Trunk Spotlight: FileThis Fetch for Automatically Sending Bills and Statements to Evernote

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 17 May 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 17 May 2012

  • App: FileThis Fetch
  • Company: FileThis
  • Platform: Web
  • Price: Free trial. Monthly and Annual Plans available
  • Type: Document management

If you’re considering going paperless, or already working your way towards a paperless lifestyle, you may just be trying to figure out how to electronically send paper bills to your Evernote account, where you can find, organize, prioritize and archive them later. Today, we’re going to tell you about a service that lets you do just that, in a very simple and streamlined fashion. It’s called FileThis Fetch.

Skip the paper, login reminders, scanning and sorting

You might already be scanning your paper bills and statements. With FileThis Fetch, you can actually have monthly bills and statements sent directly to your Evernote account. No logging into your various accounts, no more scanning, and no more paper. More importantly, with the FileThis Fetch/Evernote integration, you’ll be able to view and access all of your statements and bills for fast and easy reference anywhere you have Evernote installed.

Evernote Productivity Ambassador, Joshua Zerkel, a FileThis Fetch user explains, “Even once you’ve decided to go paperless, taking the time to go to each vendor’s site and download your e-bills and e-statements can be a real pain. FileThis Fetch solves this last-mile problem for you, and lets you decide where your statements and bills should live. One less thing for you to do.”

Account Setup

Setting up your account is simple:

  1. After creating your FileThis Fetch account, choose Evernote as the destination.
  2. Choose the institution from which you want to start retrieving documents from the “Add a New Connection” list. Note: the service works best if your accounts are set to paperless. If your institution is not listed, you can submit it as a request. FileThis Fetch is continuously adding new institutions.
  3. Input your login credentials (which stay encrypted), let the app connect to the institution, and watch your statements start coming into Evernote.
  4. FileThis Fetch will create a Stack in your Evernote account, and a notebook for each institution you select, so your bills will stay organized, without a lot of work on your part.

Once in your Evernote account, statements are searchable, meaning you won’t need to log into various online accounts to find a specific month’s bill, or line item. Simply use the Evernote search bar to find what you’re looking for. Eliminating the need to log into your bank accounts, and various services you’re connected to might just mean you’ll look at those statements more often, and more closely.

Start using FileThis Fetch for $2/month.


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  • Jeff

    Except that it’s a closed beta. It looks nice, but is Evernote offering their customers invite codes?

    • Jeff

      Nevermind. I see where they’ll give anyone an invite code just for asking.

      It looks decent and not a bad price. Assuming that it’s really all that secure, I’d actually use it.

      My biggest complaint is that it uses Flash, and a specific version. While you only need to visit the site to setup your accounts, it can inconvenient to find a machine with the right version of Flash just to get on the site.

  • BC Cloutier

    One of the most valuable add-ons to the Evernote suite of apps.

  • David Mee

    Hmmmm – would be wonderful if it wasn’t just for USA 🙁

    Doesn’t even work with my American Express credit cards??!!

    When will companies ever learn that there’s a whole world out there !!

  • Chris Horner

    Great idea – too few companies available to use it. I’d do it if companies I actually do business with were on there.

  • Rock Reiser

    Doesn’t work with Mac OS 10.6 requires adobe Flash
    Not endearing to the MAC users

  • mike

    Would be great but no encryption for notebooks in evernote.
    Otherwise I would happily put lots of recipts and bills, etc in there.

    Need to be able to encrypt whole notebooks and password protect access to them. So every note put into that notebook is automatically encrypted.
    Then I’ll consider using evernote for this kind of thing.

    Even at that point I don’t know that I would trust an unknown startup with routing all my bills through them.
    That’s me.
    I can be a little paranoid.