Look of Evernote for Android

Whether it’s a completely makeover or a simple touch-up, every single screen of the app have been redesigned to be easier to use, faster and more intuitive.

The new Home Screen
The new home screen is completely different from anything we’ve done before. The screen combines note creation options with buttons that take you directly into notebooks, tags and places (more on that later).

What makes the new home screen great, is how easy it is to use and how fast you can jump to it—swipe right or tap the elephant and you’re back.

Improved note and notebook list
The app’s note and notebooks lists got a major upgrade in this update. We redesigned the look of the note list to make it easier to browse content and to find what you’re looking for. For the notebook list, we brought together your personal notebooks and the ones that others have shared with you into a single view.

Action Bars
The latest update includes new contextual Action Bars that runs along the bottom of several screens. The bar shows options that relate to the screen that you’re on. For example, if you’re viewing a note, the Action Bar allows you to edit, share, tag, and perform other note-related actions. On the note list, tapping the Action Bar can launch a new note, search through notes, and change the sort order. Look for the Action Bar whenever you want to do more on the screen that you’re in.

Easy reading

We believe that the best interfaces are the ones that appear when you need them and become invisible when you don’t. That thinking led to our new note view. When reading a note, as you start scrolling, all navigation slides away, giving you a full-screen reading view. Then, when you need to edit, share or return to the note list, just tap the screen.

Swipe navigation

Horizontal swiping is now a major way to navigate through the app. When you’re viewing Notebooks, Tags, and Places, horizontal swiping moves you from one category to the next. If you’re in the home screen, a swipe to the left jumps you into the note list. Swipe back any time and you return to the home screen.


If you have “location services” enabled on your device, then Evernote assigns a place to each note you make. The new Places screen displays notes by creation location. Tap the map icon in the Action Bar to see your notes on a map.

New Settings

One of the other very visible interface features is the appearance of your username in the top left corner of the home screen. Tapping the username, shows your remaining monthly allowance and gives you access to additional settings.

Next to the username is a profile icon. This icon shows your account type: it’s a simple profile icon for Free users, and shiny crest if you’re Premium. In addition, at a glance, the icon shows you if you’re nearing your monthly allowance limit.

Much more…

As always, the visible things are only part of the story. There are lots of enhancements and fixes that will make your experience of using Evernote the best it’s ever been. Also, be sure to tap on the feature discovery lightbulb to see what’s new in this update and to get other useful tips.


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  • Aaron Weintraub

    Awesome. I run my business and home using evernote, so major changes could make me nervous, but I have come to trust that each iteration is better than the last. Thanks guys.

  • Adam

    For some reason Google Play is saying Evernote is not compatible with my Sprint Galaxy Nexus, so I can’t download it. Can you guys please make sure you’ve enabled downloads for my device?

    • xavier

      Every devices should be activated. I’ll see what we can do.

  • Brent

    Tried to install v4, got an incompatibility error with my Samsung smart phone and now I can’t run the previous version either when it was running perfectly. WTF? Help!

    • Adiran

      Works fine on my Samsung galaxy 2. Like it, but the terms and conditions are a bit loose – allowing evernote to share my stored info with 3rd parties that they approve? Careful what you store folks.

  • Chris

    Wow! A great improvement! I especially like the changes to the ome screen. Dare I say, it’s a bit SpringPad like, but cleaner? I use Evernote to plan my ebooks and store recipes.

  • Tyler

    Can’t wait until this caliber evernote app lands on the PlayBook.

  • Carlin Scuderi

    Yeehaw! I love Evernote. New UI is lookin’ good!

  • Mitch C.

    Love the new update!! Just wish Evernote Food would be available to Android platform.

  • Bryan

    I really like the new feel. Much quicker to navigate between Notebooks, tags, and locations. Only suggestion is that the cursor under the at the top of Notebooks be a more contrasting color. perhaps the same color of the elephant. Can barely see indoors….no way I’d be able to see it outside. Great job overall

  • Tom Ashton

    Wow, this is great, please

    –> bring this navigation to the iPhone. <–

    The iOS client is a shame compared to this all new swipe navigation.

    • tianglim

      I totally agree! Evernote on iOS needs to catch up. Love the new interface on Android! =)

  • rOO

    How can I turn off (in the app) the place localization. I don’t like to add the place in each note and turn off my GPS each time I enter to Evernote…. 🙁

    • Eddie Teo

      Swipe to home screen, tap your username on the top left > Settings > Other Options, tick off “Use GPS Satelites” and “Use wireless Networks”.

  • Rui Carmo

    Very nice, even though I see no change in the tablet version.

    One thing that I really wish you gave more thought to is custom/saved searches. On iOS they’re buried in a submenu (hard to access from the home screen) and on android they’re pretty much not there for any practical purpose.

    Would be great to have them readily accessible across all platforms.

    • Mace

      Indeed, love it on the Phone, butr why an update for the tablet, when nothing is visible?

      • xavier

        tablet and phone are the same app.
        there are some light changes on tablet, but we started with the phone first.
        more change coming up. become a beta tester (see forum) to be the first one to test it.

  • Eddie Teo

    The new UI is both functional and great looking. It makes its iOS counterpart look so dated. The next big step would probably be in the formatting department i.e. indentation and the ability to insert table, etc. Great job developer!

    • Grayson Chalmers

      Great update team and +1 for this comment! I bounce back and forth between my iPad and my Android tablet and I’d love to bring the formatting power over to Android from the iOS version.

  • Simon Baynes

    This update is lovely and incredibly useful. For me I just wish I could turn off the herpetic feedback when swiping between screens.

    Thanks as always.

    • xavier

      Thanks for the feedback. that’s coming soon.

  • Trevor

    Well done, some nice changes, but;

    1. The update has ruined some text formatting for a lot of my notes – Why ?
    2. How do I turn off the haptic feedback ?
    3. Why disable the menu button ?

    • xavier

      1. please submit a support ticket so we can have a look at that
      2. coming soon / deactivate haptic feedback on your device and the new update won’t vibe anymore
      3. because the new android phones won’t have this button. we try to comply to the new guidelines.

      • Trevor

        1. Ok, done.
        2. Great
        3. Almost fair enough, feels a little early to adopt this approach

  • Rahux

    LOVE the new app 🙂 It plays beautifully on my phone. Not many changes in the tablet app but I’ve been noticing it renders a lot more smoothly. Thank you so much!

    Now I just wish it worked on my girlfriend’s playbook (who I’m trying to convert to the Evernote way 😉 )

  • Keith

    The desktop client has a horizontal line that you can place in notes and there is no way to add that to notes from the mobile app. Please add that and font colors to the mobile version.

    • xavier

      There is a lot of formatting supported on the desktop client which are not supported yet on Android. We’ll try to bridge the gap, but that a considerable effort.

  • Tyler

    This exactly what the iPhone needs

  • Rudi Halfmann

    Hi there, I have been using evernote for a while now, and one thing I’d like to see integrated would be an alarm function. I have just downloaded Catch and although your product is a lot cleaner, I do like the added alarm/reminder function.
    Is there something that could be done to add this to evernote or am I being stupid and its already in the software?
    many thanks

    • xavier

      Reminders / alarm is on our list.

      • Tom Jones

        Alarms with multiple reminders is fabulous! For example, I have to travel all over DFW on construction projects. Being able to set an alert just prior to the meeting – say 15 minutes to several hours ahead of time is very useful. Being able to set a second or even third reminder – the day before, the week before, or as a preliminary task to be completed before an event – is boss!

  • linz

    looks great. now if only there was evernote food for android…

  • dave™

    i approve of this update 🙂
    i like how fast it gets into edit mode too, well done on that, it really makes a big difference

  • JGriff

    Awesome update!! I love everything about it so far!! Still need to spend some more time with it… but for now, looking great!! As mentioned, the saved search still looks the same… maybe give that some polish as well?

    Otherwise, I would love to see this same type of look/upgrade on the tablet version. I just bought an ASUS TF300, and would love to see a lot of this there. One issue that still remains on the tablet version (that was changed with this phone update) is that when opening a note, it doesn’t open in full screen mode as the default. You have to click on the full screen button. (Unless I’m missing a setting somewhere that changes that default?) Please bring that to the tablet version.

    In summary… Bravo!! Thanks Evernote for continuing to improve your app and the whole user experience across all platforms. I always talk “Evernote” and recommend you to everyone. Your have definitely changed my life… all for the better!! Thanks!!

    • xavier

      Thanks for the nice feedback. New tablet design is on our wish list. Check out the forum if you want to beta test the newest updates.

  • John Meyer

    Any update on Hello, Food, & Peek for any platform that isn’t iOS? Perhaps that would be a better use of your new-found funding than reskinning an app to add visual candy? That unnecessary visual candy, aka usability hampering design flaws, and of course the outrageous price tags that come with it, is why they will never get a dime of my money. Evernote needs to stop telling all their users to either pay the Apple tax or put it where the sun doesn’t shine? There are alternatives out there, and Evernote is pushing hard to get me to look at them.

  • April

    I like it! Thanks for such a great update.

  • BillW

    It looks good. I’ve downloaded and gave it try just before. I am wondering where can I set up my offline notebooks? And, it seems that I can access some notes of non-offline notebook when my device was offline, is it new feature??

    • Colm

      Great update, but I’m a little nervous now. How do I know which Notebooks are available offline now? Or is it all of them?

  • ML

    What happened to the function at the bottom of the note screen to move easily from one note to another in a notebook? With this upgrade it seems you have to return to the notebook in order to go the next note in a notebook. Hope that’s not true. Is there a further update or patch coming to fix that?

  • @CorettaJackson

    I absolutely love the latest version of Evernote for Android. It’s crisp and user friendly. I’ll be using it to help me research, note and organize my doctoral thesis! Love. love it!!

  • Al Duddles

    For some reason Google Play is saying Evernote is not compatible with my Kindle Fire, so I can’t download any apps. Can you guys please make sure you’ve enabled downloads for my device?

    • Nancy

      From the Kindle Fire, download Evernote from the Amazon appstore instead of Google Play.

  • SiK

    superb and awesome post, thanks.

  • John L

    I really love Evernote. You are great. When will the Hello app be available for Android? I really NEEEEED it for remembering people.

    It will save embarassment!!!

    Keep up the great work.

  • Jose Alonso

    What happened to the premium settings? I cannot find them anywhere.

  • Nick Lewis

    I would like to be able to swipe from note to note when in full-screen view and the note I am viewing was in a list of notes. I think that would improve usability rather than having to use the back button to get back to the list? Seems strange that you have dropped the menu button but still rely upon the back button?

  • Bev

    LOVE the new upgrade! Much more user friendly. So easy to move notes from notebook to notebook and MUCH easier to create new notebooks! Thanks!

  • HoustonMike

    This new version is great. I have a premium package which allows offline sync for individual notebooks. Pressing and holding a notebook doesn’t give me that option anymore. Is that a feature change or is it on my end?

    • HoustonMike

      Never mind. I just found out that I must press only the right side of the notebook name. Sorry, but that wasn’s an intuitive location for me.

  • John

    I am having unnerving Synch problems with Evernote. Sometimes when I click “Synch” on my Windows PC, instead of synching my Android RAZR to what I just typed, an old version of the note appears, losing all my recent work. There does not appear to be a way to accent more recent versions unless you upgrade, and from what I’ve read it doesn’t work then either. I now have to copy any work on a Word document just in case Evernote deletes it. That is crazy! If they don’t address this issue, I’m going app shopping.

  • Adam Smith

    Will there be a fix for the save time with Evernote for HTC View 4G? The time it takes to save a note in the notebook increases exponentially… to the point where by the end of the note I’m waiting 3-5 minutes for it to save… during which the note is locked. This is a major downfall to the app. I cannot afford to be waiting that amount of time. It occurs during random saves, (which is a nice notion but very inconvenient because the settings cannot be altered) and also when closing the notebook. There would not be such an inconvenience if the notes being saved were not locked during the save process.

  • James

    I’ve been a user of Evernote for a long time but since i got an Android phone I’ve become an avid user. It is one of the most used apps on my phone. I was even going to pay for the full service. That is, until the newst version of the Android app came out. What happened to you guys? I don’t mind the new look, even kind of like the side bar (a double side bar like Dolphin might be even better?), but the new layout on the main page bites. And all my saved notes now have lost their formatting. And old page titles are now added to the first line of the old notes without spacing. I am quite certain you can do better because i had better….in the last version. Fix this and i may reconsider purchasing again. Until then its just too damn frustrating to have to reformat every friggen note. I dont even want to look at it. Four thumbs WAY DOWN! Fix it….PLEEEAASE!!!

  • Howard Gannaway

    Yes, yes, all very well but when will Evernote Hello be issued for Android?

  • Mostafa


  • Mostafa


  • TomVDB

    Marvelous! Keep up the good work guys.

    PS: now the ipad interface.

  • Abdullh Fahd


  • Todd

    Why do the permissions ask to access the camera at any time and take photos. What is happening with these photos?

  • Socorro Menezes

    I require bullets (only through Web sign in)& tables in a note

  • Roz

    When I record audio on my android and then switch to my iPad the audio is not compatible and visa versa. Can I fix this easily?

  • srle

    hi, i am registred but i can not install evernote on my phone with android 2. help. i am in Srbija

  • Rich

    Can this app be installed on the Kindle Fire? Thank you I am trying to show my wife and my son so maybe I can look at possible premium options

  • Rich

    ok maybe I have to have premium first to show on Fire however do I have to have premium for each device or can we share

  • Panos

    Alarms needed..