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The 2nd Evernote Fitness Challenge with Fitness Ambassador Chad Williams

The 2nd Evernote Fitness Challenge with Fitness Ambassador Chad Williams

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 18 Jun 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 18 Jun 2012

It’s summer, which means plenty of fresh produce to help you eat better, and sunshine to encourage you to get outside. We’ve teamed up with our Fitness Ambassador, Chad Williams, for our second 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Chad works closely with clients to help them achieve their fitness and nutritional goals, and he’s come up with a tailored challenge, just for Evernote users.

How it works

For this challenge, you’ll have the option of choosing one or both of the challenges below:

  1. Get outside for at least 15 minutes per day. You have to spend these 15+ minutes doing something active — smoke breaks and sun bathing at the beach don’t count. You have lots of options: walk, jog, ride your bike, play a pickup game with friends at the park.
  2. Eat only vegetables for carbs. To get that leaner body, you’ll want to reduce your carb calories. For the next 30 days, you’ll cut out processed grains and fruits. Got questions? Find Chad on the Facebook event page, our Lifestyle forum, and on Twitter.

Get your Challenge on!

  1. Join the Evernote Fitness Challenge Facebook page. The Challenge officially starts on June 21st.
  2. Decide if you would like to pursue the fitness, nutritional challenge, or both.
  3. Create a notebook called ’30 Day Fitness Challenge.’ Snap a photo of your ‘before’ self, and then keep track of your daily accomplishments by creating a new note in your notebook for every day of the challenge. Be sure to snap an ‘after’ photo when you’re done!
  4. Share tips, ask Chad and other users questions, and cheer each other on on Facebook, and connect with users on the Fitness discussion forum in the Evernote Lifestyle forum as well.
  5. Let friends know you’re participating in the Evernote Fitness Challenge, and get them involved!

Ways to Use Evernote Food for the Challenge

Use our app for remembering memorable meals to track your progress. Find inspiration by checking out Chad’s Meals.

  • Let Evernote Food become your mobile food journal; track what you eat each day
  • Use the captions to describe what it was that you ate and note the serving size or calorie counts
  • Keep track of healthy options: organize your meals by cuisine or favorites using tags
  • Enter your exercise for the day in the meal notes for a comprehensive fitness log

The Big Check-In and Prizes

Update: The Twitter party is happening on July 24th at 6 pm PST/ 9 pm EST!

At the end of the Challenge, Chad will host a Twitter party, in which you’ll be able to connect with fellow challenge participants, ask questions, and share your pains and gains. Let friends know you’ll be attending by tweeting:

I’m participating in the @anthrophysique + @evernotelife Fitness Challenge and Twitter party on Tuesday, July 24th. Join us! #evernotelife

We’ll be giving away plenty of Evernote goodies at the end of the Challenge. 5 random Challenge participants will be rewarded with an Evernote t-shirt, water bottle, and stickers. Twitter party prize winners will be selected separately.


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  • Chris Butterworth

    I love this concept, and I think Evernote is an awesome tool in your fitness toolbox – great for storing your workout log, ideas you want to try out later, pictures (of yourself & of others) for inspiration..

  • Joe Burdo

    “For the next 30 days, you’ll cut out processed grains and fruits.” I like the fitness challenge idea, but this is not a good way to go about it. Fresh, whole fruits may contain more simple sugars than veggies, but they also contain hundreds of different polyphenolic compounds that have been shown to work as cancer preventatives, memory and brain function enhancers, etc. Vegetables contain some of these polyphenolics as well, but there are so many unique compounds in fruits that it’s not a good idea to cut them out of a diet.

    • Chad Williams

      Joe, thanks for your comment and I believe you do have a valid point. However, this is simply a 30 day challenge to get people to look at all the options that are available with veggies alone and not depending on grains. I’ve found that including fruits allows many people to ‘replace’ the grains with fruits entirely. Then the major concern is the fructose intake. Also, you can probably argue that as much as polyphenols in fruit can help prevent cancer and enhance brain function, so too can eliminating grains. Ultimately, this is a simple challenge to get people trying something healthier. Feel free to modify the challenge as you see fit.

      • Joe Burdo

        I agree, vegetables are crucial in a well rounded diet, and since many people who would hopefully take up your challenge are starting from a poor baseline, it’s no doubt an improvement. However, one point I would emphasize, cereal grains like quinoa, buckwheat and purple maize also contain high levels of beneficial antioxidants, not to mention soluble fiber.

        Anyway, sorry to hijack your thread, and good luck!


  • Lou Rain (@ljrain)

    This sounds like a great challenge!

  • Andrew

    Nice move – but why so Northern Hemisphere? I think there are a few people other than me using Evernote in the dead of winter right now too…

  • Chad Williams

    Thanks for all the input Joe! You’re definitely not hijacking the thread. I love when people will think critically about the challenge and it’s important for some people to know this information. If you’re making choices like that, a challenge like this should be easy. For the majority who might be starting from a poor baseline, full elimination of grains and fruit for 30 days would be highly beneficial.

  • Michele Harris

    Is it ok to use yogurt and natural peanut butter as protein sources for the challenge? I wasn’t sure if you just meant meat.

  • Mag

    Can you offer some modifications on the fitness challenge? It seems to be geared towards Americans only. Living in London, I don’t drive, and I already spend at least 15 minutes per day outside walking. I walk to the Tube, to the grocery, to get lunch, from the Tube to the office, etc, usually with all my day’s baggage in tow. Also, the weather here is not the most conducive to doing outdoor activities, unless you like activities that involve rain or mud.

  • Courtney Elizabeth (@couturefreak)

    Love it! Count me in!