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Evernote for Photography: Tips and Downloadable Presentation

Posted by abalashova on 19 Jul 2012

Posted by abalashova on 19 Jul 2012

  • Name: Daniel Hedrick
  • Profession: Digital Content Manager
  • Hobby: Photography
  • Website:
  • Location: Portland, Oregon


Daniel Hedrick works as a digital content manager by day, and spends his nights and weekends growing his photography business. He uses Evernote for everything from location scouting to business management.

I use Evernote, Everywhere:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Web

I use Evernote for managing my photography business

I was looking for a way to take notes at work and be able to access them from my home. I found Evernote and realized it was the perfect solution. Since then, my Evernote use has expanded into everything that I do, including my photography. I’ve become so passionate about Evernote that I preach about it to anybody that will listen. I’ve used my website as a place to teach people through articles and PowerPoint presentations because I believe that it’s an invaluable tool for any photographer — amateur or professional.

Download Daniel’s presentation on how to use Evernote for Photography >>>

Here are just a few of the ways that I use Evernote for photography:

  • I save inspiration from the Web. I use the Evernote Web Clipper to capture ideas for photography. I’m always looking for inspiration for lighting setups, scenes, etc.
  • I organize my client work. I have notebooks for every client that include my notes, release forms, and other pieces of relevant information for work I’ve done or will be doing.
  • I teach myself. I use Evernote as a repository for tutorials related to Photoshop and Illustrator, so I can easily reference them in the studio or on location.
  • I organize business documents. I keep important business documents like business plans, logos and price lists in Evernote.
  • I location scout. On weekends, I take off and drive around Portland in search of great spots to photograph. When I see something that looks like it would be good for a photoshoot, I make a note of it using my phone and it automatically gets geo-tagged, so I can always find that place by pulling up my Map View.
  • I use Evernote for resources. Whenever I’m working on a project that I’m new to (for example: a maternity shoot or senior photos), I do a bunch of research in advance, clipping articles and examples from the Web. That way, when I’m on the shoot, I can just pull out my iPad and reference examples, as well as ask for a client’s input into what they like or don’t like.
  • I keep contact information. I often use models in my shoots, so I keep their headshots, contact info, and notes about each one in my Evernote account.
  • I have a catch-all notebook. I have a general photography notebook that serves as a catch-all for anything related to photography, but may not fit into a specific project notebook.

Evernote for keeping work and photography organized

I use Evernote for work, my photography business, my website and everything else. In order to keep things organized, I create Notebook Stacks and individual notebooks for various projects. For example, for my job, I’ve created a notebook for requests I receive from colleagues for various updates to our company’s site and digital signageBefore I started using Evernote for these requests, they would get buried in my email inbox. I have an entire Notebook Stack devoted to photography, and a separate notebook for my website which includes frequently referenced information like color schemes and CSS code.

Other Evernote products I love

I’ve really gotten into Evernote Food. Whenever I go out to eat, or fix something at home, I grab a picture of it with Evernote Food. I try a lot of new restaurants around Portland, and often use my Evernote Food notes as a jumping off point for writing reviews on Yelp.


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  • Stephan

    Hi Daniel, you have quite a lot of different use cases for Evernote!

    Regarding location scouting: You may find our webapp NotePlaces interesting: You can plan a trip based on some text clipped from a web page and/or put StreetView photos right into any of your notes. This way you could do your location scouting without actually being there 😉

    Check out the video on the homepage for more details.

    • Daniel

      Hi Stephan, NotePlaces looks awesome! I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

      • Stephan

        Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Shannon

    Just downloaded Evernote and felt a little lost as to how to get started. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kevin

      Hi Shannon, try not to get overwhelmed, I felt the same way when I first tried EverNote out but I think that goes with any new program or software, etc… Just keep playing around with it, watch some tutorials, and make sure you title and tag everything.

      Over-tag (for instance, if you are a nature-watcher and want to keep a Notebook stack of various animals… after awhile you’ll have so many notes and if you just say “Bird” in your tag eventually you’ll have to go through all of your notes to find a Robin, Hummingbird, Blue Jay, Hawk, Grey Heron, Sparrow, finch, etc… same with any subject really.

      Basically all I’m suggesting is if you use it right and put everything from Planning/Brainstorming to File Management, to record keeping, to referencing anything and everything into EverNote and organize it right, you won’t know how you lived without it, seriously.

    • Daniel

      Hi Shannon! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I love helping people discover how Evernote can help them.

    • Barbara

      I started out using Evernote to collect recipes. If you cook, that might be a good place for you. Whenever I find a recipe online, I use the Evernote clipper to save it to my Recipes notebook. I tag each recipe with words like “main dish,” “dessert,” “party food,” etc. I can pull up recipes in Evernote on my iPhone while I’m at the grocery store, and I view the recipe I want to cook on my iPad in the kitchen. I can add notes after I cook a recipe to let me know what to change when I make it again. I’ve gotten rid of stacks of recipes torn out of magazines by going to those websites online and clipping the recipes to Evernote.

      • Keri

        Barbara, That is an excellent idea on how to get started. I have tons of little recipe clippings laying around and I never make them because I never have them with me at the store. I too am overwhelmed on where to start using Evernote but I think you just found my starting point.
        Thank you!

  • cindy scott

    What a great way for the technology challanged folks like me. this is a great learning tool I look forward to more ideas

  • Dave Steve

    great article, I use evernote,, just haven’t dived in to this extent…I plan to utilize it much more after reading this. Thanks

  • zavera

    This is very informative and helpful for me. Article has the language that attracts.

  • Ann Matthew

    Terrific comprehensive use of Evernote, with great ideas, for professional development.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Ann Matthew

    Thank you for comprehensive use ideas for Evernote. They have really helped me develop
    a goal oriented plan for use. Thanks, it is going to be a lot of fun. Cheers.

  • cynthia

    Thank you for putting your project up for us! I just got started on Evernote on Friday and I’m in love! your ideas were really helpful ! thank you !

  • Pierre Bernard

    Tooting my own horn: You might want to check out HoudahGeo.
    The latest version 3.2 allows for publishing JPEG copies of your photos to Evernote.

    HoudahGeo is a photo geocoding solution for the Mac: it attaches location information to photos. It offers many ways of doing this. The most populars being automatic geocoding using a GPS track logger and geocoding by reference photos taken using a smartphone.

    HoudahGeo 3.2 publishing to Evernote might come in handy for your scouting.

    Pierre Bernard
    Houdah Software s.à r.l.

  • Louise T

    Hi Daniel Thanks for the presentation – I love your examples used such as “underwater basket weaving graduation” photos! Maybe I can bring that genre to the UK market 😉

    • Daniel

      Hi Louise,

      Glad you enjoyed that. And good luck with the Underwater Basket Weaving grad photo market! 🙂

  • Cathryn Farley Photography

    Very useful and interesting tips! I’ll be sure to utilize this list in the near future. Thank you for posting and I look forward to more!

  • Jack Kurtz


    Very handy tips. I’m also a photographer. I use Evernote to help me keep track of travel documents. I buy an airline ticket or make a hotel reservation, when the ticket or receipt is emailed to me, I hit Command P (to print) and instead of printing, use the pdf command and send it to Evernote. I also keep a photocopy of my passport, my up to date emergency contacts (I travel in Asia and occasionally find myself in a bad place) and medical allergies in Evernote. I used Google translate to translate my emergency contacts into Thai, Malay (Bahasa) and Vietnamese. Since I have my iPhone with me wherever I go, I always have that information with me.


  • Scott

    I have been using Evernote on my PC and Android since the beginning and have recently added an iPad to my list of electronic gadgets. I’m hoping that I am doing something wrong as I really love the idea of Notebooks on the PC and Android, and I was hoping that would have continued over to the iPad. Unfortunately my iPad sorts everything by Tag, not notebook. What a surprise for me as I have thousands of notes in Evernote that now need to be Tagged. Perhaps its a user error on my part for not tagging. Are there any cross-platform users that have experienced this issue? Is there an easy fix?

    I love the article, keep more coming.

    • Al Hoefer


      I was going to ask Daniel the same thing – there is a discussion area in the Evernote website.

      Here’s the link (I’m hoping for more visibility on this issue so that it will become big enough for someone to care about fixing):

      For Daniel – how to you solve the stacks in the Mac and iPhone views and no stacks in the iPad – my solution is to use a prefix to sort notebooks together that I have in stacks so that they appear together on the iPad.

      • Daniel

        Apologies for the delayed response!

        Scott, There is a “Notebooks” view in the iPad version of Evernote, and it sorts your notebooks alphabetically.

        Al, I use prefixes, as well. Any notebooks that have to appear at the top of the page start with an underscore. I am looking forward to seeing stacks appear in the iPad version, but for now, I think prefixes are the best work-around.

    • Al Hoefer


      I was going to ask Daniel the same thing – there is a discussion area in the Evernote website about this problem.

      Here’s the link (I’m hoping for more visibility on this issue so that it will become big enough for someone to care about fixing):

      For Daniel – how to you solve the stacks in the Mac and iPhone views and no stacks in the iPad – my solution is to use a prefix to sort notebooks together that I have in stacks so that they appear together on the iPad.

  • Si

    this Evernote is so awesome!!!

  • Bubba Jones

    Wow folks, I missed the memo that reads: we will now utilize the word utilize rather than utilize the correct word “use’.

  • Jason


    I looked at this article because I want to organize photos in my evernote , every time I create a note and tag and attach a photo from my docs or iphone it attaches a big , very big photo that I have to scroll around to see , anyone know how to save in a note as a attachment or a small photo ??

    I think I will like evernote if i get to know better!!

    OH and any one have a good tutorial link?



  • John Mellor

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Question for you. I am a manual note taker (it’s just easier for me since I doodle and draw arrows along with my notes) but since using Evernote I’ve starting taking pictures of my notes and creating a diff note for each day. I love it because I always have my notes with me and don’t have to keep a bookshelf full of paper.

    BUT, on a busy day when I have 10+ pages of notes, the files can get pretty big if I take the pics with my iPhone – this becomes a problem when I’m not on wifi and trying to access notes. I don’t need a 3mb size file of a black & white notes page. I used to take the notes with my iPad which was lower res, but with the new iPad I’m back to the same problem.

    Is there a way to easily reduce these file sizes when I put the images into Evernote?

    • Ron Heiby

      I ended up getting a document scanner and turning nearly all of the paper in my house (still working through years of backlog, but have everything within the past couple years) scanned into PDF files. They load nicely into Evernote, and everything has readers for them. By running OCR on everything, I can find things pretty easily using Spotlight, and can organize most of the repeating stuff by setting up rules in Hazel. (I should probably mention that my main system is a Mac.)

      Using a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M. It works like a dream. It can scan to files, scan to Evernote, and several other choices.

      For handwritten notes that won’t likely be successfully OCR processed, I might go ahead and scan to a JPEG, maybe even using a lower resolution setting to keep the size down. I haven’t yet played much with that, but I’d think that unless you write really small, 200-300 dpi would probably be fine. Unless you use multiple colors in the notes, scanning in monochrome might also help reduce file size.

    • Alexis Meaders

      I use GeniusScan on the iPhone. It allows me to crop images, select jpg or PDF, select how large I want the file and allows me to send to Evernote.

    • Daniel

      Hey John,
      I’ve been using an app called JotNot Pro to scan my hand-written notes, drawings, and receipts. It allows you to specify quality, color depth, etc. At the end of the day, the app will let you collect all those images, combine them to a single PDF, and send them to Evernote.

      Also, the latest version of Evernote for iOS has a “document” mode in the camera screen that will adjust contrast to make OCR more effective.

  • Dan Fuoco

    Great ideas and tips. Will reference for future notes. Evernote is so amazing!

  • Lisa

    Photography is a hobby for me but you wouldn’t know it from all the photography related notes I have saved with Evernote. I follow quite a few sites and blogs via a RSS reader and am always finding some little nugget of information I want to hang on to. I have notebooks for ideas, locations, how-to, events…

    So besides just repeating what has already been said, I guess I’m commenting because I want to remind everyone not to use Evernote for a single purpose. It takes a while to start thinking of Evernote for new purposes; it kind of reminds me of when I first got an iPhone. To begin with, I went for all the obvious apps but after a while I would think, “I wonder if there is an app for that?” for something new I needed to do, and usually there was! The bulk of my Evernotes is on photography but I also have many non-photography related folders. Like one called Household Information with notes on things like the size of our A/C return vent filters, printer cartridge numbers, battery sizes for various clocks and remotes throughout the house, instructions on changing the programmable locks, how to get rid of skunk odor on dogs (you want this information where it can be found fast!), and on and on. Since Evernote is always with me, I always have access to this information.

    And warranties! All those warranties we get for all the things we buy; what are the odds of being able to find one when we need it. Scan it and put it in a note.

    I recently upgraded the OS on my computer and what a pain it was to reload all the software. Some was on disks, some had to be downloaded, all needed security keys. As I did this, I captured all this information in a notebook called Computer for the next time!

    I have a notebook with medical information on my family. One to track series of books I like to read so I can keep up with all the titles and the order they are to be read. One for recipes I grab off the internet. One with instructions for crafts I would like to try… Well you get the idea. Evernote is just one of the best ideas to come along in a very long time.

    • Daniel

      These are awesome ideas!

      I have a household notebook, as well. It’s funny that you mention the AC filter–that one image note has saved me more than once when I’m in the store and suddenly remember that it needs to be replaced.

      Recipes, books, movies, software installation keys, owners manuals–the uses are pretty much endless.

  • Jane Hooper

    I can see I am not using Evernote to its fullest extent! Following your advice I have now downloaded Web Clipper and will follow a few more tips for my project management. Thanks

  • David Phillips

    Thank you for this, both the PDF presentation and article. Lots of good tips. I noticed items in the presentation that look like reusable templates, such as a check box list of equipment to bring. How do you create that? Also, I’m often in a place where for the sake of speed and availability I want to take handwritten notes. I wonder if there is a good way to incorporate those into Evernote. I saw the photo of your notebook in the article, but of course a photo doesn’t give you searchable tags or text.

    • Daniel

      Hi David,

      I do have a Templates notebook where I store notes containing the “bare bones” information for other notes. When I need to create a note based on a template, I can just right-click on the template, select “Copy To Notebook” and copy it to the pertinent notebook. It’s a great way to save time when you’re entering notes with similar information.

      A photo of a handwritten note does give you searchable text. Evernote runs OCR on images, and in my experience, it’s been surprisingly accurate. (I imagine it depends a lot on your handwriting. If I know I’m going to be storing an image of a handwritten note in Evernote, I do tend to try to improve my chicken-scratch writing into something a bit more legible.) 🙂

  • Randen Montalvo

    This is another example of great utilization of EN, I to a premium member love to see stories like this because they give me new insight on how to optimize technology. One thing I hope EN will start to do is incorporate imagary and video sharing and storage more into there service. It would be nice to have special image and video notebooks that can store all your photos and images similar to a service calle which I currently use and pay yearly for. I my self am getting more into imagary and use Evernote for everything except image/video storage. I would love to be able to take my HD video and images have them in a beautiful layout in a notebook setup for multiple images and video files displaying them with scribble ablitlty and continue the sharing features of EN with a preview file for the recipient in the email. I think I should use EN for everything content wise….:) maybe me day I can.

  • Abigail Arista

    Hi to all, the contents existing at this web site are genuinely remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the
    nice work fellows.

  • GregOry

    I love evernote, and have decided to use it to build a tool kit for mental illness, sufferers and carers and their wellness. I have used some non-tradition therapys that are easy and cool as.

    *** WARNING *** (I am Bipolar,ENFP,Gemini,Male,retired) *** FUN ***

    I will be reading all your tips on photography. I use my IPhone to take heaps of photos. It reminds you of who are you. over time.

  • Marlene

    My problem…I have Android and iMac but no iPad…is this compatible?

    • Tom Whitsed

      Hi Marlene – I use Evernote on my current MacBook Air and on my Motorola Droid 4 and they work seamlessly together. Also used it on a MacBook Pro and an original Motorola Droid with the same result. Actually sounds like people are having some sorting issues on the iPads.

  • Antoinette Searle

    I have used my Evernote notebooks as a diary on a recent trip. I included photos. When I sent these via email to family they were very big and on one occasion the photos just arrived as a series of numbers, but were there the next morning when she looked. Is there some way to make them smaller to include in text articles? I was using an iPad and thought maybe I should use another app to reduce them first.

  • Steve Rosenblum

    So….once you save a photo or image file in Evernote, how do you get it out again if you want to use it for something. I have been using Evernote to collect images to use in PowerPoint presentations, but, I can’t see a way to export an image in a usable file format once it’s in there. Hey, photographers who use Evernote, can you help me?

    • Daniel

      Hi Steve,
      I sent you an email, but figured I’d post here, as well. To use photos from Evernote in other applications, I do one of two things: I click and drag the image from one app to another, or I right-click on an image in Evernote, choose “Save As”, and save the file to a folder on my Desktop.

      Hope that helps!

  • Bob

    I frequently have trouble cutting and pasting text from web pages, etc and then reformatting the text to match formatting of existing text. The copied text frequently has embedded formatting that introduces extra carriage returns, section title formatting, etc that will not go away no matter what I do. I often use bulleting and section titles of a certain size and font. When I cut/paste new text and try to convert this, extra line breaks, odd font sizes, etc appear that I can’t easily convert to my existing formatting. Do you have any tips that would make this process easier?

    • Daniel

      Hi Bob,

      I can’t speak for the Windows version, but on the Mac, when I paste text into Evernote, Command+Shift+V pastes the text and matches the destination formatting. I use it all the time to maintain formatting in my notes.

      Hope that helps!

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  • Ryan

    You are an inspiration, Mr. Hedrick. That you are not only seemingly very well organized and prolific in producing content, but sharing how you do things, is what is most appreciated. I might consider Evernote products just from your blog!

  • Tony

    On Windows I usually paste things into Notepad to “scrub” the text, then copy and paste it into Evernote. Works for everything, Notepad strips all formatting from text.