Quick Tip Friday: Capture Multiple Types of Media in a Single Note

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Quick Tip Friday: Capture Multiple Types of Media in a Single Note

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 18 May 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 18 May 2012

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features and pricing described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

Did you know that you can put lots of different stuff into a single note?
Try it. Create a New Note, then:

  • Type text
  • Add a few checkboxes
  • Record some audio
  • Drag in a file or two (documents, PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets)
  • Snap an image

Combining different pieces of content into a note lets you keep all of your thoughts and research in a single visual place. Having everything consolidated makes it easy for you to process the information.

The big added bonus: All of the resources you collect are accessible from any computer and mobile device that you use, without you having to manually transfer anything!

Things to keep in mind
Both Free and Premium users can attach any file type to a note. The maximum single note size for Free users is 25 MB. Premium users get a higher, 100MB, limit.

Have you tried this? What are some creative ways you’ve combined different forms of media in a single note?


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  • Meg Soro

    I do this all the time! It’s great for notetaking in college. I record some parts of the lecture, i snap pics with my cell phone, and i also type notes. It’s great to have it all in one place.

  • margie parikh

    I have a question.
    I have recorded interviews using evernotes and I have found it to be a very useful app.

    Can you suggest a good free software that can help me convert audio into text file (Transcribe it for me)?


    • Humberto Diaz

      Hey Margie, this can be done just by creating a new note and pressing the + sign (Android), where just by pressing the ‘Dictate’ option will get it done.

      Good luck!

      • sherry

        Is there a dictate thing for iPhone? That would be really helpful

        • Eliot

          In mac keyboards there is a microphone symbols which engages apple’s dictation and accessible program to write on all different types apps

      • Jim Clabaugh

        I wish I understood this solution. I have many audio files. I would love to convert them to text – transcribe them. I run Evernote on Windows. Is this possible? How?

  • Sally

    I frequently use the methods mentioned. I also like to merge notes with related information and files to keep everything in one place.

  • Jackie Richard

    How can I combine two different notes together into one note?

    • Rahux

      Hold down control and click on multiple notes then hit merge

  • Dave

    I’ve recent been doing this and it’s great. I’ll record part of a meeting. Type notes during the meeting and then scan the agenda afterwards so it’s all together. It’s great!

    It’s odd – though – that jpeg files can’t be viewed as attachments (like some PDFs and other file types) but it’s still a great feature. I started using evernote simply to store collections of PDFs and I’m finding new uses for it every day. Thanks!

  • shannon

    I believe if you select more than one note and then right flick there is a merge option…I am going by memory here since I have not used that feature in a while.

  • Nancy

    Is there a way to put multiple web clips on a single note without merging?

  • Cynthia Hensley

    I never get anything to upload on it. It’s a huge amount of space on your iPad and I am frustrated with it. This
    new feature sounds wonderful. I should really take the time to learn about it. I need Evernote for dummies!

    • victoria

      Cynthia, Evernote Essentials, 4.0 is fantastic – tells you everything you need to know!

  • Phoebe

    Can you take a video and attach it to the note?

  • Cynthia Hensley

    I don’t have a right click! Maybe that’s the problem?

  • William Clark

    Thanks for the whistles & bells.

  • Skipper Hammond

    Much easier, faster, smoother than creating notebooks or assigning tags for every little project, as I’ve been doing.

  • Tim

    I’m going to try to record my voice and put it on one of my evernote notes. Will there a feature to create HTML file? It would be a great additional feature, so bloggers can use Evernote as their default HTML editor and just only need copy-paste their files to their WordPress or Blogger.

  • Andrew

    How about video? I would LOVE to be able to clip/tag/attach youtube videos related to stuff. Or at least EMBED them, so they can be watched directly from within the note (online of course)

    EVERYONE would love this feature 🙂

  • Audrey Wyatt

    I didn’t know about audio! I use Evernote to organize research for my clients. Now, I can send them a little audio about the topic as well. Thanks for the tip. This is truly helpful.

  • Jayant

    I believe it will revolutionise the way of using iPad

  • Robert Harper

    I use this feature often my only issue is the 50meg limit. Sometimes I can exceed this with combined notes.

  • Tami

    Can you add more than one audio file? I often times have long meetings (longer than 1.5 hours) so I don’t want to record the whole meeting but would like to record multiple sections – the discussions where major decisions were made or my “homework” came from. I have not been able to figure out how to do this and in the past have deleted the first recording with the second recording.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can add as many audio attachments as you like. You need to make sure that the total note size of the note within the limits of your account type (25MB for Free users and 50MB for Premium).

  • gail

    I downloaded Evernote BUT. I am unable to open or view anything. I have a rectangle with a blue paperclip. Can you tell me what I am not doing correctly. I want to use this for teaching in Aug. But … Thanks Gail

  • Grumps

    I’m having a problem seeing the audio icon in my Premium Evernote notebook. Am I missing something? As a potential author, I’d love to make use of the facilities mentioned in this Quick Friday Tip.

    While waiting for any suggestions, I’ll be looking for any update I might have missed.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this.

    • Massi

      I do not know if you are using a computer to view this App but I know that in my iPhone I can record by pressing the microphone symbol on my keyboard. I believe you will be able to the same on an ipad if you have one. Hope it helps, I’m quite new to this.

  • Grumps

    Hold everything… I’ve found the update I missed and things are working just fine, making Evernote an even more fantastic utility than before.

    Thanks to all involved in the development, design, and promotion.

    Apologies for the Senior Moment I experienced in my previous post.

  • John Stacy-Lenz

    However it seems that dragging and dropping just puts shortcur / link in note. You cannot open them up and view them simultaneously or can you and if so how?

    What I would really appreciate is the ability to gather clips etc in a single note and view them like a collage / montage so that you can see them altogether – maybe also move them around to better express the relationships and better still to print them as a collage. Rather like the late lamented HP Web Smartprint facility

    Is this possible?

  • John Stacy-Lenz

    In meantime have read other comments and tried out merge facility which is a “new” for me. It answers part of my need – My merge could well be temporary.

    Would still like to know how to rearrange order. Would also like to know how to de-merge – back to separate notes

  • Don Hunter

    I use the audio comment function a lot. Especially when I take a photo of something important I want to remember. Evernote has been a great resource and companion for our document management solution.

  • Patrick

    I love THE option but it would be so nice if you could actually scribble something within the same note using a penultimate-type interface

  • xuzhx

    when i write a note , i want to attach something(just text), but i don’t want to write that in a text file ,then attach this file into the note.
    how can i do it ?

  • MikW

    I don’t get the paper clip icon on my iPad to attach documents. Why is that?

  • Achim Forst

    Thanks, I’ll keep the useful info in mind and – even better – save it with Evernote.
    Achim Forst, Mainz, Germany

  • Karen

    Too bad you can’t do what you did in this demonstration: use Skitch within Evernote. I want to be able to annotate photos, files, all types of notes, using Skitch. Will this be happening any time soon? I love using Evernote but it would be even a better productivity tool with this annotation ability.

  • Cndngirl

    Check boxes are great but strike through would be wonderful!!!! Thnx

  • Cndngirl

    Check boxes are great but strike through would be wonderful!!!! Thnx

  • Cndngirl

    Check boxes are great but strike through would be wonderful!!!! Thnx

  • Talena

    Just joined, so far I enjoy what I have seen.

  • Talena

    Just joined, so far I enjoy what I have seen.

  • Julia Sweig

    Yes, try REV. The fee to transcribe is fair and the work is fast and accurate

  • ericsmith

    I would like to try it out for now and see if I like it

  • Casey

    Learning lists on iPad visually awesome, however breaking myself from the pad of paper is something I need to get used to. This is one of the best apps for notes and ideas.

  • Rakesh

    Good , the work is fast & accurate

  • brendaleebowden

    I like this is great

  • Dave

    I have just joined, it seems easy enough to learn (I think), but I always struggle with the drag and drop concept. How does one do this? Especially on my laptop, on my lap. I think I have grasped the drag and drop to the icon in my top right of laptop, but how do I drag/drop a word doc for instance?
    I want to use Evernote to organise all of my college work, and keep a tidy place for my research and learning etc. This concept appears very exciting, but I may lose interest if I can’t quite understand how to carry out certain aspects. It always looks easy, but the tutorials often omit some things. I am still learning internet, and am a mature student. I hope it is as easy as it is meant to be.

    • Mark

      Re Dave’s question about drag-and-drop, I use a laptop also. The way I drag-and-drop is to bring up a file directory window (Finder on a Mac, FileManager on Windows), click-and-hold on the filename (left-click and hold the button down), drag the icon/filename/whatever the system shows moving over to my note, and when it’s where I want it, release the mouse button.
      Sorry if this is too simple, or if I misunderstood the issue.

  • Pat Resnick

    Is there any way to organize notes into folders?

  • Wik

    Hi All,
    Can i have several notes of the same topic in one “file” or “book” without merging them?

  • jeff

    All this is very cool but seems to mainly “cater ” to “I pad” what about blackberry? Tks, jeff

  • Nancy

    Can anyone tell me is it possible to email a note directly to someone?

    • Taylor Pipes

      That is absolutely possible. Open any note, then click the “Share Menu” — that is the arrow located in the tool bar, above your note on desktop. It looks a bit different on each device. Then, select ‘Mail’ or ‘Email’ to send that note. If your note has sizable attachments or files, it may take a bit longer to send.

      Another quick way is to grab the note link and select ‘Copy Link’ or ‘Copy Share URL.’ Then, paste that link into your email client, chat, or even a social network like Facebook. Hope this helps!

      For further information on sharing Evernote take a look at: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24973036

  • Kleinjan

    Is there a feature to make notes in hand writing and then convert to text

  • Ann

    I was sent an attachment Evernote file and I was unable to open it. Any suggestions?

  • Massi

    Ok, please forgive my question, but how do I add checkboxes to my notes? Thank you in advance

  • Deepak

    Can someone show me how to annotate a pdf?

  • Darren Brown

    I’m an old Palm notes user who now uses note everything. Can I set up folders to file notes into? Evernote is raved about – I guess I need to learn more to appreciate it’s strengths. Thanks!

  • Betzy

    hi…what tags are for??

  • Stuart

    I must be doing something wrong because Evernote is not impressing at all. I can’t even find a play button to playback my recordings and voice2note transcription never happened.

    I googled it, went on the blogs and the forums and nothing helped.

  • karthick

    can i backup old datas to memory cards???

  • Ramesh


  • Kedar

    I have installed evernote but whenever Ia m trying to install the web clipper , post checking its showing Error: Network failed. I am doing this for Chrome browser. Help me out.

  • zuraiz

    can you suggest the software that cn help me convert audio in to text file

  • zuraiz

    plzzz tell me the software that can convert audio in to text file

  • Maya

    To create a new note just hit the plus button

  • Diana

    How to you scan Busines cards and sort them company or contact name

  • Don

    How can I print a note?

  • prashant

    is this application operational on word base phone lumia 1320?

  • sabith

    hi dears
    how can i copy my contact from my i phone 4 to my new galaxy note-10.1

  • H.H

    How do I put a bunch of notes into a whole notebook?

  • Fulooker

    I may go for premium edition.
    If any promotion on premium edition, please let me know!

  • Mike

    I, too, would like to figure out how to organize notes into folders/groups/whatever you want to call them.

  • joe

    I would like to use ever note to read lyrics in a band. When i enlarge the lyrics the words slide under the side bar and can’t be read. Is there a way to have the words over the side bar or can the side bar be removed when reading the lyrics.

  • vijay kumar


  • Cecelia Rollins

    Hi, Carol: Let me know if you get this OK. Cecelia

  • Monowar

    I am new. I did not before who exceptional and fabulous this Evernote is !

  • ariza

    i am new to this. after writing in Evernote, how do i attach it in an e mel.
    Or how do i share the notes

    • Taylor Pipes

      Here is an article from the knowledge base about sharing notes: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24973036

  • Liz

    How do I edit the name of a Notebook? When I click on it, it opens.

    • Taylor Pipes

      It depends on where you are editing the name. Phone/iPad: Open the green tab called Notebooks, tap Edit, tap the circled caret (right arrow) and edit the name.
      Mac: Right click the notebook name, choose Notebook Settings, edit the name.

  • Jody

    would be very nice to do all those things .. but HOW? I can’t find the microphone icon on any of my notes. And dragging and dropping: do you mean just open up a file, say a Word doc, and drag it to evernote? and attached files… do they appear, or are they somehow linked, or what? I need some step by step help… and can’t find it anywhere. I know this is way to elementary for most (well, it seems all) of you… but surely you started at ground zero. How did you get started? Evernote’s instructions are terrible.

  • Jody

    Is there any place where I can see what the web clipper is and how it works? I don’t want to download something I can’t use. And for that matter, is there a place where I can get started with Evernote? I just keep getting scattershot messages about what all I can do… and so far I can’t even make a note. Where is the beginning instruction? Stuck with Evernote because samsung loaded it onto my tablet and I can’t get rid of it. Bummer, bummer, bummer. I just want an easy to use note system. Not esoteric stuff for technical whiz kids. I’m old. And cranky it seems.

    • jefo

      Hey! = THAT is a very good question. Is it serendipitus (a new word I learnt) that I was just asking myself the exact same thing? I too am awaiting the answer

  • Margaret Harmon

    I currently use another program similar to your but as a genealogist, the industry keeps pushing your app. I have downloaded it to my smart phone but I set up my check lists under Tags, rather than Folders. Can I switch them and set up folders. If so how?

    • Tom Harmon

      Hey Margaret: I noticed you are a genealogist. I do this as an extensive hobby as well… And since we are both “Harmons”, what say you if we share some info? Tom Harmon

      • Taylor Pipes

        Tom, This is an incredibly interesting tie-in. My father, Robert Pipes, has done a lifetime’s worth of genealogy research about our family history. Most of my genetic line centers around a family cemetery in Kentucky that we share with the Harmon family! Wonder if there are any connections there I could help point you to, or connect you with my father?

  • mike

    I’m looking for how to create a slideshow from pictures I have on evernote,how to combine them into one note or one slide show. I’m using android and am not very experienced. Thank you. Mike.

  • David Wanyama

    Create them on evernote

  • Katika

    i have yet to do my first note any thoughts? have no clue where or how to start

    • Katika

      i should mention i am deeply in to 50 plus so I’m behind from the get

  • Lynda

    Thank you Victoria. I will look at Evernote Essentials. I just learned about Evernote, at church last Sunday so I am a brand newbie. Also, I need “Evernote for Dummies.” LOL

    • Ronda Scott

      Hi Lynda and welcome! You might like to check out some of our Getting Started videos on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/evernote). They should help get you started!

  • Pieter van Niekerk

    How do you place notes made into private mode to secure it? Does security only works by adding a password?

  • salah

    Join the discussion…hi I am happy

  • Andrea V. Boisseau

    How can your product work on an Windows phone and computer?