Evernote Food Update: All New Camera, Foursquare, Longer Captions, and More.


Evernote Food Update: All New Camera, Foursquare, Longer Captions, and More.

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 14 Jun 2012

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 14 Jun 2012

If you care about the food you eat and the meals you cook, then Evernote Food is your ideal companion. There’s no better way to save and recall every moment of your memorable food experiences. Today, we’re making Evernote Food for iOS (1.2) even more awesome with the addition of a completely new camera mode, Foursquare integration, longer captions, and much more. Let’s take a look.

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New Camera. More Photos.

I recently went to China. While on the trip, I took dozens of photos of every delicious, exotic, unexpected dish that I encountered. Sometimes, a single meal would consist of ten photos or more. To make saving a meal like this as streamlined as possible, we created a completely custom, multi-shot camera mode. In addition, the app now allows you to easily add a bunch of photos from your Camera Roll to a meal in a single go.

New Multi-shot camera
The new camera mode in Evernote Food is really awesome. Tap on the camera icon in a meal to get started. When you snap a photo, the image flies onto a shelf at the bottom of the screen without exiting you from the camera. Keep taking photos and the shelf begins to fill. If you’d like to delete a photo, tap on it and tap the ‘x’. Tap done and all the photos go into your meal. It’s simple and beautiful.

Multi-photo upload
If you have lots of food photos in your Camera Roll, you can now quickly add them to a single meal. From the New Meal screen, tap on the Camera Roll icon in the lower left corner, tap on as many photos as you like, then tap Add Photos. If you’d like to edit one or more images from the batch before adding them to a meal, just long press each thumbnail image, move or scale it as desired, and tap “Done”.


We’ve integrated Foursquare’s location database into Evernote Food. What this means for you is waaaaay more accurate place data, pretty much anywhere in the world. You’ll see the Foursquare content appear when you tap into the Places section of the Meal screen. You can either choose a spot near your current location or search for one elsewhere in the world. The results include Foursquare’s great venue icons too.

You don’t even need a Foursquare account to make any of this work, although you should create one since Foursquare is pretty great. Also, we’re bringing Foursquare check-ins to future versions of Evernote Food, so this will give you a head start.

Longer descriptions. Richer memories.

In this update, we made captions and notes much longer. You can now have detailed descriptions for each of your photos, which is really great if you’re using Evernote Food for recipe creation. We also extended the note length, allowing you to capture all of your impressions of the meal.

Better email sharing

Evernote Food lets you share your meals in two ways. First you can share with your social graph on Facebook and Twitter, both of which send a person to a gorgeous public web view of the meal. Or, you can place the entire meal into an email. We’ve made the email experience much more friendly. You now see the entire meal in the body of the email with a section at the top for you to add your comments. This way you know exactly what your recipient will see.

To share a meal, tap on the meal and tap the Share button in the lower right of the screen. Next, select your sharing method.

And much more…

There are lots of other enhancements in this version of Evernote Food. We improved the image quality of the saved photos, we made sync and sharing more reliable, and made the app faster and more responsive overall. There’s lots more to come. Let us know what you think.

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  • Tim

    This looks awesome! Can’t wait for an Android version!

    • Andrea

      Will these awesome features, which are out there for IOS only at the moment be available on Android one day too?

      • Naomi Pilosof

        The launch version of Evernote Food on Android already has Foursquare places, long captions & meal notes, and the ability to attach multiple images from your gallery to a single meal. More on the way!

  • Teresa

    Downloaded it and did a sync. Then it refused to open. So I turned the phone off and back on. Still same problem. Black splash screen for 15 seconds and then it just disappeared.

    So I deleted the app, did a sync. Re-added the app did another sync. Now it’s working. Whew. I have an iphone 4. Thought I’d post this in case anyone else ran into difficulties of a similar type.

  • John Keyes

    Longer captions — excellent — thank you!

  • Tomas

    New Evernote Food app stil crashes…every time…when I log in with my existing Evernote account.

    • Phil Dean

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please go ahead and submit a support request at http://evernote.com/contact/support/

      • Mary Q.

        I’m having the same issue and I sent in a support ticket. Interestingly, when I tried to access the app on my iPad, it was fine…

      • Mary Q.

        On a whim, I decided to try loading the app again while on the plane and it actually worked! Apparently when in airplane mode, the app no longer crashes on me.

  • Shannon OD

    I travel a lot in Asia, and this is going to come in so handy so I can more easily track each piece of a meal on the spot…right now the food photos get lost in with the rest of the sightseeing ones! Brilliant. :)

  • Vladimir Campos

    This App is getting better and better, but please consider creating a general porpoise photo App. I have tested several photo Apps from the App Store and none is as good as Food in terms of organizing the pictures and saving them to Evernote.

    Food has this “food porpoise” (that I love), but I´d like to take pictures of lots of other things and it would be fabulous to have them chronologically and beautifully organized by event, trip (or whatever) using this wonderful “Food manner” of showing the pictures and saving them to Evernote.

  • Guy Manningham

    This post is making me hungry! Thanks a lot! Haha.

  • Raymond

    Great app. I’ve been using it to upkeep score of food we ate reducing our travels. One question though: is here any way to force Evernote food to update itself on the server. I edited some of my food notes but have to wait ages nit it decides to update the server wit the latest edits.
    One suggestion is to include a translator to translate restaurant names into something understandable. (e.g.: Japanese or Russian to English). That way, our titles are more understandable to me.

  • David Mee

    Dunno about Foursquare integration in UK. Using Food it found 2 places – using Foursquare it found loads.

    Is Food only showing “food” places – in which case this may need extending

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The first results that you see are food venues. If you then do a search within Evernote Food, you’ll see all the Foursquare venues.

  • lychee

    Will it be possible to sync from Evernote to Food, too? Or can you only send fron Evernote Food to Evernote?

  • Rachel

    I love this app! Wish it was like IG though where you can add users and see their data in a feed so sharing is more fun.

  • Ted

    I too agree with this gentlemen. Make a version we can generalize to any topic we want.

  • Manishmyach


  • alisia

    Works off my ipad2 no problem!

  • John I Stephen

    Evernote is the sort of app that just gets more useful; and of course, sharing is the key!
    However, I really wish you had a Food Shopping capability. I always prepare my weekly shopping in my apple Mac in Evernote but how great would it be to eb able to create a base list and then simply select from the what you wish each week (with all other items hidden).
    Anyway; great app. Well done

  • J-P Lafleur

    I think “Evernote Food” should be renamed “Evernote Memories” or “Evernote Events”. I use it for all sorts of things, not just food. This, like the Android version, is perfect to capture these life moments (not just meals), like grads, parties, shows, travel journal, etc.
    A wonderful addition to Evernote. Great work!

    • J-P Lafleur

      I had passed on the comments to the customer support people, and now realize how many people are asking for a similar feature. Very cool!

  • yummie

    Looking forward to the foursquare dubc! Cant wait!!!!

  • James Tiet

    Currently, if the location is not available on Foursquare, we add customized location, it does not display the location on Evernote app (windows).