Evernote Hello for Android is Here!

Posted by on 30 May 2012

Posted by on 30 May 2012

Six months ago, we launched Evernote Hello, our app that helps you remember all the people you meet and the experiences you share. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Evernote Hello for Android. We’ve made numerous enhancements, including a powerful LinkedIn integration that lets you instantly capture a rich encounter with someone simply by entering their email address. Here’s a look inside.

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Evernote Hello

Evernote Hello is designed to mimic the way the human brain works. When we meet someone, our brains start building connections. They tie names and faces to time, location and context. Unfortunately, for the longest time, we were forced to remember people alphabetically in address books. This is where Evernote Hello comes in.

Whenever you meet someone, Evernote Hello gets the usual stuff, but adds a face, chronology, location, notes, and more. Now, you have all the elements to actually remember, and later recall, the people you meet.

How it works
There are three parts to Evernote Hello.

  • The people you meet
  • The mosaic of encounters
  • Your profile

Let’s take a look at each.

Adding new people

There are three ways to add someone new to Evernote Hello.

  • Enter their information yourself
  • Pull their information from your address book
  • Pass them your phone, and have them enter their contact info

No matter which you choose, the process is very quick. If you add the person from your address book, then you may be able to bypass the name, phone, and email steps. The app also asks you take a single photo to make it easy to visually recall the person later. If you’ve connected your account to LinkedIn, then the app will try to match the email address to a LinkedIn account and fill in any missing information.

Once you’ve added a person to Evernote Hello, the app instantly creates an encounter, which is the context of the meeting. Encounters include a map and street view of the location, links to profile of other people that you met around the same time, notes about the individual, additional snapshots, and any related notes that you have in your Evernote account.

The Mosaic

The Mosaic is Evernote Hello’s iconic home screen. It contains faces, placed chronologically, of every person that you’ve met. Swipe vertically to see everyone. Tap on a face to view the person’s profile and a history of encounters. Because the mosaic is chronological, multiple encounters with the same person will appear in the mosaic multiple times. You can take a new picture of someone whenever you want, and Evernote Hello will remember how they looked at each meeting.

Your profile, now with LinkedIn

The app walks you through creating a profile, which consists of a photo, your personal contact information, and some important settings. To access you profile, simple swipe to the right from the main mosaic screen or tap the Evernote Hello icon in the top left.

During the setup process you can connect Evernote Hello to your LinkedIn account. Doing this allows the app to quickly build rich profiles of the people you meet by referencing their LinkedIn accounts. Also, when you meet someone new, you’ll be able to connect to them on LinkedIn from inside of Evernote Hello.

Calendars, call history, and SMS
Evernote Hello has a number of intelligent features built in, which are designed to predict the people you are about to meet. It does this by checking your calendar for upcoming events, as well as looking at who you’ve called and texted recently. All these give Evernote Hello an ability to save time by not having to type everything manually.

If there are certain people that you see all the time, you can have the app filter their names and emails out. This way they won’t appear when you pull individuals from your calendar, keeping your mosaic clear of people you don’t need help remembering.

Your information is private

It’s important to note that the app only uses this information to provide suggestions for new encounters. It does not save any of this locally or send it to the Evernote servers. The only thing that the app saves is what ends up in the actual encounter. Like with all other Evernote products, all the information you put into Hello stays private and we do not track it for any reason. You can disable any of these features in the app settings.

Hello emails
When you meet someone, Evernote Hello will send the person an email with your contact information and photo. It’s a great way to reinforce the meeting. You can disable this feature in your profile settings.

And so much more…

Not only does Evernote Hello make it easy to remember people, but it also puts those people into context with everything else you’re doing in Evernote. Whether you’re taking notes or remembering a meal with Evernote Food, Evernote Hello will present all of that relevant information as Related Notes at the bottom of the encounter.

Try Evernote Hello today at a conference, meet-up, or party. You’ll finally remember everyone you meet.

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    I cannot find it in the Google Play Store, I have searched for Evernote, Ever Note, Hello, etc. Nada.. Whats up?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It’s currently processing and should be available in the next few minutes.

  • Mickey

    It says my Xoom isn’t compatible with this (though my Galaxy Nexus is). While a tablet-optimized version would be ideal, why can’t we at least load the phone-optimized version on our tablets?

  • Johnnie

    I hope there is a version for Windows Phone.

  • Alan

    Any chance of the linkedin integration coming into the iOS app?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It’s coming.

    • Vladimir Campos

      I was thinking the exact same thing! I’d love to see this Linkedin integration on iOS. Maybe I’ll finally use Hello. I have it installed on my iPhone and always try to use it, but I don’t like the idea of asking permission to take people’s pictures. It feels so intrusive!

  • Shlomo Benzaquen

    I found it in Google Play. Look for Evernote Hello and it should pop up.

  • Aaron Weintraub

    this makes me very happy! i run my business from evernote, and just relocated to a new town so i have many reasons to love Hello! looking forward to the release of food, and im glad you didnt leave us android users out in the cold.

  • Thanh

    I downloaded it on Google Play, but then don’t see the icon appears in my app list ??? where can I find it ???

    • Jenni Lathrop

      It’s not listed as “Evernote Hello.” It’s just listed as “Hello” with the little green guy. Does that help?

  • Kyle

    Sad…the day I buy a Windows Phone 7 device is the day you finally release this to Android. I feel robbed. Hope you guys are hard at work on the WP7 version!

  • Gautam Doddamani

    thanks will try this app as soon as possible 🙂

  • Aaron Weintraub

    My wishlist for future evernote products:

    1. an integrated full feature to do list
    2. a fitness tracker
    3. some sort of a check in feature, to be able to check into businesses, not publicly, but to remember them.

    Some great products you should buy:

    1. Evertale
    3. Pair

    Keep up the great work!

  • kass

    Great – next stop Evernote Food for Android and Skitch for Windows!

    • Vladimir Campos

      And Skitch for the iPhone 😉

  • Thomas Rivera

    Aww. I was hoping Evernote Food was coming for android 🙁

    • Thomas Rivera

      Oh and even better. Evernote Hello is incompatible with my tablet. Go figure.

  • Sim

    it makes me unhappy. I want the Evernote team to make the core stuff perfect, then expand. You are ignoring so many requests for highlighting, for Skitch of Windows and I don’t know what else… Editing the XML code of notes would be nice…

    • Justin

      software is never “perfect” – there is always a balancing act of fixing things and adding new features.

      if Evernote stopped adding new features, things would get stale, they would lose users, and people would complain of the lack of updates.

  • Roy Danby

    very good, but how do you delete a contact once added?

  • Adalbert Pakura

    Waiting for a better integration with google contacts. The app does not recognize the categories in my contacts, such as twittername or different phonenumbers…I want all my current contacts nicely displayed in Hello and don’t want to invest a huge amount of work to redo my whole contact-list…nonetheless, I like the idea of the encounters!

  • John Meyer

    Thank you! First suggestion that comes to mind… if you have a product on some platform and are working on expending it to another platform, note it somewhere on your website, so that people don’t have a reason to say stuff like “oh, you’re only supporting platform X” (and when platform X is from a boutique company like Cupertino’s “Fruit” Co, I will let the venom fly as strongly as anyone). Will have this ready for action at Tech-Ed next week.

  • Jenni Lathrop

    I was playing around with the program for the first time last night. When I added my husband with the picture, the address it listed for our meeting was off by several blocks. Is there a way to edit the card once it’s created to be the correct address?

    • Igor Shakhov

      You can tap on address when you’re in Profile view. There you can try to find your location name.

  • Sean Patterson

    Not compatible for my Acer iconia a500 w/ ics, so sad. Can’t wait to see a tablet version soon.

  • Paul Wilson

    This is the first time I have been disappointed with an Evernote product or release.

    Evernote Hello requires Android 2.2 or more and my one year old phone (tied in to a contract) is Android 2.1 and so Google Play will not let me install it.

    Is it really necessary to have 2.2 ? Can I “side load” the app? I use Evernote Android, the Widget and Skitch daily.

    I love the new version of Evernote Android 4.0.2 and its compatible with Android 1.6 +

  • Trace

    LOVE IT! But, is there a way (in future release) that the email of a new person does NOT have to be mandatory? If I just want to jot down person’s name w/o getting any info from them, will that be possible?

  • licko

    woow…This is surprising, I have long waiting

  • Gaston Huot

    Expecting a better integration with Google contacts…
    Need both working nicely together.

    Very promising.

  • JD

    I am hoping to see more for the Windows Phone users. I’d love to see this app make it’s way over to my phone.

  • Cary McEntee

    I find it a very interesting concept and tool. Thanks.

  • Anders

    I’m really enjoying Hello on Android (I have an HTC Inspire), but I’m encountering a problem: Every 4th or 5th time I boot up Hello, my personal info (First, Last, Email, Phone, Twitter) is absent and needs to be reentered. Yet, I have not noticed any issues with any lost info on my Contacts list. Is there a Save button on my personal page that I’m missing?

  • Joe C

    While I think it is a good venture to develop, I find it to be intrusive. I think incorporating technology into the encounter can help for tracking purposes, but it seems tome that the integration into the encounter needs to be more discrete. First, I’m not handing anyone I just met or am looking to impress my phone (for so many reasons), Second what if we are two semi large groups? Everyone has to take multiple pictures and enter multiple emails? No way

  • Joe C

    (sorry switch from my mobile to my computer mid comment; that’s a first). While I don’t have the perfect answer I feel like there should be a way to gather all this information without having to burden the people who are meeting. I also find taking a picture of someone (even if they are taking it) just completely awkward and borderline an invasion of privacy.

    Honestly I would prefer an app that would take a picture of a business card, parse the data, look up the linked-in profile (possibly using the linked-in image which would be recognized by many individuals), and then format it in the “timeline manner”.

    My general feeling is if I am meeting someone for the first time, and they are at all important, I’m not taking my phone out of my pocket AT ALL. Total faux pas. My general suggestion is, make it easier to track encounters without interrupting the encounters (even if it is for 10 seconds).

    • Laura

      THIS. I already use Evernote to file and sort business cards — while I love the idea of Evernote encounter, I’d really like to be able to do it in a less-obvious manner.

  • Michael

    Could you please provide an ETA of when a version will be available for Android 3.x and/or Tablets?

  • Drew Williams

    Windows Phone version?

  • Mace

    Not compatible with Tablets (Transformer and Prime) and Linkedin connection doesn’t work…..

    Not quite there yet!

  • George Martin

    Hello is so inflexible. You can’t update the time and date of the meeting. You didn’t get the data entered and want to enter it the next day. Can’t do it! Even if I could update it in evernote, but nope… not allowed.

    I have deleted, much better apps to do this job.

  • Gregg

    I’d like to see Windows version, really.

  • Martha

    On Android, signing in with LinkedIn doesn’t work because:

    1) Can’t see both challenge words needed to enter — screen is too narrow. Screen won’t swipe, and turning it sideways doesn’t change orientation.

    2) Tried a sound challenge instead, but it didn’t work — nothing happened.

    3) The challenge “words” are just collections of hard-to-memorize letters, which would be fine except you can’t see them while you’re typing because the keyboard covers them up. And again, can’t swipe screen so as to be able to see the words. So if you make a mistake, you fail the challenge. Try another challenge, have the same problem, etc. …

  • Michel

    The information that I have on my Evernote Hello app on my iPad has a lot more encounters that than the information on my google app (which I downloaded today). In other words, the android app only synced a few encounters, but not all. How do I get the android to properly sync?

  • amar

    Is it possible to share everything or choose what I want to share with friends and colleagues?
    For example: I would like to share certain business notes or business contacts within my workgroup at office so that we can collaborate on sales pitches etc.

  • Mace

    Update makes Hello working on tablet, but……there is NO landscape mode….what the heck? Use myASUS Transformers always with their docks… the whole app is uselsss!

  • Advait Bhide

    Along with LinkedIn, use Facebook account too.

  • Frank J Perruccio

    The ability to scan business cards on both sides would be an important addition for me.

  • Frank J Perruccio

    If there is no landscape mode, that is a serious omission. I never use portrait to enter data.

  • David Phillips

    “Taking picture of person feels intrusive.” Yep, stealing those souls; I know what you mean. Maybe we can get the Google Glasses with a camera built-in and a wireless shutter button we can surreptitiously press in our pocket. But then we really will be stealing.

  • Brigitte @ Clutter TOSS

    I downloaded it to my Samsung 7 tablet and had no problems. It looks great for folks like me who remembers faces but not names. Looking forward to adding everyone to my Hello.

  • Marty

    Will there be a Windows desktop version?

  • Kefa

    Interesting enhancements to a good app. I have seen you can add info from address book to hello. Can you update address book with new Hello encounters? Further can some shed light on the LinkedIn integration?

  • emrecnl

    How about Twitter and Facebook integration? Everybody uses Facebook and you guys went for an integration of Linkedin I mean really?

  • Stephan Gregoire

    Evernote is amazing for its simplicity – you can use it however you want it, and you’re using it right.

    Hello could be amazing but it’s frustratingly picky. You must only use it the way it’s designed to be used – through face-to-face encounters, which is a great concept but severely restricting.

    I had to send many emails apologizing for the confusion when several people asked me why they received an email saying I had met them in Mexico City. I was merely at an airport trying to add their info into Hello.

    Hello has particular unique features that I want, but it needs to be a little more “like any other contact app” for me to be able to use it.

    Oh, and can Hello notes go into their own notebook? Thanks.

  • Klaus

    No landscape mode :-((

  • Klaus

    also, it seems like i’m logged in, but when I try to do something, i’m logged out again?!? wtf?

  • Felipe Ferreira

    The app is pretty much useless for android users without the business card scan feature….