Week in Review: A Recap of This Week’s Posts


Week in Review: A Recap of This Week’s Posts

作者: Kasey Fleisher Hickey 發佈日期: 26 五月 2012

作者: Kasey Fleisher Hickey 發佈日期: 26 五月 2012


Here’s a quick recap of blog posts you may have missed this week.

Say it With Fewer Words: Skitch for Working Together
If you’re working on a project with another person, use Skitch to quickly communicate your feedback. See how in this week’s Quick Tip.

How to Use Evernote to Improve Your Home: Tips from AphroChic Founder Jeanine Hays
Home decorating expert Jeanine Hays shares her tips for using Evernote to organize projects and capture inspiration for your home. Get Jeanine’s Tips.

Skitch and Evernote for Gardening: Tips from a Professional Horticulturist

Gardening is the #1 recreational activity in America. Let Heather Williamson, a professional horticulturist, show you how you can use Skitch to keep track of plants, plan your garden and more. Read Heather’s story.


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  • Rob

    Hey thanks for such a great product!
    My producing partner and I have it on all of our workstations and smartphones!
    Its helped a lot in keeping track of the huge amount of documents we have to deal with while making our web series.
    I use it for a lot of corporate video projects as well!

    Nothing like having documents, shot lists, and scripts all within easy reach all the time.