Evernote for Mac: Now With Activity Stream and Retina Support

Evernote for Mac: Now With Activity Stream and Retina Support

Posted by on 18 Jul 2012

Posted by on 18 Jul 2012

This week, Evernote for Mac (3.2) gets Activity Stream, a feature that keeps you updated on all the goings-on in your account. We’ve also upgraded all graphical elements to make them look gorgeous on the new MacBook Retina displays. Plus, lots of other improvements. Let’s take a closer look.

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Activity Stream

Evernote is great for working with your friends and colleagues. To keep you in the loop on all the things that are happening in the notebooks you share and the ones that you have access to, we’ve added Activity Stream.

Click the new satellite dish icon in the toolbar to view your Activity Stream. You’ll see a bunch of useful information:

  • Usernames or email addresses of new people that join your shared notebooks
  • Updates relating to added, edited and deleted notes
  • A record of individual notes that you share

If there’s a new notification, you’ll see a badge appear on the icon.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Activity View displays the most recent change that has occurred since the last time Evernote synched. This means that if you have a note which was updated 10 times since the last sync, only the most recent change will appear in the Activity View.

To make notebook sharing a seamless experience, we now automatically sync notebooks that you join to your Mac, eliminating the several clicks it used to take to see your friends’ notes.

Discover and learn
The Activity Stream popup also includes Evernote tips geared at all types of users. The tips will disappear once you’ve clicked on them. New items will periodically appear including information about newly added features.


Our design team has been hard at work upgrading every button, texture, shadow, and image inside of Evernote for Mac to look sharp and beautiful on the new drool-worthy MacBook Retina displays.

Much more…

This update also includes a host of bug fixes and improvements, including more reliable sync, faster sharing and a number of stability enhancements.


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  • Greg

    Activity stream=awesome idea.

  • Tom

    WoW it takes 23 min to zoom in retina!!!!

  • Kai

    If I don’t want to reinstall the app, when do we expect to receive an app update (for Mac App Store version)?

    Good Job and thanks!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We hope that it will be approved very soon.

      • Kai

        That’s good!!

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Excellent! The Activity Stream is going to be awesome!!!

  • Mark Lewis

    Evernote doesn’t recognize my account name at all. It does recognize my email addy, but data saved with my account name cannot be accessed. This is more than annoying and suggests serious security issues.

    • Chris

      Hi Mark. I’d recommend that you submit a ticket to customer support ( or start a thread on the Evernote discussion forum ( and see if other users can help diagnose the issue.

      As for the Activity Stream, this is a great new feature, especially if you have a lot of shared notebooks. If you don’t have any shared notebooks yet and want to give it a try, I’ve got a list of some (

  • Giordano

    the retina optimization for the card view happens only with new notes. Is there a way to refresh the old ones?

  • Michael V.

    Uh, when exactly will the update be hitting the App Store? It’s been over a week now.

  • Bazzie

    When will it be in de AppStore?? Still no update…..

  • Matt

    Since the App Store version still hasn’t been approved and Apple seems to be dragging their feet, do you recommend using the App Store going forward or should we use the direct download version?

  • Mike

    Waiting on the Mac App Store update as well, any ETA on this?

  • Michael

    OK… waiting for that new release to hit the App Store… It’s been two weeks… August will be here any minute now. When will Evernote ?

  • Bikernz

    Still waiting for the Apple App Store. Like watching paint dry…

    Any news? Is there a problem with the approval?

  • Chris

    Still no App Store update. What gives?

  • Andy Miller

    with Evernote for Mac why is there no big Add new note button?

    I mainly update from an iphone but when I go to the Mac version I always end up hunting high and low for an add button. Surely as one of the most frequent actions it should jump out and be obvious? I know there is the keyboard short cut but a nice big + icon like you have on the iPhone would be a simple but helpful improvement

  • Frank Meeuwsen

    Is there a possibility to share notebooks with people and turn on the activity stream but excluding the names and emailadresses of others who have access to the notebook in the stream?