Evernote for Mac Update: Image Rotation, Rename Attachments and More

Posted by on 07 Jun 2012

Posted by on 07 Jun 2012

Today’s Mac update (3.1.2) is a crowd-pleaser. We’ve added three capabilities that users have been requesting for quite a while: image rotation, attachment renaming and the ability to edit Saved Searches. Let’s take a look.

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Image rotation

Images that you clip from webpages or bring in from your phone are frequently in some odd orientation. Now, Evernote lets you easily rotate the images either clockwise or counterclockwise simply by right-clicking on the image. The image will rotate in place.

Rename attachments

Renaming a file, image or audio that you have in a note used to be a hassle. You would need to drag it out of the app, rename it, then drag it back in. With this update, you can right-click on the attachment and select Rename Resource from the menu. If the same file appears several times in the note, this will rename all instances of it.

Editing Saved Searches

Saved Searches are great for creating a quick way to jump to a complex search, or just to a search you do frequently. Now, you can edit the name and search criteria of a Saved Search by right clicking on the Saved Search in the left panel.

And more…

There are many, many other enhancements and improvements that make this version of Evernote for Mac faster and more reliable than ever. We have lots more to come.


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  • Joe

    When will we get a Tag column?

  • Stacy

    Nice work as always. I use Evernote most every day. It’s one of my most valuable apps on the Mac and iPhone. Thanks for making it better.

  • Ischa Gast

    Since the last Mac update new notes won’t appear in my Evernote for mac.
    I see a number added to my inbox folder but the not itself won’t appear, it says my notebook is empty.

    • Alexandros

      I was having the same issue until I realised that the latest update is reindexing everything so if you have lots of notes ( in my case >4600 ) you have to wait for this to finish. You might have excesive cpu usage during the indexing but after that everything comes back to normal..

  • Martin

    Requesting for quite a while? Text indenting! Just yesterday I realized that even my iPad and iPhone can do this! Of course the Windows version can do it. I guess the Android version can do it, too. But what about my Mac??!!

  • Bruce Stormer

    That is all great – but when will rotation come to the PC version?

  • Spicer Matthews

    Wow!! Amazing new feature (Image rotation). I have been wanting this forever!! You all read my mind. Thanks for the continued greatness! ~Spicer

  • Tracy Brisson

    Evernote is an amazing product and I use the Mac desktop application constantly. Thanks for all the updates.

    One pet peeve I have that significantly slows me down is that you can’t page down in PDF notes using my keyboard. I’ll save a PDF as a note and then I can’t do anything with it because I can’t manage the pagination. I can use the scroll bar, but it doesn’t really work because it scrolls past pages or just a line or 2 at a time. I probably encounter this user issue 2-3 times a day. I get a lot of PDFs, I guess!

  • Melina

    Can someone please get back to me regarding creating a sponsored group? I have submitted a few inquiries over the past week with no response and I’d like to get these purchased.
    Thank you!

  • Roy

    I just upgraded and after indexing, I have duplicates of everything. Is there an easy way to merge duplicates/delete duplicates or do I have to do it manually? (big time waster).

  • Joyce

    Whenever I use Evernote it shuts down my IPad
    This is a recent upset
    I keep my recipes in Evernote and now I can’t access them
    What am I to do?

  • Evgeny Goldin

    Nice updates but I believe a strikethrough button has been requested for more than “quite a while”. What’s the story of not bringing it to Mac?

  • Takashi

    Always wanted to rename the attachments once they are in Evernote. Thanks Team!!

  • DJ

    Is there a secret to the new rotate function? I can’t get it to come up when I “rightclick” on the image…in fact, after the update, my menu when I rightclick on an image looks the same as it did before the update.

    • Six4One

      You hold down the control button, then click the “mouse” to Right-Click on a Mac. Then the menu pops up to rotate the picture.

  • Tracey Siegel

    Would love the new rtotatinn feature for Mac, but it doesn’t show as an option ANYwhere! Please help!

  • Lorraine O'Brien

    I just love Evernote…It keeps all my stuff together…. love merging and LOVE image rotation. So easy……

  • Puneet Ghai

    What about the same feature on Android phone & Windows operating system???

  • Blue Thunder Somogyi

    Mind boggling that the image rotation doesn’t apply to Penultimate notes that are imported automatically – this would have provided a simple workaround for the lack of rotation capability in the penultimate app itself. Yes, you can physically rotate your tablet to view a landscape note, but certainly not as convenient with a laptop.