The Evernote Trunk Conference Agenda: Sessions, Workshops, and Weekend Events


The Evernote Trunk Conference Agenda: Sessions, Workshops, and Weekend Events

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 21 Jun 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 21 Jun 2012

Update 8/8/2012: The agenda below reflects the most recent sessions and speakers at ETC 2012.

The second annual Evernote Trunk Conference is just over two months away! This year, ETC is all about helping you become Better with Evernote. Whether you’re trying to be a better business owner, a better developer, a better teacher, or a better cook, you’ll learn how to do it all from Evernote employees, experts and Ambassadors. The conference will be filled with news, great partners, learning sessions, and of course, a fantastic evening party.

The day’s agenda begins with exciting announcements and is then divided into two key series: the Evernote Life Series, focused on helping you live a better life with Evernote, and the Evernote Developer Series, aimed at providing the tools you need to build amazing integrations, as well as giving you a look behind the scenes of our product development.

And it doesn’t end there! We’re extending the one day conference into a weekend packed with Evernote-themed activities and events. Check out what we have in store for you and register for your ticket today.

Location: San Francisco Design Center Concourse [map]
Date: August 24th, 2012
Time: 8:00am – 10:30pm PT

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Evernote Life Series

A series of exciting sessions led by Evernote Ambassadors and users to help you get the most out of your work and life with Evernote.

  • Big Solutions for Small Businesses: From meeting notes to receipts, travel itineraries to shared projects, see how some of our users are able to efficiently run their businesses using Evernote.

Host: Krisstina Wise, Evernote Real Estate Ambassador
Janine Vangool, publisher and editor of UPPERCASE Magazine
Patrick Albrecht, restaurateur, owner of Great Food Group Inc.

  • Rethinking Education: Are you an educator or a student? In this session, teachers and students will discuss ways to use Evernote for research, teaching, and learning.

Host: Megan Cotter, Evernote Student Ambassador
Bill Stites, Director of Technology at Montclair Kimberley Academy
Reshan Richards, Director of Educational Technology
Rob Van Nood, teacher, expert in Evernote for Portfolios

  • The Hobbyist’s Guide to Evernote: Enjoy crafting, backpacking, reading, or traveling? Learn ways to make your own unique hobbies more organized with Evernote, and hear tips from our Evernote Ambassadors across a range of interests.

Jenni Lathrop, Evernote Craft Ambassador
Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd, Evernote Outdoor Travel Ambassador

  • Memorable Meals: Eating with Evernote: Learn how to use Evernote Food for remembering the tastiest moments in life, and see how Evernote can help you capture and organize recipes, plan a foodie vacation, and more. Plus, get a peek into upcoming features!

Kristi Willis, Evernote Food Writing Ambassador
Lauren Atkins, Evernote Home Cooking Ambassador

  • Creation and Design: Creativity can transition from the Web to the real world. Capturing ideas, thoughts, inspirations and your own creations can daunting. Lifestyle blogger Erin Souder and Design Ambassador Jenn Vargas will share ways that Evernote helps them create and share designs, creative projects and pursuits.

    Host: Adam Glynn-Finnegan, Evernote designer
    Erin Souder, lifestyle/shelter blogger
    Jenn Vargas, Design Ambassador

  • Chris Guillebeau: author of The $100 Startup, entrepreneur, and Evernote’s most traveled user with the goal of visiting every country in the world (185 down, 8 to go) will share an inspirational talk about the possibility of travel and the role that Evernote plays in his life.

Evernote Developer Series

Learn about the future of the platform, get a peek under the hood of our products, and find out how to use our API to make your app ideas come to life in this developer-oriented series.

  • State of the Platform: See how the Evernote platform has grown over the past year, and get a preview of where we’re headed next.

Seth Hitchings, Evernote VP Platform Strategy

  • Getting in the Trunk: The Evernote Trunk connects users with the apps that help them get more out of Evernote. Learn about what’s new with the Trunk, how to get your app listed, and how Evernote can help you promote it.

Chris Traganos, Evernote Senior Web Developer

  • Developer Showcase: Teams who’ve worked with Evernote discuss how they built successful apps using the Evernote API. Hear their stories, and learn how to design and implement apps that work with Evernote.

Winning Hackathon Teams from Taiwan, Korea and Tufts University
Host: Troy Malone, Evernote General Manager Asia Pacific Operations

  • Completing Your Thoughts: Evernote, your external brain, is getting smarter every day. Our Head of Data Products explains how we’re putting your notes to work for you.

Mark Ayzenshtat, Evernote Head of Data Products

  • Inside Evernote Development: Learn how an app is born at Evernote, from idea to implementation, using the same APIs that are available to all developers

Evernote Product Team

  • Private By Design: Unlike many popular web services, Evernote is primarily for a single user – you. Learn how we designed and implemented our web service and applications to ensure that your data stays private.

Dave Engberg, Evernote CTO

  • Devcup: Meet the Devcup finalists and see their pitches for each integration. Then, cast your vote to help choose the Devcup champion, who will be announced at the end of the day!

Host: Rafe Needleman, Evernote Platform Advocate

Weekend Events

Update 8/8/2012: See the complete weekend agenda and register!

ETC might only be a day-long event, but we want to give you as many opportunities as possible to become a better Evernote user, connect with fellow users, Ambassadors and developers. Stay tuned for announcements about our weekend agenda which includes: a small business workshop, a real estate workshop, an Evernote hike, and a cooking class. You’ll be able to register for weekend events soon; space will be limited! We’ll see you in August in San Francisco.

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  • Chuck

    Anyway to see some of this info for those of us who can’t go? Especially the developer stuff.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We will record most of the sessions and make them available after the conclusion of ETC.

      • Tex Long

        Is there a plan to stream someday? With interaction of some sort from remote viewers?

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  • Matte

    Does the first session start at 8 or is that just the time that registration opens?


    shame this conference or jam could not be held electronically, I am in the UK and would love to participate, dip in and out, but excluded from being part of the community because I physically cannot be there.