Say it With Fewer Words: Skitch for Working Together

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Say it With Fewer Words: Skitch for Working Together

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 25 May 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 25 May 2012

Are you collaborating on a project and need to give feedback to your partner? Let Skitch for Mac help you get the point across. Our app for visual communication lets you get everyone on the same page by providing feedback, comments and direction using arrows, shapes, and text. Try this:

  • Take a screenshot of the slides or web page that you’re working on by clicking the Snap button on the upper right hand corner of your Skitch window and selecting the area you want to capture.
  • Use the buttons on the left hand side of the window to annotate the image. Use an arrow to show where you want something moved, add text, and circle a picture you want to replace. Whatever you’re trying to say, Skitch can help you say it with fewer words.
  • Share your edits using Evernote or by clicking the share button in the bottom left hand corner. You can also send a unique URL to the person you’re working with, so they’ll have easy access to your feedback.

Have you tried using Skitch to help you give and get feedback?  Share your comments below.

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  • Nancy Hawkins

    I love to use Evernote I use it on my iPad, PC, and Android for college work with UOP. I just want to learn more about it.

  • Cutaway Creation

    Great tips, thanks for the post.

  • Jessica Peters

    I wish it was available for Windows. :/

    • Phil Allamong

      I second Skitch for Windows. Does anyone know if and when it’s coming?

      • dave™

        i wonder if its ever going to come, its been around 10 months since they bought skitch and still no sign of it

      • Amy

        I “third” the request for skitch for windows!

  • Greg Arden

    When can we see a PC version?!

  • padika

    Great tip thanks, oh wait… I can not use it, because there is no windows client! (depite windows has give or take 14 times bigger market share than the Mac OS X)

    • Jim Sewell

      That would be a good argument if Skitch was built from scratch. Instead it was an existing program that has been on Macs for years that Evernote bought so it makes sense to improve the Mac product while working on a Windows version with a different team.

  • Michael Knudsen

    Skitch works really well on my Android phone, but i really need it and often miss it on my 2 windows 7 pcs.

  • Paulo Amaral

    Gonna give this a try. Skitch is a great tool.

  • John S Firth

    Snagit for Windows does everything Skitch does and much more including send to Evernote. The only problem is it costs £30

  • JMichael

    Sorry, but I think using screen shots with annotations is, in general, a very poor way to get comments from a number of people.

    * If you have 5 reviewers, you end up with 5 different screen shots to somehow merge.
    * If the reviewed whats to propose alternate text, it comes across as an image, so you have to retype.

    IMO, using tools like MS Word and DropBox would provide a better collaboration. Word allows each reviewed to enter the exact proposed change, which can be accepted with one click, if desired. So no retyping is required.

    Or you could use Google Docs, which are designed for real-time multi-editing.

    I’m a big Evernote fan, but I’m a bigger fan of using the best tool for the job.